How To Disassemble Angle Grinder Interskol


B shows a very reliable angle grinder from Lepse, which suffered a breakdown after ten years of operation. At the same time, during disassembly a defect was found that is quite rare. The reason for the breakage of the bolt fixing the drive gear remained unclear by the author. Perhaps these are fatigue stresses from intermittent loads. The repair method using a drill and a sprocket deserves attention.


An overview of one of the household models of the Bosch angle grinder is presented in the following. In it, the gearbox is disassembled, after which a visual bevel gear inspection. The presence and condition of the lubricant is determined. It is possible to determine the degree of wear of the gears. In this case, since the angle grinder is new, you can only make sure that the spindle has one support in the form of a bearing slip and bevel gear, it spur-toothed. The author refers these design features of this model to the Bosch angle grinder to disadvantages. Indeed, the service life of such an angle grinder and noise will not show good performance.

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In the next after disassembling the gearbox of another model, the Bosch angle grinder is observed significant contamination of the lubricant abrasive particles. Conclusion: the internal cavity of the gearbox should be inspected regularly to avoid early failure of the power tool.

The author suggests replacement of expensive grease from Bosch, another is cheaper and more affordable domestic. Important: the postulate that there is never too much lubricant is not acceptable here. A large amount of grease will force it out through the seals on the gear housing, such as through the retainer gland. Therefore, lubricants should be put into the gearbox in a strictly defined amount.

How To Disassemble Angle Grinder Interskol

How to pull the anchor

To repair the gearbox, it is often necessary to perform its complete disassembly with release from the rotor. In some types of grinder models, this is not so easy to do. The following sections provide guidance on how use the inertial properties of the rotor for this purpose.

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In the first, the basis for performing work is locksmith vice, and in the second from a matching square tube a small device is made. After lightly tapping the gearbox housing against the edges of the vise or pipe, the rotor is released from the gearbox. Which method is better for the user’s choice.


The following shows preventive inspection of the gearbox one of the Makita grinder models. After a certain operating time, full disassembly of angle grinder with rotor removal. Visually visible wear on the teeth of both gears, while there are chips. The author, unfortunately, did not analyze the reasons for their appearance. Replacing worn gears with new ones does not guarantee their long-term operation.

Necessary tools for disassembling the gearbox angle grinder

Disassembly of the angle grinder gearbox should be done at a prepared workplace, where unnecessary details are missing. This is necessary in order not to lose small elements of the gearbox structure. Workplace you need equip with the following tools and accessories:

  • Locksmith vice;
  • A set of wrenches and screwdrivers;
  • Various types of hammers from wood to steel;
  • Pliers;
  • Tool for working with retaining rings;
  • Gas wrench;
  • Pullers for bearings and gears pressed onto the shaft;
  • For a high-quality assembly of bearing assemblies, it is not bad to have the appropriate pressing equipment;
  • In its absence, you can use extensions of various designs;
  • Rags with detergents (kerosene and other similar liquids);
  • Availability of lubricants.
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Disassembling the gearbox helped to identify the cause of the malfunction of the Fiolent angle grinder in the following. After carefully unscrewing the fasteners on the gearbox housing, one could see large spindle play in the support of the bearing assembly. Parts of the bearing cage confirmed the direction of repair work to replace the collapsed support unit.

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