How to make a cultivator out of a lawnmower. What can be made of a garden trimmer for grass with their own hands

Homemade cultivator from grass trimmer and bicycle, manual cultivator for row spacing

The difference in these two units is only in their design and names, the essence of the work they perform is the same. to loosen the ground.

Important! Toothed models have lower weight, so it’s better to process with them light soils, unlike disc models.

Works such a nozzle from the engine with a special bar (sold separately). On the rod there are slits, there can be from 7 to 9. That is, you need to know exactly what attachment to buy, because one model may not fit another.

When the cutters and discs are fixed with slots, the cutting bodies will move freely, you can loosen the soil to a width of 20-25 centimeters.

Please note! Long beds are more convenient to handle than short ones. In the first case, it is necessary to make fewer turns.

When choosing an attachment, you need to consider the power of the grass trimmer. If the power of the device is not more than 1500 watts, then you will be able to work only the already loosened soil. You can, for example, only trim the potatoes.

The design disadvantages include the fact that it is impossible to dig deep into the soil. Only the top layer can be cultivated, and then only if it has been plowed recently. On hard soil such a cultivator attachment will just “jump”, it will not loosen the soil. And press it tighter to the ground also will not work, the boom will spring and bend, resulting in a breakdown of the grass trimmer.

But still sometimes it makes sense to buy such an attachment. Given its sometimes not a small price, many craftsmen decide to make a cultivator for brushcutter itself.

Cultivator types and principle of operation

The principle of the cultivator is simple: the element that loosens the ground begins to work after the mechanical part of the device is started. Depending on external size, engine power and performance, cultivators are divided into three types: light, medium and heavy equipment.

  • Light equipment is used on small plots with soft soil (flowerbeds, greenhouses).
  • Medium machines are used on clay soils.
  • Heavy equipment refers to the universal equipment. It can be used for any soil.

Cultivators come in different types: disc, rotary, tine and milling. By function, they can be: manual, electrically powered and petrol-powered, as well as trailed, mounted, to work one or more rows. When processing a land plot, everyone chooses the right model for themselves. Manual cultivators are good in that they can be made on their own with minimal monetary costs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every cultivator, whether manual or electric, has its pros and cons.

  • Hand cultivator. Easy to use, much more comfortable than a shovel, compact. Does not strain the lower back. Loosens soil well, does not spread roots all over the area. But this technique can not cope with the unploughed ground, as it has a low performance. Best for small areas, like flowerbeds or greenhouses.
  • Electric cultivator. Light and compact, mains-powered technology. Easy to service. Electric cord is a disadvantage. It can interfere with the work, and because of its length there is a limitation in the cultivated area. Has low power and little working depth. It is not suitable for mounted implements.
  • Gasoline cultivator. Thanks to the attachment, it has many functions. No electricity, so can move around the entire site. Suitable for working small areas. Weighs much more than electric units. It is hard to take care of, and it requires fuel for refueling.

Industrial nozzles for garden trimmers

Meeting the numerous wishes of the owners of garden trimmers, the manufacturers of these units have developed and now produce a large number of attachments for them, including the attachments that allow the grass trimmer to be used as:

  • drills;
  • lopper;
  • garden shears;
  • Lawn aerator;
  • cultivator;;
  • pruner;
  • water pump;
  • boat motor
  • blower;
  • snow blower;
  • edger.

For your information! In addition, potential consumers are offered to buy a variety of attachments that facilitate work with the trimmer. These include the support wheel, travel wheels, gearbox, and a variety of brushes for removing fallen leaves and grass clippings from the lawn, as well as for clearing snow from paths in the yard, etc.

At the same time, all kinds of industrially produced attachments are attached:

Advantages and disadvantages of different cultivators

Electric cultivator

  • The area to be cultivated is limited by the length of the electric cord.
  • Small depth of cultivation.
  • Low power.
  • Unable to cultivate large areas of land, mostly flowerbeds and greenhouses.
  • Dangling cable will get in the way while working.
  • No attachments.

Gasoline cultivator

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  • Difficult to maintain.
  • Designed for small plots of land.
  • Requires refueling.
  • Weighs more than an electric.

Hand-held cultivator

  • No load on the back.
  • Easy to use.
  • Much more efficient than a common shovel.
  • Affordable price compared to an electric or gasoline cultivator.
  • Does not require additional service (lubrication, replacement parts).
  • Compact.
  • No roots of weeds spread over a whole area during tillage.
  • Makes it easy to loosen soil without turning it upside down.
  • Low productivity.
  • Designed for working on small plots of land, e.g. in a greenhouse.
  • Not suitable for working unploughed land.

Variants of homemade hand cultivators

Such an important function can also be performed by a shovel. But the hard work is not justified. The very efficiency of labor increases several times, if you use mechanized means of processing the soil. Manual plow with their own hands can make any owner of a small plot of land. A welding machine may be necessary as a special tool.

It should be noted that the cultivation of the soil began a long time ago. A few decades ago, at the peak of the gardening and dacha lifestyle, such a tool was very popular. It is both bought in factories, and made by themselves.

Mostly popular are these types of tools:

  • Ploughshare cutter. This is a tool similar to an ordinary hoe. It is its mechanized version.
  • Rotary, or star. This plow works on the principle of alternately cutting the soil with a knife-like sprocket.
  • Hedgehog cultivator. It works on the principle of a rotary plow, but the earth is loosened not by knives, but by rods of steel, similar to a porcupine.
  • Tornado. This tool looks like an ordinary pitchfork, but its bars are twisted in a spiral. No additional mechanical attachments can be mounted, it is only a hand-held tool.

The scope of the devices is the widest. Cultivators can perform the following tasks:

  • Loosen the soil, thereby saturating it with oxygen;
  • cut rows to sow crops and cover them;
  • rid the plants of the influence of weeds, etc. п. ;
  • To be used with a power tiller;
  • Break up clods of soil and level the ground.

Self-made cultivator from a trimmer for grass: what is needed, stages of the process

The cultivator facilitates the processing of the soil, reducing the cost of time. This useful tool for farming with rotating blades allows you to loosen soil and destroy weeds. With its help, it is possible to quickly process the soil, without affecting the fertile layer.

Cultivator is a universal gardening tool that perfectly replaces the shovel and hoe. Mechanized equipment allows you to quickly dip and dig over small areas of soil. Cultivated soil in beds, flowerbeds and greenhouses gets rid of weeds and becomes soft. This simple tool can be attached to a tractor or a single-axle tractor.

The factory device is quite expensive, so many people prefer to make it with their own hands. For the basis, you can take an ordinary gasoline trimmer for grass. As an alternative, an electric brushcutter can be used.

What is needed to make a cultivator based on a grass trimmer

To create an agricultural machine will require a certain set of tools. It is also necessary to select the constituent parts of the future device for soil cultivation. A set of tools and materials for turning a grass trimmer into a cultivator includes the following items:

  • Garden forks.
  • Angle grinder for cutting metal. Must have a set of discs with a diameter of 125 mm.
  • Welding machine and electrodes.
  • Drill with a set of drills.
  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Grinding machine. Two abrasive wheels are mounted on it.
  • Metal sheet. The preferred thickness is about 5 mm, suitable dimensions are 1010 cm.
  • Set of hand tools: wrench, hammer, pliers, marker, tape measure.
  • A long steel tube of a diameter suitable for the shaft.

To assemble a mini-cultivator with their own hands is not that difficult. Small areas of the ground can be cultivated at shallow depths with this technical device.

The grass trimmer’s optimum power is 2 horsepower.

Make three bars for the future implement. We use the tines from the garden forks for this. This is the working part of the future machine for weeding.

Three bars are needed for the cultivator. burrs may also be used, but this places additional strain on the brushcutter. The rod length should be 10 to 15 cm. This is the depth at which the soil is loosened.

Now the two parts have to fit together. We attach the working element with cutters to the ready base, i.e. to an electric or gasoline trimmer.

A reverse thread on the end of the shaft makes it easier. In this case it is easy to screw on the cutters. Before you start work, weld a tube with a nut on it.

Cultivator is a useful device for farming. It allows you to loosen the soil without turning out large layers of soil. With experience in locksmithing, you can quickly make a simple garden cultivator from a gasoline grass trimmer. The remodeling will not require much financial outlay. Electric brushcutter worth to equip with an extension cord, which will increase the treated area.

Garden trimmer accessory for grass trimmers. worth buying?. Tool Master

Which grass trimmer attachments are considered in this review (lawn mower and electric mower attachments are the same)

  • Drill attachment for gasoline grass trimmer (works without electricity).
  • Touch wheels to make working with a brush easier.
  • The Lopper attachment, which works like a hacksaw.
  • Garden shears for cutting hedges and bushes.

This is in addition to the trimmer head for the care of the household plot and seedbed, various metal and plastic blades for mowing natural and sown grass and weeds, as well as a saw blade for cutting trimmer young trees, bushes and twigs.

Grass trimmer attachments (also lawnmower attachments) are attached to the trimmer in one of three ways:

The grass trimmer motor can work in any position and has a high power density (power relative to weight), it is also compact and reliable, allowing it to be used with any of the attachments shown below. Let’s take a closer look at the grass trimmer attachments. Lawn mower attachments are the same.

Grass trimmer attachment for Drill

Drill bit is an attachment for gasoline grass trimmer, t.е. this drill does not require electricity.

Garden Tractor Ground Ripper Cultivator Attachment Build

In addition, such a gasoline drill is very powerful, reliable and durable (compared to an electric drill).

make, cultivator, lawnmower, made, garden

Huge torque on the drill is ensured by a reduction gearing with a ratio of 17:1. Available in 3 sizes. With Echo trimmer technical specifications:

Grass trimmer nozzle Gear wheels

For use with a blower or other attachments as needed.

Particularly convenient to use with a trimmer for the grass trimmer along with a sweeping brush or roller. you can raise the working body and, therefore, reduce friction on the surface (easier to work, less wear, better result and enjoy the work). See. Also: Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Kremenchug.

Grass trimmer accessory Lopper

Grass trimmer head is designed for cutting branches and twigs up to 4,5 m high. Purpose the same as at the tip of the lopper, but if the lopper works on a principle of a chainsaw, the lopper works on a principle of a hacksaw.

Grass trimmer accessory Garden shears

The garden shears attachment is designed for cutting hedges and shaped bushes (the lawn trimmer attachment is the same). two modifications with different boom lengths for different situations.

Lawn aerator for grass trimmer attachment

Aerator nozzle is designed for aeration, t.е. To aerate the upper layer of the lawn by piercing the soil (especially important for lawns over 5 years old with a thickened root system) and to break the crust on the surface of the lawn after rain, watering or trampling the soil to restore its breathability. Working width. 20 cm.

Nozzle for grass trimmer Cultivator

Cultivator attachment is designed for loosening the soil in flower beds, greenhouses, small seedbeds, around trees and bushes.

  • Diameter of cutters. 20 cm.
  • Cutter revolutions. 180 rpm.
  • Working width. 12-24 cm (depending on the trimmer’s engine power).
  • Weight. 5 kg.

The disadvantage of such a cultivator (in the form of an attachment for a lawnmower) is its low weight. it treats the top layer well, especially in a freshly dug place, but on hard soil it scratches on top, and in the soil does not climb.

High trimmer grass trimmer attachments do not allow you to press the cutters to the ground. the bar is springy, which causes heavy wear on the plastic sleeve drive shaft and high pressure can bend the bar and break the grass trimmer or grass trimmer attachment.

Grass trimmer attachment Pole pruner

Pole pruner is designed for pruning branches and bushes up to 15 cm thick and thinning crowns of trees up to 4,5 m above the ground.

It is a gearbox with an oil tank and a connecting hole for the grass trimmer and the guide bar with the chain. Bar length. 21 cm.

When selecting the Pole Pruner accessory, check if the size and shape of teeth on the spline part of the drive shaft are the same in the accessory and on the trimmer.

Grass trimmer attachment gearbox

The gearbox attachment can be used as a motor for a bicycle, moped, go-kart, ATV, snowmobile, etc.д. Reducer reduces the speed by a factor of 5. The direction of rotation of the output shaft can be reversed. You can also change the drive sprocket. put a sprocket with any number of teeth, thereby select the desired gear ratio. Lawn mower heads are identical.

Grass trimmer nozzle Water pump

The water pump nozzle allows you to draw water from a river, lake, reservoir, well, etc.д. for watering flowerbeds, washing your car, pumping water into your summer shower, filling your inflatable pool, emptying your cellar, etc.д.

Grass trimmer attachments Brush and roller

The same is true of lawnmower attachments. the rotating, high-performance rubber brush sweeps up debris without damaging the surface.

These grass trimmer attachments are designed for sweeping garden paths and areas from fallen leaves, removing grass clippings from the lawn surface, removing moss. Particularly effective with running wheels for grass trimmers.

Can be made as a brush (as pictured) or as a rubber roller (as pictured). Working width. 60 cm.

Grass trimmer attachment Support wheel

The new grass trimmer’s support wheel makes working with different attachments much easier. This attachment can be attached to the grass trimmer’s boom in a variety of positions for versatility and adaptability.

The support wheel allows a uniform cutting height as well as a uniform working depth and width when working on flowerbeds and garden paths. With two support wheels for edging or one swivel wheel for trimming.

Features of working with the nozzle

Any grass trimmer attachment considerably increases the weight of the entire device as an assembly (by at least 56 kg). This is why not everyone is able to use the tool for a long time. Mechanical drive power requirements for the grass trimmer must also be taken into account. If the power of the engine is rated at 1500W or less the cultivator can only be used for regularly loosened soil or it can only be used for dipping pudding, potatoes bushes, etc. п.

Since the drive of gasoline trimmers is located behind the working one, and the drive rod is quite long, there are constant vibrations during cultivation. These vibrations are caused both by the length of the power bar and the varying loads of the discs or tillers. These vibrations are transmitted to the user’s hands through the shoulder strap, so it is not always convenient to operate the grass trimmer switch and hold the rather capacious unit. Continuous cultivation with a cultivator attachment is therefore not safe for your health.

make, cultivator, lawnmower, made, garden

But everything is not so bad: the mobility of the gasoline grass trimmer makes it easy to work the soil in between the rows, and the lack of wheels on the mounted cultivator does not damage the plants in the beds.

The nozzle-cultivator “does not like” the caked soil, and at the first introduction into such soil boom sharply throws. Therefore disk cultivators are equipped with a safety cover (toothed cutters rather bend than break, though even in this case it wouldn’t hurt a low protective shield from feet side). The presence of safety screen worsens the visibility to the person working with the cultivator.

Homemade hand cultivator: for inter-row cultivation, for the garden and out of an old bicycle

Every vegetable garden requires a lot of attention. It will be beneficial, a good harvest, only to the one who will responsibly and lovingly treat all the subtleties of gardening and horticulture. It’s understandably time-consuming, but in the end it’s worth it.

After all, how pleasant to pick strawberries grown with your own hands, especially if there are a lot of them and they are palm-sized.

And in order to achieve these results, you need to use all the achievements of science and technology, even if the garden is very small.

And one such achievement is cultivation, which will make the land much more fertile, with simple and uncomplicated actions.

The device

It’s been a long time since we have understood the importance of cultivation, but in regard to the variety of tools with which it can be done, only in recent decades we have the opportunity to buy or make various variations of it.

First of all, this applies to motorized equipment, which has become much more affordable.

Also, it is produced a large variety of models, which are designed to meet the needs, as many potential customers. But, “affordable” does not mean “good” price.

Still not everyone can afford to buy a power tiller, such as: Tarpan, Patriot, Champion, Strizh, Texas, VIKING, Caiman, Mantis and others. Especially if the land to be cultivated is not that large.

In this case, any expenses are justified, it turns out that the equipment will pay back in a very long time. And it is still necessary to work on the ground and doing it with a shovel is becoming more and more difficult, time and effort are spent a lot, but the result is the same.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to mechanical devices, which do not require so much effort and can repeatedly accelerate not only the cultivation process, but also the harvesting process. Among such devices are several particularly interesting models.

For more details about the work of the hand cultivator, see


Root remover, called “Tornado”, this is an unusual device, which not so recently appeared in wide availability and has already managed to prove itself well.

This tool, a manual cultivator. a root remover, is designed to facilitate the work of owners of small plots, as well as older people who are engaged in gardening.

Its design is very simple. a handle, which also acts as a lever, the base in the form of a pipe, to which the working part. metal rods, twisted in a spiral shape. is attached from below.

Such a device allows you to relieve tension from the lower back during work, while facilitating the work process itself.

Everything associated with cultivation. loosening, recultivating, removing weeds. can be done much more quickly thanks to the vertical adjustment of the work plane. Cultivate the soil up to 20 cm deep without having to turn it upside down.

Also, it is suitable for all types of soil, no matter how wet or heavy it is.


Hand cultivator. potato digger, works on the same principle as the tools that are listed above. It is primarily designed for harvesting potatoes, but it can also be used for the cultivation of small areas of soil. to loosen the soil in a certain place, remove roots and weeds.

How to make a PLOW for a mini tractor. Homemade plow

Also it can be used for tillage, performing the same manipulations. cultivation and removing the roots of weeds.

Tornado. Mini

The Tornado-Mini hand cultivator is a smaller, more compact copy of the usual Tornado. Its design is completely identical to the larger tools, with the only exception. That its dimensions are slightly smaller and the design is more compact.

Homemade cultivator can penetrate into the ground by only ten centimeters, which is quite enough to perform the minimum number of operations. removal of roots and drilling holes for seedlings.

It is also ideal for removing weeds together with the roots in hard-to-reach places. near tree roots, on beds between plants. Also, it can be adjusted in height.

Manual wheeled

  • Hand-wheeled cultivator, it is probably the progenitor of all kinds of mechanical and semi-automatic variations of such agricultural equipment.
  • Its design is extremely simple, but at the same time, it allows you to do a lot of work without the help of machinery or any human force, except the operator who drives it.
  • It consists of the simplest parts. the frame, to which the handles are attached, the wheel, which acts as a base and the blade, which actually performs the cultivation.
  • Such devices for tillage have been used for a long time. they were very easy to make even in a forge, they did not require the use of additional force, respectively, were much cheaper than plows and harrows.
  • But the working depth is still limited by the human effort from 3 cm to a maximum of 10 cm, with the assumption that a large amount of earth has to be worked.
  • To achieve a really tangible result to sow demanding crops, especially on virgin land.
  • But as for the rationalization of works that need to be carried out on the site, you can always find a way out of any situation.

Now you can easily get all the necessary materials in order to make everything yourself.

Thus, in order to carry out the cultivation of the plot, you do not even need to buy expensive mini-tractors or motorized tractors. To them all the necessary attachments are often supplied separately and additional costs are required to buy them, or make them yourself, which also does not cost free.