How To Install The Cutter On The Trimmer

I want to devote today’s article to the sore topic of summer residents and gardeners of the entire post-Soviet space “How to refill a fishing line into a trimmer.” Not many trimmer manufacturers answer this question in their operating instructions. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary gardeners to figure out how to do this correctly.

I want to start with a brief description of the technical characteristics of the trimmers.

So, trimmers are electric and gasoline. The cutting element of the trimmers can be a fishing line and a knife. The fishing line is ordinary, four. Pentahedral and intertwined (in the form of a pigtail). Knives come in 2, 3 and four blade blades. Knives are also plastic and metal.

The feed system of the fishing line from the trimmer is manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Development engineers who create new models of trimmers clearly calculate the diameter (thickness) of the fishing line and the number of knife blades according to the power of the trimmers. Otherwise, the engine is overloaded, which as a result leads to its breakdown. And this is an additional and significant cost.

Today on the market are trimmers:

With one nozzle. Only fishing line. With two nozzles. Fishing line and three-four-blade knife. With one nozzle. Only a three-four-blade knife.

Our Kulibins long ago learned to improve any mechanisms. So, for example, some gardeners make successful, in their opinion, replacing the fishing line with a metal cable, or fishing line. But at the same time they do not think about the safety of their and their loved ones, because, as a cable with the power of a working trimmer, it can easily break out and not only injure the mower and others, but leave it crippled for life. Using fishing line can and gives a better effect, I have never personally tried it than fishing line for trimmer, but this work has a number of inconveniences: when it comes into contact with solid objects it dissolves or can simply be pulled out of the reel without limit.

So what is called closer to the topic. I give an example of how to fill a fishing line into a trimmer (BOSCH Art 30 trimmer). Everything is very simple. We started.

After you have chosen the fishing line for refueling, you need to cut off the necessary amount of fishing line, because all the fishing line in the skein is not wound into a reel.

Cut off and start winding.

Remove the coil and the protective cover from the coil.

They took off. We fix one end of the fishing line into the gap and carefully and evenly wind the fishing line.

The amount of fishing line should be such that the protective cover of the reel closes and the line on the reel unwinds itself a little.

The second end of the fishing line is planted in the hole on the protective cover.

Next, take the coil and the protective cover of the coil. We sink the end of the fishing line from the reel into the metal hole on the protective cover of the reel. Tighten the fishing line a little.

We put it all on the trimmer. Turn the coil clockwise until it clicks.

Secured. Now connect the trimmer to the network. We put the trimmer in the starting position for the job. Turn on the trimmer. The excess length of the fishing line will be cut off on the cutting blade.

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Trimmer Coil

That’s all starting work.

You can watch the

A little tip. Make sure that the fishing line does not come into contact with solid objects when cutting. With this contact, the fishing line will be cut. And since, in this trimmer, the fishing line is not fed automatically, then you have to stop the work each time, remove the reel and re-release the fishing line.

In my trimmer, in addition to the standard line for mowing the lawn, there is still provided a thick fishing line for mowing coarse weeds. It has the shape of a pigtail, i.E. Three fishing lines are tightly intertwined. Such a fishing line has its own reel.

Thick fishing line

It is stored at the top of the trimmer body.

Spare coil storage space

Installing such a fishing line into the reel is very simple. According to the internal circuit inside the reel. We insert the center of the fishing line with a metal mount at the top of the reel, and draw the ends of the fishing line along the grooves and bring it out.

Reinforced Fishing Line

Such a coil is attached to the trimmer as well as a reel with ordinary fishing line.

Electric hair trimmers for body hair removal are a relatively new “technical trend” for a modern person. The devices are designed for home use or work in a beauty salon. The undoubted advantage of the device is that it is easy to use in any conditions. At home, on the train, in nature.

Eyebrow Correction Technique

Eyebrows require regular and accurate correction. Unlike tweezers or blades, with a trimmer you can trim the shape or adjust the length of the hairs quickly, safely, and most importantly. Efficiently.

How To Install The Cutter On The Trimmer

To correct eyebrows, you need to prepare everything necessary nozzles: To remove excess hair and to cut too long. All metal blades are treated with special oil. In addition to the trimmer, you will need other eyebrow accessories:

  • Tweezers. With it, you need to remove all the hairs that cannot be captured with a trimmer;
  • Pencil. They designate the shape of the eyebrows so as not to work “blindly”;
  • Comb brush for eyebrows.

Before proceeding with correction, draw the desired shape of the eyebrows with a pencil. If there is little experience, it is recommended to make a small “margin” and increase the distance by 1-2 mm. After a careless movement, the form can be corrected without harming the appearance.

Step by step instructions how cut eyebrows trimmer:

  • Install a haircutter;
  • Comb the hairs up and cut those that protrude beyond the upper line of growth;
  • Comb the hairs down and repeat the procedure. Cut off all the hairs protruding beyond the lower growth line;
  • Comb eyebrows on a mowing line of natural growth and cut all the hairs that are selected for the designated area or spoil the shape.

Step by step instructions how smooth the shape of the eyebrows trimmer:

  • Install the shaving head;
  • Pull the skin slightly and shave off the hair without going beyond the contour drawn by a pencil;
  • All movements must be smooth and accurate, the blade is moved against hair growth;
  • The cut hairs are removed with a brush, then, if there are unprocessed areas, the procedure should be repeated;
  • At the end, a nourishing cream or forming gel is applied to the eyebrows to give the hair the right direction.
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Trimmer Beard Trimmer

A neat beard is fashionable and stylish, but it requires regular care to avoid untidiness. The procedure is carried out in two stages: first you need to give the hairs the necessary length, then. Draw up the line of growth of the beard.

On the trimmer set a special haircutter. Do not immediately set the minimum or desired length, it is better to add a couple of millimeters. In addition to the device itself, you need a comb comb. Hair should be clean and combed. This is the first rule of haircuts at home. The beard needs to be washed using ordinary shampoo, but not for oily skin. Such a composition can dry it out. When combing, the scallop should be moved from the ears towards the chin.

Here is the procedure by which you can properly shave with a trimmer.

  1. The procedure begins with the cheek area. The trimmer needs to be moved smoothly along the hair growth: strictly from the temple to the chin. To achieve maximum symmetry, you need to shave each side in turn.
  2. The area under the nose is similarly processed, moving smoothly to the corners of the lips, and then to the chin.
  3. In the end, you need to trim the line of beard hair growth. To make the mowing line clear, use only the blade, cutting off the hairs against their growth. A smooth transition can be obtained using the short cutting head.

The upper part around the mouth and on the cheeks is the most difficult, here you can use a sharpened cosmetic pencil and draw a shape. This will help to avoid asymmetry.

Bikini Depilation

The trimmer can be used for a bikini, it is much more convenient and better than a classic shaving with a machine tool. The advantage of the electric apparatus is that the hairs are cut evenly, leaving a minimum less than 1 mm long (the factor depends on the selected nozzle).

Instructions on how to perform depilation of the bikini zone.

  1. The selected area of ​​the skin is smeared with shaving foam, soap foam or regular cream.
  2. During shaving, the trimmer is moved strictly against hair growth. The skin needs to be slightly stretched, so the hairs will lift, and the procedure will be effective.
  3. In the first experiment, it is better to set the average or minimum speed to get used to the device.
  4. No effort should be made, the first time the procedure can be long, but over time, the procedure will become easy and quick.
  5. Upon completion of depilation, the skin should be treated with a special after shave or use a baby cream.

Using various nozzles with a trimmer, you can not only shave the bikini area, but also do different intimate haircuts.

How to remove nose hair

The vegetation in the nose is removed with a special rotary nozzle. Before use, the wings of the nose are washed from the inside and all mucous secretions are removed.

Experts do not recommend removing hair from the nose, but sometimes aesthetics require it. It is not at all necessary to try to process the entire cavity of the nostrils. It is enough to cut off only those hairs that are visible.

On the trimmer set round nozzle, its use is safe for the nose and mucous membranes. Nozzles are inserted into the nostril by about 5-10 mm, rotated and removed. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 seconds, similarly remove vegetation in the ears.

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Can I shave my legs with a trimmer

Theoretically, the apparatus can shave hair on any part of the body, including on the legs. However, given the large processing area, the procedure will be disproportionately long. In addition, the trimmer is not an epilator, but a depilator. After its application, the hairs still remain, albeit very short. In just one or two days, the procedure will have to be repeated, spending at least 1 hour.

It is rational to apply a trimmer to shave your legs if any area is left missing. The technique of use is similar to processing a bikini zone: the skin is slightly stretched, and the head of the trimmer moves against hair growth.

What is a cuticle trimmer

Traditionally, a cuticle trimmer is called a simple manicure tool, consisting of a thin handle and two blades connected in the middle. On sale there are both inexpensive types, from ordinary metal and plastic, and professional trimmers made of medical steel. The latter are not subject to corrosion and retain their cutting ability for a long time.

Using the tool is very simple. The skin is pre-steamed in hot water with a soapy solution. The working area of ​​the trimmer must be disinfected.

The cuticle should be located between the blades, but it is not recommended to remove it completely. The skin acts as a natural barrier, protecting soft tissues from infection. At the end of the procedure, you should use a thick, nutritious cream with a dense texture or hand oil.

Recently become very popular electric nail files with a variety of nozzles. The device itself is simple, compact and convenient. Almost all devices operate on ordinary batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The principle of operation of the nail file or trimmer is quite simple: a small motor is installed inside, which rotates the base for interchangeable nozzles, among them there are small abrasive ones for the cuticle. If there is no experience using such a device, be careful. The cuticle needs to be cut off at maximum speed (usually there are only two), but in this way you can quickly overheat the skin and get a burn, also do not press hard on the treated area. All movements should be smooth and confident.

After a little practice, processing the cuticle will become a matter of seconds. The device effectively removes dead cells, reaching the soft tissues, the nozzle begins to heat them, but does not cut them off. If necessary, even a burr can be removed with a trimmer if the skin is slightly pulled. Unlike mechanical tools or blades, abrasive nozzle removes the skin evenly, and from the use of the device there is no trace left.

The functionality of these devices is quite wide: it is easy to make pedicures with large nozzles, remove corns or dry corns, and process heels. The basic equipment provides a polishing nozzle made of felt, which will make it possible to make a professional manicure at home.

Depending on the model and configuration, with a trimmer you can independently perform a number of cosmetic procedures at home. As a rule, manufacturers produce special kits. For men and for women, complementing them with a specific set of interchangeable nozzles.