How To Fit A Disc To A Trimmer Instead Of A Line

What is the best line diameter?

For grass different in freshness and softness, a different diameter of the fishing line (cord) is needed. But let’s say right away. Carefully read the technical data sheet of your device. If the manufacturer has indicated that the permissible line is not more than 1.2 mm, then do not try to wind a 2 mm one. Do not mow for a long time. Engine overheats due to load.

How To Fit A Disc To A Trimmer Instead Of A Line

The diameter of the lawn mower cords sold in Ukraine ranges from 1.2 mm to 4 mm.

  • 1.2mm. 1.6mm. Slim. It is used for lawn maintenance, constant and frequent mowing. Most often recommended for electric trimmers, 0.5-0.7 kW.
  • 2mm. 2.4mm is the most popular cord option. Suitable for medium power units. The most common among summer residents. Cuts both young and old grass, tough and mature.
  • 3 mm. 3.2 mm suitable for powerful professional gasoline scythes. Thick strings easily handle even coarse weeds and dead wood.
  • 4 mm is the thickest. Some aluminum is added to the nylon for strength. It is rarely used, since engine power, as a rule, puts restrictions on a given diameter. But, if the engine allows. Refuel and cut the weeds.

Manufacturers often paint fishing lines of different diameters in different colors. Green, blue, orange, to make it easier for users to understand. The bay area is from 10 meters to 100.

Types of steel knives

Not all lawn mowers are designed to be fitted with discs or knives. In order for the engine to “pull out” the knife, it must be powerful, at least 1-1.2 hp. In addition, a rigid forged shaft must be installed inside the boom. If you have a gasoline scythe or an electric trimmer with a curved bar, then inside it is not a metal shaft, but a cable. He will not stand a knife. It will burst right there.

But, if everything is in order with the scythe, and the manufacturer provides a knife in the kit, then feel free to use it.

The knife is irreplaceable in case:

  • Mixed vegetation;
  • The presence of dense and tough growth;
  • An abundance of hard weeds;
  • Cutting stalks of corn, sunflower;
  • Germination of fresh shrub shoots.

The cutting principle is the rotation of the knife on the shaft. The mowing width, as a rule, is standard for all lawn mowers. A quarter of a meter, but there are knives and larger in diameter.

By design, the blade for lawn mowers is bladed. Blades are sharp blades that are sharpened on both sides. There can be two, three, or four blades.

  • The two-beam one resembles a plate. Lightweight and suitable even for household trimmers;
  • Three-lobed. The most popular for cutting weeds. It has a small base and three long blades;
  • Four-beam differs in that its base is larger, and the blades are shorter. With this design, less grass is cut, which is important when mowing for hay, since finely chopped hay is difficult to collect later.
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The more blades, the higher the mowing performance. After all, it is the blades that effectively cut tough vegetation.

Often, to increase the strength of the knife, victorious solders are applied to the blades. Such a knife element is much stronger and more durable. But it is also heavier in weight. Therefore, do not rush to install a multi-blade knife if you mow, for example, soft clover. Better save it for vegetable gardens where you need to cut thick and tough corn stalks.

When mowing with a knife, carefully inspect the area. If there is any treacherous stone or hard bump. If you stumble upon it, you will break or warp the knife, and you will also expose the engine to unnecessary stress.

Which cutting system for lawn mowers is better: line knife or disc

Mowing lush green grass with fishing line is easy and pleasant. Even fun. But once you stumble upon dry, tough stems, the fun diminishes. Such a task is beyond the strength of the line. It just slips, and the weeds remain intact. You need to replace it with a knife. That is why high-quality and powerful lawn mowers always have a removable cutting set in the kit: fishing line, knife and disc, for example, on the website https://storgom.Ua/motokosy.html, you can conveniently and quickly pick up a braid with any cutting system, make sure of this ourselves, but we do not leave the topic and read on.

The better to mow the grass

Before installing the cutting attachment, consider what you will be cutting. If fresh grass, then the answer is unequivocal. Choose a fishing line.

The line is a thin nylon thread. It is also called a cord, string or wire. The mowing head has a spool (reel) inside, on which this wire is wound. The spool is mounted on the shaft, and the motor speed is transmitted to it through the gearbox. The ends of the line are exposed. When the spool rotates, they also rotate with tremendous speed and force. This is how the grass is mowed.

Cutting widths range from 40 cm to half a meter. The wider the wire mows, the faster you mow the lawn.

The line cuts well at any height. Even the tallest that the lawnmower cannot handle. In general, there are many places where the lawn mower will not go through. Narrow spaces, lawn edges, near curbs, flower beds, under benches. These are all places for lawn mowers with a string tucked into it.

The wire is especially effective when mowing grass in the garden, since it only easily glides along the tree trunks and does not harm them.

It is convenient to mow grass for hay, but if the vegetation is tough and dense, use a knife.

What to mow with a toothed disc

If a knife has eight or more blades, then it is already called a disk. The number of teeth ranges from eight to forty. The multi-tooth disc is made of strong steel. Sharpened on both sides. Its base is large, and the teeth are small and sharp. It works like a saw. It rotates and cuts. The disc must be installed especially carefully. Fix it evenly and well.

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The saw blade is needed for cutting thin tree trunks. Even a fully formed trunk can be cut down by carefully sawing it from different sides.

But the disc is intended not only for cutting down young growth of trees. You can easily mow them and grass for hay. Especially dry and tough. The main thing is to choose the right disc. Lightweight and with a perforated base. Then the grass is not cut strongly. This is important when cutting short grass for hay.

If you are going to cut trunks, you can install a circular disc. He cuts great, especially if the teeth are slightly spread. But when installing a circular disc, you are at great risk. There is a risk of ditching your tool, since the load on the gearbox increases tenfold. A powerful engine (2-3 hp) will pull such a disk without any problems, but the gearbox. It is not clear how it will behave. Therefore, such a change can only be done if you are sure that the gearbox is durable and professional.

Section. What affects the shape of the line

The thread shape also affects the mowing result. Like the diameter, it directly depends on what exactly you will mow. The cutting edge is by section:

  1. Round. Most common. Mows well both dry grass and fresh. One of its advantages is low noise, but users say that this characteristic is not important, as the growling gasoline engine drowns out all other sounds.
  2. Polygonal. The section can be triangular, square and even hexagonal. The pluses of the polygon are sharp cutting edges. They better interrupt rough stems, even young shoots of a bush. Hence the highest productivity. Minus. Used up too quickly.
  3. Figured. The section is intricate, ribbed. It looks like an asterisk or a twisted square with notches, in general. A complex geometric figure. This is a specialized cord. Each comes with instructions on what exactly he cuts. For example, an asterisk. Ideally cuts lawn grass. Although it costs a little more, it cuts neatly, the tips of the grass cover look attractive and do not dry out after cutting.

What can be put instead of fishing line on a lawn mower and a petrol trimmer

If it turns out that there is no special trimmer line at hand, then you can use the most common fishing line. Usually they take a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm, but you can try to put a fishing line and thicker.

The only thing you will have to face in this case is the difficulty of winding the line. The fishing line is too soft, so everything here largely depends on the design of the reel. If the line has to be wound, then this should be done in a small piece.

It is much easier to install a fishing line on a trimmer, in the case when its reel is not wound (just thread the desired piece of fishing line or cable through the hole, and then snap the reel).

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Can I use a cable instead of a line on the trimmer

Of course you can. However, at the same time, it is worthwhile to understand all the insecurity of this venture, and the ultra-fast failure of the petrol trimmer transmission out of order. Indeed, a steel cable is a hundred times stronger than a fishing line, even a special trimmer. It will not tear as often from grass, branches and stones, so it will last much longer.

At the same time, you need to understand that the line breaks when the trimmer is working not just like that, but from a strong load. As a result, the lawn mower engine does not stall, while dynamic shocks to the mower transmission are absorbed. In the case of a steel cable, the entire load will fall on the transmission, as a result of which it will quickly fail.

If you really want to try using a cable on a lawn mower, then at least you need to install it correctly. First, you must not wind a long rope around the reel. Make it so long that it does not hit the trimmer guard when the spool is turned.

Be sure to clamp the cable with washers in the middle and place one drop of welding at its ends so that it does not bloom. As a result, the cable should not have any protrusion, and welding at the ends will protect it from unraveling. However, even this way, it is very unsafe to use the cable on a lawn mower or trimmer. It is much easier to use ready-made factory nozzles.

What to put on the lawnmower instead of fishing line

Very often, trimmer owners and lawn mowers want to increase the productivity of these garden tools. This is due to the fact that when purchasing a lawn mower, few people think about the power, the radius of the grass bevel, and other equally important characteristics.

Having acquired a tool, many face difficulties when mowing small bushes and tall grass. Therefore, the question of what can be put on the trimmer instead of fishing line is more relevant than ever.

In principle, a slightly larger diameter line can be installed on the trimmer and lawn mower than the one recommended by the manufacturer. You can also try using a steel cable for these purposes, but here you need to be extremely careful, and additionally fix it.

Even the slightest bounce of a stone towards the operator or others from the cable (or a piece of the cable itself) can threaten unpleasant consequences, such as injury. What else can be used instead of fishing line on the benzotrimmer?

Factory trimmer and lawn mower attachments

Today on sale you can find ready-made nozzles for a lawn mower and a trimmer, which make it possible to increase the efficiency of this tool several times. Attachments can be made in the form of knives, with a chain or steel cable.