How to Lubricate the Chainsaw Tire Sprocket

You have recently owned a chainsaw, and you still do not know which oil to lubricate the chainsaw chain is better to use. The lack of this knowledge can adversely affect the tool, because the type and quality of the lubricant depends on how long the tire and chain of the tool will remain operational.

How to Lubricate the Chainsaw Tire Sprocket

After reading this article, you will fill the knowledge gap, as we will consider the use of oils from various manufacturers and brands to reduce friction between the parts of the saw set. And also we will figure out what additional lubricants are used to service the chainsaw in order to maximize its service life.

What oil to use to lubricate chainsaw chains

The answer to this question is quite simple, for this it is necessary to open the instruction for any saw and it will indicate that it is necessary to fill in oil with a good adhesive effect.

Adhesion is an indication of the adhesion of a material, in this case oil, to the metal surface of a tire and chain.

Why is this necessary? The fact is that the chain moves along the tire at high speed, and if oil is used as a lubricant that has low adhesion, then most of it, by inertia, flies from the end of the tire and lubrication of its lower part does not occur. This phenomenon can be observed if you conduct a small experiment. Start a chainsaw, point the end of the tire towards a bright surface and add gas as much as possible. As a result, oil spots will appear on it, which are proof of the theory.

Chainsaw sprocket grease

To increase the service life and reduce friction on the drive sprocket, the manufacturer equips this mechanism with a needle bearing, which must be lubricated periodically. Stihl multi-purpose grease can be used for lubrication.

If you do not want to overpay, it is better to use an inexpensive, but no less high-quality option, Litol or Litol 24. Grease. Due to its viscosity, Litol will replace the original without problems.

Lubricate the sprocket of the chainsaw tire, you can use the same lubricants as the lead, using a special syringe for this. This allows the lubrication to be pressed through the technological holes in the tire to the sprocket bearing.

Adhesive Oil Manufacturers

Almost all manufacturers of chainsaws are engaged in the production and supplies for them, explaining this by the fact that these products are most suitable for use with their saws. As far as this information is true, there is no information, but based on the experience of operating and repairing chainsaws, it can be noted that there are no significant differences in the service life of parts or at least visible wear.

But the fact is the fact, manufacturers recommend and it is impossible to hide it. So, back to the manufacturers, and start with the popular Stihl brand.

Adhesive oils Stihl

The following adhesive oils are presented on the company’s website for various operating temperatures and having a good lubricating index:

  • Forestplus adhesive oil. Recommended for use at temperatures up to.15 ° C, shelf life under storage conditions of 3 years. It is delivered in liter or five liter containers;
  • Bioplus. Its feature is a plant base, which allows it to quickly decompose when it enters the soil. It is applied up to minus 15, it is delivered in three, five and one-liter containers;
  • The latest SynthPlus oil has the ability to maintain performance at minus 25 ° C.

Husqvarna Oils

The company offers its customers Husqvarna Bio Advanced oil for use in normal and extreme conditions. The oil is made from plant components and is safe for the environment, supplied in liter and five liter containers.

As a cost-effective solution, the company has Vegoil oil, according to the manufacturer, its consumption compared to others is reduced by 40%. It is delivered in liter containers.

The company also produces bearing grease, which it recommends to lubricate the bearings of the drive sprocket and sprocket on the saw bar.

Less common, but popular with chainsaw owners, are:

  • Polar Lube Mineral. Digging Oleo-Mac;
  • Adhesive CHAMPION, sold in containers of up to 10 liters, which is convenient for use in forestry;
  • Makita Biotop;
  • Ankor.

You can get acquainted with some chain oils by watching the below, in which the seller of a large network of tools comments on the use of adhesive oils from various manufacturers.

How to replace the original expensive oil and is it worth it

In situations where it is not possible to use the original, you can replace them with oil for car engines. Cheap automobile oils such as autol or diesel lubrication options, due to reduced adhesive properties, are unsuitable for long-term use.

Some owners, despite the recommendations, still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain more often, but here everyone decides for himself. Such an oil cannot have any negative effects on the lubrication system, which means that the difference is only in the quality of tire protection against chain friction.

A little bit about lubricating the chainsaw chains

Refining is called oil that has expired in the engine or gearbox of a car. Many owners of chainsaws, trying to save money, use it to lubricate the chain, which translates into serious repair costs.

The cause of these breakdowns is the presence in the mining of impurities of metal chips that settle in the crankcase, and at the time of drainage of mining from the pallet merges with it.

Getting on the tire, metal shavings act on its surface as an abrasive. Simply put, instead of protecting the surface, mining enhances wear on the tire, drive sprocket, and follower sprocket bearing on the tire. Workout also affects the chain of the chainsaw, in those places where it bends and increases the risk of breaking the chain mechanism.

Conclusion: to lubricate the chainsaw chains you need to use original lubricants from manufacturers. Running out of the car engine is not allowed. In the absence of high-quality oils, a short-term replacement by clean automobile oils is allowed