How To Disassemble Trimmer Elitech T12bh2

Brand Description Elitech

How To Disassemble Trimmer Elitech T12bh2

The most famous types of equipment are cultivators, trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, saws, generators, blowers, compressors, voltage stabilizers. The company produces such equipment as machine tools for metal processing and equipment for working with concrete.

Elitech strives to conduct its business according to the following principles:

Range of trimmers and lawn mowers Elitech

In the lineup of Elitech lawn mowers, you can find two types of equipment: gasoline and electric mowers. Trimmers are also divided into categories such as electric and gasoline.

Elitech Trimmers


  • T 35 / 4T;
  • T 26, T33, T 43 Standard, T 52;
  • Bt 43, BT 26, BT 33 Premium, BT 52 Premium;
  • T 1150RK, T 700RK, T 750RK;
  • T 25 BE;
  • T 12V, T 20V, T 25V;
  • T 12V, T 20VN;
  • T 25VNR, T 30VNR;
  • T 20V2, T 12V2, T 25V2;
  • T 12BH2, T 20BH2;
  • T 12PK2;
  • T 26P, T 33P, T 43P, T 52P, T 12P.

The power of trimmers in this category is from 1 to 3 horsepower. The series is equipped with a two-stroke single-cylinder engine.


  • Et 1000, ET 1200, ET 1200R, ET 800;
  • Et 1000K, ET 1000, ET 1000 N, ET 1000 KN.

Digital notation. Equivalent power in watts. Depending on the model, the diameter of the fishing line can range from 2 to 2.5 mm, the cable length is 25 meters. Lawn mowers work from a network with a voltage of 220-230 V.

Lawn Mowers Elitech

  • K 5000 B;
  • K 4000 B;
  • To 3500V;
  • K 4500L;
  • K 5500L;
  • K 6500 (engine BS).


  • Ec 2000H;
  • Ek 1600N;
  • Ek 1000N;
  • Ek 1000K;
  • Ek 1000;
  • Ec 1500;
  • Ec 1600.

The power of lawn mowers is from 1000 to 2000 watts. Coverage from 32 to 40 cm. The body of the product is made of plastic. The work item is a knife.

Top Elitech Models

One of the top models of electric lawn mowers is the EK 2000N. This model works with a working width of 42 cm, the cutting part is a knife, of the advantages the model has: a folding handle, a capacious grass catcher of 45 liters, enlarged rear wheels for greater convenience and maneuverability, the weight of the device is relatively small and is 14 kg.

A popular model of the electric trimmer is the 1200r lawn mower. This is a compact and lightweight trimmer for quick mowing, cutting of branches, capable of becoming an assistant even in the most modest farming or gardening. The advantage of the electric braid is its environmental friendliness, low noise, semi-automatic bobbin. The length of the wire is 25 meters. Thus, the device is ideal for a small area or for work close to residential buildings with a power source.

Among the lawn mowers, the T 26p trimmer is a favorite. This technique also applies to small-sized and lightweight, it is perfectly controlled and easy to assemble according to the instructions that come with the kit. The width of the bevel of the fishing line of such a lawn mowers is 44 cm, the engine displacement is 26 cc The power of such a trimmer is only 1 hp, but this does not prevent it from being popular among gardeners and farmers.

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The gasoline lawn mower that has entered the top-selling models is the Elitech 5000c. It became popular due to its power and ability to work for a long time without refueling. This mower has the most powerful engine in the line and the maximum power among the representatives of the series is 6 horsepower.

Instructions for use and maintenance

When operating the trimmer or mower according to the instructions, the owner receives reliable equipment that has been working for many years. Detailed attention should be paid to the quality of fuel materials, that is, gasoline and oil, and when working with electrical equipment, to the correct connection and handling of the electric cable.

Oil and fuel

For trimmers with two-stroke and four-stroke engines, gasoline 92 or 95 should be used. Oil for four-stroke engines is poured separately, without mixing with gasoline, into the oil sump. This applies to large equipment, such as lawn mowers. Trimmers (lawn mowers) with two-stroke engines operate on a mixture of gasoline and 2T oil (mixing ratio 1:50, one part oil to fifty parts gasoline).

The approximate fuel consumption of a gas trimmer is 1.4 liters per hour. A gas mower consumes between 1.4 and 1.8 liters of fuel per hour. Consumption may also depend on the degree of load, the intensity of the operating mode.

First start

Starting devices is also performed according to the instructions. Modern gardening equipment is easy to manage, and its launch is just as easy. Usually one push of a switch or pulling out the starter cord, depending on the model. Before starting the gas mower, make sure that the fuel and oil are filled, that the trimmer is filled with an oil-gas mixture.

The duration of operation after the first inclusion of the device should be short. The first 10 minutes, the equipment should adapt to the loads. Then you should take a break for 10 minutes, waiting for the engine to cool.

Terms of Service:

  • Keep the trimmer / mower clean. Remove from the casing, rod, air intakes, grass residues after mowing from under the casing;
  • Do not work in rainy weather to avoid circuit and personal injury, as well as damage to equipment;
  • On the slopes, move with the mower diagonally, do not go down directly on the slope with a working unit;
  • To avoid injury to the skin with dry grass or small stones, mow in closed clothes and shoes with closed fingers;
  • Clean the grass catcher in a timely manner, replenish fuel supplies;
  • When working with electrical devices, make sure that the extension cord does not twist and the plug of the cord fits firmly into the outlet;
  • Do not pull the cord out of the socket with a jerk, hold the plug.

Major malfunctions

What kind of malfunctions do owners of gardening equipment most often encounter, in particular trimmers and mowers?

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Let’s take a closer look at the main causes of unstable operation.

2. Little fuel left.

3. Engine overheating.

4. For electric models. Voltage drops.

2. Add fuel.

3. Take a break to allow the engine to cool.

4. Turn off the appliance, wait for a stable current, and then turn on the mower / trimmer again.

2. The engine is overheating.

3. Too tall grass, not enough power for quick mowing.

1. If there is no extraneous irregular noise, for petrol technicians loud noise during operation is the norm.

2. Need a break.

3. Go through one section several times, adjust the cutting height.

Elitech Lawn Mower

Dmitry, Rostov Region:

“For four years I have been the owner of a 3000V mower, gasoline. I will not trade for anything. Yes, it is possible that electric models are more environmentally friendly and make less noise, but I work mainly in the field, where the noise from the mower does not bother people.

Advantages: perfectly cuts off any vegetation, the knife is sharpened perfectly under the cut. For all the time of use, I did not change the knife! Convenient handle, you can put the mower anywhere, takes up little space and light, as for the power output.

We all have to engage in the refinement of personal plots of land. In the summertime and of course, to give a beautiful view of the plot:

  • In the country;
  • In a private house,

Before us is a photograph with the technical data of the electric trimmer. Trimmer repair will be accompanied by personal photographs with a detailed description of the repair.

Electric trimmer circuit

The electrical circuit of the trimmer with fishing line, simple, consisting of:

  • Potentiometer; motor control speed;
  • Capacitor

And directly to the electric motor itself.

The cause of the malfunction at the beginning during the visual inspection was incomprehensible, the trimmer had to be disassembled completely to determine the true cause of the failure.

Dismantling the trimmer

Proceed to disassemble the electric trimmer:

At the beginning, we disconnect the two connected halves of the trimmer, the control handle from the contact connection with the electric motor itself.

Two photographs \ photo No. 2, photo No. 3 \ shows the sequence of separation of the electric motor from the control handle.

Next, we need to check, perform diagnostics. Control knobs \ photo No. 4 \. We disassemble this part and carry out diagnostics for individual electrical connections \ photo No. 5 \.

Check with an indicator screwdriver

To check the electrical connections we need a simple tool. An indicator screwdriver.

Photo 6 shows a detachable contact connection from the control handle. To check the electrical circuit of the connections from the plug contacts \ photo No. 7 \ to the detachable contacts \ photo No. 6 \, for this, you can short-circuit the plug with the fingers of your left hand and, alternately, connect the indicator screwdriver tip to the detachable contacts.

With integrity, the absence of any gap \ photo No. 9 \ in the electrical connections, the indicator light of the indicator screwdriver will be lit, that is, the electrical circuit is closed on the LED lamp of the indicator screwdriver.

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Performing this diagnosis, it is also necessary to close the contact of the potentiometer \ push contact \ as shown in picture No. 8.

We checked one half of the electric trimmer \ control stick \. The handle of the manual trimmer is in good condition and then we need to check the second half of the trimmer, consisting of an electric motor and a capacitor.

Diagnostics with a multimeter

We will need for such a check. A digital multimeter. You can also use a pointer multimeter or a device such as an ohmmeter. There is no difference at all.

We set the digital multimeter in the measuring range of the lowest resistance, connect the probes of the device to the socket of the detachable connection \ output contacts of the electric motor \. The device in this example \ photo No. 10 \ here shows a unity. The display of the device indicates a break in the electric circuit of the electric motor.

We need to look further at what could be the cause of the malfunction, and of course we will need to disassemble the two connected parts of the housing where the motor circuit is located directly.

Checking the collector motor

First, check the collector motor. We connect the probes of the device to the contacts of the graphite brushes \ photo No. 11 \, the display of the device shows the resistance as shown in the photo. 29 Ohms. The reading indicates the integrity of the stator windings of the collector motor.

We look further at what could be the cause of the malfunction. We conduct diagnostics of wires, output contacts of a detachable connection from an electric motor with contacts of graphite brushes.

We wrap two output contacts from the electric motor with the fingers of one hand and touch the contacts of graphite brushes with the tip of an indicator screwdriver \ photo No. 12, photo No. 13 \.

And when checking the data of the electrical sections, the cause of the trimmer malfunction is detected.

In the contact connection of the wire \ photo No. 13 \ with a graphite brush, the contact is broken. The elimination of such a malfunction does not present any difficulty. To do this, it is necessary to etch the contact connection with the wire and the contact connection with the graphite brush with soldering acid \ photo No. 14 \. Next, apply a small layer of tin with a soldering iron \ photo No. 15 \ and solder the wire with the contact of the graphite brush \ photo No. 16 \.

So, the cause of the malfunction of the “electric trimmer with fishing line” is installed and eliminated. As you have seen for yourself, such causes may be minor breakdowns that can be determined without any difficulty.

It remains for you all friends to wish a successful repair in troubleshooting various electrical equipment.