How To Make A Circular Out Of An Angle Grinder

How to make a circular machine from an angle grinder How to make a circular from an angle grinder with your own hands? What is needed for this and what tools are needed to manufacture the structure of a circular machine.

Choosing a rotation system: gearbox or SPD

It is worth recalling that the number of revolutions of the angle grinder is several times higher than the permitted number of revolutions of the circular disc.

By directly connecting the disc to the shaft of an angle grinder, we risk spoiling the tool and blunt the disc itself much faster. This will cause damage to the motor of the power tool. To ensure reliable and long-term operation of a home-made device, it is recommended to implement a system of pulleys and belts. We carry out the fastening of the pulley to the shaft of the angle grinder on one side, on the other to the saw blade shaft. The rotations of the angle grinder are from 9 thousand to 11 thousand per minute. The saw blade should rotate at a speed of 6700-7400 rpm.

Compliance with additional security measures

A powerful motor and working parts that rotate at high speed are very dangerous not only for the person working at the machine, but also for those around them. Careless work and rash actions can lead to the fact that the workpiece will easily rip out the hands. Such a flying product becomes an uncontrollable weapon. However, such a failure can lead to the destruction of the saw blade. The scattering of small fragments entails a dangerous injury. To minimize risks, when creating a machine, you should take into account the mandatory rules.

  1. Do not place the on / off button on the work table of the bed. It should be placed on one of the side surfaces.
  2. Provide a protective cover.
  3. It is forbidden to operate such equipment without secure fixation on a stable surface.

“Circular from an angle grinder in 30 minutes”

Circular from an angle grinder

If you have your own “angle grinder”, it is very good. To create a “circular”, you need to make an axial handle and a sliding stop to the unit. The design of the sliding stop includes a pair of steel angle pieces located on the sides of the saw blade. With the help of nuts and bolts, they are connected by a transverse bundle, and the gap between the working part and the sidewalls of the structure will be provided with washers.

On the “angle grinder” you need to pre-tighten the metal band clamp with a screw tie down. Then you need to attach the double-folded metal strip to the holes for the sliding stop. The stand and clamp can be combined, but in this situation the metal strip will be too thick.

Then, in the gearbox of the future tool, you will need to make several holes for the bolts. For this purpose, the body is disassembled, and the points where drilling will take place are indicated. With the help of the holes made, the axial handle is fixed, because the “standard” handle will not allow making a good cut, even if the master has very strong hands.

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The handle is created from a metal tube or rod. Designs can be shaped like horns or braces. The ends of the element with which it will be attached to the gearbox must be provided with holes for installing fasteners.

You also need to make a barbell that will regulate the process. For this purpose, you need to take a piece of a metal rod, make a loop from one end of it, rivet it slightly and make a hole for the front stop bolt.

The other end of the rod needs to be threaded, which will allow you to connect it to the handle. In advance, one strong nut should be screwed onto this thread, and after the structure is assembled, the second. By lowering and pulling them, you can adjust the cutting depth. By the way, if you use a drill instead of an angle grinder, you can make a similar tool.

Thus, you can independently make a good circular saw out of an ordinary angle grinder, with which you can cut various materials.

How to make a stationary or manual circular with your own hands

A hand-made circular saw is an excellent tool that allows you to solve a large number of household and other tasks. In fact, it is not difficult to make this device on your own, even in that situation, if you do not have any special skills, the most important thing is to understand at least a little the principle of processing metal alloys.

The materials needed for the job can be found in the home workshop or in the garage. So, circular from a circular saw do it yourself is made of the following elements:

  • Corner of strong steel;
  • Rectangular shaped tube;
  • Engine.

The finished circular saw can be positioned on a workbench. If you don’t have one, you will have to make the table yourself. The engine can be taken from an old tiller or washing machine.

Compact benchtop machine

Above we talked about how to assemble a hand circular. Now we will tell you how to turn this device into a stationary one. This process involves the manufacture of a U-shaped bed from a pipe, as well as the installation of a transverse arm. The lower ends of the structure should bend horizontally in the direction of the cut. They are bolted to the table. Stability is provided by additional supports.

Lever mobility provided by cutting the horizontal segment into two identical parts, which are fixed to each other with clamps. The saw blade is attached to the vertical element of the bed with clamps.

How to make a circular from an angle grinder

In any home workshop, the need for a circular saw periodically arises. But because of this rare frequency, it simply does not make sense to acquire it. Not cost effective. In this case, practice prompts a way out. To make a circular with a drive from an angle grinder. It’s much cheaper than buying a factory saw for two hours of work.

Required tools and materials

To make a circular with your own hands you will need:

  • Angle Grinder;
  • Electric drill;
  • Welding machine (possibly);
  • Screwdrivers and pliers.

Of the materials will come in handy:

  • Steel corner 25 mm or aluminum 50 mm;
  • Steel plate;
  • Bolts and nuts;
  • Tube segments.

The circular angle grinder will be connected to the network using a switch, which, according to all the rules, must be placed on the panel from the side of the worker. It should be available at any second.

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Something else may be needed, but the home workshop is designed in such a way that a lot is replaced in it. Therefore, a strict list will not stand up to criticism. You will need some kind of fasteners or self-tapping screws, pieces of wire and insulation.

Rework process

To be precise, it can hardly be called a rework, it is a refinement or expansion of the functionality of an angle grinder. You can divide the revision into stages or steps in the work. To begin with, let’s define the main tasks. It is necessary to make a table for the installation of a circular saw. It can be of any material available, but a steel corner base is preferable.

The angle grinder should be painlessly installed and removed, so its attachment to the table should be open and accessible. The cutting disc will be mounted directly onto the shaft of the angle grinder. It must be adjustable in height or change the height of the cutting blade above the table plane.

There should be an adjustable rail on the table. With its help it will be possible to set the thickness of the board cut. As a special case, you can install the corner guide, if necessary.

So, we constructively make a machine for the existing angle grinder with adjustment for the height of the cutting wheel. For simplicity of construction, we will use wood:

  • We make a cut for the saw in the tabletop from the board. If it is a furniture board or plywood sheet, then it is advisable to strengthen it with an additional bar along the position of the cutting wheel;
  • We fasten the rear part of the machine structure on a hinge. Then we fix the angle grinder. A short bolt with a locknut is required to secure it. The bolt will screw in instead of the handle, and attach the angle grinder to the hinge part of the machine;
  • On the side of the handle of the angle grinder, we make a clamp with a sawn-off adjustment bar. This is a U-shaped bracket into which the drill handle should fit snugly. For density, rubber strips can be glued. An adjusting strip with a cut will be attached to the same u-shaped plate.
  • We fix the hinge and the adjusting bar from below to the tabletop so that the cutting wheel evenly enters the cut of the tabletop;
  • We install the tabletop on a base made of a steel corner or wooden blocks;
  • We supply electricity. Electrical safety conditions must be met. It is better to connect using a cable that is not afraid of a piece of board accidentally falling onto it;
  • We are doing a test run. The saw blade must rotate without catching the edges of the slot. If this is not the case, then it is necessary to change the position of the attachment of the hinge or u-shaped plate. The material feeding to the cutting wheel should not cause movement or vibration of the angle grinder.

Both the angle grinder and the hand-held circular saw are a very useful removable drive for a stationary circular saw.

It is not difficult to make a circular saw from an angle grinder. To do this, the protective cover must be redone so that almost the entire saw blade is covered. And it is necessary to install a movable protection on the working sector of the disk, which will move during operation. It is also advisable to install a vacuum cleaner pipe on the casing if the saw is to be used indoors.

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An additional curved handle made of thin-walled pipe must be installed in the front. With this handle it will be safer and safer to fix the position of the circular during operation.

You may have difficulty making a stationary circular from an angle grinder or hand held circular. On construction sites and forums, you can find the required drawings of simple structures.

Circular Saw from Conventional Angle Grinder

It is too expensive to have an entire range of electric tools at home. For example, a circular at home is rarely required. Sawing boards can be done with an upgraded angle grinder.

Miter saw

Trimming, that is, cross-cutting of boards or bars at right angles, is better if you use a special device.

how to make a circular out of an angle grinder

You can also make such a machine from an angle grinder with your own hands.

  1. To do this, an angle grinder with a disc for wood is fixed on slewing ledge perpendicular to the direction of the length of the board so that the plane of the disc is directed strictly vertically. One attachment point should be located in the area of ​​the gearbox, and the second at the opposite end of the machine.
  2. The gear housing has threaded holes for fixing standard handles. Using the corners and these holes, the angle grinder must be attached to the moving part of the machine.
  3. The back of the body is attached to the board with a clamp. Protective cover the disc can be used with any power tool of a suitable size.
  4. Closer to the vertical support you need to fix stop angle. It should be located strictly perpendicular to the plane of the disk, both in vertical and horizontal directions.

The spring at the rear end of the bar serves to return the miter saw to its original position after the end of the cut. The horizontal table should have a transverse groove into which the disk enters when cutting the board. Disc diameter choose based on the width of the boards. So trimming can be done in one go. The main thing is that the inner hole of the disc must coincide with the mount on the gearbox axis.

Stationary circular

It is possible to use an angle grinder as a working mechanism in stationary conditions. The bed in this case will have a slightly different design. The stationary option implies the availability of free space and a large amount of work. Therefore, the entire structure can be made more solid, more massive, and, therefore, more reliable.

Bed frame can be made from a corner with a welded joint. Bolted and other types of detachable fasteners from constant vibration lose their adhesion, the structure begins to stagger.

On top of the metal frame, a working table made of a wide board or thick plywood is attached. The workpiece will move along it. Stop angle equipped with a movable mount for adjusting the cutting width.

Located on the side of the machine governing bodies: socket and on / off buttons. In the stationary version, it makes sense to exclude the key on the body of the angle grinder from the diagram. If there is enough space, a high power sander can be used as a drive.

How to make a sawmill from an angle grinder is shown in this: