How to make a circular saw with their own hands at home

Homemade stationary machine

The proposed project of a stationary circular saw assembled by own hands involves the use of ready-made parts and assemblies. The assembly involves only a few parts that need to be turned. The basis of the model is an electric motor from an old washing machine.


It was not a coincidence that we chose to make the base from profile pipe. In the construction used profile 20×20 mm and 25×25 mm.

Such a frame is strong and stable. The lateral stands are made identical. They are connected by the bottom profile 25×25, and on top there is a crosspiece from a pipe section of 20×20 mm. The resulting frame of the tabletop circular saw is elevated above the surface on plastic feet, this increased the stability of the tool. On the bottom crosspieces installed bolts to mount the motor.

The shaft mounting is made of a nut. The inside thread of the nut is ground, the diameter corresponds to the outside diameter of the shaft bearings. To fix the bearings a retaining ring is used, for which a groove is made.


A 2 mm thick sheet of metal will be used as the work table top in the circular saw. It is enough to allow the workpiece to move freely on the table.

Holes in the metal for placing countersunk-head screws are made. In addition to metal, chipboard can be used as a table, and make it out of plywood. It is recommended to make the circular saw’s working table in such a way, that a stop can be installed on it.

The motor

There is already a pulley on the motor. This is a standard pulley that is used in a washing machine.

The extended studs of the motor housing will be used as attachment points. The existing stud bolts were replaced by longer ones with M8 threads. Brackets are made of 60×60 mm angle. At the point of attachment to the motor are drilled holes, and at the attachment points to the bed a slot is made to adjust the tension of the belt.

Torque Transfer

Belt drive will be used in this table saw. From the motor pulley rotation will be transmitted to the working shaft by means of a V-belt. Pulleys on the machine are used with the same diameter, so the speed of the working shaft will be the same as the engine. 1450 revolutions per minute. These are standard pulleys used in a washing machine.

The shaft of the circular saw is taken from an angle grinder. This solution is quite justified. There is no need to make any fancy turning operations, there is already a ready-made thread with washers of the required seating diameter. And you can adjust the diameter of the shaft with your own hands, just clamp the shaft in a drill and file it.

The operating shaft with the pulley, mounted on the frame, will look like this.


Assembly of the circular saw begins with the installation of the motor on the frame.

After installing the motor, the belt is put on.

make, circular, their, hands

After the belt is tensioned and the motor position is set, it is secured with the nuts.

To protect the motor from sawdust the guards are installed on the housing.

The circular saw is installed and clamped to the working shaft.

A on/off switch is provided for easy activation. The last step is the installation of the working table of the circular saw.

As a test we sawed different materials: wood chip board, a piece of chipboard, a board 30 mm thick.

Construction variants

Now it is necessary to get acquainted a little bit with the possible design solutions.

With an asynchronous electric motor

Adapt an angle grinder for the drive

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Conclusion. For the non-professional craftsman, the most optimal variant of making a stationary circular saw should be considered the use of a portable circular saw as a drive.

Advantages of home-made technique

Self-made circular saw is considered a fairly popular tool. Characterized by ease of fabrication and a high degree of reliability.

So, the circular saw with their own hands has the following advantages:

Today you can find many drawings that allow you to design stationary or mobile saws of different sizes. Drills, angle grinders and other tools can be used.

make, circular, their, hands

Some masters combine a circular saw with a planer, placing them on one base. These devices can operate from a common motor. With such a machine it is possible to achieve a perfect smoothing of wooden surfaces. That is why the combination of a planer and a circular saw is considered a very functional solution.

What should be a table for a saw

When setting up a stationary area for processing materials, you need to consider several nuances.

  • The design must be stable and rigid.
  • Material of which the table is made must be strong and durable.
  • It is important that the surface of the table was perfectly flat.
  • A ground connection must be provided.
make, circular, their, hands

Considering the above, you can be confident in the reliability of installed design and good quality of machined workpieces, regardless of the amount of work.

Main components of the table: frame and smooth surface for placing the workpieces.

The material used for the construction varies depending on the purpose, location and frequency of use. For household purposes, it is possible to make a construction out of boards and plywood and install it in the garage, for example. Work with large volumes of materials implies high demands on the strength and reliability of the structure. the best solution in this case would be a frame of metal profiles. To reduce vibrations and greater stability, many even concreted feet in the floor.

  • saw blade must be placed strictly perpendicular to the table surface;
  • optimal size of the table top is 1,2 m x 1,2 m, but it can be changed depending on individual requirements (if the table top is long you may need additional supporting legs);
  • the height of the table depends on the height of the master, usually it varies in the range of 0.81,2 m;
  • It is more comfortable for the operator if the table is mounted on legs instead of solid plates, e.g. plywood;
  • the width of the slot into which the disk fixed from below is led must not exceed the thickness of the disk by more than 2 mm, otherwise the tool can quickly fail due to clogging with shavings;
  • The circular saw must be centered on the table so that the center of gravity is not displaced too much;
  • it is recommended to place the saw control buttons on the table top or on the top of the table leg.

Important! In many models of saws the holes for fixing the sole on the table are already provided by the manufacturers.

Design requirements

The duration and safety of working with homemade equipment depends on the types of loads, the modes of operation, and the strength of the unit. Knowing the features of woodworking devices will allow you to make a mechanism that will be reliable, but simple and durable.

  • High blade speed. Without this condition it is impossible to qualitatively cut wood, but it is more important for the master to guarantee the safety of the self-made circular saw, so the protective devices, which are usually equipped with purchased models, are an example to follow. If the future author thinks that it is possible to do without some of them, this opinion is erroneous, because one careless movement often leads to injuries.
  • The sturdiness of absolutely all components. Not only the ability to withstand high static loads is important, because the table can start to vibrate due to multidirectional dynamic effects. They are not dangerous for the master, but affect the quality of a cut: traces of teeth are left on the surface of a timber, there are difficulties with keeping the linear dimensions.
  • Fire safety is a major concern when working with wood, so it is imperative that all electrical devices are installed correctly.
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step-by-step instructions

The process of making a circular from an angle grinder with your own hands includes a number of steps:

  • first of all, you need to make a table-basis;
  • Install the angle grinder itself and the disk;
  • attach the stop bar;
  • Connect electricity;
  • make a test run.

We will tell you about how to remake the angle grinder into a miniature circular saw. With its help, you can saw bars, small boards, laths, used in repairs or in private households.

The table looks in the form of a workbench, the base of which is most often made of lumber.

  • First, take sheets of chipboard and nakolvayut of them a miniature table, the legs are performed at such a height that under the base was placed angle grinder. Fasten them to the stiffening ribs. Those in turn are made of small boards and fastened along the edge of the worktop at a distance of 7-10 cm from its underside with self-tapping screws.
  • It is desirable to make the upper work surface of laminated plywood. When the table top (bed) is ready, turn it downside down and make a marking for the installation of angle grinder and saw blade. As a basis take the element from the angle grinder, on it make measurements for a slot for a new disk. On its ends with a pencil mark the outermost borders of the future hole (slit). Then take a drill bit and drill the formed points.
  • After that, using a ruler, connect the edges of the formed holes by drawing two parallel lines at their width. Part of the table top inside these lines is cut out with an angle grinder. The slot under the disk is ready.
  • Then you should buy a new disk in a store. The optimal variant would be to buy the sample for wood works in the size of 125 mm with hard-alloy teeth. they can be 24, 36, 48.
  • Under the table top, a plate is bolted to which an angle grinder is fastened using clamps. It can be fixed by means of self-made clamps and tightening nuts. At the same time in the table (in the cut out hole) do the installation of the disk itself. It should be placed so that most of it is on the surface. It is desirable to mount a protective cover. It is sold in any construction store, so you can buy such an element without difficulty. It is usually mounted on hinges, allowing the visor to recline.
  • From a metal corner or from the plastic scrap of an old baseboard make a retaining bar. You can mount it on plywood or particle board. The length of this slat should be the same as the work surface of the table. Screw the bar (limiter) at least 2 cm from the saw blade teeth. At the ends of the rail make two holes and spend fixation in the table with bolts or ordinary self-tapping screws.
  • Worked board or bar should be fully placed on the table top, because when the disc moves at high speed the lumber is subjected to vibration. It is impossible to hold the sawblade on weight. there is a risk to be seriously injured.
  • In the next phase of work on the inside of the mini-table make mounting of the electrical outlet, through which the wire is let in, and then a switch is installed. It is usually fixed to the outside of one of the ribs. The wire from the switch is led to the power supply. that is how the electric power is fed to the circular saw.

To avoid making a table for the circular saw, folk craftsmen use a vice as a supporting frame. At the very beginning make a clamping angle grinder with a disk on the edge of an ordinary table, removing protection and unscrewing the handle of the angle grinder. Then plywood or particleboard is taken to form the frame, in which the hole is made for the disk. Fix it by drilling a hole, in which a bolt is inserted. It must coincide with the hole on the angle grinder where the handle is mounted. Use a wrench to tighten the bolt as far as it will go.

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Use improvised materials to make a stop bar or a stopper. Fix it with bolts on the ends of the bed with conventional self-tapping screws. Under the weight of the angle grinder can tilt forward and catch the disc to the table top itself. In this case the handle is needed. It can be unscrewed from an old wrench and screwed into an angle grinder, making a support for the motor.

Such a tiny self-made construction works accurately, produces a high-quality cut of laths and planks.

Circular saw stop design

The entire structure consists of two main parts. longitudinal and transverse (meaning relative to the plane of the saw blade). Each of these parts is rigidly connected to the other and is a complex construction that includes a set of parts.

The basic technological solution of this stop is the principle of jamming with an eccentric and pressing tightly two cross rails with an oblique face.

It is fixed by turning the eccentric mechanism.

Clamping force large enough to ensure structural strength and securely fix the entire parallel stop.

The whole construction is not trivial and consists of a large number of different parts, each of which has its purpose and size.

The general composition of all the parts is as follows:

  • Cross part
  • The base of the transverse part;
  • Upper transversal pressure plate (with beveled end);
  • The lower transverse clamping strip (with an oblique end);
  • End (fixing) bar of the cross part.
  • Longitudinal part
  • Flat sliding element (Laminated chipboard, 2 pcs.);
  • The base of the longitudinal part;
  • Clamp

How To Make A Homemade Table Saw With Circular Saw

  • eccentric
  • Eccentric handle

Circular from a hand-held circular saw

Among home crafters there is a common opinion that the easiest way to get a machine tool circular saw is the mounting of the hand circular saw on the base. This improvement allows you to provide:

Please note!

  • Winch with their own hands: classification, materials of manufacture, description of the stages of work instructions for construction with their own hands
  • The clamp with his hands. a step by step production and description of the options for using the clamp
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  • Maximum cutting quality due to the high rotational speed of the cutting edge disc.
  • Good resistance to radial load thanks to the reliable bearings of a professionally designed and manufactured device.
  • Easy replacement of the working body, which does not require complex manipulation.

The main advantage of construction with an angle grinder is the compact, powerful electric motor, which provides maximum performance at a huge speed and torque.

Circular saw stationary with your own hands: instructions for making

Many beginners wish to have a small but functional circular saw in their workshop. It is possible to buy a factory-made machine, but it is quite expensive. This way is followed by professional carpenters, who have a direct financial dependence of their financial situation on the productivity of their work. The funds invested quickly pay off and bring direct profit.

Amateurs have a good way out of this situation. to make a circular saw machine on their own with tools, which are present at most of the masters. But before starting work it is recommended to get acquainted with existing engineering solutions and peculiarities of equipment operation.