How to Make a Cultivator at Home

How to Make a Cultivator at Home

When spring comes, summer residents and owners of personal plots begin planting work. First, the soil is prepared for this, and only then are the plants planted. The most laborious process is loosening and digging the earth. Many people use a shovel for this, but there is a more convenient device. This is a cultivator with which you can quickly and easily process even large areas.

What is a tool

The most common hand cultivators, whose weight is not more than 20 kilograms, they are compact and have high performance.

With the help of this device, you can not only loosen the earth, but also remove weeds, as well as fertilize. The tool will come in handy and in the process of care after planting, with their help you can perform the following actions:

  • Spud beds;
  • Thin out;
  • Loosen the soil between the beds.

Of course, such a hand tool, of course, is not comparable with the tiller, but it is quite suitable for the tasks. And it can also be used even in hard-to-reach areas.

Cultivators are equipped with cutters, thanks to which they are moved around the site, it is they who carry out the cultivation. Besides, he can have such working nozzles:

  • Paws for thinning and loosening the soil;
  • Sock for cutting and loosening;
  • Hiller for cutting grooves for the purpose of subsequent sowing. Then it will help in the process of hilling plants;
  • Needle disk, it is needed if the soil is covered with a large crust;
  • Feeding knives, they are equipped with dispensers so that fertilizers can be injected into the soil.

Cultivator classification

There are several varieties of such a device, but in order to choose one or another option, you should know more about each of them.

For instance, rotary cultivator design includes four moving discs, one rotating knife handle and staples. In addition, it is equipped with wheels and a long handle. Using this device, you can perform the following actions:

  • To loosen the earth;
  • Enrich it with fertilizers;
  • Remove weeds.

The tool is set in motion by pressing on the handle and the knot of stars, then it turns.

Another kind of device is a mini-model.. It is specifically designed for use in the garden or small greenhouses. With its help, the soil is cultivated around trees and shrubs, weeds are also quickly removed and holes for seedlings and small garden crops are dug.

Petrol cultivator equipped with an engine, which is needed for the cultivating cutters. Their working depth is 150 mm, often they are used to lay new landscapes. They can also quickly plow heavy soils and remove weeds from the root.

Hand cultivator-cultivator outwardly resembles a small rake and is equipped with 3-5 curved teeth with sharp ends.

If you exert a small effort, they can loosen the ground and break the crust on it. When the teeth enter the soil, the device stretches towards itself to make furrows. Tool options on long handles are used in the garden, and on short ones. On flowerbeds and indoor plants.

Root eliminator. Tornado cultivator has pointed spiral teeth having a versatile direction. First, the apparatus is placed vertically with respect to the ground, then it is rotated 60 degrees and buried in the soil, and then again turned clockwise. Then the device rises, and the roots are removed with it.

The depth of processing with the help of the Tornado is 20 cm, respectively, only weeds are removed, and planted crops do not suffer.

Power tools Designed to work in small areas, they are compact and have good maneuverability, respectively, they can be used next to bushes and trees and spud them.

Make sure that the cord is long enough for free tillage. Such a cultivator is environmentally friendly and can be used in greenhouses.

Homemade Hand Cultivator

Making a manual cultivator with your own hands is quite possible, it does not require any special tools or materials. Work can take no more than a day, it all depends on the chosen design and configuration of the future tool.

The parts are simple and reliable, but if the tool breaks, replacing the broken part will be easy. It can be made already from existing materials.

Another plus in the independent manufacture of the device is that it is quite simple to make it even without a special education.

Assembly instruction

Assemble such a device possible from various materials at hand, and there are options as the simplest and more advanced.

An old bicycle that can no longer be repaired can be used as a basis for manufacturing, an old two-handed saw or a head from a used cultivator will also be needed. The tools you need are:

From the bicycle you need to take only one wheel and frame. The head of the cultivator will need to be attached to the frame, and if it is not, then half of the tip of the two-handed saw, either with steel rods, or with sharp metal rods with sharpened ends. Attach handles based on aluminum or steel pipes to the bicycle handlebar. A transverse jumper is placed between them.

DIY cultivator

In the workshop, you can make an electric device based on an industrial grinder. Over, the model does not play a role here. And if you approach the work correctly, then in the end you will assemble a sufficiently powerful device. It is important to consider that for work you will need a welding machine.

Production Instruction:

  • Two corners are attached to the gearbox, pipes with bends are welded to the corners, which will serve as handles;
  • To increase the strength between the handles, a steel bridge is welded;
  • To the corners you need to weld the axles of the cultivator wheels;
  • Provide on the wheels lugs that can be made on the basis of automobile springs, they are welded onto the wheels;
  • We connect the engine. With a capacitor start, the switch is placed on the handle of the device.

The use of such a unit in conditions of rapid movement will allow rough plowing of the earth, and if it works slowly, a fine fraction will be obtained.

Cultivator “Tornado” do it yourself

Home-made device “Tornado” will allow excellent loosening of the earth due to its twisted teeth. The pipe serves as a lever and is attached to the handle. The pipe should have a length of at least half a meter. The lever fixed in the pipe should protrude 25 centimeters on both sides of the handle. To strengthen the fastening, you can use electrical tape. Spiral teeth are made on the basis of spring steel, but their diameter should be a maximum of 20 cm. This size is optimal for the convenience of weeding the space between the rows.

Also the Tornado cultivator can be made on the basis of old pitchforks. It is necessary to prepare only forks and a hammer. The teeth are molded to the desired shape.

Recommended before starting work. Heat metal by welding, but it should not soften much. Steel with strong heating will lose its properties and under the blows of the hammer simply breaks.

In this case, the lever can be a metal or plastic pipe attached by self-tapping screws. Its length should be about 50 cm, and it will play the role of a handle. As a result, it will be possible to work on different, even on heavy soils, remove weeds even with stable and branched roots.

Tips and tricks for independent work

If you decide to assemble such a tool yourself, then do not forget about compliance necessary security measures. First of all, take care of the eyes, especially when welding, no matter what type it is.

Thus, in arc welding, the danger is intense light resulting from combustion and the arc, as well as scale that appears at the site of a frozen weld. When the metal cools, it may suddenly break off and fly to a great height.

If you use gas welding to heat metal for processing or cutting, do not forget about gloves and shields to protect your face, since work is carried out at high temperature. You also need to remember that oxygen in contact with oil creates an explosive mixture, which does not even need a spark.

When you decide to make agricultural equipment with your own hands, you can save on his purchase.

And even if you do not have experience and special skills, then you can independently make a cultivator from an old bicycle of the simplest type and provide yourself with good help when cultivating the land.