How to drill holes under an eccentric. Assembly of a chest of drawers

Eccentric screed furniture installation, furniture assembly, instructions

Minifix (eccentric screed) is designed to connect parts at right angles. The main feature of this type of accessories is that the minifix allows you to connect parts without drilling a through hole on the flat side of the part. For example, you decided to make a computer table with your own hands. And, of course, you need to ensure that the table cover outside looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. So that there are no through holes in the countertop, and the “hats” from the confirmation did not shine on it. One of the solutions of this issue may be the installation of minifixes in connecting the upper table cover with its frame.

As mentioned earlier in our articles, we do not particularly welcome the use of minifixes in the manufacture of furniture with our own hands. What is there with your own hands! As practice shows, even cunning furniturers are not enthusiastic about this type of accessories. The thing is that the “manual” installation of minifixes requires accuracy and skill from the collector, and also takes more time than, for example, the installation of an alternative type of accessories, such as a furniture corner screed.

In our drawings of furniture, minifixes are practically absent. However, there are situations when the use of an eccentric screed is the most optimal and successful solution. Therefore, we decided that you need to have an idea of ​​how to properly mark and drill holes for minifixes, so that later you are not “painfully painful” for incorrectly performed actions.

What is a furniture conductor and how to use it

If you have a furniture conductor, then this will greatly facilitate you marking and drilling holes for any type of fastener. The conductor is essentially the same template, which is a special device or bar, on which holes of different diameters are affected and at different distance. With their help, you can make a perfectly accurate markup and drill the passages you need. Various materials are used to make this assistant:

The product is a strong base with many holes on a different distance from each other. Additionally, it can be equipped with a mechanism for fixing and regulating the distance between the holes.

Use a special drilling device, it helps to keep the drill at the right angle

Thanks to the device, you will install a drill exactly at right angles to the canvas, without deviations. This is a great help in working on narrow surfaces, for example, on the ends of wood and combustion plates. After all, if the groove is not at an angle of 90 degrees, the assembly of the elements of the case into a single whole can become impossible.

Types of conductors

Depending on the executable functions and structural features, the templates can be of several types:

  • False. This type of device serves as an assistant for drilling holes on flat elements by applying on the workpiece. The device is not attached, but only holds the hand. Suitable for use on surfaces made of wood-bearing or wooden-haired plates.
  • Turning. The rotary device allows you to move it vertically or horizontal and rotate at different angles. It is convenient to use this device, provided that the part that needs to be drilled has a complex form.
  • Overturned. Convicted assistants are convenient to work with elements that are located in the planes that are different from each other.
  • Universal. Devices are convenient in that they can be configured for the production of furniture of various configurations.

All types of templates can have a sliding or fixed type of fit to the surface. The sliding type allows you to move the product on the surface of the workpiece. The fixed option is firmly fixed in the right position and does not move.

The conductor is the best assistant to the furnitureman, without him it would not be possible to connect the furniture so beautifully

What to pay attention to when choosing a conductor

When choosing a furniture conductor in the store, it is worth examining the product carefully, pay attention to the material from which it is made. For example, stainless steel products will be of high.quality and reliable.

The manufacturer also matters. World.famous brands, as a rule, produce high.quality tools with a long period of work and a guarantee from the manufacturer.

The more famous the brand, the higher the quality is a rule that, in the case of construction tools for construction, works reliably

When buying such an assistant, ask the additional equipment that is included. The multifunctionality of the device will facilitate your work. The more tools are in configuration, the more cases you can apply it. For example, the set may include

A significant number of advantages lies in the use of this device

Applying a template in the manufacture and assembly of the housings, you will save yourself from many inconvenience. For example, you do not need to place places with a ruler and a pencil. The conductor allows you to fix the distance and drill several absolutely identical holes at the same distance from each other. Inaccuracy here is excluded.

But, the conductor of factory production has a drawback. its fairly high price.

Therefore, the craftsmen are quite able to make such an assistant personally. Our instruction will help you with this.

Instructions for the manufacture of a furniture conductor

Step. prepare tools and materials:

  • A square bar of metal, with a section of 1×1 cm;
  • corner grinder;
  • file;
  • calipers;
  • awl or thick needle;
  • drill with a diameter of 5 mm;
  • Metal plate for stopping size 1×25 mm;
  • Leaf of sandpaper.

First we collect all the necessary tools and materials for work

Step. make base and markings. Cut the angular grinding of the bar part of the required length. Snipple possible burrs with a file. Make places for future holes. Conceived dimensions are the distance between 32 mm grooves, the distance from the centers of the slots to the side edge is 8 mm. To make the marking accurate, use the caliper. It is convenient if you mark the centers of future grooves, using an awl or a needle.

Make markings, you can first perform it on paper, then translate it to the material that requires the connection itself

Step. mount the tool. Next, we drill the passages in the right amount. Then we take a metal plate, grind it if necessary with sandpaper. Clutching with a vice, we bend our plate at right angles. Combine the resulting details and clamp them with a clamp. Fix the parts with screws, after cutting the thread of the desired size. Thus, you can create a very convenient tool yourself.

Description of the mounting method

Before you are interested in how to tighten an eccentric, you need to familiarize yourself with the device of an eccentric screed. In general, it consists of two components. This is an eccentric and stem. The first is on one detail of the furniture, and the second. on the other.

The connection of parts of the furniture is carried out by turning the eccentric in the rod. The dimensions of these parts are very different, for example, 34, 26 or 10 mm. The most common is 15 mm eccentric. The size depends on the dimensions and the purpose of the furniture that is collected. For example, for small shelves, a 10-mm eccentric is suitable. To combine parts in cabinet furniture, large details will be needed (34 and 26 mm.).

Application area

The drawing of many furniture structures includes an eccentric screed.

Minifix is ​​widely used for furniture, which is regularly dismantled and collected, sent for temporary storage. This includes sofas-ranges, office tables, folding tables, etc.

Furniture shows itself perfectly in situations where you need to withstand a large weight load. Elements are durable. Especially those in the design of which are used footballs, as well as the case.

Minifixes are advised to use when it is necessary to perform a T or M-shaped connection at right angles. This will provide the maximum degree of reliability, as well as strength.

An eccentric will help if you need to exclude sticking fasteners in the design of furniture. Therefore, they are actively involved in the combination of furniture facades.

drill, holes, eccentric, assembly, chest

In practice, minifixes are widely used when assembling such furniture components:

  • countertops;
  • bottom;
  • rear walls;
  • wardrobes;
  • Penals;
  • chests of drawers;
  • children’s swaddling;
  • crib;
  • bedside tables, etc.

Also, the minifix will become a faithful assistant when assembling furniture.

About an eccentric screed

Eccentric screed, or, differently, Sacrix or Minifix, one of the most practical, durable and convenient types of fastening furniture elements among themselves. The use of such fasteners allows you to disassemble and collect furniture again without prejudice to the material from which this furniture is made.

With the help of a minifix, easy assembly of T-shaped and Mr. Often this option of connecting parts is used when assembling countertops on dining tables and computer, the top and lower details of cabinets, chests of drawers, cabinets.

This type of fastener is hidden, as a result, it can be used without fear that the appearance of the structure will suffer

The eccentric compound is a hidden type of fastener, and therefore it is invisible, but, nevertheless, gives the strength of the structure and is not afraid of reuse.

How to use an eccentric screed?

Using an eccentric screed, various details are connected. An eccentric screed is used for fastening counters’ various tables, chests of drawers, cabinets, etc.D.

To use this type of screed, it is necessary to drill two holes in the upper part of the legs of the furniture. This action is to be performed in order to install clamps.

On the end part of the furniture, it is also necessary to drill similar holes. Thanks to this action, you can get a through channel.

Similar holes must be drilled in the countertop, into which a rod is screwed with a T-shaped head. The leg of the furniture must be attached to the countertop so that their holes match.

Next, you need to put the stem through this channel. The final stage is the scroll of the eccentric. This is done clockwise. The eccentric screed is a fairly high.quality mount, which is widely used for furniture.

What is the floor screed for?. The answer to the question See here

When performing this type of screed, it is necessary to place the holes in the details as accurately as possible. Thanks to this, the stream of screed and eccentric is located as correctly as possible. Otherwise, you can ruin both the door lock and the product itself.

And also watch useful video material about an eccentric screed:

As mentioned above, to install an eccentric screed in the parts connected, you need to make three holes of different diameters.

Drill for eccentrics 15 mm and 20 mm

To install the body itself, an eccentric will need a drill with a diameter of 15 mm, if the eccentric is enhanced, then 20 mm with a diameter of 20 mm. The eccentric drill will also be useful for installing some types of commanders and locks, some rarely used accessories (study the installation instructions).

There are two types of four.step furniture loops. with a standard bowl of 35 mm and reduced, 26 mm (rarely used, with a shortage of place to install a conventional canopy). For holes for furniture loops, the most chassis will be 35 mm drill diameter. It is also useful when installing screeds of countertops, some types of supports.

Pros and cons of minifixes

How it works, where to apply and how to install. figured out. And what are the other advantages or disadvantages of such fasteners?

  • Simple assembly/disassembly after the first installation;
  • Wear resistance (you can often disassemble and collect);
  • All fasteners are hidden, there are no extra elements outside, and inside. the eccentric can be closed with a special plug;
  • Saving material-for other types of fastening, sometimes an additional part of a laminated wood-brown plate may be needed;
  • The quality of the connection is unlike, for example, simple doughs, the minifix does not just “hold” the part, it pulls it off. And this gives the rack to the whole product.

You can continue further, moving away from the general to the private. In each specific furniture product, minifixes can play a role and, accordingly, perform some, sometimes special tasks.

With the minuses, everything is easier, there are almost no:

  • The cost is higher than that of Eurovintes. Logical, this is the product 2-3 component, and it is more complicated.
  • The complexity of installation. Yes, the first installation is more difficult, you need more holes, long the longer.

The screed is eccentric

One of the most popular types of fasteners today. All high.quality furniture is collected precisely on an eccentric screed (minifix). She has the principle of action: the part of the other panel will be attached to the part of the part, the eccentric rod is screwed into which, in turn, the eccentric itself screws through the end of the other shelf, and then the eccentric pulls the rod into itself.

The eccentric screed is always used along with a wooden dough, which was described earlier. The dough provides additional stiffness of the node, prevents the displacement of fixed panels relative to each other.

Furniture collected on this screed can be disassembled and assembled an unlimited number of times! There are different diameters of the eccentric itself 25, 15, 12 mm. common is an eccentric with a diameter of 15 mm.

Since the eccentric itself is visible on the side panel, for it there are plugs to the color of the panel. Of the disadvantages is the weakening of the screed in the case of a spontaneous turn of the eccentric.

To avoid this, some manufacturers of accessories foreseen the zabins directed in the opposite direction from its rotation during installation, which enhances the adhesion.

Varieties of eccentric screeds

As practice shows, the furniture gathers and is versed with great difficulty, if all the fasteners in it are a metal screed described above. Suppose to remove one shelf, it is necessary to disassemble half a shkaf.For horizontal details (shelves), it is more convenient to use eccentrics that allow you to place horizontal parts in an already assembled furniture box. The principle of operation is the same as the previously described eccentric screed.

The only difference is that the eccentric located on the shelf is planted on a stroke screwed into the side of the side of the side and it is not necessary to disassemble half a shkuf for this. In some factories, this type of fastener is called a commander, since it is intended only for horizontal details. Horizontal shelves collected using these screeds additionally tighten the connection, which enhances the rigidity of the entire furniture frame.

Multiple dismantling and installation of furniture on such fasteners does not lead to wear of the compounds.

Eccentric furniture screed. how to install

Eccentrics, minifixes, eccentric screed, Restex. these terms indicate widely used furniture fasteners. It is used to assemble chests of drawers, cabinets, bedside tables, chairs and other bulky furniture.

At the moment, this is the most popular type of furniture fastener accessories, which belongs to the Eurointa class.

Over the past few years, he overshadowed the popularity.

Application area

Eccentrics are most often used to connect parts by Mr-shaped or T-shaped type.

They connect the elements of such products as:

Accept in note: all eccentrics work according to one principle. Therefore, owning knowledge of the assembly of one type, just to understand many others.

Producer firms produce a number of modifications of an eccentric screed, which make up the elements of which are:

  • stand (stem);
  • footer (performs the function of the nut);
  • eccentric;
  • metal or plastic sleeve, dowel;
  • A plug for a minifix. at the discretion of the manufacturer.

The assembly of massive furniture elements involves the use of enhanced eccentric, which is dressed in the case and has an additional footer. The screed in this case can be twisted by installing a screwdriver under the slope.

Furniture manufacturers also offer corner furniture collectors (with hinge) and bilateral eccentrics. Only recently they have not been in demand.

Do you know what: the most popular today is a screed that has a rack with a thread under a laminated wood-boring plate, without a plastic sleeve.

All components of the eccentric are divided into the following parameters:

  • Futorka’s family;
  • size and diameter;
  • type of racks. short (up to 3.8 cm), long (up to 5.8 cm), bilateral;
  • type of rack attachment. self.tapping screw or screw.

Similar minifixes are used for assembling products made of wood-boiled slab or laminated wood-bearing plate. It is desirable to use such screeds in secluded places where there will be practically no noticeable fasteners. Only an eccentric can be seen, and even then only from the inside. Subsequently, to give an aesthetic type of furniture, it is hidden with a plug.

Drilling A Hole In Glass Tile #Shorts

It is worth considering: the most in demand by the furniture fittings of the German company Hettich Rastex, which is of excellent quality and reliability.

To install eccentrics, you must have a specific tool:

  • a set of drills with a diameter of 7.0 mm (for the rod body), 53.0 mm (for twisting the rack);
  • electric screwdriver;
  • Fortner milling cutter with a diameter of 15.0 mm;
  • screwdriver, pencil, awl and square (ruler).

The sequence of assembly actions is as follows:

  • In the plane of the body of the panel, to which the end side will be connected by another part, the restex stand (RESTEX) is being connected;
  • An eccentric is mounted at the end of the second shelf, tightening the stem with turning into itself.

To observe the limiting punctuality in the additives of the desired holes, the template is often used.

Pros and cons of fasteners

The fasteners of the minifix among masters causes only positive emotions, since it has obvious advantages over other types of fasteners.

Furniture collectors attach particular importance to such advantages of the eccentrics, because they:

  • Easily cope with impressive loads. Eccentric fasteners are very reliable and able to undergo a large number of assemblies/showdowns of wooden structures without loss of strength and quality of the connection.
  • Very durable and economical fasteners.
  • Increases the rigidity of the manufactured product.
  • Eccentrics belong to the screed of fast or transient installation. The assembly of all kinds of furniture with mounted minifixes is minimal in time and it will take only a classic, slotted screwdriver for its implementation.
  • The elementary of assembly allows any layman to carry out installation with your own hands.
  • Absolutely does not spoil the aesthetic type of product. not noticeable after installation and does not leave visible defects and damage.

Please note: all the components of the accessories of the German company Hettich Rastex (Ryx) are produced from expensive, but very high.quality materials, using modern methods.

Such clamps do not have significant disadvantages, but still some disadvantages can be traced:

  • The cost of an eccentric is slightly more than typical confirmation. If the assembly of a unit of furniture involves a significant amount of such fasteners, then the final cost of the product will increase pretty much.
  • Installation technology is not entirely simple, it is necessary to make three holes for fastening and have a special, accurate equipment in stock.
  • High demands on the accuracy of marking, without which to ensure the strength of the joint of furniture units is unlikely to be obtained.
  • During the operational period, the screed can slightly weaken.

To obtain a durable, high.quality and strong piece of furniture, it is worth taking into service just such a fastener element.

Technically correctly assembly of cabinet furniture to self-taught amateur self-taught videos will help video lessons and photographs that can be found on the Internet. You can also study the instruction that is attached to the product.

Watch a video in which the specialist talks about an eccentric screed in furniture production:

How to put a screed of eccentric furniture furniture?

Eccentric screed to the category of connecting accessories. With its help, you can achieve a perfectly flat surface of any floor covering.

Installing an eccentric screed is quite simple, which allows you to perform this action with your own hands.

Eccentric screed. what is it?

The eccentric screed consists of parts of accessories, which must be connected using special mounts. The eccentric screed is the most economical option, since it can be used several times.

It is characterized by strength, reliability and high level of wear resistance, which significantly extends its life.

The eccentric screed consists of a drain that has a T-shaped head, and a special latch, which is called an eccentric. The eccentric can have a different diameter:

The eccentric screed is characterized by invisibility on its external side, which provides a lot of amenities during its use. Thanks to the Ministry of Finance, the number of products used is significantly reduced.

The composition of the eccentric screed includes a cylinder. Its installation is made in a special hole that is in details. This part must be attached to the main part of the screed.

The eccentric screed also consists of a plug, with which the end surface of the eccentric closes.

How to fix an eccentric screed?

The fastening of an eccentric screed is carried out using a drill, milling cutters, a ruler, an electric screwdriver, an awl and a pencil. In details that are intended for connection, three holes are made.

All these holes should have different sizes. Next, you need to make a hole 5 millimeters. For this purpose, a drill is used.

Two holes are also made in another detail. For this purpose, the milling cutter is used. The thickness of the hole should fully correspond to the thickness of the eccentric. This will ensure its most accurate entry. In the end of the part, using the drill, it is necessary to make another hole.

At the last stage, it is necessary to screw the eccentric rod. The second part is planted on this device. Using a minifix, this design is clamped.

You can also collect the Ministry of Finance with a plastic sleeve. This action is carried out similarly to the installation of the Ministry of Finance made of metal.

How to use an eccentric screed?

Using an eccentric screed, various details are connected. An eccentric screed is used for fastening counters’ various tables, chests of drawers, cabinets, etc.D.

To use this type of screed, it is necessary to drill two holes in the upper part of the legs of the furniture. This action is to be performed in order to install clamps.

On the end part of the furniture, it is also necessary to drill similar holes. Thanks to this action, you can get a through channel.

Similar holes must be drilled in the countertop, into which a rod is screwed with a T-shaped head. The leg of the furniture must be attached to the countertop so that their holes match.

Next, you need to put the stem through this channel. The final stage is the scroll of the eccentric. This is done clockwise. The eccentric screed is a fairly high.quality mount, which is widely used for furniture.

What is the floor screed for?. The answer to the question See here

When performing this type of screed, it is necessary to place the holes in the details as accurately as possible. Thanks to this, the stream of screed and eccentric is located as correctly as possible. Otherwise, you can ruin both the door lock and the product itself.

What is an eccentric screed

The eccentric screed is a hidden type of fastener, which provides furniture aesthetic appearance, integrity of the body and facade. Such fixation of individual elements allows multiple assembly/disassembly without visible consequences.

The advantages of the screed of the furniture have a huge amount, but you should pay attention to the complexity of its installation. You can do work, provided that there is a special tool, in addition, you will need to clearly follow the instructions.

Features of use

The eccentric furniture is used in areas of connection of parts (G and T-shaped), where it is important to hide the mount. often with its help is fixed:

The rod of an eccentric clamp is hidden in the material, the eccentric remains visible, mounted in the inner space of the furniture.

Features of fastening

Eccentric furniture screeds consist of these parts:

Sometimes there is a sleeve in the kit, it is also a clutch, in order to screw the rod not into wood or plastic, but in it. With a large diameter of the screed, a plastic decorative plug is added to the front side.

The sleeve increases wear resistance and durability-the metal part is not so shaken as the made hole in the wood-based stove.

So it is better to choose accessories with couplings to avoid breakdowns and extend the life of furniture.

The basis of the principle of action is quite simple: the coupling is inserted into the round hole on the furniture, the stand is connected into it, and the eccentric connects them to the side. If some kind of unaesthetic detail remains on top, then the plug is put on.

Eccentric furniture screeds are also called a minifix or a delay.

  • If the minifix is ​​already built into the right place, a sleeve and an eccentric is inserted, installation will not take much time. The only tool that may be required is a flat screwdriver.
  • This type of fittings is very wear.resistant and withstands repeated assembly and disassembly, while not spanning, does not lose its qualities and strength.
  • On the front side, the screed is invisible and does not spoil the design of the product, you can see it only from the inside, and here, if necessary, they use a plug.
  • The ability to fix parts at different angles (the most common options are 90, 135 and 180 degrees).
  • Fastening adds stiffness of the entire structure.
  • Reducing the number of spare parts, for example, if you attach the countertop directly to the sides, the tsars will not be needed.
  • Long service life and the ability to retain a large weight.
  • Relatively high cost. Eccentric minifix more than a conventional confirmation is approximately twice. When using a large number of elements, such a difference can significantly affect the total cost of a piece of furniture.
  • One.element confirmation requires only one drilled hole for installation, while in the case of a minifix of holes you need three. Because of this, the installation of a furniture screed is somewhat complicated.
  • Working hours. Plunge the Eurovint much faster.

The number of advantages of the minifix outweighs its minor disadvantages, especially when it comes to assembly of high.quality, durable furniture for own use.

The scope of application

The eccentric screed is often used for furniture, which must often be transported in a disassembled form or cleaned for storage after each use (folding tables, sofas and so on). Such accessories will not fail in the event that it needs to withstand a large weight. it is very durable, especially when it is included in a set of additional foot and body.

Usually it is precisely minifixes that are recommended for Mr.-shaped and T-shaped mounts at right angles, because even in such conditions they are quite reliable. Also, eccentric screeds are useful where the design implies the absence of protruding mounts, for example, with their help you can attach a furniture facade.

Flat drill drawer door lock hole saw flat drill set

In practice, with the help of such screeds, countertops, bottoms, rear walls of chests of drawers, wardrobes, penalties, nightstands and other things are screwed. Another area of ​​application is furniture. A variety of subspecies allow you to choose accessories for both bulky items and for miniature.

Materials of manufacture

Eccentric screeds are made both of metal and plastic. Plastic cut-sparrier are better suited for small horizontal objects like shelves, for light products.

drill, holes, eccentric, assembly, chest

It is much easier to mount them, it is enough to insert the rod at an uncertain end and hit several times with a hammer. However, if a large weight presses on them, such footballs can be unnecessarily heard in width and damage the woody boat: sooner or later a crack will appear, which will then crawl further.

To fix the plastic, it is sometimes advised to use glue: it is poured into the hole where the coupling is inserted.

It is more difficult to screw a metal minifix, but it will withstand, for example, a heavy kitchen set, without damaging the furniture itself. The glue is definitely not required here, but you need to zenching. additional alignment of holes. Unlike plastic, steel is not so malleable and will not take a form corresponding to the deepening under pressure.

When installing screeds, followed by transportation of the finished product, you need to remember that the plastic does not scratch neighboring parts, and the metal can. If stainless steel bushes were chosen, it will be useful to take additional security measures.


The sizes of eccentric screeds vary. The height of the rack can vary from 38 to 58 millimeters. The diameter is usually 12, 15 or 25 mm, the most common option is 15 mm.The screeds themselves can be 5 to 50, 7 to 50 and 7 by 70 millimeters.

To choose the right one, you need to evaluate the weight that she will have to withstand, as well as the dimensions of the holes for mounting. For example, for a small shelf, a small screed is enough.

Eccentric furniture. 90 photos of application and process of screed furniture structures

Eccentric is a popular mount that is used to create furniture. Details connected with it can be repeatedly disassembled and collected. On the quality, reliability and durability of the product, this will not affect.

Scope of use

This mount is used if the joints of various elements should not be noticeable. For example, when creating a cabinet or table, when a countertop is screwed to the racks. In addition, it is used to connect the bottom and lid of wardrobes, where there is no opportunity to drill holes on the front part.

The principle of operation of furniture eccentric is quite simple. All varieties of such mounts act the same. Thus, having dealt with the assembly of one species, you can easily cope with the rest of the models.

Composition and varieties

Modern manufacturing companies send on sale many types of eccentric mounts, which necessarily consist of the following details:

To choose a suitable mount, you need to pay attention to several criteria:

Going to the store, you can prepare in advance the necessary photos of furniture eccentric. According to them, the sales consultant will immediately select suitable mounts.

All such details are ideal for creating products made of wood-bearing plate, laminated wood-bruise and even natural wood. Fasteners connect the elements in secret places where it is almost impossible to notice them.

You can consider an eccentric exclusively from the inside. To give furniture a more attractive and neat appearance, the mount is additionally closed with a special plug.

How to use fastening correctly?

Before starting installation, you need to prepare tools:

  • Forester milling (diameter. 1.5 centimeters);
  • Set of drills;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • Ruler (roulette);
  • Screwdriver;
  • Square;
  • Pencil.

The appropriate dimensions of the furniture eccentric are selected in accordance with the dimensions of the fastened parts. The more furniture, the larger the mount will be needed. In the work you need to follow the following plan:

  • We enter the rack into the fastened part;
  • At the end of the other details, we install a furniture eccentric;
  • Tighten the stem.
  • The work is simple, but requires the master of accuracy.

Advantages and disadvantages

Furniture eccentrics are quite popular among both furniture manufacturers and home masters. And there is nothing surprising here. This detail has many advantages:

  • Ability to transfer serious loads. Fastening is characterized by a high level of reliability. It tolerates multiple assemblies/disassembly of structures without a deterioration in quality;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Increase in the stiffness of the collected furniture.
  • Simple installation of furniture eccentric. Almost every person without experience and building skills will be able to independently perform installation. This work will not take much time. For its implementation of a fairly ordinary screwdriver (provided that the holes in the furniture have already been done).

Note that the mount does not worsen the aesthetics of the finished product. Eccentric is not visible after installation. It leaves no noticeable damage and defects. He does not have serious shortcomings, but we still highlight a few minuses.

  • Firstly, the relatively high cost. If you compare the furniture eccentric with other similar compounds, then its purchase will cost much more. If a large volume of such eccentrics is required to make furniture, then the final price of the product will seriously hit the
  • Secondly, the connection is demanding of the accuracy of the marking. Without this, it will not work to connect all the details with high quality. Therefore, you need to approach work responsibly. It is not worth doing anything by eye! Otherwise there is a high probability of simply spoiling the product.

Practice shows that with constant operation, the level of screed gradually weakens. But this cannot be called a problem. If the fasteners are slightly loose, then you can take a screwdriver and tighten it well.

In general, furniture eccentric is a reliable, durable and high.quality detail. Home craftsmen, be by all means, need to be adopted and used in assembly.

In order to technically correctly collect cabinet furniture and figure out how to install an eccentric with your own hands, you can use video lessons and other educational materials presented on the network. In addition, detailed instructions are attached to each mount.

Marking for an eccentric screed

The key step in ensuring the correct installation of an eccentric screed is the marking for holes for minifixes. The marks are applied with a pencil or awl. In this case, if the awl is used, then it only needs to be slightly pressed to the surface without pressing. Marking can be applied to fastened parts in two ways.

When applying the marking, you will need a ruler or a square, a roulette (for applying for long parts). To make markings, you need the elements that are connected, put on each other a little shifting and apply marks under the holes for the rod and eccentric.

On the element where it is supposed to establish an eccentric, it should be noted a place under the center of the groove. It should be located at a distance from the edge of the part equal to the installation size.

The use of special templates simplifies and accelerates marking the screed. The main advantage of this method is accuracy. Templates can be purchased ready or made on your own. The finished template is more universal, it makes it possible to make a drawing of markings for an eccentric screed for elements of different dimensional row.


Drilling holes, or, as they say, add.on under an eccentric screed. the stage of which the fastening of the elements of the furniture structure depends. The process of drilling grooves itself is accompanied by difficulties. It is important not only to observe all sizes, but also to take into account that the groove for the eccentric should not be through. To drill it, it is necessary to use the special drill of the Forrt and the limiter of the depth when drilling. For the first time to do such work is not easy for the first time.

To install such a connection, it is necessary to drill three holes of different diameters and depth. Mandatory procedure for drilling grooves for furniture minifixes, as follows:

  • Make in the surface of one of the fastened elements of the undivided groove to install an eccentric. Standard groove dimensions: diameter 15 mm and depth 12.5 mm. Its center is located from the end of the part at a distance corresponding to the length of the rod. It is drilled by a drill, so that the eccentric can be put in the groove without gaps. To accurately drill such a groove, use the depth limiter. Otherwise, there is a chance to spoil the surface of the furniture if the drill passes through and through.
  • Drill a hole under the screw in the end of the same element perpendicular to the border under the eccentric. If it has a diameter. 8 mm, then the hole should have the same dimensions. The optimal distance between the center of the opening in the end under such a rod and the surface of the furniture element is 8 mm (the middle of the thickness of the laminated woody plate).
  • To strengthen the screw in the surface of the second mating part, make an undertaken hole (12 mm with a depth of 5 mm).

Another way to make grooves for additives is to apply the finished conductor. It will facilitate the work on marking and drilling. When working with the conductor, this procedure is recommended:

  • Install the conductor on the part, mark the location of the groove under the eccentric through a special hole in the conductor.
  • Freza Forester to make a groove under the eccentric.
  • Insert a pin for marking into the conductor hole. Install the conductor on the end part of the part and drill a hole under the screw.
  • Make a setting hole for the screw in the second part.

Thus, an eccentric screed is the best option for fastening facade parts of cabinet furniture. In home production, its use is somewhat limited due to the complexity of the grooves for structural elements of the screed. But in the presence of specialized, affordable devices (conductor, milling cutter), even a novice master will be able to cope with such a task. The eccentric screed is indispensable if necessary to ensure the invisibility of fasteners and with frequent disassembly of furniture.