How to Insert a Canvas into a Reciprocating Saw

How to Insert a Canvas into a Reciprocating Saw

Kress 1200 allows you to quickly and efficiently cut window and doorways in a new log house or frame walls. It is very good at dismantling old windows and door frames (nails are not a hindrance), old plumbing (complete safety in comparison with the “angle grinder”). It is easier to install metal structures and carry out plumbing work with it, and you can cut firewood for the barbecue in the country, if such a tool is at hand. Using a reciprocating saw, KRESS 1200 SPE saws wood up to 300 mm thick, plastic (in particular PVC) up to 160 mm thick and steel pipes with a diameter up to 130 mm.

Convenient and dual-mode speed adjustment using the “wheel” and the start key. Using the wheel of the electronic controller, you can set the maximum number of revolutions required for the work performed. By gently pressing the start button of the switch, the speed of the tool already switched on is adjusted. With increasing load, the electronics maintains the required power.

The saw is good and comfortable in the hands. Although it weighs about 4 kg. Thanks to the soft rubberized non-slip coating of the surface of the gearbox and the handle, additional comfort is created, the vibration is smoothed out and the hands hold the tool securely, which ensures safe operation even in high humidity conditions.

Saw blades in this tool can be replaced without using a special key: just turn the ring counterclockwise (there is a marking on the ring) until it stops, insert the blade and then release the clamp ring (photo 4). Be sure to check the strength of the web fixing before work. It can be fixed and “tooth up.” The supporting saw sole (platform) does not require the use of additional tools to install it in a position convenient for a particular job. It is fixed in the selected position by a special lever (photo 5). If necessary, you can adjust the “exit” of the saw blade to improve the approach to hard-to-reach places. Using this adjustment, you can optimally use the length of the saw blade and thereby increase its service life. It is forbidden to change the position of the lever during operation.
A rubberized 4 m network cable provides ample freedom of maneuver in the workplace. A special plastic suitcase is designed for storing and carrying the reciprocating saw. As the number of power tools in my workshop is gradually increasing, I treat the convenience of storing it with a certain pedantry.

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How to Insert a Canvas into a Reciprocating Saw

For all tests of KRESS 1200 SPE, I used one bimetal sheet. It is universal and allows you to cut metal and wood with equal success.
Wood sawing. In order not to drive the tool for nothing, I tried to cut firewood for the barbecue on the garden plot. When the pendulum mechanism was turned on, the speed of operation increased noticeably. The speed set the maximum. And the tool did an excellent job with such work (photo 7).
What if wood with nails? I conducted one of the most interesting experiments. I remember how after a “meeting” with a nail when processing wood, it was usually necessary to sharpen again or replace the knives and saws of any tool, both manual and electric, or replace the blade with a jigsaw. And the test instrument showed only a barely noticeable increase in the vibration of the body during the passage of the canvas in the place where the nail was. If I hadn’t specifically expected this moment, then it would have been possible not to have noticed it (photo 8).
And then I tried to saw a metal water pipe 01″. When sawing. No sparks, which is fireproof. Sawdust from the workplace was then easily assembled with a household vacuum cleaner. You can work with this saw without fear that the red-hot metal particles that occur during the operation of the “angle grinder” will damage the tiles, plastic, leave them marked on the wooden walls and decoration. When cutting metal, the instruction recommends setting the speed regulator to position 2 or 3, that is, choosing relatively small revolutions. At the same time, “sawing” is convenient at an even lower speed, without pressing the start key all the way. And the new canvas cut metal “like clockwork.” One cut took less than a minute. The edges of the processed metal turned out to be smooth and neat (photo 9).

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Now let’s evaluate the accuracy of processing with this saw. For precision carpentry, such a tool with a thin vibrating cloth is not always suitable. Although with a certain skill and experience, the quality of work will not be worse than using a conventional hand tool. But for construction work, where special accuracy is not required, it can be very useful (photo 10).
Another important point. Due to the possibility of smooth adjustment of revolutions by pressing the start key of the saber saw, it is possible to “saw” into the wood without first drilling it. To do this, the tool must be supported and held at a slight angle to the surface. Gradually, rotating it vertically above the fulcrum, immerse the saw in the material being cut. The initial position of the instrument y is shown in photo 11.
Such a technique can be very useful when performing construction work.