How to dilute gasoline for two-stroke trimmer engines

Grass trimmers and lawnmowers are powered by two-stroke engines, which have a simplified design. Rarely, but there are models of trimmers with 4-stroke motors that run on pure gasoline. Power units of two-stroke type have no compartment for filling engine oil (oil sump), thereby reducing the weight of the tool and its cost. If the rotating parts of the motor will not be lubricated, then as a result they will quickly fail. To prevent this, the grass trimmer is not filled with pure gasoline, but with a mixture of oil. What oil to dilute with gasoline for grass trimmer?

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To begin with, let’s remember or find out what types of oils by chemical composition are available:

  • Mineral fluids. designed for small, air-cooled machines. This is the cheapest type of engine lubricant
  • Semi-synthetics. they are used for machinery that has air and water cooling
  • Synthetic. suitable for all types of engines with different types of cooling. They do not require frequent replacement, and this type of lubricant is several times more expensive than mineral and semi-synthetic

From the above, it follows that for the trimmer for grass will suit oil with any composition. mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Oils with different chemical compositions differ in price, so when buying should be based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the tool. The instructions give recommendations for the best types of oil to use. If it is a TC-W3 standard, then it is not so important what composition the substance should have. In this case, you can dilute mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic with gasoline.

This is interesting! The main thing when choosing oil is not to get caught on a fake, because now very often you can find different types of lubricating compositions for two-stroke engines, which consist mainly of low-quality petroleum products.

How to correctly dilute gasoline for grass trimmer

Depending on the type of trimmers, they can be filled with a fuel mixture or separately with gasoline and oil. Now there is a huge variety of types of motor oil, which are suitable for different equipment, including garden. In order to choose the right fuel for a particular model of brushcutter, you need to know its technical features and be familiar with the brands of gasoline and liquid lubricants. All details on how to dilute petrol with oil for grass trimmer are in the material below.

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Step by step instructions on how to dilute the fuel mixture

To find the right oil to petrol ratio, please see the trimmer manual. As a rule, it is equal to 1:50, 1:40 or 1:25 (for heavily worn engines). A measuring jug with a milliliter scale or a syringe of large volume will help to observe the proportions.

Dilute petrol with oil in a suitable container (preferably metal or thick plastic). Special double-neck jerrycans are convenient for mixing. Wear a respirator and gloves to operate the unit.

Do not pour oil directly into the fuel tank, because you will not be able to mix the fluids properly that way. If you ignore this rule, the engine will not run properly and the tool will break down in no time.

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into the container
  • Add half of the required amount of oil
  • Mix the liquids thoroughly, away from sources of open flame
  • Pour the rest of the oil into the container and stir everything again
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Follow all proportions when diluting the mixture. Adding too much oil to the gasoline will cause pistons and spark plugs to get soiled. In the case of insufficient lubrication, scoring occurs on the cylinder walls and pistons, destroying the piston rings and the engine may seize up.

The main rule is to strictly observe the ratio in the mixture for two-stroke engines and not to use such compositions for four-stroke engines. In addition, observe the principle of “seasonality”. after a long stay of fuel in the gas tank, drain it and replace it with fresh.

The air filter is the main maintenance item on the two-stroke engine. The interval between maintenance is 10 operating hours. When cleaning, the material is washed in warm, soapy water. The surface is lightly soaked in oil before setting back.

Check the fuel filter (if available) for cleanliness at the same time. But it is better to clean the fuel mixture when filling the grass trimmer. Check the spark plug regularly for carbon deposits. The gap between the electrodes should be 0.5 mm.

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RYOBI: How to mix and store 2 stroke fuel

With regular care and proper operation, the grass trimmer will last for many years.