How to light the wick in a Bosch gas water heater

Basic types of gas flow devices

All “Bosch” flow speakers are divided into two classes according to the type of ignition:

  • Automatic, when the gas is ignited simultaneously with the opening of hot water taps, the process is performed using a spark from batteries. Bosch’s more advanced GC automatic ignition system gets a spark from a mini hydraulic turbine that works on the flow of heated water, generating enough current to ignite the main burner. This is a more expensive set of speakers, but it is worth it, because it provides complete energy independence of the unit.
  • Semi-automatic, when first they ignite the ignition wick, which ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber, then the ST turns on automatically at the flow of water in the DHW system. After the termination of water use the heater is automatically turned off, and then when the heating cycle is repeated, it will be lit again from the constantly burning wick.

Therm have three types of performance:

Rules for turning on the gas water heater Bosch

When working with gas water heaters be sure to follow the safety precautions, they are written in the instructions of the column. It is important to remember that the heater uses natural gas, and therefore before starting the flow-through water heater in the work should be made sure that the design is reliable, as well as tightness of gas and water hoses. Also check all heat exchanger hoses for defects from the factory, i.e. any leaks or dents before start-up.

Make sure that the construction of the heat exchanger and the burner are properly secured. And make sure that all the sensors of protection are fully connected, because without them the heater simply will not start working. Also make sure that all the fasteners are installed in place. This is n to do, since there is a possible risk of any defects in the factory, and simply to make the speaker work as safely as possible.

Design and operation of Bosch water heaters

In addition to the division by the ignition principle, Bosch speakers are divided into two classes according to the internal arrangement. There are water heaters with closed (turbo) and open (atmospheric) combustion chamber. Turbines have built-in fans that blow air to the burner. Atmospheric boilers use natural convection of air masses.

The service life of Bosch boilers is 8-12 years. The service life is affected by the quality of heated water, compliance with the rules of connection and use, established by the manufacturer.

information about the technical characteristics of water heaters can be found in the table:

Technical characteristics of Bosch gas boilers

The Bosch concern can be named one of the acknowledged leaders in producing high-quality water heating equipment. Excellent reliability of these products is confirmed by its demand and only positive feedback from professionals and buyers from all over the world. A distinctive feature of products from Bosch was a set of simplified functions.

The famous brand produces only high quality products and has been improving them for decades. The concern constantly introduces all sorts of technical innovations into their speakers to make them even more popular.

How to Relight / Turn On Bosch Hot Water Gas

Therm 4000 S WTD 12 /15/18 AM E23/31.

Before you start, make sure that the label on the appliance, installed by the manufacturer, corresponds to the gas connected to the appliance. You can connect the remote control to a device that completely duplicates the display on the speaker.

Open the gas valve and water valves. Connect the machine to the power source.

The water temperature set by the manufacturer is 42 degrees, this is the optimal temperature.

To turn the unit on, simply press the power button and open the hot water tap. To adjust the temperature, press the “” or “-” button and select the desired temperature. Until the temperature you have selected is displayed.

If it does not reach this value within thirty seconds, a tap water icon will appear on the monitor to indicate the need to increase or decrease the flow rate. If you press the P button, the programmed constant temperature of 42 degrees appears. Setting the minimum temperature reduces energy consumption and reduces fouling of the heat exchanger.

But if you know how to turn on the speaker, but you have a problem (the flame goes out, it does not light up), then read this article, which describes the causes and how to fix them.

Before you ask the question: how to ignite the gas boiler Bosch, you need to make sure that all connections for gas and water are tight, this is important for the safety of the flow water heater during installation and further operation.

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Flow-through water heaters are not always pre-set at the factory, so you need to make sure that there are no deviations from the minimum and maximum operating pressure, you need to make the appropriate settings, using certain modes of adjustment, which show the gas performance is in the manual to the gas-fired columns. To make it necessary for the normal operation of the device.

Increasing the working gas pressure in a flow heater directly reduces its efficiency, as well as significantly reduces the life of the device.

How to set the gas boiler Bosch

Europe’s largest manufacturer of high-tech equipment Bosch supplies to our market, including gas heaters. Let’s consider the features of these water heaters, and the main issues of choosing a suitable gas water heater.

The usual design of a Bosch gas boiler

The flow-through gas water heater consists of a burner and a heat exchanger installed in the combustion chamber. This basic unit is supplemented by safety sensors:. combustion. temperature of outgoing gases. water temperature,

whose task is to shut off the heater when you exceed the set limits, so as not to get burned, or shut off the gas supply when the combustion ceases.

There is also an electronic control unit, the ignition system (can be of different types), connections All compactly placed in an elegant housing, which is hung on the wall.

Models with an open and closed combustion chamber

  • with an open combustion chamber, working on a high chimney with natural draught;
  • or with a closed chamber, operating under forced draught with a fan, equipped with an air intake through a caoxial chimney.

The first can be installed only in the room, which is provided with rated vozduhdukhnosti and equipped with an appropriate chimney. Т.е. not everywhere, in most apartments, they simply can not be put, because it is not allowed to release smoke into the exhaust ventilation.

The latter, independent of air supply and the presence of a special chimney, can be installed almost anywhere by the gas project.

But according to the demand, there are only one or two more expensive models in the offer, each with a closed chamber. The others. with atmospheric burner for homes under the chimney. Bosch is no exception, presenting now one turbocharged gas boiler with the marking. WT 13AM1E.

Different ignition system

One of the complex issues of home gas appliances. how to ignite the flame. Bosch has introduced all kinds of ignition in its models, as there is still no consensus on how really best.

  • Pilot burner in the unit performs the softest, silent start-up, but who will like the constant flow of gas.
  • Piezo ignition can be from the mains, batteries or water turbine, but when you start it pops. Hard delayed ignition (gas quality) makes some people think that it could blow up.

For example, a model of gas water heater, a budget and very popular Bosch W 10 KB, equipped with a battery ignition, it is often called by consumers the best. no dependence on electricity or water pressure. But a powerful and sophisticated Bosch WRD 15-2 G water heater is started by a water turbine.

The main issue of the choice. the performance of the gas boiler Bosch

The most important issue when choosing a gas water heater is its capacity. Bosch for domestic use offers a capacity of 10. 18 liters per minute at capacities from 17 to 28 kW, respectively.

Performance is indicated in the model marking as a number, for example, today’s range of water heaters Bosch. WR 10, WR 13, WR 15, with the addition of these basic codes of different letters, indicating additional functions.

For example, in the photo Bosch WR 10-2P is a popular inexpensive model.

light, wick, bosch, water, heater

When choosing Bosch boilers, you should take into account the following

  • Performance of 10 l / min. the column is designed for a single hot water tap, whether it is a shower or a sink, but together they can not work anymore
  • 13 l/min. enough hot water for two parallel running taps at a nominal water pressure of 1. 3 atm.
  • To fill comfortably a bathtub, or a large tub, or to give water to 3 parallel taps, you need to choose units with a declared capacity of 15. 18 l / min and power over 25 kW.

Pressure stability and operation of the gas stove

The operation of absolutely any gas-fueled gas-fueled gas-fueled gas drill can appear to be of poor quality because of the rapid change in water temperature at the outlet. But this is a peculiarity of any ducts operating in the system of heat exchanger-cock, where there is a pulsation of initial pressure.

Partially correct the situation by introducing a pressure stabilizer-reducer into the circuit, as well as downstream of it a pressure accumulator with pre-pumping at 0.2 bar less than the nominal pressure in the system.

The second technique, aimed at maintaining a stable outlet temperature at varying pressures, is a modulating burner, t.е. a burner with variable power that adjusts to the amount of water flowing through so that only a predetermined water temperature is produced, e.g. 40 degrees.

Almost all Bosch gas flowmeter models are equipped with a modulating burner. Only perhaps the cheapest and low-powered may be with manual adjustment of power. this should be noted when selecting equipment.

At what water pressure gas water heaters work Bosch

The considered Bosch water heaters are able to operate at a minimum water pressure of 0.1 atm. The maximum. withstanding pressure. up to 13 atm. The nominal working pressure is 1.0. 3.0 atm.

If the pressure is higher than the nominal, you should install a hydraulic reducer, otherwise the column will not have time to heat water.

Choose the European level of quality gas boiler Bosch is not so difficult It remains only necessary to stock the project and approvals Install alone such equipment is not allowed.

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Mom had a gas boiler installed a week ago, but she doesn’t use it. Doesn’t know how to turn it on, and put the manual somewhere and can’t find it. In the evening I will go to her, so I need help, advise how to turn on the gas Bosch WR 10 2P?

The manual for the boiler Bosch WR 10 2P states that the first start should be made by those who installed the boiler, but if you decide to do it yourself, then follow this order:

  • Release the button on the power regulator and by moving the slider to the left or right, set the desired power.
  • Adjust the water flow with the appropriate regulator.

When you first approach this speaker, it’s not really clear how to start it, but then these actions become automatic. So, remember the procedure:

  • The regulator is in the leftmost position in the “switch off” position, you must move it to the right.
  • When the regulator hits the “Piezo ignition” position, the spark icon on the cabinet and the vertical buttons will align.
  • Now it is possible to press the button, but the action must be performed so sink it with your fingers inside and immediately press the switch on the piezo, you will hear a click, it is a piezo element will work.
  • Look at the flame, it should burn with a small candle, it is the ignition flame, you have to hold it for about 10 seconds. In this period of time the flame sometimes goes out, so you need to keep an eye on it, and if it goes out, then repeat the action. The flame goes out because of the air accumulation in the gas pipe, so do not be alarmed, it (air) just needs to be removed from there.
  • If the flame does not go out, then set the power to the desired level by moving the lever to the right, respectively increase the gas supply.
  • Now the flame will burn constantly with the value set, but if you turn on the tap with hot water, the heater automatically starts to heat water.
  • It is easy to turn it off, you should push the slider fully to the left, thus cutting off the gas supply and the flame goes out.

Thanks to a wide range of functions and high quality, the Bosch gas boiler is very popular all over the world. With this unit you can create an autonomous hot water supply in an apartment, a private cottage or summer cottage. In the market there is a large abundance of models of this brand, among which an ordinary buyer can get confused and buy a gas boiler Bosch, unsuitable for certain conditions. To avoid this situation, you should study in detail the principle of operation of water heaters, characteristics and varieties.

How to ignite the device

Before you begin, it is necessary to open the gas and water taps.

You can ignite the gas boiler in three ways.


The manual method was used in On old models

In this case, you have to light it with matches. Here it was necessary to perform a number of such preliminary manipulations:

  • open the water supply connected to the device;
  • Open the main valve for the flow of fuel to the igniter;
  • Light the fuse with matches;
  • Turn on the valve (main) for gas supply.

With piezo ignition

You could say that this is a semi-automatic burner. How to use this type of gas boiler? That would be enough press the button

, to ignite the wick in the combustion chamber. A spark is transformed by means of a mechanical force. enough to ignite the ignition filter. With this method must also meet a number of mandatory requirements:

  • To light the main burner, the main regulator in the fuel supply must be activated;
  • the ignition filter will remain lit when the regulator returns to the main position and the water is turned off.


Fully advanced modifications that are easy and safe to use, even for beginners, provide the possibility of automatic activation. Hydropower system

offer most modern manufacturers (Bosch, its direct competitor Electrolux and many others). The start-up process is simplified to the limit.

  • In the Bosch Therm 6000 O, for example, the water pressure engages the turbine. It starts the automatic ignition system inside the device, both the wick and the main burner.
  • Producer Bosch has lines of Therm 2000 O and Therm 4000 O, which carry out electric ignition from batteries (you would need to monitor their work life).
  • Bosch speakers of AM1E series already have a digital control panel, which will immediately show all possible errors.

Fully automated process has one drawback: many homes have low pressure in the water supply, and this may not be enough for normal operation of the turbine. In addition, such devices are much more expensive than their less sophisticated brethren.

Characteristically, the main and ignition burners are usually switched off after only a few minutes of operation. So why does the gas water heater go out?? The only reason. in the emergency operation of the outgoing gas sensor, which opens the thermocouple.

Not necessarily. The design of the gas water heater provides for emergency gas shutdown in case of sudden extinguishing of the wick. If for some reason, the column automation did not work, and the wick goes out, the gas will be evacuated through the hood into the ventilation duct.

Bosch Therm gas boilers malfunctions What causes it and how to repair it

One of the highest quality gas columns is a column Bosch, but it like any mechanism can fail, consider the main faults of gas columns Bosch.

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Very often the lack of connectivity to the central hot water supply does not allow you to provide your home or office with decent comfort. Fortunately, modern gas equipment allows you to create your own heating system. But even though problems with gas boilers occur less frequently than interruptions with the central water supply, you should always be prepared for such a situation and detect the breakdown in time.

Causes of problems with the heater starting

In order to identify and correct the problem you will need to analyze the operation of the equipment. Masters pay attention to the following signs:

  • No spark from the piezo element or the igniter does not work;
  • The burner ignites, but not from the first time or periodically goes out;
  • The water regulator (frog) is leaking;
  • Meter turns on with a pop.

In the normal state, the water heater is almost noiseless and operates with a delay of no more than 1-2 seconds after opening the water draw-off point. Here are the main signs to help diagnose the cause of failure and troubleshooting.

The piezo element does not produce a spark

One of the common problems. The malfunction can manifest itself in several ways:

  • No spark in the gas heater. cause: failure of the piezo element, the electrode or its displacement. Similar malfunctioning occurs when the piezo element does not switch off (approx. 30 sec.). After this the ignition wick goes out. Repair, if the piezorozhig does not work, consists in replacement of the node.
  • Spark is present, but the device stopped ignition. the reason is elementary nonobservance of rules of operation. Before you press the ignition button, you must keep the gas knob pressed for about 10 seconds. There is a security system inside the water heater. Until the igniter is warmed up the gas supply to the burner is blocked. Pressing the knob for 10 seconds is usually sufficient to light the wick. If the piezo element does not work, although a spark is present, reread the manufacturer’s instructions and light the wick according to the instructions given.
  • No wick burns. the breakdown is caused by failure of the automatics or insufficient draft in the chimney. The cause of malfunction is also a soiled igniter that must be cleaned. Soot settles on the unit when the gas is burned. The spark is present, but the wick stops burning immediately after turning off the forced gas supply. Cleaning the igniter (must be serviced every year) will help eliminate the malfunction.

Replacing or adjusting the piezo element requires the right tools and skills. For repairs, it is better to use the service of service shops, or invite a master at home.

Lack of power to igniter

In this case, the gas boiler, running on batteries or a hydrogenerator, does not turn on when you turn on the water. The malfunction may be caused by a failed water seal (described below), but more often the cause is as follows:

  • Dead batteries. a spark will work, but not enough power to ignite the torch. It takes a long time for the stove to light up, and the ignition switch is always on. If the battery powered speaker does not turn on, stops responding to the opening of the water tap, the first thing to do. replace the batteries.
  • Hydrogenerator does not work. this is a turbine that generates electricity from the movement of water supplied to the water heater. The unit is sensitive to water quality and pressure. If the hydrogenerator refuses to work it is necessary to clean the internal device from dirt, deposits. The problem is solved in 80% of cases. The pressure required to operate the turbine is stabilized by special booster pumps for the water supply.
  • Power supply. a common cause of malfunction if the gas heater with automatic ignition does not light. Lack of spark is caused by power failures. There are several reasons for malfunction: contacts oxidized, resistors blown. If you know how to solder, you can fix it yourself. often the power supply unit is simply replaced with a new one.

Even good quality batteries, subject to intensive operation of the water heater, lasts only 6-8 months. After that, the column starts to malfunction.

Lack of sufficient water pressure

In the technical documentation of water heaters the flow capacity is clearly spelled out. The minimum pressure at which the heater should work is set. If the burner does not turn on at a low water pressure, the cause is not always a fault of the equipment. The problem may lie in the non-compliance with specifications. You can normalize the operation by installing a storage tank and a booster pump. As for the automatic heat generators, working on batteries or from the electric network, the low water pressure leads to the fact that the water unit (frog) does not work. The principle of operation of the regulator is that inside its cavity is divided into two parts by a diaphragm. In one cavity there is a rod that regulates the gas supply and enables the ignition of the burner. The rod is set in motion by the pressure of the diaphragm. If there is insufficient pressure, the stem remains in place and as a consequence, there is no spark in the automatic water heater and the gas supply to the burner is closed.