How To Disassemble An Engine From A Lawnmower Serving Briggs

All Essential Briggs Engine Recommendations and Maintenance Tips&Stratton you can get in this section. Read carefully the information you need in this section.

  • How To Disassemble An Engine From A Lawnmower Serving Briggs

Recommendations and Tips

The basics of proper operation

Following these rules is desirable for all owners of various equipment, which is equipped with four-stroke engines manufactured by Briggs&Stratton.

Oil selection

Corporation experts recommend using only genuine Briggs oil.&Stratton, the following brands: SG, SF, SH, SJ. At the same time, SG brand oil can be used in summer, and 10W30 in winter. This can significantly reduce engine wear. It is worth noting that 10W30 and 5W30 oils can be used in any season.

Fuel selection

It is best to use pure gasoline that does not contain any additives (such as oil). The octane number in this case should be at least 77. This indicator corresponds to A-80, AI-98, AI-92, AI-95. To increase fuel efficiency it is necessary to use special additives. Another important point is the need for an incomplete filling of the gas tank. This avoids fuel loss during expansion. It is important to remember that the use of a mixture of alcohol-gasoline and ether-gasoline significantly reduces not only the efficiency of engine use, but also the duration of its service.

Air filters care and maintenance

There are several varieties of air filters, among which the main ones are dry and wettable with oil. Care for a wettable filter is as follows: it must be washed regularly, squeezed and moistened with engine oil using a soft material. The dry air filter is cleaned using normal mechanical action (tapping). If it has severe pollution, then it must be replaced. Briggs Engine Safety&Stratton. First, do not forget that in enclosed spaces it is strictly forbidden to use such engines. Since the emission of exhaust gases can damage human health. Secondly, do not refuel a hot engine. Thirdly, during maintenance, it is necessary to remove contact from the spark plug. In addition, it must be remembered that the operation of an engine without a silencer is also dangerous.

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Basic principles of engine storage.

Keep the engine dry and free from contamination. Before you finally put it into storage, you must run it with a mixture of additives and gasoline. After the additive has entered the carburetor, the engine can be turned off. Do not forget about the oil change, which is recommended to be changed during storage. Candles are also oiled.

Most manufacturers of small garden equipment produce ready-to-use products. Snow blowers, lawn mowers, etc. But there are companies involved in the production of components for this technique. That is the American company Briggs & Stratton. She certainly has finished products. Gasoline generators, snow blowers. But she does not produce lawn mowers, but Briggs is engaged & Stratton release of components for this type of equipment, in particular engines.

Briggs gas mowers & Stratton

Power plants Briggs and Stratton are installed on lawn mowers firms Ferris, Snapper, Simplisity, Murray.

Features of design and operation

Special attention to Briggs designers & Stratton paid noisy motors. All engines are equipped with special mufflers Lo-Tone, which well reduce noise. Additionally, there is the option of installing Super Lo-Tone silencers, which are even more efficient.

All engines supplied by this manufacturer for lawn mowers are 4-stroke. Some models are equipped with an upstream valve control system (OHV), but everything is outside.

In general, these special lawn mowers do not require any special conditions for maintenance and operation. The main conditions that can affect the service life of these power plants are the use of appropriate fuel and engine oil, as well as observing the oil change intervals.

A number of power plants that Briggs produces & Stratton for lawn mowers is quite extensive. Each of the engine models belongs to a certain series, and some series consist of only one motor.

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The lineup

Next, we list the most common series of power plants Briggs & Stratton, the characteristics of the engine models included in these series, as well as the models of lawn mowers where they are used.

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450th series

The first will be the 450th series. This series consists of only one motor, according to the characteristics. The most modest. Despite its not special performance, this motor is equipped with a Lo-Tone silencer, a mechanical knee speed regulator. Shaft.

Characteristics of Briggs Lawnmowers & Stratton 450-series:

CharacteristicsUnit measuringIndicators
Factory designation08P5
A typebenz., 4-stroke
Working volumecube cm125
TorqueNm at 2600 rpm.6.1
Valve timinga typeOHV
Cylinder diametermm60
Cylinder materialaluminum
Fuel tank capacityl0.8
Oil tank capacityl0.47
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm347x310x244
It is applied on lawn-mowersMurray EQ400

Photo Briggs Stratton 450 Series Lawn Mowers

675th series

It produces Briggs Stratton and 675 series, which also includes one model. This motor is additionally equipped with an extended neck for filling oil, a system that provides easy start-up. Ready Start, the installation of an electric starter is possible.

Features of the Briggs Stratton 675-series power plant:

CharacteristicsUnit measuringIndicators
Factory designation126T
A typebenz., 4-stroke
Working volumecc190
TorqueNm at 2600 rpm.9.2
Gas distribution systema type
Cylinder materialaluminum
Fuel tank capacityl1,0
Oil tank capacityl0.6
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm351x308x249
Used on lawn mowersMurray MXUA 19675 Murray MXUA 21675

Photo mowers Briggs Stratton 675 series

550th series

The Next Series of Briggs Lawn Mowers & Stratton is 550th. This series includes two models of motors, identical in technical characteristics, but somewhat different in design features.

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Features of the briggs stratton 550-series power plant:

CharacteristicsUnit measuringIndicators
Powerplant Models550Е, 550ЕХ
Factory designation09P7
A typebenz., 4-stroke
Working volumecc140
TorqueNm at 2600 rpm.7.5
Gas distribution systema typeOHV (for both)
Cylinder materialaluminum
Fuel tank capacityl0.8
Oil tank capacityl0.47
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm347x3108x244
Add. Equipment550EX. Ready Start system, ECO-PLUS technology;
Used on lawn mowersMurray EQ500

Photo of the Briggs Stratton 550 series lawn mower engine

500th series

There is also a series with slightly lower power plant indicators than those described above. This series received the designation 500th. It includes only one power plant.

Features of the Briggs and Stratton 500-series Lawnmower Powerplant:

CharacteristicsUnit measuringIndicators
Factory designation09P6
A typebenz., 4-stroke
Working volumecc140
TorqueNm at 2600 rpm.6.8
Gas distribution systema typeOHV
Cylinder materialaluminum
Fuel tank capacityl0.8
Oil tank capacityl0.47
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm347x310x244

625th series

Another series, including two power units, is designated 625th. These two motors differ in performance, design and additional equipment.

Features of the briggs stratton 625 series gas mower:

CharacteristicsUnit measuring625 E625E (OHV)
Factory designation122T093J
A typebenz., 4-strokebenz., 4-stroke
Working volumecc190150
TorqueNm at 2600 rpm.8.58.5
Gas distribution systema typeOHV
Cylinder materialaluminumaluminum
Fuel tank capacityl1,00.8
Oil tank capacityl0.60.47
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm351x308x249347x310x244

This is not a complete list of Briggs lawn mower propulsion systems. & Stratton. There are also series that include more powerful engines that are used on semi-professional and professional lawn mowers.
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