How to make a cordless angle grinder. Battery-powered 12 volt cigarette cutter with their own hands

Cordless angle grinder: necessary information about the tool

Often a real man has to do repair work of all kinds. Both in a private home, and in the garage often need to cut a variety of solid materials (metal, stone, etc.).), poorly machinable. It is the angle grinder (angle grinder) simplifies the work with such materials and is an indispensable power tool in the home. Nowadays, the angle grinder from the car battery is of interest to many hobbyists. Let’s try to understand its advantages over conventional models of grinders and analyze when it is necessary to have such a cordless angle grinder in the household.

Many gentlemen can not immediately decide what kind of angle grinder (angle grinder) they want to have. To do this, it is important to know for what materials and at what depths you will use it. This is what determines the diameter of the wheel installed on the power tool. It is also important to know the power required by your future power tool. Stationary angle grinder have more weight and impressive size. However, their power and functionality are much greater.

Why do you need an angle grinder from a car battery

angle grinder from a car battery is made by many “folk craftsmen” on their own. Its characteristics are that to charge this angle grinder enough low voltage car battery. And the cost of such a model angle grinder is much cheaper than the purchased. This tool is used for cutting many materials, including textolite and glass. Sometimes it is equipped with a circular cutter, which adds additional functions of a circular saw.

On methods of making an angle grinder from a car battery can be found in special technical magazines or from videos on the Internet. Currently, homemade angle grinder sells and with a hand. The price of such products is negotiable.

Step by step assembly and selection of parts

So, if you thought about making an angle grinder out of a drill, then decide what you intend to cut, that is, it will be a sheet metal or rebar, and how thick they will be? For a steel rod, if it is, of course, one-time chopping work, it is enough power cordless drill (electric screwdriver), as shown in the top photo. Only for thick metal, one millimeter or more, you’ll need a corded drill with a capacity of not less than 700-750 W. The fact that corded power tool has a more rpm motor than an electric screwdriver, and the latter will be difficult for you to cut even a fifty corner.

If we talk about the electric screwdriver, then the drill-angle grinder here will cause problems not only because it has a motor with low speed, but also because the battery at high loads will be discharged very quickly. The best batteries of such models as “Makita” or “Bosch” are also not a panacea for continuous use. For example, if a Makita in normal mode can be used at the site without recharging for a whole day, then as an angle grinder it will suffice for no more than a couple of hours. But that’s up to you, and we will talk about the device for securing the saw blade.

Motor from the angle grinder to 12 volts with his hands

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But there is a simple solution. You can take a step up DCDC converter. so it will boost the voltage and thus the engine will rev up. If the DC-DC step up will also have a regulator, you will regulate the speed. Here’s an example, it goes from 12V to 80V.

If you really want you can build yourself such a DC-DC and you can even increase the voltage up to 300V

By the way a cheap step up can be put together according to this scheme only there’s a scheme for small currents and you should make under those currents that you need.

Angle grinder choice by characteristics

One of the indicators of the strength and life of the battery is its capacity, measured in ampere-hours. The maximum value is 4 Ah. Such a tool is capable of producing a current of 4 A for an hour, or a smaller current, but for a longer time. Compare the power characteristics of the battery only when paired: capacity

and voltage. It also only makes sense to compare models with the same type and construction of batteries. If you multiply the capacity and voltage of the battery, then just get a “telling” characteristic. the capacity in units of power. Basically, the higher the power, the larger the possible cutting depth (blade diameter).

So it may be more convenient to focus on the diameter of the drive. By the way, an interesting point: comparing the models of angle grinder, we see that the battery drives have a maximum diameter of 150 mm (usually up to 125 mm), and the network meet and 400-millimeter.

The higher the number of engine revolutions per minute at idle speed, the easier it is to work with hard materials. Undoubtedly, this is an important indicator for “angle grinder”, especially when paired with the possibility of step or automatic adjustment of motor shaft speed, which is not available in all models.

The RPM adjustment function is important for grinding work, because the optimum blade speed will vary depending on the material to be sanded. Even better for grinding, choose a model with constant electronics, which automatically maintain the optimal speed and thereby ensure safe and high-quality work.

A little about making a homemade angle grinder

There is no single method of making an angle grinder from a car battery. As a rule, electric corundums are used to make the discs, and a diode bridge is used for power. Many “do-it-yourselfers” remove the motor from an electric screwdriver. It can be of different brands and power. The milling disc is made from a normal large disc by using a pair of pliers.

Most often such an angle grinder is made from a battery-powered 15V. As a rule, homemade angle grinder are equipped with a diamond wheel for processing (to improve the quality of work) or a circular cutter mechanism for the additional function of a circular saw. Sets of cutters are usually purchased in construction stores or ordered through online stores.

Cordless angle grinder: rating of the best models

To get an approximate idea of the varieties of cordless grinders, an approximate rating of bolsters of different cost. from the cheapest variants to expensive professional.

Enkor Accu Master AKM-1825

The hand-made product is an inexpensive, but quite high-quality device. Its design is characterized by simplicity. The standard kit includes:

Neither the batteries nor the battery charger have a special indicator. The charging process takes quite a long time, which causes certain inconvenience. As for the motor, in this model, it is quite weak, quickly overheating occurs. If you need to grind “heavy” materials, characterized by viscosity, this device is not suitable at all.

Angle grinder Enkor Accu Master AKM-1825 having a minimum cost is of high quality build

Having certain disadvantages, “Accu Master” is significantly cheaper in comparison with its competitors. In addition, not every expensive machine can boast a similar compactness.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick cordless angle grinder

German specialization is the release of productive and reliable tool, which is created for true professionals. The machine of this model is equipped with lithium batteries, which are made with a special technology called LiHD. Such batteries are capable of giving out quite a lot of power. The batteries are equipped with a system of protection against overloads, as well as the option of controlling the degree of heating and displaying the charging level.

This is interesting! Due to a special design of batteries and the use of brushless mechanism, it became possible to form a unit characterized by high power and reliability.

make, cordless, angle, grinder

The Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick cordless angle grinder is equipped with lithium batteries

The design of this machine is characterized by unparalleled ingenuity. The cooling ducts are equipped with special filters, which can be easily cleaned and changed without total disassembly of the product.

The front handle is equipped with an anti-vibration pad. Thanks to the spindle brake, the drive can be stopped in seconds. The discs are easy to change without any tools. The cover with safety function is locked with a practical button and can be easily swivelled to the required position.

Although the price is high, the machine’s outstanding performance and exceptional reliability are well worth the investment.

Ryobi One R18AG-0 cordless angle grinder

In Europe, Japan is known as a low-cost, high-quality supplier. The presented model belongs to the budget model. Its peculiarity boils down to the fact that it can run on modern lithium batteries, as well as batteries that have been assembled from cadmium-nickel parts. They are weaker than lithium batteries, but are noticeably less expensive.

Make your own cordless grinder at low cost

The housing of the Ryobi One R18AG-0 cordless angle grinder is designed to be easy to hold

Japanese designers have provided all the necessary elements for convenient and safe use of the device. The housing has a comfortable grip and is equipped with a rubber non-slip coating. On the gear housing, in addition to three slots for setting the handle in different positions, there is also a heel. It can be mounted in such a way that the disc is guided upwards and is not in danger of breakage. Thanks to the spindle lock, the disc replacement process is greatly accelerated.

As for the diameter of the tool to be used, it is limited to the value of 115 mm. This is an advantage for a compact and lightweight device. That gives the user the opportunity to appreciate authentic Japanese quality at a pleasant price.

Hitachi G14DSL angle grinder: the middle class representative

Having many features of a professional product, presented Japanese machine is characterized by a simpler design.

The extended body of the Hitachi G14DSL angle grinder is coated with a special anti-slip compound and completely encloses the battery

The rechargeable lithium battery, whose voltage is 14 volts, has a capacity of 3 ampere-hours. It enables long working hours without battery change. This angle grinder comes with a very fast charger that charges it fully within one hour. In addition, the sander kit includes an extra battery pack.

This is interesting! The tool is fastened to the spindle with a flanged fancy nut. Although it is not entirely comfortable, in the case of home use it is not so important.

The machine itself is comfortable and compact. The elongated housing is coated with a special anti-slip compound and completely encloses the battery. In this case, the length of the housing does not reach even 30 centimeters. By locking the spindle, the process of changing discs is greatly simplified.

Ergonomic design of a cordless angle grinder

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the thickness of the protective cover, the possibility of adjusting its position. Obviously, the hood with quick adjustment of positions (without the use of a wrench or screwdriver)

convenient than fixing by means of a clamp with a tightening screw and nut. Different guards for grinding and cutting must be included.

housing design and quality of materials of which the tool is made, affect the convenience of work, and therefore, indirectly, its safety. Just hold the tool in your hands and see for yourself how ergonomic it is. And it is better to have it dressed in mittens. Since, according to safety regulations, the angle grinder is operated with gloves on, it is important to feel the contact with the tool even through the protective layer. That means you should prefer slippery plastic to rubberized surfaces. For the same reason, it is better to use large, relief buttons for starting the motor and locking the spindle.

For the boat motor

The ratios of the geared motor allow the spindle to give the necessary rpm for efficient operation. Electric motors from many household appliances are suitable for making a homemade boat motor. In the following video, the electric motor powered from the car battery transmits the rotation to the propeller through a long shaft in the tube and the gearbox connected to it.

The gearbox of the angle grinder is not designed for operation in the water.It is obligatory to refine it. First, to make the seal at the output of the spindle from the gearbox, and secondly, to plug the place where you want to remove the mechanism for securing the angle grinder from turning when changing tools. Such measures do not guarantee 100% prevention of water ingress into the gearbox. However, more frequent changes of lubricant will allow the gearbox of the angle grinder to work as a node of a boat motor for quite a long time.

For the scooter

For people, obsessed with technical creativity and who want to make their young children or grandchildren happy, create an electric scooter in the following video. For this you will need a battery-operated angle grinder, which is not used at the moment

, a typical lawnmower wheel drive gear and materials for making the scooter itself. Of course, the main thing in the success of this samodelkinalichnosti the presence of universal skills of a mechanic, turner, welder, and many others. By the way, it is easy to remove the angle grinder and use it for its intended purpose.

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The machine

As one of the structural elements of the drilling machine created by the author in the following video is the gearbox from the angle grinder (!To learn how to disassemble the gearbox click here). Operation in combination with the electric motor from the washing machine makes it possible to obtain the drill speed in accordance with the required technological modes of treatment of materials.The rotor of the angle grinder is cut to the required length to ensure reliable mounting of the rubber sleeve as an elastic sleeve.The other end of the sleeve is secured to the motor shaft. Fastening is done with the help of clamps.

The machine has several degrees of freedom. Besides the upward/downward movement by means of the crank handle and the spring suspensions, the lever system enables the horizontal repositioning of the cutting tool. It is expedient to use as a table-top device for making holes in metal and wooden parts.

Scope of Application

The main area of application of battery-powered bolt cutters is to perform cutting and grinding work in places where there is no mains electricity. They are most often used by installers and repair crews who perform work on remote sites. At the same time, this tool is popular with ordinary people to work at cottages or in garages where there is no electricity.

There are situations where cordless angle grinder is used on sites where there is electricity. This is due to their compactness and convenience compared to network models. The question arises why buy a cordless angle grinder, if there are portable models. About this we will tell you below, when we consider the pros and cons of portable angle grinder. Return

Einhell TE-AG 18 Li-Solo

Another inexpensive cordless angle grinder. Angle grinder Einhell TE-AG 18 Li-Solo 4431110 is designed for cutting thin metal and grinding of metal and other surfaces. The machine has a soft start function that protects the electric motor and increases its service life.

115 mm discs with 22.2 mm diameters for use as consumables. Battery

Best Grinder 4-1/2″ to 6″ Cordless Grinder “Head To Head” Comparison

uses 18-volt. It has a 3 Ah capacity. The angle grinder has a protective cover that covers the disc to ensure safety when working. Optional handle can have three positions to comfortably and securely hold the angle grinder when cutting and grinding.

The model comes without battery. Weight of angle grinder without battery approx. 2 kg. One of the lightest models in its class. The manufacturer notes the separation of the transmission and electric motor. In addition, the Einhell TE-AG 18 Li-Solo has a gear housing made of metal, which improves heat dissipation.

Elitech MSHU 18BL

Elitech MSHU 18BL angle grinder is used for cutting and grinding of steel materials, as well as stone.

Model features good ergonomics through additional handle and thin body at the grip. Plus, the surface is rubberized so there’s no slipping. So you can work with the angle grinder for a long time without getting tired.