How to Insert the Battery in a Grass Trimmer. FUBAG electric trimmer assembly video

Electric grass trimmer repair

An electric grass trimmer replaces the lawn mower. Today, most city dwellers do not even know how to properly use a “rare” tool. Modern man does not need it, because he has an electric counterpart. But if an ordinary scythe simply had to be sharpened from time to time, then with an electric tool, things are more complicated. The equipment requires certain care, and if a malfunction occurs, the repair can lead to large expenses. However, it is not always necessary to take the defective tool to a workshop: often you can solve the problem yourself.

To understand what exactly can break in an electric grass trimmer, first it is worth understanding how it is constructed.

Eletric grass trimmer usually consists of the following elements:

Current is supplied to the power unit through a connector on the body, to which the cable is connected. Inside, the rod is hollow. it acts as a protective shell for the flexible shaft that transmits torque from the motor to the grass trimmer reel. The handle, located on the body, has a button, by pressing which the device turns on.

The described design is considered a classic. However, there are versions of the tool in which the motor is located at the bottom near the reel, as well as battery-powered versions.

How to insert the batteries correctly?

A lot of the appliances we need on a daily basis are powered by portable batteries and rechargeable batteries. From time to time, they need to be replaced after the charge has expired. To make the device work again, the person will have to buy similar batteries, correctly remove the old batteries from the socket, and then carefully put the new ones.

Important! At first glance, the task seems simple. But sometimes there are problems with the installation of batteries, because they are all different and have different characteristics.

Turn to trusted professionals

If you’re still not sure you can replace the battery in your machine quickly and easily, we advise you to stop worrying and call a service center. Yes, you will have to pay extra for a quick replacement part, but you will have peace of mind that your machine will keep working as it should. The most important thing. do not save on the master: many “coolibins”, taking pennies for their work, do not hesitate to use cheap batteries, absolutely not suitable for professional tools, which often leads to the fact that the machine does not work as well as before, and the new battery fails faster than the old one. Ask your barber colleagues, who they turn to for repairs, and do not entrust your working machine in questionable hands.

If you want to control the whole process of battery replacement “from beginning to end”, we recommend you still watch a short video instruction and read our step by step “recipe”:

To work you will need: screwdrivers (regular flat, Phillips and/or “star”. depends on the model of your machine, but it is better to have a universal set of screwdrivers of different types), a new battery.

Remove the knife from the machine. The quick-release knife is removed in one movement, but in order to remove the classic knife, you will have to take that very Phillips screwdriver and carefully unscrew the screws.

Remove the screws that connect the housing of the machine. This is where you may need a star screwdriver.

Carefully disassemble the machine housing. Be careful not to damage the plastic edges of the covers so that no nicks or gaps appear in the future.

Inside you will see: a motor with an eccentric, a control board with a battery, and a power connector socket with the proper wires.

Now it’s time to remove the old battery. Carefully take out the motor. try not to make any sudden movements in order not to disconnect the wires, otherwise you will have to pull out the soldering iron.

The battery is attached to the board with two metal pins that fit into slots on either side of the battery. Carefully remove the battery. you can help yourself with a screwdriver or any flat object (in the video we use a wooden stick).

Take a new battery and do the same procedure, but in reverse order. Try to put the battery on the board symmetrically, without twists, because there is a risk of damaging the fixture on the board. Check that the battery is securely fastened.

Reinstall both the circuit board and the motor. Replace the top cover and check to see if the machine turns on. If you have done everything correctly, you will hear the buzzing sound of the eccentric turning. Now you can secure the case with the screws.

The last step is to put the knife back. It is possible to work!

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it. even a child can replace the battery on the trimmer. But, of course, you should not entrust children with an expensive professional tool, let them first grow up, take hairdresser and stylist courses, and only then take up the repair.

We hope that this article was useful to you. If you still have questions, you can ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев or call us at the phone numbers listed on the website.

How to remove the trimmer head?

The procedure for removing the trimmer head on devices with top-mounted motor is the same for any model. first fix the output shaft of the device with any suitable tool, such as a regular hexagon, then unscrew the drum or a locking nut.

The drum can be unscrewed by hand, because its diameter is large enough to effectively wrap your hand around it, while the nut should be unscrewed with the standard wrench that comes with every power tool.

Here are detailed instructions that you can follow to remove most types of reels from a grass trimmer with a top-mounted motor:

  • make sure that the machine is unplugged;
  • Clean the space between the blade guard and the spool from grass clippings;
  • rotate the head so that the locking holes are aligned;
  • insert a standard Allen wrench or any other suitable tool into the aligned holes;
  • wrap your palm of your hand around the body or put a wrench on the nut and turn it in the appropriate direction (clockwise for units with a straight shaft and counterclockwise for those with a bent shaft).

On some machines with a curved boom, there is no hole to secure the shaft, instead the base is secured to the shaft with a bolt.

If this is the type of electric mower you have, then proceed as follows:

  • make sure that the machine is unplugged;
  • squeeze the latches with your fingers;
  • Carefully remove the cover;
  • Remove the bobbin and other parts;
  • holding the base with your hand, unscrew the locking bolt by turning it counterclockwise;
  • remove the base by gently rocking it from side to side, if unsuccessful, turn it 45-90 degrees and rock it again, trying to remove it.

On machines with a lower motor, the principle of fixing the mowing head is different. it is pressed on the spline shaft with the heating of the latter or other ways of fixation, so we recommend removing this part yourself only to those who are familiar with such work and have the appropriate tools.

On some models, the shaft is equipped with a slot for fixation, but to get to it, it is often necessary to saw through the removable spool.

Mowing steps

The process of mowing the grass, that is, performing certain movements of the trimmer, is only part of a more complex process that includes:

Therefore, we recommend reading articles that cover these actions, that is:

Choose a fishing line

In order to effectively mow an area, you need to choose the right cord in shape and size.

An irregularly shaped line will also cut through vegetation, but will be inferior in speed and quality to one that is better suited to that particular vegetation.

When choosing the size (diameter or cross-section), you have to take the following into account. the thicker the cord, the better it copes with its task, but the greater the load on the tool.

A string that is too thick will break the gearbox and shaft bushings, and in particularly unfortunate cases can severely damage the grass trimmer. Further information on how the reel works and instructions on which cord to choose can be found here (Which line to choose for your trimmer).

Winding the spool

To charge a line on an automatic trimmer head, insert a cord of sufficient length and, having levelled both protruding pieces, then twist the button to the appropriate side.

Remember, the direction of rotation of the shafts of straight and curved trimmers is not the same, so different spools are installed on them. Be careful, on the body of the head is drawn a line for the trimmer, indicating which way to twist the button.

To charge a semi-automatic trimmer head, proceed as follows:

  • squeeze the clips that hold the cover in place with your fingers, then remove it;
  • pull out the bobbin;
  • remove any old fishing line residue;
  • wind the new line; the winding direction is indicated on the bobbin, cover and spool body;
  • reinsert the bobbin into the housing;
  • lead both ends of the line outward;
  • Put the cap on until you hear a click so that the latches lock into place.

The way to charge a mechanical spool depends on its type (in some cases, you will have to wind the cord on the removed head, then put it on a gasoline or electric mower).

For a detailed description of these trimmer heads and tips for winding a line on them, see these articles:

Preparing the site

Trimmer cords are made of various types of nylon, and this material is not highly resistant to tearing or abrasion, so before mowing, prepare the area.

To do this, walk through its area and remove all debris, from plastic bottles to large rocks or pieces of rebar.

If some obstacles could not be removed, then mark their perimeter to mow as carefully as possible along it, otherwise when mowing grass in this area you will use up the line for the trimmer much faster, and there is a chance of damaging the grass trimmer.

Choosing your outfit

To understand what equipment is needed, it is necessary to understand the processes that occur when cutting the grass with a line.

Moving at high speed, the cord hits and cuts the stem or grass leaves, and then the upper part of the plant falls to the ground. Sometimes a falling fragment gets under the trimmer line and it gets cut again, maybe even several times.

Every time you hit a piece of grass on the filament, it sprays sap and fragments of shredded vegetation fly out at different angles, so you’re more likely to get a drop or fragment in your eye.

Given the speed of rotation of the fishing line, their impact can cause serious injury to the eye, and in the field to clear the surface of the eyeball from them is extremely difficult. That’s why goggles or a mask to protect your eyes from drips and chopped grass are a basic piece of equipment.

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Other important elements of equipment are:

  • ear defenders (important when working with brushcutters);
  • Convenient suspension system (relevant to any trimmers with the upper position of the motor);
  • Comfortable shoes with a non-slip grooved sole.

Grass trimmer preparation

To work with flat mechanical reels, any device will do. If you are going to mow grass with an automatic or semi-automatic head, you need higher protection.

machines originally designed to work with a fishing line were equipped with a protective cover of increased height, and some models that came with discs or knives, were equipped with a cover with the so-called “beard”, that is, a removable lower part. This allowed the height of the guard to be adjusted to the cutting tool.

Machines that were not equipped with standard spool in general were equipped with low protective cover without a “beard”, so if you work with collapsible mechanical or any plastic spool you need either “beard” or cover of higher height.

In addition, the blade guard was often damaged when working with a knife, so it had to be replaced when mowing grass with a fishing line. The most effective was the choice of a universal casing with a “beard”, for example, such.

We also suggest you learn more about the principle of the electric trimmer from this article.

Mowing itself

Theoretically, mowing grass with a brushcutter or electric mower is similar to using an ordinary leaf-cutter, that is, by turning the machine left and right, gradually move forward.

With each pass, the trimmer line will cut a strip of vegetation 1-5 cm wide, and the mowed grass will either fall onto the mowed area or fly to the sides.

In reality, however, a lot depends:

Unlike a lawnmower, which collects mowed vegetation into a grass receptacle, a grass trimmer only cuts the grass and leaves it on the property.

If you choose the wrong trajectory, the mowed grass will get back under the cord, making it have to be chopped, reducing the speed.

To prepare. remove and disassemble the bobbin

Most models of electric and gasoline-powered trimmers will require you to remove the spool to change the line. With the FUBAG tool (electric trimmers and chain saws) this part can be omitted. For the instructions to be universal, we will still look at it in detail:

Fix the shaft. Insert the stopper in the correct hole. This can be a thin screwdriver or a metal bar.

Unscrew bobbin case. In our example strictly clockwise.

Unscrew the cover according to the direction indicated on the housing.

The preparatory phase is over. You can start winding the line.

Assembling a grass trimmer in steps

Attaching the tool handle

Unscrew the thumbscrew 2. Remove the upper cover of the bracket

To adjust the handle, loosen the wing nut and move it. After that you have to fix the screw.

FUBAG electric trimmers FUBAG grass trimmers have rubberized grips for more comfort and safe use. They allow you to hold the tool firmly, even in wet hands.

Fit protective hood

Align the holes in the accessory guard with the attachment bracket.

insert, battery, grass, trimmer, fubag, electric

Fasten the cover on the retaining bar with the provided screws and washers.

In this model the cover is attached by metal plates on both sides. This ensures additional reliability and durability of the grass trimmer.

insert, battery, grass, trimmer, fubag, electric

The housing itself is made of strong but elastic plastic. This material will definitely not break off when hitting small obstacles. We advise to pay attention to this, if you are just going to Choose electric grass trimmer or gasoline trimmer.

Attaching the shoulder strap

One of the easiest things to do when assembling the electric trimmer. Many will understand how to attach the shoulder strap intuitively. For those who are not sure, we decided to add some important points to the instructions:

Connect the carabiner to the belt ring 2. Adjust the position of the attachment ring on the shaft 3. Fix the ring with the fastening screw

Installing the spool with a fishing line

First align the hole on the washer with the hole in the cup of the gearbox and fix it with the special linchpin.

Unscrew the securing nut from the hub clockwise. 3. Remove the cup and the thrust washer from the shaft

Screw the spool of fishing line counterclockwise as far as it will go, holding the spool pin.

When choosing a grass trimmer we must take into account the quality of the bobbin (as supplied). It is often the coil that is made into a savings to reduce the total price of the product. How to spot a flaw? A good bobbin is characterized by the quality of plastic, easy to open and allows you to refill the line for trimmer without much difficulty.

In the end it is worth saying that it is not without reason that manufacturers use different special lines or knives. Nozzles are good for working with any type of scythe, while the quality of the result does not differ much between the devices.

For temporary use, of course, you can put a clamp or fishing line for a trimmer, but it is difficult to say anything for the results: once tangled, the second. torn. Already there will be no desire to put something like this. And that’s it for today! Have a nice day and have a good gardening season!

How to use a petrol chain saw correctly?

The only way to extend the life of the grass trimmer is to use it correctly. Unfortunately, some manufacturers of chain saws are not interested in the long life of their products, that’s why some rules that help to consume the life of the machine more carefully are not included in the operation manual of the chain saw.

For this reason, we recommend that you carefully follow all the recommendations of this article, even if they are not in the operating manual, because we have made recommendations based on:

  • The experience of many owners of such devices, which they shared on the pages of various forums;
  • Advice from brushcutter repairers;
  • Recommendations from the operating manuals of the most expensive and quality brands of trimmers.

Since the operation of the grass trimmer involves not only mowing the grass, but also many other activities, we have divided it into the following topics:

  • Engine running-in.
  • RPM selection.
  • Mowing direction.
  • The choice of clothing and protective equipment.
  • Safety precautions.
  • Transportation and storage.

Engine running-in

Despite the fact that the motor of the newly purchased trimmer for grass has already run-in and you can immediately start mowing grass, the first 3-5 hours avoid maximum speed, because the final lapping of the details of the cylinder-piston group.

If maximum engine revolutions are allowed, it is highly probable that the cylinder walls will get burnt, and it will lead to a sharp drop in the motor efficiency, as well as greatly reduce its life time.

insert, battery, grass, trimmer, fubag, electric

RPM selection

Maximum engine torque appears at revolutions corresponding to 2/3 of the maximum, and the maximum power appears at revolutions corresponding to 3/4 of the maximum. That’s why the grass trimmer mows most effectively in this range.

Maximum RPMs are too low, so check the working sound of the grass trimmer while mowing and use this parameter as a guide.

If the workload is too high and the power shaft speed slows down, use the control lever on the working handle to increase the throttle.

As soon as the load is reduced and the engine speed increases, press the gas pedal less to return the engine speed to its optimal setting.

If you have never used a brushcutter before, and until the break-in period is over, mow only short and light vegetation that is easily handled by the line trimmer head. After the running-in period, the engine will no longer be afraid of the maximum rpm, and you will have enough skill to control the engine by ear.

Also avoid running the engine too long at idle speed, as this reduces the lubrication of the crankshaft bearing, which can cause it to overheat and seize.

Mowing direction

When operating your brushcutter at full cutting attachment mode move it so that the grass is cutting against the direction of rotation of the cutting attachment.

The blade or disc will then push the machine away from possible obstacles, so the grass trimmer won’t jump out of your hands.

This movement of the blade or head also throws the grass in front of you, making you feel the resistance to cut the grass better and thus avoiding too rapid a movement and the problems caused by it:

For most trimmers, the correct direction to cut the grass is from right to left. When moving in the opposite direction, the grass trimmer continues to cut the grass, so there is an increased likelihood of kickback, which can cause the machine to jerk violently. Therefore, when going in reverse, try to grip less grass to reduce the load on the machine and reduce the chance of kickback.

The choice of mowing direction in maximum vegetation capture mode is especially important when:

Also, when trimming trees, try not to lift the cutting tool too much, and do not turn it perpendicular, because this can cause the carburetor to malfunction.

My electric weed wacker broke. Repair video.

insert, battery, grass, trimmer, fubag, electric

This requirement does not apply only to brush trimmers, whose carburetors work equally well in either position.

Choice of clothing and protective gear

The grass trimmer is a high-risk device, so you must wear the right clothing and protective equipment when working with it.

When going to mow grass, wear only clothing without any straps or fringes that can get caught in the rotating cutting tool.

If you wear shoes with laces, take steps to keep them untied. If you have long hair, limit the movement of your hair by wearing a hat or strapping it in. Be sure to wear glasses or a protective mask, because there is a possibility that the cuttings of grass will fly to the wrong place and will hit the eye.