How to disassemble a Bosch twk 6001 kettle

For your information, Note, This is important

Before first use, Boiling water, Cleaning and descaling

together with the base plate, which is marked: ^ Tour

CTWK11, CTWK13 for 2400 W and Tour CTWK12, CTWK14 for 3100 W.

burns, which can damage the kettle.

boil clean water in it twice. For the first time, add water to the kettle

A tablespoon of household vinegar.

Please open the page with the pictures!

Do not turn on an empty kettle, it can be damaged in this way.

Do not pour water above the “tah” mark!

lid and inserted filter, otherwise the system will not function

Automatic kettle shut off

with water, let it cool for 5

Must not be immersed in water or put in the dishwasher!

No steam cleaner can be used for cleaning the kettle.

Simply wipe the outside with a damp cloth. Do not use sharp objects or abrasive cleaning agents.

Clean the kettle from limescale

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How to Repair an Electric Kettle Button

Most people start their mornings with a refreshing cup of coffee or tea.

To prepare it, you usually use an electric kettle, because it heats the water to the desired temperature in just a couple of minutes.

However, what to do if one fine morning everything went wrong?

Do you habitually press the kettle’s button, but it does not lock or does it seem to turn on, but there is no contact, and the kettle does not work. The problem is ? What else?! Someone will say: buy a new kettle, and that’s the end of it. How much does it cost. a mere penny.

In fact. if the power button of the electric kettle broke, it is not a verdict on the entire device. Practice shows that the repair of this unit can make even a person very distant from the world of electronic boards and various chips.

You just need to follow some simple rules and have a general idea about the subject of repair.

Disassembling the electric kettle

Before we begin the procedure of disassembling the electric kettle, we need to check the most obvious things:

  • Whether the plug is unplugged, and whether the buttons on the electric kettle are on;
  • The connector responsible for powering the kettle with electricity is not twitching. If it jerks from side to side, this may be the cause of the malfunction;
  • Whether the kettle is properly positioned, whether it is standing on the proper base or has moved out of it. This is possible, but rarely, and it happens only with older models of cordless kettles.

Rules and order of disassembly of the electric kettle

We have checked with you the most obvious things, and it became clear to us that the inoperable state of the kettle is not caused by them. For this reason, we must proceed to its disassembly, and further identification of the reasons that caused its inoperability.

  • Let’s remove the lid of the kettle’s base;
  • Next, unscrew all the screws that belong to the fastening elements and are located on the base of the kettle handle, as well as in its upper part;
  • Carefully separate the handle from the tea jug, so if from the kettle;
  • After that we need to get rid of the plastic beaker, which is an important component of both modern and old models of electric kettles;
  • We remove all plastic parts, basically get rid of the interfering parts are various components of the kettle, which are attached to those or other elements of it;
  • Lifting the kettle’s on/off switch;
  • After that we need to carefully examine the condition of the bimetallic plate, checking it for visible defects. If these are absent, it means that the reason for the inoperability of the kettle lies elsewhere.

Testimonial: Electric kettle Bosch TWK 6003 V. uncomfortable, broke after a year

But in the process of operation the problems began to appear from the very beginning. And this, too, prompted me to buy another kettle.

Secondly, again due to the hard water, the water level indicator (ball) quickly enough covered with lime scale and stuck. I clean it all the time from lime scale, but the ball seems to be permanently stuck there. Watching the water level is very inconvenient now, because the viewing window is narrow, and the kettle is of such color that you can’t even see particularly. Because of that several times I turned on the kettle almost without water.

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Third, despite the seemingly well-matched parts, after a while the kettle started to leak around the sight hole (by the way, a frequent problem with kettles I had). But here I was helped by the lime scale, which apparently clogged up the hole and the water stopped flowing. So I had the eternal dilemma: a clean kettle, which leaks, or a kettle with a lime deposit, which does not leak ))))

And finally, I was using this kettle for a few months before I bought the Vikonte, after Vikonte became quite bad (you can read in the review about its problems), got it again this Bosch. It worked for almost a year since then, but with the above-mentioned drawbacks. And it broke, stopped turning off. My husband tried to fix it (which caused him to break a little plastic on the handle), but he failed.So now I have a kettle that turns on by itself and there is a kettle that does not turn off )))) There is also a kettle which does not turn on, but I will tell you about it next time )))) Which will you advise, comrades?? I’m honestly getting tired of buying a new kettle every year. I already had so many of them, both cheap and expensive. and all to no avail. So far I use this, because I can not choose a new one. I do not know which one to take.I can’t recommend this kettle, you know. Because it costs a lot, but it did not work much longer than its cheaper counterparts. There is no reason to overpay for a brand. Of all the pluses. except for the cute design.

On how to repair the kettle with their own hands has already been written one article, but it turns out not enough. In the electric kettle can break not only the button, but also burn out the contacts, stick a plate that is responsible for opening them, and therefore the power supply and disconnection of the electric kettle.

Electric kettle repair begins with diagnostics. Of course, first you must unplug the kettle from the mains, then start checking the cradle. If there are no visible signs of damage on it, which can be direct melted areas, at the contact points between the contacts of the stand and the electric kettle, etc. д. The next step is disassembly.

To disassemble the kettle stand is quite simple, you need to unscrew three or four screws that connect the casing. Having disassembled the support, first of all it is necessary to inspect the metal contacts for traces of burning, displacement to the sides or falling out from their seats.

If there is no visible damage, then before reassembling the stand, you need only to check the kettle’s power cord. You can do this with an ordinary screwdriver to determine the phase.

The kettle’s on/off button doesn’t work

The most common breakdowns of the kettle, it was said above the stand and the switch button. And if everything is all right with the stand, and the kettle cord is not burnt out and in working order, then there is nothing left to do, how to check the kettle’s on/off switch and electric kettle heaters.

If the kettle switch button does not work, then you should also start the inspection with disassembly. To do this, depending on the design of the product, you will need to disassemble either the handle or the top of the kettle, having previously removed its lid.

Having reached the button of the electric kettle, it is necessary to examine it thoroughly for burning, melting or other mechanical damage. Fortunately, to do this is easy, even for a person who knows nothing about repairing electric kettles.

The construction of the kettle’s on/off button is quite simple. Most often it consists of several metal plates of different shapes, a pin to hold the button.

It is the metal plates and the plastic elements that hold them in place that are most damaged by heat. By performing a thorough inspection of the electric kettle button, you can understand the exact reason why it is not working.

It may be the loss of contacts of the switch button from the socket, due to the melting of the latter, or partial burnout of the contacts.

Repairing an electric kettle if the on/off switch doesn’t work is often complicated by the fact that in many cases the installed product may simply not be disassembled.

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Bosch TWK6001 Kettle Manual

Need a manual for your Bosch TWK6001 Kettle? Below you can view and download the manual for free in PDF format. You’ll also find frequently asked questions, product ratings, and user reviews to help you make the best use of your product. If this is not the manual you were looking for, contact us.

Your device is malfunctioning and there is no solution in the manual? Go to Repair Café for free repair services.

Kettle Bosch TWK 6001

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Before I bought the new Bosch TWK 3A017 electric kettle in the color of ghee, our kitchen was decorated in red and lettuce colors, and the kettle was just like a kitchen and my favorite Bosch brand.

It has served more than six years deservedly, and it would have served further, but I wanted to change it, because the plastic on the edge of the spout peeling over time and became rough, and somehow it did not look impressive against the background of a new interior, at least for me so exactly, it required a change.


Factory data on the product

Manufacturer’s item TWK3A017

The CompactClaSS model

Production country China

Bosch brand

On sale was a choice of 4 colors of this model: red, black, beige and white.

For a long time I pondered over the choice of which color to choose: white or the color of ghee, because I wanted a light shade that would suit the color of the new kitchen interior, and preferably perfectly.

The decisive argument was the thought that dirt would be more noticeable on a white background than on a beige one.

In use since March 2019.

LOCATION OF THE Kettle in the Kitchen:

Разбор чайника Bosch TWK6006

I prefer, and all my family members are comfortable, when the kettle is placed on the table at which we are eating.

And even here, it gets a little dirty, well, I wash it as needed.

Stylish, interesting design as a pitcher, the pout is missing, attracted my attention among its pudgy counterparts.

Nice ghee color, with a comfortable handle of a gray shade (you won’t know if you try it).

The electric kettle is harmonious in color against the general background, full of STIHL, but the red indicator is like a red rag for a bull.All the time it made me feel uncomfortable with my vision of beauty, my husband and children did not notice it.

Indicator lights up brightly when turned on, turns off automatically with a distinctive click.

Suitable spout of medium size, moderately sized, scale of divisions clearly visible in artificial and natural light, in a year of use the marks have not faded. not heavy by weight, even with a full volume of water.

The kettle is based on a hidden heating element with stainless steel coating, which ensures long life and smooth operation

For 1.7 liters it takes just over 5 minutes, we boil this volume when we gather at the table with the whole family. Suitable for four people.

Cools for a long time, keeps heat.

Double walls of the case

Protection: from overheating; from turning on without water; lid lock

Concealed heating element

There is a strainer to catch limescale, it is easily removed, the main thing is to put it back in until a characteristic click, otherwise, it can limescale and unpleasant surprise. I have had this happen a couple of times.

Our water is hard, there is a filter Barrier in the house, but limescale is sometimes collected and observed on the inner walls of the kettle body. I can share how to remove it: 2 tbsp. л. dissolve citric acid in 2 liters of water, pour into the kettle to the maximum level and boil it. Then leave it for 2 hours for complete soaking and cooling, drain the water, pour in fresh water and boil it again and pour it out.

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Because our kettle was near the socket, I hid the extra length under the stand, the wire is held firmly under it, the main thing is to tighten it, the hole on the stand for the cord is only one, for me it is better when there are three.

The lid of this electric kettle is unusual, laconic, removable, it exists by itself.

I was bribed by such a modest simplicity, beauty, I like the unconventional and unusual in a reasonable range, but as for the kettle, I have not thought about how I would get used to, how to use it in the household and where it is better to use.

On the lid and on the handle of the kettle. signs of alignment of parts.

For the first few days, even more like weeks, my finger, on its own. looking for the miracle button of the hinged lid mechanism.

It was awfully unusual to unscrew and tighten it.

In the morning it was especially annoying when in a half-asleep state you have to unscrew and screw the lid back on, but you can’t.

Get used to it?

To make life easier, later, I poured water into the kettle through the spout, to me, so it went faster and easier.

I’m sure many will appreciate a removable lid, if you have a cooler, those who use a purchased water from a five-liter bottles or imported spring water, in the apartment, at work, at the cottage.

I could get used to it, but alas, it did not work, that is why in a year I started to think about buying a new kettle, even if it is less powerful, so it does not make much noise, has a less bright light and a magic button for opening the lid, but my favorite Bosch company.

But that’s another story.

And the hero of the review settled in the cottage, there, he, along with sps thermopotom brings more value: I see him less often, we have water from the well, pour into a wide opening without a lid convenient and not so burdensome.

  • Capacious by volume
  • No smell of plastic before use and when heated
  • good visibility of the water in the kettle
  • water boils quickly
  • reasonable price

The disadvantage, but for someone else, the SIGNIFICANCE in the choice:

My purchase was a bit rash and spontaneous or just not suitable for me to use this device in the apartment, but for the cottage is quite suitable.

The bottom line is that the Bosch TWK 3A017 electric kettle is a good kettle for your money, and it has everything you need to use it.

RECOMMENDED for purchase, just remember how, where you, will use it.

Scheme of the kettle

Electric kettle circuit design, as in any heating element is pretty simple. Any electric kettle has a heating element and a thermal switch. these are the main working mechanisms. Electric current flows into the heating element, and from the coil heat is transferred to the heating element, the water is heated, and the kettle is automatically turned off.

It is very important to pour the water into the kettle not over the maximum mark otherwise when boiling it will spill, and not below the minimum, otherwise boiling the TEN can fail and you have to change it. Brown and Bosch kettles have a unique system of protection against such damage.

Electric kettle schematic diagram

  • The main element of the electric kettle is the heating element, which is responsible for the kettle’s heating capacity, it is located under the metal plate of the kettle. If this element has stopped heating, it must be replaced.
  • There is a coil inside of the heating element, which heats up and gives out heat. Why does the coil supply heat to the heating element? Through electrical resistance. Its replacement in case of breakage is also not difficult.
  • The kettle’s power button is filled with LEDs and covered with plastic. Kettle handle disassembly in case of breakage can take a long time.
  • Some kettles have a switch that is regulated by a timer.
  • To connect the kettle to the mains, there is a group of contacts at the bottom of the stand that goes into the electrical plug.
  • The kettle lid is responsible for blocking hot water.

Thermostat or temperature sensor, which is responsible for heating to a certain degree. can also cause damage.