How to Distinguish a Stihl Chain Original

Stihl AG is the oldest producer of gasoline saws in Europe, which successfully maintains its leading position, being the world’s largest supplier of products of the highest class. It was her developments that in many respects formed the basic design solutions that formed the basis for the creation of a modern tool. A variety of models of Stihl chainsaws cover a wide range of technical capabilities, perfectly coping with their tasks at the household and professional level.

Key Benefits of STIHL Chainsaws

All products of this brand combine exceptional reliability, maximum safety and ease of use. Any Stihl chainsaw boasts:

  • High quality of materials used and German precision in their processing;
  • Optimal technical characteristics;
  • Stable engine operation even at maximum loads;
  • Efficient engine cooling system;
  • Low vibration
  • Ease of maintenance and repair.

With the unsurpassed quality of the tool, its manufacturers manage to maintain the cost of most models at an affordable level. Even the most powerful Stihl professional units pay for themselves with high performance, reliability and durability. It is no accident that fake products sometimes imitate popular models of this particular company sometimes appear on the market.

How to Distinguish a Stihl Chain Original

How to protect yourself from buying a fake

  1. Beware of buying chainsaws from dubious sellers. Stihl has an extensive dealer network with standard trading rules and a single pricing policy. An official sales representative will definitely show a certificate confirming the right to sell the products of this respected company. If you are offered new Stihl chainsaws at a lower price on the market, then you are definitely dealing with scammers.
  2. Pay attention to the product labeling. The serial number must be stamped on the case under the silencer and duplicated by the decals on the saw and packing box.
  3. Company `s logo always present on every model, but not in the form of an easily removable sticker, but in the form of a relief print or high-quality painting.

Unique developments in Stihl chainsaws

Stihl AG produces a full range of gasoline saws: from light amateur models for occasional use in the farm to semi-professional and professional units that can function without interruptions to cool the engine, while doing a huge amount of work. The entire line of Stihl chainsaws is based on the company’s patented developments, which have proven their effectiveness over many years of operation:

  • Unique STIHL 2-MIX motor, ensuring the completeness of fuel combustion, the minimum level of harmful impurities in the exhaust gases and high efficiency;
  • Catalytic afterburning muffler, used as optional equipment;
  • Air filter with preliminary rough air purification using a cyclone;
  • Intelligent carb setting, allowing to automatically adjust the quality of the air-fuel mixture when changing the operating mode and external operating conditions of the unit;

How to Distinguish a Stihl Chain Original

  • Decompression valve, facilitating cold start of the engine;
  • Carburetor and handle heating system, enabling the Stihl chainsaw to be used at extremely low temperatures.

Browse Popular Models

Among amateur or farm models of chainsaws in high demand Stihl MS 180. It weighs only 3.9 kg and is very easy to handle. It is used with guide tires 35 and 40 cm long. Engine power 1.5 kW with a volume of 1.38 cm 3 allows you to use the saw for gardening, harvesting firewood, cutting construction materials. It has ergonomic handles with anti-vibration inserts, an automatic chain lubrication system, an inertial brake that protects the operator from a reverse blow.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 180

Stihl MS 180 on Yandex Market

Improved saws are equipped with an easy start system, a simplified chain tensioning device without the use of additional tools, and an improved design of tanks.

Another popular household model is Stihl MS 250, which in its characteristics approaches a semi-professional class. It weighs 4.6 kg, but with an engine displacement of 45.4 cm 3 it develops a power of 2.3 kW. The saw is equipped with a 35 or 40 cm tire. It can equally well be used to trim dry branches in the garden and when cutting logs of medium diameter. It is equipped with a vibration absorption system and an inertial brake. It has convenient controls, simplified chain tension control, and economical fuel and oil consumption.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 250

Stihl MS 250 on Yandex Market

Stihl chainsaw operation

The use of the Stihl gas saw will not cause difficulties for an experienced operator, and the novice master will quickly get used to this convenient and reliable tool.

Before starting use, it is recommended that you find out all about the chainsaw of the selected brand in the operating instructions, which are necessarily included with each product.

Having studied the Stihl chainsaw device, you can proceed to trial run. In this case, the guide bar must be installed in a regular place, and the cutting chain is tucked and tensioned without sagging and excessive rotation resistance. Do not forget to fill in the oil for the chain mechanism in the tank intended for this and refuel the Stihl chainsaw with a fuel mixture previously prepared in a ratio of 1:50. It is prepared from motor oil for two-stroke carburetor engines and gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90.

First start

Starting a gasoline saw is carried out on a fairly wide area, cleared of debris and foreign objects. The following procedure is recommended:

  • Activate the chain brake by pulling it towards the guide bar;
  • Press the decompression valve button;
  • With a few clicks on the primer cap, direct the fuel from the tank to the carburetor;
  • Move the universal control handle towards the cold start mark;
  • Pressing the rear handle of the saw with your right foot and holding it by the front handle with your left hand, make several intense movements by pulling the starter handle;
  • After several cycles of engine operation, it will stall spontaneously;
  • Turn the control lever to the middle position;
  • Pulling the starter cable, get the engine to start, then immediately press the throttle lever to the limit;
  • Returning the brake flap to its normal position, you can begin to work.

When you first start the saw, it should take some time grinding in of rotating parts. Recommendations on how to switch to operation at maximum loads can be found in the instruction manual. It also outlines the requirements for the mode of use of the tool, which is different for models of household, semi-professional and professional class.

Operator actions during chainsaw operation

In the process, the operator is required to:

  • Comply with standard safety measures when handling a chainsaw;
  • Periodically add fuel mixture to the gas tank;
  • Keep track of chain lubrication;
  • Pull chain, which always tends to stretch over time;
  • To not allow clogged air filter which can be easily washed and cleaned;
  • Replace the chain, tire and sprocket as they wear.

All operations for stihl chainsaw maintenance, setting up its main components and replacing consumables are extremely simple. Subject to the requirements of the factory instructions and the use of only spare parts recommended by the manufacturer, your tool will work without fail for many years.

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