How to make a brushcutter out of a grass trimmer. A snow blower from a grass trimmer

What you can make from an engine for a grass trimmer

A garden trimmer for grass is a tool with which the owners of dachas, cottages and country houses take care of the grassy lawn. But often home craftsmen look for another use of a hand mower due to the impossibility of using it for its intended purpose. It can be a situation when the garden tool is out of order, or if it is much cheaper to buy it and convert it into another machine than to buy a factory-made product. About what and how you can make a grass trimmer for the grass, and will be discussed in our material.

Here you need to start with strengthening the engine from the brushcutter on the bike rack. Three strips of metal will help, two long for the side attachment, and one short, slightly longer than the length of the grass trimmer motor. It is better to fasten the entire system with bolts.

Then mount the motor rotation transmission to the rear wheel of the bicycle. To do this, a large pulley circle to the wheel sprocket, and a small one to the motor spindle. The belt for the transmission should be chosen without sagging, but excessive tension should not be. The design resembles the mover of a foot sewing machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of using this attachment

Like any technique, the cultivator from the lawnmower has advantages and disadvantages.

All the advantages and disadvantages of working with cultivator attachments for trimmers you can learn by watching

  • excellent mobility (no wheels) allows to work on row-spacing and seedbeds without fear of damaging the plants;
  • good for loosening the soil, which improves the water, air and thermal regime of the soil, improves the supply of oxygen to the roots of plants;
  • easily and quickly removes weeds;
  • easy maintenance;
  • high rotation speed of the cutting tools provides high performance;
  • suitable for work not only on a large and flat surface, but also in greenhouses, as well as in the processing of flower beds and flower beds;
  • low cost (in comparison with additional tools for a power tiller or power tiller).
  • Some attachments increase the weight of the brushcutter by 5-6 kg;
  • When working with such a device, it is impossible to press it close to the soil (too strong pressure can cause the failure of the mechanism or deformation of the boom);
  • Inability to work on firm ground (the blades will only scratch the surface of the earth, not penetrate deep into it);
  • When cultivating the soil, vibrations are transmitted to the user’s hands through the shoulder strap, making it difficult to work for a long time.

Working for extended periods with a mowing head can lead to ill health.к. Using this attachment greatly increases the vibration transmitted to the human body.

As you can see, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And those who are thinking about buying or making such an attachment should just take into account these disadvantages and use the cultivator made of a trimmer for grass for its intended purpose and not take it as a full-fledged single-axle tractor. Next, let’s look at examples of how to make a cultivator from a grass trimmer with your own hands, with step-by-step instructions.

How to use a boat motor from a brushcutter correctly?

Using a grass trimmer as a boat motor, the operator must constantly monitor the condition of the engine, and give it time to cool down.

In addition, to extend the life of the boat motor from the grass trimmer will help:

  • check all the fasteners available in the device. before each start of the motor it is necessary to carefully inspect the locks that hold the elements of the motor from the grass trimmer;
  • Filling the engine from the grass trimmer only with the gasoline and oil that was used to operate the brushcutter;
  • Timely cleaning and replacement of the air and fuel engine filter;
  • regular check and timely replacement of the fuel pump;
  • Inspecting and, if necessary, replacing the spark plug.

Regular airing of the engine from a grass trimmer can also help extend the life of the boat engine. To do this about once every 2 months you need to unscrew the spark plug, and 4-5 times rarely pull the starter rope. After the procedure, the plug can be screwed back into place and continue to operate the engine.

Choosing the right attachment

In addition to their product, the manufacturer usually provides several cutters (usually 3).

  • To work with soft grass, a trimmer line wrapped around a drum is used as a cutting element. With a speed of 9000 rpm, even large lawns can be mowed quickly.
  • For rougher grass and thickets, you can use one of the metal blades, which differ from each other by the number of cutting teeth.
  • For mowing dense undergrowth, reeds, young shrubs a disc with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Maize, dry weeds with thick stems can be mowed with either three- or four-blade burrs.
  • And in order to lay the cut grass in swaths a knife with 8 blades is used and a special comb is attached to the mower itself.

on how to install the power tiller. The attachment point of the tiller is called the gearbox. A shaped washer must first be secured on it with an Allen key.

Then put on the knife, aligning the holes in it with the protrusion of the washer. After that, you need to install the upper shaped washer on the shaft and screw everything with a nut.

Please note that the thread on the shaft is to the left, so screw the nut (and the mowing head) anticlockwise.

The wrench, also included in the delivery set, will help you fully tighten the nut. Cutter can be changed by reversing the order.


lawnmower is a garden tool, powered by internal combustion engine. This technique is designed for mowing rough weeds and soft grass, small bushes and pruning tree limbs. However, there are still self-made trimmers from brushcuts, created with their own hands by craftsmen. Despite the fact that grass trimmers are the second most popular tools, after lawnmowers, they are in high demand among amateur gardeners and professional landscapers. Today, many people are interested in what you can make from a brushcutter or grass trimmer, but not everyone’s imagination is developed. In particular, from an old grass trimmer you can create a snow blower, boat motor, motorcycle, scooter, drill and much more.

It is not too difficult to produce a motor for dinghy, the main thing is to prepare all the necessary tools and components. Then you need to build a reliable device that does not damage the floating device. The motor must also be safe for people. How to properly make it and what you need for this you can read here.


Usually, the owners of the land plot use hand-held agricultural implements (rake, trowel, cultivator, etc.) to cultivate the soil.). However, there is a way not only to significantly reduce the cost of manual labor, but also to significantly reduce the time it takes to process the soil. to attach a cutter for weeding beds to the shaft of the existing trimmer for grass.

Turn the grass trimmer into a cultivator, which will help in the processing of the soil on the land plot, somewhat more difficult than a lawnmower. In this case, this home-made device can be assembled on the basis of both electric trimmer and lawnmower with a capacity of at least 1.5 kW.

Important! The owner of the garden trimmer for grass needs to keep in mind that if the hand mower is equipped with a flexible shaft, it will not work for the cultivator. The most effective will be samodelka, assembled on the basis of brushcutter, possessing multislice straight bar and a T-shaped handle.

Materials and tools

The process of turning the grass trimmer into a cultivator will require the master to have a large number of the most diverse tools. You will need:

LAB for Brush cutter ,Grass trimmer review

  • Angle grinder with a set of cutting discs;
  • Drill with a set of drills of different diameters;
  • Welding machine with electrodes;
  • Metal hacksaw or electric jigsaw;
  • sharpening-grinding machine with a set of abrasive wheels of different grit size;
  • garden forks;
  • Various plumbing tools (hammer, pliers, tape measure, etc.) and other hand tools.).

The manufacture of the motor cultivator begins with the production of the working attachment. This will additionally require curved fork bars and square metal billets of at least 100×100 mm in size.

Algorithm of work

The working part of the nozzle is made as follows:

  • cut discs with a diameter of 100 mm out of metal blanks;
  • using an emery wheel, their shape is brought to a perfect circle;
  • The bars of the garden forks are flattened so that their width is 1 cm.;
  • the flattened bars (cutters) are ground and welded to the metal disk at regular intervals.
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Attention! The number of cutters on the disc should not exceed 3 pieces, otherwise the load on the motor will be greatly increased.

After completing the working tool, it is connected to the trimmer. This design can be different and depends on the model of the brushcutter. It is best if the shaft of the hand-held grass trimmer has a left-hand thread on the end. Then it is enough to weld a tube with a nut to the cutter, and the hand-made nozzle is simply screwed to the gearbox shaft, having previously turned it by 90°.

What you can make from a grass trimmer?

The amount of equipment that can be made on the basis of a gasoline brushcutter for grass is large enough. The endurance and torque reserve of the brushcutter motor makes it possible to assemble self-made machines that will stand out with high speed and stability when working in any operating conditions.

The engine from the brushcutter can be a suitable basis for making a motor that can drive a small rubber boat. The maximum speed of the water vehicle will be about 15-20 km / h. Two adults and their luggage can be on board.

To make a boat engine from an engine from a grass trimmer, a gearbox and a metal propeller will definitely be required. The gearbox will take the rotational force from the motor and transmit it to the propeller. The latter, during its rotation, will create a force capable of pushing the boat. It is very important that the propeller is made of stainless steel. Otherwise, because of the constant contact with water, the assembly will eventually begin to corrode.

If you convert the brushcutter to a boat motor you need to leave the brushcutter‘s standard fuel tank. To refuel the boat motor must use a fuel mixture prepared in the same proportion as for the operation of the gardening tool.

From an angle grinder

Perhaps today the electric lawnmower with its own hands from the angle grinder and has a large variety of ways, it is not known, but at least one way is reliable and practical, as used by a considerable number of modern “craftsmen”. In fact, that’s what we’re going to talk about now, so.

In order to make such a lawnmower you need to install the angle grinder itself to such a simple agricultural tool like a hoe, no less through the use of simple scotch tape. As for the disk it can be taken from the so-called circular saw, as its size is most suitable for us.

Two in one grass cutter.

After that it is necessary to make a mandatory fixation to the handle itself hoe cord, it is done so that he simply did not get in the way and did not get under our lawnmower.

Example of a lawnmower with their own hands on the photo.

In fact, our device is ready, the only thing that should increase the coefficient of the diameter of the saw blade itself, this feature is needed if you have large areas of the area to be processed, and if not, then the above described will work fine. Here we go. As you can see the way with the angle grinder is much easier than the previous one. About a more convenient unit, namely a homemade rotary mower for the mini-tractor, you can learn from this article.

Tips for operating a homemade snowblower

Warm up the engine and use seasonal lubrication before you start.

Also adhere to some recommendations.

  • Run your snowblower to its full capacity.
  • Eliminate unnecessary and frequent pressing of the gas, as it can break the engine.
  • Do not hit hard obstacles, do not try to break the ice.

After all work is done, clean the snowblower and leave it in a dry place for storage. This will keep it from breaking.