How to lubricate a motoblock gearbox. Product Range

What to fill in the gearbox of your power tiller and how to do it?

Regular oil changes are needed for your Moto-Block gearbox. the length of use and proper performance depend on it. The correct replacement and selection of lubricants also affects the serviceability of all components and mechanisms in the equipment. Currently there is a huge range of oils for power tillers. Orient on a particular brand based on the engine manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally the type of lubricant to be used is influenced by weather conditions and air temperature. Lubricant must always be of high quality to ensure the machine runs efficiently and smoothly.

Reference. Engine oils reduce friction between internal combustion engine components and their degree of wear.


The Salyut-5 power tillers have 3 modifications, which differ in the type of engine:

  • Salut 5L-6,5 operates on a 4-stroke gasoline engine capacity of 6.5 liters.с. Such versatile unit is able to replace the whole fleet of specialized equipment alone.
  • Salut 5-P-M1 is equipped with a gasoline 4-stroke Subaru engine. The design of the machine makes it possible to connect various equipment for solving various economic tasks.
  • Salut 5BS-6,0 functions on American gasoline 4-stroke engine with a cylinder capacity of 206 cm³ and powerful characteristics of 6, 5 liters.с. High-performance and reliable motor allows for tilling of virgin land and can easily handle difficult terrain.

Gearbox types

Gearboxes in snow blowers are of the following types.

  • Maintainable. It can be disassembled by yourself to put grease in or replace worn parts. Elements of this mechanism are made of bronze, which explains their slow wear and tear. This type of gearbox is rated as more reliable. it can last a very long time with proper care. This is the mechanism used in European, Japanese and American models of snowthrowers.
  • Maintenance-free. This gearbox does not need care, but it cannot be disassembled and repaired. These machines have a limited service life. If the gearbox is broken, you have to buy and install a new one. There are no other variants here. Inexpensive Chinese and Korean models are equipped with this type of gearboxes.

Main gearbox malfunctions and ways to fix them

Accidental gearbox failures of electric or gasoline grass trimmer. The most common causes are summarized in the table below. There you can also find the causes and methods of their elimination.

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Gear unit failure Possible causes Remedy
The transmission unit is strongly heated use of unsuitable (low-quality) lubricant or its absence Change or add lubricant
gears are new and not lapped run in for a short time without heavy loads with regular stops so that the mechanism has time to cool down
the shaft is seized during rotation, play and knocking occurs one of the bearings has deteriorated or excessively worn out Replace the defective bearing with a new one
Transmission mechanism comes off the brushcutter bar or is loose damaged housing part must be replaced
in some cases of minor damage use a metal band to tighten the point of fracture
does not stick on the tube the coupling wear You can wrap it with insulation tape or change the transmission boom
the output shaft together with the blade does not rotate or stops when the load is increased wear and tear of the teeth on the gears or one of them Replace the pair of parts that are worn out, which are in contact with each other

Bearings deteriorate due to the use of unsuitable or missing lubricant. Also their damage is caused by heavy use of brushcutter and ingress of foreign particles of material (for example, broken metal teeth of mechanical gears) due to the fact that the integrity of the dust collectors is disturbed.

FZG four square gear oil tester

To remove a bearing, the gearbox has to be disassembled and a special puller has to be used. If it is not available, you can try to do it with a hammer with a mandrel. In this case, work carefully so as not to damage the seating. The use of preheating to remove the bearing is not recommended in this case. This is because the metal can lose the required performance characteristics.

If the knife stops rotating under load or stands still at all, it is accompanied by an uncharacteristic sound.

Most gearbox problems can easily be fixed with your own hands. Parts to be replaced are designed for the model of brushcutter in use and should be “original”.

What oil to fill in the motor blocks Neva

The quality of the lubricant in the engine block is gradually deteriorating and becomes unusable. The engine wear and tear goes hand in hand with this process. To prevent the wear process, it is necessary to change the lubricants in a timely manner. The instructions write the recommended brand and indicate its amount. When buying, you need to consider its viscosity level, quality classification. For the Neva power tiller you need to buy oil for the gearbox and engine.

The Neva single axle tractor is equipped with different motors. They need lubricants of different brands and manufacturers. In the engine, you should pour them taking into account the viscosity and category.

If you bought a machine with a Honda engine for a plot of land, you can fill it in summer and winter brand SAE 10W-30. For the engine of Lifan the same all-purpose product is suitable. Subaru makes its own grease for its equipment. With a Subaru engine, it is necessary to buy the grease of the same company. Its grade is Ow20. It is suitable for winter and summer conditions. It is permissible to fill 5w-30 of the same manufacturer instead.

lubricate, motoblock, gearbox, product, range

Briggs Stratton engines are filled with SAE 10W-30 summer engine oil. SAE 5W-30 is suitable for winter conditions. It consumes more than other engines, so check the level more often. Lubricant is to be added as necessary.

The gearbox is an important part of your powerpack. For proper operation it is necessary to fill the gearbox of Neva motoblock with good quality oil, change it periodically. These oils include TEP-15 and TM-5. Its volume is 2.2 liters. The used liquid in hot state is poured through a special hole and a fresh one is poured. These types are suitable for MB-1 devices. When changing a unit, place it in an upright position with a container underneath to catch the used oil.

On a newly purchased machine, the first change is made after 30 hours of operation, then every 180 to 200 hours.

If a single-axle tractor is used for infrequent service, change intervals should be at least every two years. You must fill the Neva MB-2 with TAP-15B oil, but you can use TAD-17I instead.

Need to know when to change the oil. If you have just bought a machine, check the oil level. Some motor blocks are sold without lubricants. If necessary you can refill the oil and run the machine in for 20-25 hours. Then change the oil every 100-250 hours. See manual for timing.

How to service power tillers by yourself (at home)

Service cultivator at home quite achievable task, it is within the power of those consumers who have in stock at least a little technical knowledge and skills.

Not an inconceivably complex machine by design. It has the engine, gearbox and frame. These are the main parts. There are also handles for holding during work and a control system. And now let’s look in detail at each part of the machine and understand their maintenance.

The frame is the sturdiest and most robust part of the machine. It carries the engine and gearbox, as well as the control and carrying handles. It is desirable to bring the frame in order and remove the soil from it after each use, then the material will deteriorate much less. Take care to install protective guards on the frame. They prevent accidental injury, for example from a pebble that might bounce off the tiller or a sudden tear in the transmission belt. Also during operation, the earth from the tiller flies on the frame and the engine and gearbox, and it is fraught with the risk of breakage.

Gearbox in the cultivator can be worm or chain (for power tillers it is gear). Liquid lubricants are used in any gearbox. In order for the reducer to be trouble-free, you need to pay attention to the joints on the body so that the oil does not leak, if such a nuisance exists, it is worth tightening the fasteners. Don’t forget to change the dirty oil for clean oil every two seasons. Clean the gearbox and breather plug (the point where excess pressure is vented to the atmosphere) after using the machine. Move the equipment vertically to prevent the lubricant from escaping from the gearbox (the breather plug).

The motor transmits its rotation to the chain gear by belt transmission, so keep an eye on its belt, as soon as you see hanging threads or cracks on it, change it without delay. When changing the belt check the slots (with gasoline) of the belt seating pulleys at the same time. On the gear itself we advise you to install a protective shroud.

It is better to work in dry soil conditions, because when working with wet soil, the load on the cultivator is greatly increased, and this has a negative effect on the operation of the worm gearbox. If we take into account the fact that the gearbox housing is used as a frame in this gearmotor, the cost of subsequent repairs can be equal to the cost of a new machine.

The engine is one of the main parts of the cultivator, we can say its heart. Basically, four-stroke engines (gasoline engines) are installed. They are assembled in a special way to give easy access to all important control systems (that require frequent maintenance): fuel system, lubrication system, ignition and cooling system. Engine maintenance is the most important point, so below we will look at it in detail.

Handles. Also keep an eye on the handles you grip when operating it, as their rubberized surfaces do wear out over time, so change them in good time or reinforce them with masking tape.

The rope. All control devices must necessarily be carefully adjusted, if they do not lend themselves to adjustment, you should check the integrity and reliability of the drive connection (mostly it is the cable in the braid). If the cultivator is located in places with moisture, the rope may well lose its ability to move in the sheath. Then the rope is replaced with a new one, or the braid is disassembled, cleaned of corrosion and lubricated with the rope.

What oil to fill in the motoblock gearbox?

How serviceable and durable the gearbox of a power tiller will be depends directly on the quality and characteristics of the oil.

When buying a lubricant, it is worth considering the advice of the manufacturers of power tillers. It is also worth paying attention to the price of oil. Cheap products do not guarantee good functioning of the gearbox.

It is worth noting the following types of oils by labeling on the market:

  • SAE. Excellent compound for work with frequent temperature fluctuations. Before the letter W there is a number. it is an indicator of the minimum temperature at which the lubricant is poured;
  • ASEA. The most popular universal means. The number depends on the conditions in which the equipment will be able to work;
  • API. Best in demand. Serves as a good lubricant regardless of gearbox type and operating conditions of machinery.

Before using a certain oil it is worth reading the instructions of the manufacturers of motor blocks.

Lubrication Engineers Gear Box Demo

Power tiller brand Type of gear oil for your motor-block
Neva MB-2 Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5°C to 35°C) GOST 23652-79, TM-5 (-5°C to.25°С) GOST 17479.2-85 according to the international system of classification of engine oils by viscosity SAE90 API GI-2 and SAE90 API GI-5 respectively. Filling volume 2.2 liters
Neva MB-1 Transmission oil as per GOST 23652-79 (TAD-17I, TAP-15B etc.).).
MKM-3 Mobil-K (lander) TAD. 1711 GOST 23652-79. SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 according to API GL-4, GL-5 classification can be used. Refill 1 liter
Salut 5 Salut 100 TM 5-18 (TAD17I)
Belarus 08H-09H In summer (above 5°C) Engine oils: M-10B2 or M-10G2 GOST 8581 (doubling. М-бз/10V GOST 10541) In winter (below 5°C) Engine oil M-8G2, GOST 8581 (could be replaced with M-4z/6B1 GOST 10541)
MTZ.05 M-8B1, M-8B1, M-8G1, as per GOST 10541-78
Cascade MB6 Cascade MB6-62 GOST 23652-79 GOST 23652-79 Transmission oil or analogues like MS-20 GOST 23652-79
Ugra NMB-1 TSp-10 GOST 23652-79 or other type that meets SAE 8085W API: GL3GL4
Oka MB-1D1(2)M Transmission oil TAD-17I, TAP-15V and others according to GOST 23652-79
Celina MB From the factory transmission oil “RAVENOL” EXP SAE 80W-90 API GL-5 can pour transmission oil SAE 90 GL-5
Tarpan Transmission oil TAD-17I or analogues of type SAE 90 SAE 75W/90 API category GL-4, GL-5.
Favorit MB-3, MB-4, MB-5 TAD-17i or MS-20
Agat TAD-17I; MS-20
Engine Sich Lubricating oil TAD17I, TAP-15B, TEP-15, TSp-15K, TSl-14 according to GOST 23652
Vario 80W90 oil
Patriot Garden 85W90 oil
Zubr TAP 15 oil

Proper maintenance and use of your power tiller or cultivator helps to prolong its service life and improve machine performance.

Reducer of power tiller. one of the most important elements of the construction. What oil to fill in the gearbox of motoblock or cultivator, and the frequency of its replacement, the volume of. This data is necessary to know for every owner of such equipment.

The most correct recommendations are those offered by manufacturers of motor vehicles. Let’s turn to user manuals for well-known brands and try to summarize the data.

Motoblock brand What type of oil to fill in your motoblock or cultivator gearbox?
Neva MB-2 Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5°C to 35°C) GOST 23652-79, TM-5 (-5°C to.25°C) GOST 17479.2-85 according to the international system of classification of engine oils by viscosity SAE90 API GI-2 and SAE90 API GI-5 respectively. Filling capacity l., 2,2
Neva MB-1 transmission oil in accordance with GOST 23652-79 (TAD-17I, TAP-15V, etc.).).
MKM-3 Mobil-K (lander) TAD-1711 GOST 23652-79. Can be changed to SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 according to API GL-4, GL-5 classification. Fill volume 1 liter
Salut 5 Salut 100 TM 5-18 (TD17I)
Belarus 08H-09H In summer (above 5°С) Engine oils: M-10B2 or M-10G2 GOST 8581 (backup oil). Motor oil M-bz/10V GOST 10541) In winter (below plus 5°C) Motor oil M-8G2, GOST 8581 (back-up. Motor oil M-4z/6V1 GOST 10541)
MTZ.05 M-8B1, M-8B1, M-8G1, according to GOST 10541-78
Cascade MB6 Cascade MB6-62 GOST 23652-79 GOST 23652-79 gear oil or MS-20 GOST 23652-79 aviation oil
Ugra NMB-1 TSp-10 GOST 23652-79 or any other gear oil which meets SAE 8085W API: GL3GL4
Oka MB-1D1(2)M transmission oil TAD-17I, TAP-15V and others according to GOST 23652-79
Celina MB At the manufacturer your single axle tractor is filled with gear oil “RAVENOL” EXP SAE 80W-90 API GL-5 It is possible to use gear oils SAE 90 GL-5
Tarpan TAD-17I gear oil or analogues of SAE 90 SAE 75W/90 API GL-4, GL-5 categories.
Favorit MB. 3, MB. 4, MB. 5 TAD-17i or MS-20
Agat TAD-17I; MS-20
Motor Sich TAD17I, TAP-15V, TEP-15, TSp-15K, TSl-14 lubricating oils according to GOST 23652
Vario Vario transmission oil should be changed every 2 years or every 100 hours using 80W90
Patriot Garden 85W90 oil
Zubr recommended oil TAP 15

All data are taken from the manuals for power tillers and in the table there are quotes or exact extracts from these user manuals. All manuals are available for download on the power tool manuals page of the Pahalka website or on the power tool manuals pages

Not only the oil grade is important for the gearbox, but also the service intervals. A few recommendations on the frequency and order of changing the oil in the gearbox of a power tiller from the leading producers:

Power block brand Manufacturer’s recommendations for the frequency of oil changes in the gearbox of a power tiller
Favorit (ZiD) Change oil in the engine and tractor gearbox after the first 25 hours of operation.Change oil in the engine and tractor gearbox after every 250 hours of operation.It is recommended that you change the oil immediately after working, i.e.е. When the oil is still warm. Drain oil at the oil drain plug. Fill with fresh oil through the fill hole.
Celina Change the oil for the first time after 50 hours, change subsequent changes. After 200 hours of operation
Ugra, Oka (Kadvi) At daily service, oil change at service intervals every 100 hours of operationDuring storage, oil change once a year
Agate Change oil every 100 operating hours
Belarus 08H-09H (MTZ) Every 250 operating hours
Vario Change oil every 2 years or every 100 hours
Neva SERVICE OF THE REDUCER BEFORE EACH 100 HOURS USE (except Engine). Change the oil as soon as the power tool is running: 1. Put the single-axle tractor in an upright position.2. Place a container with a minimum of 3 liters under the gearbox.3. Remove the breather plug, clean any dirt.4. Remove the oil drain screw, drain the oil out of the gear unit.5. After draining oil, screw in oil drain screw with gasket, tighten screw. Dispose of the oil at an oil collection point.6. Fill in 2.2 liters of fresh gear oil of the appropriate operating temperature through the breather plug.7. Screw in the breather plug.8. Clean drive belt lever axle and bushing of dirt.9. Lubricate the axle of belt drive lever and bushings with engine oil.10. Check clutch mechanism for proper function, adjust drive belt tension.11. Lubricate the clutch cable.12. To release the clutch cable from the inner tube, use a few drops of any engine oil in the clearance between the cable and the sheath on the lever side.

What Users Say about Lubricants

Use only original materials that meet the manufacturer’s specifications. If there are none, you should clarify what to lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox. Experienced users do not recommend using solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the node, as well as for consistency. Also the given material does not have antiwear properties.

The range of working temperatures of solidol. from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even at such parameters in the process of heating the density of the material increases, and the grease itself becomes coarse. In an emergency, you can use “Lithol-24” on the tool.