How to find out the working volume of the lawn mower. Types of STIHL technique for mowing

Fuel consumption for a trimmer for gasoline grass for accounting is an example of calculation

Lawn mower. A very simple device. There is nothing special about this. And so many people buy it for their needs, because everyone can learn to work with him and quite quickly.

Anyone who relied on a gas trimmer for grass should know that for him one of the most important characteristics is fuel consumption. And there is a simple explanation for this. First of all, the device must perform its functions for a long time, so that there is no need to refuel for a long time. It is always convenient.

MAIN! However, in this case, of course, the fuel tank will be large. As a result, in general, its design becomes difficult. And this will complicate the work. Is it possible to find a reasonable solution in this situation? You can solve the problem by reducing fuel consumption.

Next, we will talk about how it can be, what the fuel consumption of the trimmer for the grass depends on, and advise which gasoline is best suited for your work.

The difference in engines

The main difference is the number of clocks on which the method of lubricating the rubbing parts and the supply of fuel depends. Four.stroke engines operate on clean gasoline, because oil for lubricating the rubbing parts is in a special container. pallet or crankcase.

Two.stroke engines do not have a supply of oil, so they work on a mixture of gasoline with butter, and the rubbing parts are lubricated with the same mixture.

Therefore, oil for trimmers and other two.stroke equipment is not suitable for lawn mowers, and vice versa, oil for lawn mowers or other four.stroke equipment cannot be used to make a mixture for two.stroke engines.

Best gasoline trimmer for grass for giving

The ECHO SRM benzotrimmer can be used to care for green lawns both on a small summer cottage and on large areas with uneven relief. Equipment for mowing is equipped with a two.pound belt and a bicycle handle, thanks to which a high level of comfort is provided when working with a gasoline unit. The design of the trimmer for grass provides an additional pump that provides fuel supply to the carburetor, the translucent tank allows you to monitor the level of the fuel mixture.


  • power. 0.6 kW;
  • motor volume. 21.2 cm 3;
  • engine. two.stroke Echo;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 0.44 liters;
  • Fuel mixture consumption. 0.56 kg/h;
  • The number of revolutions is 8000 rpm;
  • rod diameter. 25 mm;
  • shaft diameter. 6 mm;
  • cutting parts. a fishing line for a trimmer 3 mm thick, a three.blade knife made of steel;
  • weight. 5.4 kg;
  • Dimensions. 178x69x46 cm.


  • anti.vibration system;
  • the upper location of the engine;
  • good maneuverability;
  • high speed;
  • I-START light launch system;
  • metal forged shaft;
  • semi.automatic head;
  • reusable air filter;
  • the presence of a protective casing;
  • low gasoline consumption;
  • simplicity of service;
  • Light weight.

The best powerful gasoline trimmer for grass

The model of a gasoline trimmer for EBH253U grass from the Japanese manufacturer is designed to process large territories. Cutting system Motokos is represented by a steel four.pound knife and fishing line. The lawn mower is equipped with a membrane carburetor pumping a fuel pump and a powerful engine that releases a minimum amount of harmful exhausts into the atmosphere.


  • power. 0.71 kW;
  • motor volume. 24.5 cm 3;
  • engine type. four.stroke;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 0.5 l;
  • gasoline consumption-408 g/kilowatt-hour;
  • rotation frequency. 8500 rpm;
  • cutting components. a fishing line for a trimmer 2.4 mm thick, a steel knife;
  • mass. 5.9 kg;
  • Dimensions. 177x62x49 cm.


  • high.quality assembly;
  • high power;
  • ergonomics;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • little weight;
  • the presence of a protective casing;
  • Running belt;
  • “Bicycle” handle with rubber anti.slip lobs;
  • the ability to regulate the position of the handle in height;
  • engine in the upper part of the bar;
  • low noise level;
  • vibrational separation of the motor;
  • start.up system of electrostart;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • warranty period from the manufacturer 36 months.

Gasoline consumption of a lawn mower

The gasoline lawn mower is currently not uncommon, and you can meet it on almost every household site. There is nothing special in her device, and even a beginner can use it. However, there are moments that should pay special attention to. For example, you know what should be the rate of gasoline for the lawn mower. and what values ​​this figure depends on? If not, this article will serve you a very useful source of information.

So, for starters, let’s find out on what the gasoline consumption of gasoline depends on. There are several points important here:

Let’s talk in more detail about each of the factors.

You want the gasoline consumption of your lawn mower to be minimal? Take a closer look at the units with a 4-stroke engine, such as Huter GLM-5.0. Such a model is more expensive than with a 2-stroke engine, but the economical fuel consumption will significantly cover all the costs of your budget.

When purchasing a lawn mower, keep in mind that most of them are designed for even surfaces. Therefore, if there are irregularities on your site, make sure that your new garden assistant has large wheels that would provide her with good cross. Thus, the device does not have to strain hard and spend a lot of fuel.

It should be noted that for a site with a complex relief it is better to purchase a front.wheel drive lawn mowing, which is endowed with the best maneuverability.

Both indicators are closely interconnected. The higher the power, the greater the width of the mowing. Please note that in the model you are interested in, these concepts are correctly balanced. Accordingly, the larger the width of the mowing, the less time you will spend on the haircut of the lawn, and the consumption of gasoline on the lawn mower in this case will not exceed the norm.

In addition, all cutting parts will not be subjected to a lot of load, which will significantly increase their service life. Recall that all repair and sharpening of cutting parts must be carried out only with a specialist in the service.

combustible materials and waybill

Under the fuel and lubricants (combustible materials), not only the fuel itself, as which is gasoline, diesel or gas, but various lubricants and water (brake, cooling) are understood as not only. combustible materials are any materials that are often used in maintenance of vehicles.

To write off combustible materials in the company of the Ministry of Transport, special standards have been developed, with all this the Tax Code does not prohibit the use of its development and standards for its development. In the latter case, they will take into account different lowering and increasing coefficients associated with the season, weather and principles of factors, when vehicles are operating.

Calculation of combustible materials (under which in our article there will be specifically fuel) in the organization is conducted using the primary accounting document. the waybill. It is the track sheets that contain information about the time of departure and return of transport to the starting point of the track, the norms of fuel consumption and other supplies, detailed characteristics of the cargo, as well as data on the purpose of the trip and other information that is related to it.

The consumption of the lawn mower

The gas mower is now not uncommon, and it can be found in almost every household zone. There is nothing special in his device, and even a beginner can use it. However, there are moments that require special attention. For example, do you know what gasoline consumption for the lawn mower should be, and what numbers this figure depends on? If not, then this article will provide you with a very useful source of information.

So, firstly, let’s find out what the consumption of gasoline lawn mowers depends on. Here are a few important points:

Let’s talk in more detail about each of the factors.

You want your lawn mmore to be minimal? Take a closer look at the units with a 4-stroke engine, such as Huter GLM-5.0. This model is more expensive than a two.stroke engine, but fuel savings will significantly cover all expenses of your budget.

When buying a lawn mower, keep in mind that most of them are designed for smooth surfaces. Therefore, if there are cones on your site, make sure that your new assistant in the garden has large wheels that provide it with good average opportunities. Thus, the device should not strain too much and consume a lot of fuel.

It should be noted that for the area with a complex relief it is better to buy a mitant with front.wheel drive, which is endowed with better maneuverability.

Both indicators are closely connected. The greater the power, the greater the width of the not the. Please note that in the model you are interested in, these concepts are properly balanced. Accordingly, the larger the width of the spin, the less time you spend on the mowing of the lawn, and the gas mileage on the lawn mower in this case will not exceed the norm.

In addition, all cutting parts will not be subjected to high loads, which will significantly increase their service life. Recall that all the repair and sharpening of cutting parts should only be carried out by a specialist in the after.sales service.

Types of trimmers

Trammers for grass are divided into two groups depending on the type of engine: electric and gasoline. At the same time, electric trimmers for grass are also divided into devices with external power supply and with the presence of a battery, and a group of hybrid trimmers is also of particular interest.

The presence of a gasoline engine in trimmers suggests that these devices have good power. This is a big plus for those who plan to cut not only grass, but also branches or shrubs.

The advantage of a trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine is that it is completely autonomous. Therefore, it can be used in remote areas or areas with a large area.

Two and four.stroke engines are inserted into most trimmers. So, for a two.stroke engine, it is necessary to mix gasoline and oil before refueling, observing the proportions. The four.stroke engine has different containers for gasoline and oil. This makes the last view of a trimmer for grass is more convenient in the gas station.

It is important to know that a worthy model of a gasoline trimmer for grass must have additional nozzles, a power of at least 1.5 liters.With. and the volume of the fuel tank for 4 hours of work.

When choosing a trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine, you should remember that the engine requires special care and regular prevention. During operation, the trimmer for the grass vibrates greatly and has a high noise level. It is also important to take into account who will use the trimmer: the gasoline trimmer for the grass is quite difficult to start, and this is not always possible for the first time older people and girls.

Trimmers for grass with an electric engine

As already mentioned, electromers for grass are divided into battery and external power supply.

find, working, volume, lawn, mower

Battery trimmers for grass are inferior in power to trimmers with a gasoline engine, but have a lower price. They are also able to work without recharging a certain amount of time.

This type of trimmer for grass is great for a surface haircut of small lawns and weed removal between the trees.

The advantages of this device are that it has a slight weight and smaller dimensions than a gasoline trimmer for grass. Low vibration is also noted during operation and a very low noise level. Thus, ergonomics and the ability to work without recharging make a battery type of trimmer for grass more convenient to use.

It is important to remember that the battery can work limited time without recharging, after which it is necessary for a long time (or have a second battery for continuous operation) wait for the full charge of the battery. Also, the small power of the trimmer for the grass will not allow you to mow you weeds or thickets of shrubs.

The power of this type of trimmers is quite high. At the same time, you can start the work with one click of the button. Depending on the location of the motor, the trimmers for grass can have a power of 1300 watts or not more than 600 watts. So, in trimmers with a power of 600 watts, the engine is located below, but their balance will allow you to work with one hand.

The advantages of trimmers with the lower location of the motor include their low weight, the ability to rotate at a comfortable angle. They will cope with grass between flower beds due to a small width of the mowing area.

In the case of a large area of ​​the territory and the launched state of the lawn, you should purchase a trimmer for grass with the upper engine location. It is more difficult, but much more practical, more powerful and durable.

The main advantage of trimmers with electric drive is their high power and low noise and vibration levels. But these models depend on the power source, which means that the mowing area is equal to the length of the wire. It is important not to forget about precautions, working with electric trimmers (the lack of the ability to work with wet grass). Disadvantage. the wire prevents the mowing among bushes/flowers, etc.P.

The STIHL RMA 339 C Cordless Lawnmower | STIHL GB

Preparation of the correct fuel mixture

Before starting to run the new engine of the lawn mower, you must also prepare the fuel mixture correctly. As you know for two.stroke engines, it is prepared from special two.stroke oil and gasoline, taken in certain ratios. You can find out proportions from the instructions attached to the tool, or on the labeling label. From the instructions you will also learn the recommended type of fuel, as well as the recommended type of motor oil.

Cook fuel in small quantities sufficient for one mowing grass. Use special canists made of plastic for fuel, or a separate glass or metal dishes. It is best to type oil with a medical syringe.

Having gathered to run into a new lawn mower, many are faced with the problem in the preparation of the fuel mixture. And the reason for this is the disagreement in the instructions of the tool manufacturer and in the instructions of the manufacturer of motor oils. The first recommend a 1:25 proportion. The latter recommend 1:50. Who to believe? How to proceed?

According to experts, if in the instructions for a motorcycle, manufacturers write a proportion of 1:25 or 1:30, then it is most likely a cheap tool with poor cooling, or the manufacturer does not know what kind of oil will be added to the consumer. But here it must be understood that the excess of lubricant does not affect the performance of a trimmer for grass in the best way. Excess oil does not completely burn out when operating the engine. It cokes, clogs a cylinder and piston.

What to do in this situation when running in a new tool? An ideal option would be to purchase exactly the oil that the manufacturer of the lawn mower recommends. In the case of engines, when it is not possible to purchase the recommended oil, it is best to purchase a good Husqvarna two.stroke oil for the same gas tool. It costs not cheap, but there is enough it for a long time. It is necessary to interfere with it as it is written in the instructions on the bank.

Remember, it is best to use the proportion that the oil manufacturer gives. But is that proportion that is written on a spit is better to find out by experiment. If, with a trimmer recommended by the manufacturer for grass, the proportion of the engine sniffs with oil and the subteids are visible on it, then the proportion must be increased.

How to start a motorcycle

The peculiarity of any technique with a two.stroke engine is a hard algorithm of cold launch, which must be strictly observed.Good afternoon, dear subscribers and guests of the channel.

The other day, a man asked me to see his mower.

The complaint was that the tool would not start. The client said that he bought a mower recently, worked only once. An attempt to start a motorcycle for a second time was unsuccessful.

Such leaks indicate that the mower shifts fuel, but the user practically did not work, and as I later found out from the client, they appeared during an unsuccessful launch.

Now everything fell into place. This lawn mower is completely serviceable, but the client would not be bad to read the instructions, especially the section in which the process of “cold” launch is described.

How to properly serve a motorcycle

The device consists of the following mandatory elements:

Trimmer care involves monitoring the technical condition of each of them.

Engine care

When caring for a gasoline engine, it is worth paying special attention to the cleanliness of the air filter. it should not have sawdust and dirt. Foam filter should be constantly moistened with oil. Check should be carried out weekly, quickly change the filter as necessary. Before starting each work, you should check how the nuts and screws are tightened. It is also necessary to clean the muffler and candles from the carbon fiber as it is contaminated.

In the electric version, it is enough to follow the operating time prescribed by the manufacturer.

Serving cutting discs

If we talk about disks, then you should focus on how carefully the facets of the blades are sharpened. The sharpening should be carried out correctly, otherwise such a disk in the work will load the motor, which will only reduce the resource of the latter. A regular coup of bilateral discs should be carried out 180 ° for uniform wear.

find, working, volume, lawn, mower

Monitoring of the condition of the fishing line

How to care for the cordial part? The most important thing in this case is the use of a specially designed mowing fishing line.

In no case should you replace the fishing line for a trimmer with metal cables or wire. this is traumatic.

  • The fishing line for the trimmer must be periodically changed;
  • The diameter specified by the manufacturer is set;
  • Winding of the cord goes tightly, but without the intersection of the turns;
  • The head must be constantly cleaned of dirt and regularly lubricated;
  • Carefully monitor the degree of wear (otherwise the gearbox or shaft is deformed).

How to monitor the corner gearbox

The priority task of the user is to prevent the accumulation of dirt on it. This circumstance will not allow the details to cool normally. The second requirement is to use consistent lubricant (such as Husqvarna or like), designed for a reducer pair. Usually enough annual lubrication procedure.

What you need to know about the casing to protect

It is forbidden to work without a protective casing. initiative can be dangerous for the user and others. But it is impossible to select such details from among the non.violent, it is necessary to use the recommended by the manufacturer. Damaged casing should be changed in a timely manner.

Casings can be attached both on the bar and on the gearbox. In universal models (working and fishing line and disk) two different kokhuzha are attached. A special cutting plate that cuts off the excess cord can also be located on the “forest”.

We summarize what has been said about the main points of departure in this maintenance of the Hitachi brand Motokos:

Repair of small breakdowns

Little repair can do almost any person. In the electric motor, the user will only be able to check the contacts or replace the brushes. A lot of the elements of the microcircuit cannot be fixed without service intervention.

To prevent a breakdown of a gasoline engine, you need to blow the container with air before pouring new portions of the mixture. this measure will remove exhaust gases. Four.stroke engines are not recommended to be highlighted: the oil supply to the details may stop, which will disable the engine.

If the trimmer motor for the grass has broken, and the user does not have knowledge in the field of electromechanics, then it is best not to try to disassemble it, but to contact specialists.

But with such small breakdows you can cope with your own hands.

  • With a haggard inclusion toggle switch, you can independently replace it with a new. True, at the same time, knowledge of the basics of electrical engineering and the ability to work with a soldering iron will be needed.
  • With a wire limit, flexible wire (copper or aluminum) will help with a mowing head. You can also make a new stainless steel mount.
  • The torn fishing line for the trimmer can really be replaced by yourself. To do this, you can choose a nylon or nylon material, from 0.9 to 1.5 mm in diameter (you better know your own in advance). The drum is made manually, the fishing line for the trimmer is wound, after which it can be assembled.
  • The broken bar is also easy to fasten to brackets or rails.
  • With strong vibration, the motorcycle should be greased.
  • It is better to replace plastic knives with metal (stainless steel). They can be attached to the shaft with a sleeve and washer. This “transformation” will make even hard grass mow.
  • If the engine does not start, you need to do the following. briefly close the damper to enrich the mixture. You can also try to change the mixture. Then it remains to check whether gasoline comes, and if necessary, clean (or even replace a candle of incandescent).

Light trimmers for grass

Benzosos weight varies from 4 to 12 kg. Models up to 6 kg are called light, such trimmers for grass are suitable for women and pensioners who will not be able to manage a bulky device for a long time. The weight of the tool affects:

  • Type and power of the motor. Preferable 2 TBU products.
  • Launch system. Gasoline trimmers for grass with an electric starter is more convenient to launch. Such a trimmer for grass can be recommended for women. Instead of jerks of a mechanical starter, to start the engine, just press the Start button. But they are heavier because of the starter and battery.

The table shows the lightest models.

find, working, volume, lawn, mower

Light gasoline trimmers include: Husqvarna 524r, Stihl FS 131, Stihl FS 94 C-E and Patriot PT 3055 Imperial. They are a little heavier, but the mass is no more than 6 kilograms.

Inexpensive models

The smallest price is characteristic of household trimmers. These are usually Chinese or lawn mowers with a capacity of up to 1.5 liters. With. and weighing up to 8 kg. often they are equipped with only one nozzle with a fishing line.

Here are some cheapest gasoline trimmers for grass with a high user rating:

  • Patriot Pt 3555 ES Country. Power. 1.8 liters. With. Easy launch, anti.vibration system. As nozzles, a knife with four blades and a fishing line for a trimmer is used.
  • Huter GGT-1500T. 2-stroke engine with a power of 2 liters. With. Strong design with a non.vegetable bar. The trimmer fishing line and a three.lobed knife is included.
  • Champion T333-2. Engine 1.22 l. With. The bar is dealing. Cut with three blades and a fishing line for a trimmer.

When choosing a budget benzotrimer, remember the ratio of price and quality. Products from unknown Chinese manufacturers are cheaper, but such a device may break after the first launch.


When buying a large role, the design and technical equipment of the unit plays. Ergonomics is no less important, because not all types of trimmers are convenient to hold in their hands for a long time. A “dry” mass of some gas can reach 9.5 kg, and even a small constructive trifle can affect the comfort of use. To determine which is better a trimmer for the grass to purchase, you should pay attention to the key parameters of a particular model.

engine’s type

The vast majority of gasoline trimmers and motorcycle is equipped with a two.stroke engine, in rare cases, the manufacturer sets a four.stroke. The difference in the principles of work is not so important, because as a result, the user receives the same thing. a benzoargate for cutting the lawn and weeds. However, when buying, you should understand the practical differences between 2T and 4T engines, this may affect the choice of a suitable model.

    Service. In 2t, the engine is poured with a pre.prepared mixture of gasoline and oil. In the configuration, as a rule, there is a measuring container, and the technological description indicates the recommended proportions. Before starting a 4t engine, oil and gasoline are poured into separate tanks, which in theory is somewhat simpler. In practice, mix the mixture in a bottle or pour it into different compartments is equally simple, but the service of 4t engines implies more operations.

The principle of operation of the four.stroke engine

Conclusion: for household purposes or small households, the unit is also suitable with a 2-time engine, but if increased noise is of strong discomfort, you should choose a model with a 4-stroke engine. Among the most powerful representatives in their class there are 2-stroke and 4-stroke-it is preferable to choose the second option here. Such devices are almost always equipped with various systems of reducing vibration, in addition, the 4t engine lasts a little longer.

Power factor

The power of the gas units is measured in l.With., In fact, this indicator determines what loads the technique withstand. The specificity of the upcoming works, the area of ​​the site, the intensity of use affects the choice of the specifics.

Classification of benzotrimers in power:

Low.power trimmers for grass are designed only for grass on the lawn or small weeds. The aggregate will not be able to cut thick stems: the fishing line for the trimmer will “iron” vegetation, and when using a knife or disk in the engine, speeds will be reduced. For high, thick shoots, medium.fitting or powerful models are used, the latter can even be coarsely processed by shrubs and young trees, although it is better to use bush for such work.

find, working, volume, lawn, mower

The cutting part is a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife or disk

Znazok for benzos are nozzles with fishing line, knife or disk. The equipment of lights in power of the devices can only include a cord with a fishing line, in all other cases, along with the trimmer there is another knife or disk.

When working with small grass, it is enough to use a fishing line for a trimmer, its supply can be fully automatic or half.mechanical. In the second case, to serve the fishing line, you should press the button located on the basis of the cord.

Metal knives and discs are more practical, productive and wear.resistant. They should be used for mowing grass on hay or to remove high, dense thickets.

It’s important to know! Cutting knives or discs is prohibited from lining yourself. In domestic conditions, even with the use of highly specialized equipment, it is almost impossible to achieve uniform removal of the material, which leads to the disk unbalances. The use of such equipment leads to engine breakdown.

The processing width depends on the type of working body. performance. The larger the indicator, the faster the thicket is removed.

Design and ergonomics

The mass of a gas.aggregate for mowing grass is from 4 to 9 kg. First of all, the power, engine volume and gas tank volume affects weight. Comfort of operation will depend on the type of belt suspension and handle.

The most compact and lightweight models, as a rule, are equipped with a simple looped handle on the bar, also the equipment sometimes includes a shoulder belt. It is understood that such trimmers work no longer than 20 minutes in one cycle and no more than 2 hours a day, because ergonomics are given little attention: the looped handle is almost always plastic, without rubber linings, and the holding belt is narrow-about 3-4 cm in width in width in width in width.

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Large and medium.power tools are always equipped with an ergonomic cycle of a bicycle type, but the belt suspension can be different: rancum or shoulder. Range. the most convenient, two wide straps are provided in them, and they are worn similarly to a backpack. In this case, the entire load from the lawn mower is distributed evenly, which excludes the rapid overwork of the operator, the load on the spine decreases. Wide shoulder straps are often found in the technique of semi.professional or farm class, they are much wider than that of simple trimmers.

Sometimes the belt can be supplemented with an additional holding belt.

When buying even the lightest unit, it is better to choose a model equipped with a belt or buy a suspension separately. Additional fixation provides convenience and safety of operation.

Household or professional

Modern models are divided into household, professional and semi.professional (farm). The key factor here is power in conjunction with other technical characteristics. engine volume, cut width, type of equipment, type of suspension and handle.

Three classes of benzotrimmers have different purposes.

  • household perform small work, suitable for a summer residence or garden plot;
  • “Farm”. equipment for small farms or households;
  • Professional motorcycles serve to process plots over 20 acres or for improvement of streets.

In domestic conditions, when the entire volume of work comes down to the end of the lawn around trees or paths, there is no need for high performance, and short.term operation does not provide excessive physical activity. For such work, you can buy the simplest mowing with a capacity of about 1 liter.With. The units of the household class are small in weight, therefore, they are more maneuverable.

Trimmer for grass Carver Promo PBC-33 of domestic class

The trimmer for grass has a rather moderate fuel consumption, but the time of continuous use is limited. about 20 minutes. The manufacturer indicates the exact data in the passport.

Semi.professional lawn mowers are suitable not only for grass, but also for high, dense thickets. The power of such a tool reaches 1.7 liters.C, cut width about 25 cm. The technique of this class is intended for periodic work in a large volume, for example, for hay harvesting, processing a large personal plot. The time of continuous work in such models is larger. up to half an hour, but about once per hour the working body should be cleaned of accumulated grass. Thanks to average power and performance, these units cope with work faster.

Semi-professional lawn mower echo SRM-2655SI (L)

Professional gasoline trimmers for grass or lawn mowers are designed for prolonged operation, but they have higher gasoline consumption. Often such models are purchased for employees of utilities or organizations providing landscape improvement services. High power is expressed in a large mass, the daily use of such units for several hours requires maximum convenience: motorcycles are equipped with durable, convenient paramedic belts, ergonomic bicycle handles.

Professional lawn mower Shindaiwa (Japan)

Focusing on the technical part and classification, you can easily choose a trimmer for grass or motorcycle, which will complete all the tasks and last several seasons. In conclusion, it is recommended to read reviews about the chosen model: often users share very useful information that will help make the right decision.

The number of revolutions

For trimmers, the number of revolutions of the cutting element around the axis is an indicator of efficiency. The faster it rotates, the sooner you will finish the processing of the site.

According to this criterion, electrimmers won slightly, in which the number of revolutions reaches 13 thousand per minute. The gasoline has 11-12 thousand. rpm. This criterion in tandem with power should be considered. If it is high, then the trimmer for grass will easier to cope with dense thickets, regardless of the number of revolutions of the cutting element.

Trimmerers rating

To choose a trimmer for grass for grass with sufficient power, good maneuverability and easy to use, study popular models. Compare their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages:

Huter Get-400

Huter Get-400 for grass

Price in rubles Characteristics pros Minuses
1150 Type. electric, width of mowing. 24 cm, knife rotation. 8000 about./min., noise level. 96 dB, power. 350 W, engine location. lower, body. plastic, fishing line for trimmer. 1.2 mm, weight. 1.8 kg. Powerful, inexpensive, light, compact dimensions, convenient in small areas, a folding handle effectively extinguishes vibrations. A little short handle, a fishing line for a trimmer from a kit is not suitable for removing thick grass.

Bosch Art 26 SL

Bosch Art 26 SL

Price in rubles Characteristics pros Minuses
2160 Type. electric, width of mowing. 26 cm, knife rotation. up to 12500 about./min., noise level. 91 dB, power. 280 watts, engine location. lower, body material and deck. plastic, fishing line for the trimmer in the kit. 1.6 mm, weight. 1.8 kg. Convenient D-shaped handle, high speed, semi-automatic coil can provide continuous operation, simple assembly. The trimmer fishing line includes is not a very good, short electrical wir, less powerful compared to analogues.

Gardena Smallcut 300/23

Trimmer for Gardena Smallcut 300/23

Price in rubles Characteristics pros Minuses
2461 Type. electric, width of mowing. 23 cm, knife rotation. up to 13000 about./min., noise level. 94 dB, power. 300 watts, engine location. lower, body material and deck. plastic, fishing line for the trimmer in the kit. 1.6 mm, weight. 1.6 kg. Light, convenient to keep, high assembly quality, good efficiency. Native fishing line for a trimmer is often torn.

Husqvarna 128r

Trimmer for grass for grass Husqvarna 128r

Price in rubles Characteristics pros Minuses
10790 Type. two.stroke gasoline, mowing width. 45 cm, noise level. 114 dB, power. 1.1 liters.With., working volume. 28 cm3, engine location. upper, revolutions. 8000 about./min., Fuel tank. 0.4 l, handle. with adjustable height, deck and case. plastic, equipment. fishing line for trimmer, shoulder belt, knife, weight. 5 kg. Well.balanced, excellent power, relatively low vibration, the presence of a shoulder belt, effective. High noise, heavy, is expensive.

Makita UR3501

Makita UR3501