How to make a circular table with an old engine. Safety precautions

DIY discs for a disc saw. Drawings, photos, tips

When assembling a table for cutting with your own hands, you should follow the optimal balance between functionality, safety, time and means. This can be achieved by choosing details and materials with the desired parameters. It turns out to reduce costs by involving old details of other designs. furniture, frames of wooden houses and outbuildings.


The main requirements for the saw table are resistance to strong load, shock and vibration. The countertop should be smooth enough for movement, not bend under weight from 50 kg. Suitable options can be:

  • Metal (steel or duralumin) 3-5 mm thick. The advantages of metal countertops are high strength, almost unlimited service life, shortcomings. large weight, decent cost.
  • Laminated wood-bearing plate or moisture resistant plywood with a thickness of at least 2 cm. The cost of this option will be the most profitable, but the strength is noticeably reduced.
  • Textolite 15–20 mm thick. The material is more durable than the plywood, but inferior to the metal. At the cost of textolite countertops are also between metal and plywood sheets.

They are not recommended as a material for a countertop plastic, wood chipboard or OSP. The design made of this raw materials will be unstable to the vibration from the saw. You can make a table completely from natural wood. but too expensive.

Metal laminated wood-bruise


At the base of the table for sawing boards can be wooden bars fixed under the lid to increase hardness. Elements with a cross section of at least 5 x 5 cm are placed, retreating 50–90 mm from the edge of the countertop. For the sawing table, it is recommended to choose bars of hard wood. beech, horned, oak. The advantages of a tree are low cost, simple installation with self.tapping screws. Disadvantages. lower strength and service life, high probability of fire.

The upper part of the table frame for the sawing is often made with other materials from the same sheets that were chosen for the countertop. For the legs of a wooden structure, it is recommended to use the beam, fixing it with the help of metal corners. The pros and cons of wood supports are similar to the features made of the same material of the bed.

The basis of the table for cutting and cutting the boards can be metal. Stability increases when choosing metal corners or channels with sides of 25-50 mm. To save them, they are bought at the intake of scrap metal or replaced with specialized pipes. The details of the frame are connected by welding. The use of bolt compounds is not recommended due to the possibility of promoting under the influence of vibration. The reasons for choosing a metal bed are maximum strength, reliability, simple care. Cons. high cost, the need to use a welding machine.

Metal wooden beams plywood laminated woody plate

Features of the circular saw

Knowledge of these features is extremely important, you should take into account the regimes of the functioning of the saw, know the type of load and take all possible measures to strengthen the most important nodes. Only with this approach can you achieve a long and safe operation of a home.made machine.

What are the general features of woodworking mechanisms?

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High speed of the teeth of the saw. This is how the quality of sawing is ensured. But the large speed of the saw disc is caused by serious injuries, during the manufacture of the machine, very much attention should be paid to safety precautions. All devices available on industrial specimens should not be installed must be installed that some of them are unnecessary, and you can upgrade the factory samples for the better. All safety regulations are written by the blood of injured people, do not repeat tragic errors.

This refers not to withstand significant static loads, although this is very important. The table can easily perceive great efforts of this type, but at the same time vibrate from exposure to even relatively small dynamic multidirectional loads. This condition does not have a negative impact on safety precautions, but noticeably worsens the quality of the saw

Traces of teeth are noticeable on the surface of lumber, it is difficult to withstand the specified linear dimensions, etc. D.

Fire safety. Absolutely all electrical appliances, engines, starters and other special reinforcement must be mounted in strict accordance with the requirements of the PUE. You need to know that dry sawdust not only burn perfectly, but with a certain concentration in the air form an explosive mixture. By the way, burning sawdust is difficult to extinguish, they swim on water and continue to burn.

No need to make the easiest machine due to safety devices, strictly follow the recommendations of designers. Decide what you need, woodworking machine or fresh problems?

What is such a device for

It is not difficult to make a machine from a manual circular with your own hands. In addition, such a design has many advantages. It helps to make the cut more comfortable, since the structure will be made taking into account personal preferences.

The working surface will have convenient sizes, while in stores standard products are usually represented.

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note! Different manufacturers can be used to manufacture the structure. Interskol models are very popular.

Design features

The manufacture of a circular table from a manual circular saw with your own hands does not cause special problems, especially if there is a minimum number of skills. Experienced experts are able to make such a design even without schemes. It includes 2 main elements. legs and smooth working surface. Also in the design you can provide for various boxes.

make, circular, table, engine, safety, precautions

Important! The saw itself should be well fixed under the table. In this case, only a disk element is left on the surface.

Production process

Creating a multifunctional design for an electric circular saw with your own hands is quite simple, however, it is necessary that the manufacturing process is strictly in certain stages. Clear adherence to the tips is necessary so that there are no problems or difficulties.

  • First of all, every master should create a drawing and plan of the future product. According to drawings, work is much easier to perform, risks are reduced to make something wrong or poorly. At the planning stage, you need to take into account the dimensions of the future design as clearly as possible.
  • After creating a plan and an approximate sketch of the product, as well as the preparation of all the necessary materials and a set of tools, we begin to make a table housing. We align all the faces of the bar with a shirt. Then, from sheet material and aligned bars, we collect the base, the dimensions of which were determined at the planning stage. The area of ​​the working surface is usually about 1-1.5 square meters. All details are attached to each other with bolts and screws. At the end of the work we get a box without the upper and lower parts.
  • Next is the manufacture of a countertop for a sawing machine, it is cut out of plywood or leaf laminated wood-based slab based on the size of the frame. The countertop should be the same area or slightly larger. The main thing is that she does not outweigh the body into one of the sides. If the table cover is made of unfolded material, then it should be fanned and tied. Further, using a ruler and pencil on the countertop, marking the location of the electric saw to it, as well as the upper part of the table to the main case, is performed.
  • The next step is a slot of the hole for the saw itself. To do this, measures the support shoe of the sawing machine, which will further be used on this design. On the reverse side of the countertop, the corresponding marking is performed, which will accurately determine the place of fastening and the area along which it is necessary to make a neckline for the circular disk. For accurate marking, it is better to draw the axes connecting exactly in the center of the plywood sheet. After determining the axes and performing the exact segments, you need to cut the holes for the disk, as well as drill holes for attaching the saw shoe.
  • Fastening the circular saw to the plywood countertop occurs with the reverse (inside). To do this, it is necessary to make 4 holes in the shoe of the saw itself, their diameter should be approximately 1 centimeter. Then you should completely level the saw and compare all the markings so that the tool is located evenly, all the marks and holes correspond to each other, the disk freely enters the central hole of the countertop. In order for the saw to be reliably attached to the table, it is necessary to use special stoop bolts with a secret head, the hat of such bolts should be deeply immersed in the sole of the tool and not stick out.
  • Then the saw is laid aside and the assembly of the table continues. In order for the design to be stable, special attention must be paid to its legs. The best stability of the design will be ensured by the legs diverging down. They are fixed with large bolts with nuts.

The length of the legs is determined individually, in accordance with the growth of the person who will work at the table. Ideally, the countertop, and, accordingly, the saw itself should be located just above the wizard belt.

  • The next step should be attached to the countertop to the body. At a distance of about 3 centimeters from the edge, you need to make holes in the corners of the plywood, then holes in the corner bars are drilled for further attaching bolts in them. Further, the details are connected using steel wings M8.
  • After the design is assembled, it is necessary to fix a special switch on the table, which will adjust the inclusion and off of the saw with an electric motor. To do this, cut a hole for the circuit breaker in the housing and fix it using bolts, special glue or construction screed. An electric power to the saw itself should go from the switch, which means that it must be attached to any electrical source in your workshop using a cable. It joins from the lower part of the countertop using construction fasteners.
  • Then you can make special stops. First, the transverse beam is made, it greatly simplifies the work with the design. It is carried out mainly from plywood or laminated woody plate. First you need to cut 2 strips equal in length of the width of the table, the second side should be about 100 millimeters, the angles of the strips must be rounded.
  • Then the blanks are polished and fastened with self.tapping screws at a small angle, a metal corner is screwed inside. After that, the stripes are attached to the table for movable furniture rails that will allow you to move these stops along the entire table.
  • If desired, you can make a variety of additions to this design, it all depends on your skill. Some masters remove the safety casing and all the devices for adjusting the leaf of the disk, this allows you to get an additional several millimeters of the cut. Some replace the factory platform with a rotary platform of their own manufacturing, with a professional approach, this also gives a number of advantages in the work.
  • The manufacture of the structure is completed with a step in processing and preparation for operation. The entire table should once again be fucked, wiped and varnished or special means that allow to ensure the durability of use and repulsive moisture and rust.

Installation of a circular saw in a homemade table

After the manufacture of the main case, the electric engine is installed in a homemade table.

  • At the stages of manufacturing the design of the table in the countertop, all the necessary holes were cut off.
  • During the installation of a stationary saw, it is necessary to perfectly adjust the tilt of the tool, otherwise the drill of wooden parts will be low.quality. First of all, it is necessary to install the tool on the finished countertop in all grooves and determine whether it is necessary to change the slope. If the angle does not correspond to the desired, then it will have to be adjusted with the help of special bolts, this is the easiest option. Or you can cut out special cubes that will be attached to the countertop, and already on top of them, an electric saw will be attached at the right angle.
  • If the tool is installed on the spot correctly, all the holes converge, you need to put and attach the sole to the table with bolts and tighten them from the inside with the help of nuts with spring washers.
  • After the manual disk saw is installed, you need to take a bar a little more than those by which the angle of inclination took place, and fix it on the countertop in the place where the saw platform was marked.

This bar is needed so that after dismantling the circular saw from the table, you can integrate it exactly in the same place, without using any additional segments.

Miniature engine from a washing machine

The circular is extremely simplicity and availability of materials for its manufacture. Perhaps the only expensive detail is the electric motor. Stationary machines are equipped with a powerful asynchronous engine, which provides a cut of thick wood of any species, but in a home workshop you can limit yourself to a lower power.

This design has several advantages. The engine from the old washing machine is inexpensive, moreover, such an unit will probably be found in the household of a house. Connecting this engine is not particularly difficult, there is no need to look for a scheme, to solder. With all this, the power of such an unit is enough for most types of work.

The machine diagram can be simplified as much as possible by excluding belt transmission. In this version, the cutting tool will be attached directly to the engine shaft. A frame of a desktop mini-station will serve as a frame assembled from a bar with a cross section of 40 x 40 mm. If desired, it can be welded from the corner or profile pipe.

As a stand (countertops) of the circular, part of the body of the old TV, a coating boat, is ideal. As practice shows, this part is characterized by sufficient strength, and thanks to the lacquer, it does not prevent the glide of the workpiece.

In the countertop, an electric shutter is perpendicular to the cut under the disk, two parallel cuts are made. A mobile square playing the role of lateral emphasis will slide on them. He will help to make a flat cut, if necessary, at a given angle.

Design requirements

The duration and safety of work with home.made equipment depends on the types of loads, functioning modes and strength of the unit. Knowing the features of woodworking devices will make it possible to make a mechanism that will be reliable, but simple and durable.

High disks. Without this condition, a high.quality cut of wood is impossible, but it is more important for the master to guarantee the safety of a home.made circular, so protective devices that are usually equipped with purchased models are a role model

If the future author believes that it is quite possible to do without some of them, then this opinion is erroneous, since one careless movement often leads to injuries. The strength of absolutely all nodes. Not only the ability to withstand large static loads is important, since the table can begin to vibrate due to multidirectional dynamic influences

They are not dangerous for the master, but affect the quality of the cut: traces of the teeth remain on the surface of lumber, difficulties arise with the maintenance of linear sizes. Fire safety is the main requirement when working with wood, therefore, compliance with the rules when installing all electrical appliances is a prerequisite.

Work tips

It is worth taking into account the following tips from professionals:

  • Home.made circular saw is designed for domestic use; It is able to process small volumes of lumber with periodic breaks in work;
  • If the tool is often in demand and the volume of work is large, in this case it is worth considering the option of purchasing professional equipment;
  • No need to cut by force if the material does not go; For a more powerful tool, respectively, you need a more powerful engine.

How to make a circular saw from the engine of the washing machine, watch in the video below.

Inventory and the requirements for the work process

What should be the table for the end saw with your own hands, of course, the master decides. Mandatory requirements include:

  • Safe and durable fastening of the saw;
  • even and smooth working surface of the countertop;
  • Convenient access to start and stop buttons.

A homemade table can be made of wood

Stores mainly offer stainless steel products. But the tables for the cutter and the circular of wood are not at all inferior to them in quality, and the service life of the material does not decrease.

You can make a table for manual circular saw with your own hands, using the following tools in the work:

In addition, we need roulette and pencil, as well as wood varnish for protective properties.

Selection of tools and materials

At the very beginning of the work, you will need to make sure that all the most necessary, namely raw materials, a set of tools suitable for performing work, will come in handy throughout all actions.

To create a sawing machine, you will need the following materials:

Plywood, the thickness of which is from 2 to 3 cm, or a piece of laminated woody plate identical according to the data.

This set of materials is needed for a standard design of a conventional area with an area of ​​slightly larger than 1 m2. It will be possible to work on such a machine-steel machine with almost any manual disc saws, exceptions will be tools with a small disk diameter, because when attaching the tool to the countertop, cutting depth, approximately 1-2 cm, will be signs.

To perform work, you will need the following set of tools:

  • Thick pencil or marker.
  • Construction roulette, metal ruler, corner.
  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Electric screwdriver.
  • Electric drill.
  • Sander.
  • Sandpaper.

Next, we suggest considering how to make a sawing machine.

The advantages and features of the tool

The round saw has its advantages: allows you to make an even cut, increases the installation speed, ensures ease of work, saves electricity. If you replace the disk, you can overcome soft metal. To make a full.fledged tool for work, you need to install it on the table and provide an approach from all sides.

In this case, the following conditions must be met:

  • The table should be well fortified, for which its legs are sometimes filled with concrete or screwed with bolts;
  • The manual saw is fixed with iron brackets to the countertop to ensure safety during operation;
  • Grounding is necessary.

The inconvenience during work is a large width of the table. The optimal size should not exceed 60. 70 cm so that it is convenient to hold the bar (not on outstretched hands). If the working surface is not static, then the quality of the sawing is deteriorated, so consolidation is necessary. The wire can be fixed with brackets in the floor, so that during work, do not accidentally stumble.

As an option. to make an additional outlet under the countertop.

Previously, you need to prepare the figure of the countertop indicating the size. This is almost a drawing, but simplified. On paper, you need to indicate the size of the gap for the disk. along the width and length, where it should be in relation to the edges of the table. It will be possible to immediately present your work for such a device.

Creating a drawing

The first stage of the creation of a wood processing machine is drawings of a sawing table. They can not be compiled by choosing a suitable option on thematic sites or forums. But it is better to make at least the simplest scheme on your own, given the available materials and selected sizes.

The drawing is noted all the nuances that are needed to prepare materials, indicate the places of fastening of the supports and the angles of their inclination if the tables of the table are not perpendicular to the countertop. In the figure, it is also worth noting a place for attaching the turning unit and off unit. With independent drawing up the scheme, compliance with scale and accurate proportions is not necessary. The main thing is to correctly indicate the dimensions of all future parts for the sawing machine.

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Stages of manufacture

For example, the work was taken when the old table served as the basis for the machine. If this is not, then before the following described works, you need to make another basis. Bars of the same length for the legs are used, the design is enhanced by transverse elements. The base should be strong and stable to withstand active operation. After that, work with the countertop begins.

Stage first

In accordance with previously prepared dimensions, the working surface is cut out. By the way, you can even use an old countertop with, for example, a kitchen table. The main thing is that the material is durable and withstand all mechanical loads.

An important characteristic. the thickness of the countertop. The joiners say that it is best when the thickness is 2 cm. Such a countertop will be strong, from which material it would not be made, and leave a large working surface of the saw. Simply put, the more the disk “sticks out” from the machine, the deeper it can saw.

The edges of the boards should be finished and polished if possible. This is important not only for a beautiful appearance of the design, but also for its durability and work comfort. Yes, and no one wants a splinter.

Stage second

A hole for a circular saw is made in the countertop. Remember that it should correspond to the size of the disk. Also, on the surface of the countertop, you need to draw the installation and fastening of the saw.

Stage third

Holes in the working surface are made to fix it to the base. The countertop is turning over. To firmly connect these two parts of the machine, self.tapping screws and steel corners use. By the way, so that later the saw installation process is more convenient, the countertop can not be fixed immediately.

Fourth stage

The power supply and inclusion system of the device is equipped. The design provides that the saw will always be turned on, so you need clamps to fix the corresponding button. The launch and stop of the machine will be controlled by turning on and off the power supply. Therefore, you need a regular switch, cable, and a socket.

If a person who conducts work is not friends with electricity, then it is better to call a specialist.

A socket is installed inside, a power cord for a switch is displayed from it. It is the switch that will launch or stop the machine, so it should be at hand, so that in the event of an emergency, the master can quickly turn off the saw with one click by clicking. All this is connected to the nearest outlet in the working room.

Stage fifth

The frame is made for convenient work with a transverse cut. You can make such a carriage out of a thin base and two low walls. For this, wood and plywood are suitable. For the design to be mobile, guides are prepared for the table. It can be small parts of a steel pipe with a section of 2 × 1 cm. Pipe segments are mounted in the grooves that pre.carved by milling. Such a simple design will significantly increase the capabilities and comfort of the machine.

The guide carriage can be made of different materials, but there is a requirement for it. the presence of the adjustment function. The ability to configure the machine for the dimensions of the boards and the presence of emphasis for work at an angle. important characteristics. If it is difficult to do this with your own hands, then in stores there is a finished design of this purpose.

The sixth stage

The accuracy of the work is important, so the camp is necessarily equipped with a marginal ruler. With the help of a milling cutter, a small groove is made to install a ruler. If there is no such tool, then the groove can be prepared with a chisel. The surface of the countertop is carefully processed with a grinding machine and sandpaper. The line is most convenient to fix with the help of self.supporting bolts. This modification will make the cut of material with an accuracy of a millimeter.

Additional design improvements

For convenient use of the machine, the design improvements are carried out. Often install a container for collection of chips, a stream with dust remote for cleaner operation. The working surface can be made folding, which saves space, and even lifting, which will provide quick access to the saw.

Some craftsmen remove the casing from the tool, which is why the large working surface of the saw disk is available. A special bar for pushing boards is also prepared. This is important for security. In order not to lose this block, a special stand is made for it or drawer.

Installation of a circular saw in a homemade table

If the design of the circular saw does not have special holes for attaching to the table, then they must be done. It is important to take into account that even drilling additional holes is considered a modification and leads to the loss of a guarantee.

The circular in the table is attached from below. If the countertop is not yet attached to the base, then you can simply turn it over. If attached, it is better to turn the entire table, or put it on the side, it will be more convenient to work. It is necessary to fix the tool so that the hats do not protrude beyond the plane of the working surface.

To install a saw machine is not necessary to drill. Fastening can be carried out on clamping bars and screws. After installation, the countertop is turned over and fixed in the rest of the machine with screws.

To increase the maximum possible depth of work, equip a special elevator, thanks to which the saw disk rises. This is not necessary, but with the device for lifting the circular saw will be much more convenient.

The elevator is installed on the frame frame using a steel sheet. To raise the saw, the bolts are twisted. The necessary height is regulated by nuts. They will fix the device at the desired height.

Correctly conducted calculations, a competent structure of the frame and a securely fixed countertop with an installed saw will make the cut of the material quickly and efficiently. There is nothing superfollable, all the work is quite possible to do it with your own hands. Highly specialized tools are also not required, everything is either at home, or you can borrow, take it to rent.