How to make a do-it-yourself grinder out of a chainsaw

Required materials and tools

Among the materials through which you can make a grinder from a gasoline saw are the following:

  • powerful chainsaw model;
  • motorcycle sprocket;
  • bearings (2 pcs.);
  • Metal sheet;
  • protective cover for the grinder;
  • shaped pipes;
  • fasteners.

make, do-it-yourself, grinder, chainsaw

In addition, to get started, you need to have the following tools available:

  • machines for turning, milling and drilling works;
  • cut-off saw;
  • screwdriver;
  • welding machine;
  • tap.

Do-it-yourself two-disc grinder based on a chainsaw

One of the most popular tools for home craftsmen is the grinder. If you do not have enough funds to purchase it, do not despair. The grinder can be made from a chainsaw on your own. It is enough to have the desire and the necessary materials.

How to do it yourself

For a successful workflow, it is recommended to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

    We start making the leading sprocket. To do this, you can take as a basis an asterisk from a bicycle or moped. After dismantling the sprocket from the gasoline saw, in its place, you must install a new one, suitable for the inner diameter and dimensions. For its reliable fastening, a welding machine or a press is used.

  • The fixing part of the chainsaw will serve as the tire of the future grinder.
  • The driven sprocket has a large diameter and dimensions. Thanks to this, the tool will have a high torque. For its installation, a solid working base is required. It will also be equipped with a bearing and 2 cutting discs. Installation will require a lathe and a welding machine, through which the sprocket is welded in the central part of the working axis.
  • The bearings must be pressed in on both sides of the axle. Before that, cages are made for the bearings. For this, you can use a lathe. In the central part of the clips there are holes through which they are fastened with screws.
  • Nuts can be used to securely install the cutting discs. They can be purchased or done by hand. When doing this, take into account the direction of the thread on the nuts. Reliability of disk mounting depends on it.
  • Now it remains to collect the work items together. Masters recommend starting assembly from the front of the future grinder. To do this, use a crown to drill a hole in the steel sheet. Install the grinder shaft, clips and bearings into it.
  • At the final stage of the assembly, the spacers are welded on the front of the profile tube. It is recommended to grind and coat the welded seams with anti-corrosion mastic.
  • It is possible to connect the fastening base and the working head into one piece by using a profile pipe.
  • To bring the grinder into working condition, you need to tighten the chain. It can be made a little shorter if necessary.
  • Grinder Hack 7 how to make chain saw

    In order for the homemade grinder to have an attractive appearance, all its working parts can be painted.

    The practicality of a grinder depends on the power of its engine and the amount of torque. Such a homemade tool can be successfully used for cutting brick, concrete and wood.

    DIY chainsaw boat motor

    If you compare. The power is the same, but the cost of the motor is five times cheaper! And what, tell me, is the point in purchasing an expensive boat engine?

    Yes, you can’t get away from the fishing supervision on such a motor, but if you are for honest fishing, it will be quite enough to get to the place

    Chainsaw manufacturers have long clarified all these points and quite officially release all sorts of attachments for them. from a drill to a propeller drive. The price of a boat attachment is 5,000-6,000 rubles. At the same time, there is no need to make significant changes to the construction of the saw, which means that after fishing you can easily change the nozzle and cut firewood for the fire. Now about how a homemade boat drive works:

    Picture Description of works
    Remove the tire and tensioner from the saw.
    The lower part of the rack with a screw is made of a gearbox from a drill, a cone from a petrol cutter, an oil seal and the screw itself.
    Stiffening tube made of aluminum.
    We use a clamp to secure the motor to the boat’s transom. A platform for fixing the engine is welded to it.
    To connect the propeller to the motor, the author of the project uses a clutch made of vtoroplast.
    The platform with a motor is movable, its movement is controlled by a handle. The power control is also located on it.
    The saw is installed in such a way that the sprocket lies in the clutch, and the standard bolts fix the motor on the site.
    For fastening, you will have to prepare suitable nuts, standard nuts will not work.

    And now the material on how this device works in practice:

    Homemade sawmill from a household chainsaw

    In private households, construction never stops. I rebuilt the house. I conceived a gazebo, finished the gazebo. I need a garage, a fence, a barn, a doghouse. And so on ad infinitum. If there are no extra funds, the cheapest way is to buy round timber and dissolve it yourself into boards of the required size. A home sawmill can be built from the same chainsaw.

    Picture Description of works
    We replace the standard nuts with special fasteners, they are bored out of a hexagon.
    On the sawing table on a metal pipe, we install a movable coupling with a platform for attaching the saw.
    The thickness of the board is adjustable by means of movable stands. The higher you raise the racks, the thicker the board will be.
    It remains only to fix the saw on the movable coupling with hexagons and work.

    A primitive sawing device can also be made right on the felling site. For work, you do not need to change the design of the unit, you just need to make a small device for the chainsaw that guides the movement of the tire. See how to do it:

    How to make a moped from a bicycle and a chainsaw

    This homemade product from the Druzhba chainsaw is the most popular of the options that you can do yourself. The one on the moped is always the first guy in the village, so many craftsmen start with just such a device.

    To turn a bicycle into a moped with your own hands from a chainsaw, you need ingenuity and a minimum of engineering knowledge

    Important! The construction of a bicycle with a chainsaw engine must be especially durable. If not, reinforce the frame with additional struts.

    A driven pulley is installed on the rear wheel, the engine is securely welded to the frame. How it will look as a result in this plot:

    A moped from the Druzhba chainsaw is quite powerful, so be extremely careful and do not forget about the traffic rules!

    DIY chainsaw ice screw: scheme and practice

    They say that you can’t pull a fish out of a pond without difficulty, but in winter I would like to limit this work by twitching a jig. An avid fisherman is never limited to one hole.

    Three, five, or even more holes is a guarantee of success

    But if the ice is 0.5 m thick, you will spend most of your time drilling, losing strength and mood. An ice screw will help to cope with this task quickly and effortlessly. Let’s see how much such a gadget costs: from 8,000 rubles. Why buy it if you have a chainsaw on hand? To make an ice screw, you need an old electric drill. we will make a drive from it. How to make an ice screw from a chainsaw with your own hands:

    Picture Description of works
    An electric drill will require a working gearbox.
    From a part of the anchor from a drill, a sleeve and a head for 27, you need to make such a tool. Directly he will transmit the rotation of the borax.
    Another element needs to be made with your own hands from a piece of metal and a pipe. This is a gearbox mount.
    The fixing structure is fixed to the saw with two screws.
    This is how a gearbox with a sleeve attached to a saw looks like.
    A drill is inserted into the sleeve. In the future, a drill tube is put on it and fixed with a bolt.

    Important advice! The key to successful operation and safety of the tool is the presence of a guide for the movement of the drill. Many neglect this part of the design, and as a result, the drill breaks in the first minutes of use.

    How a homemade design will work is shown in

    Powerful chainsaw snow blower

    The owners of the suburban area rarely enjoy the heavy snowfall. At such a time, they have one main concern. to clear the driveways and the passage to the house, remove the snow from the parking lot for the car and make their way to the exit to the highway. Not everyone has enough energy and time to work with a shovel. Therefore, snowplows are very popular in the season.

    You can’t do without a snowblower at the dacha

    But such a tool costs at least 30,000-35,000 rubles, and not everyone can afford it. And what about the technical characteristics of this device? All the same petrol engine with a capacity of 5-8 liters. from. And if this is so, then the power of the chainsaw is theoretically enough for a homemade snow blower. The device of the snowplow is simple, pay attention to the diagram:

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    What a snow blower consists of

    And now a small master class on making the device:

    Picture Description of works
    For the main shaft, on which the shovel will be fixed, metal stands are required. In this case, the racks from the VAZ 2110 were used. They need to be welded into one piece using a metal sleeve.
    You will need a motorcycle star to drive. It is welded into the shaft.
    The screw will require two sheets of rectangular metal and spiral pieces. All this is cut from durable metal with a thickness of at least 2 mm.
    Blades and spirals are mirror-welded to the shaft.
    The shovel body is made of metal with a thickness of at least 1 mm. The shaft is mounted inward on automotive bearings.
    In the upper part of the case, you need to make a hole for the snow discharge pipe.
    A movable cover should be installed on the snow discharge pipe so that the direction of flow can be adjusted.
    The saw chainring must be replaced with a motorcycle chainring. To do this, you will have to bore.
    The engine itself must be mounted on a frame with rubber pads for shock absorption.
    To fix the steering wheel, you should make a strong rack of steel pipe.
    The ignition and speed control system can be taken from a moped or motorcycle.

    After assembling the main part, it remains only to install the skis and the fuel tank on the structure. The entire structure as a whole will weigh no more than 35 kg, so even a fragile woman can manage it.

    As a result, the whole device will look like, see in this form:

    DIY gas cutter from a chainsaw, or How to make a grinder

    The gas cutter is the same grinder, independent of the electric drive. Agree, the tool is necessary in the household. To make it, you need a knot from a grinder, a powerful enough chainsaw, a belt and a pair of tires. How to make a grinder from a chainsaw:

    The advantage of the resulting tool is that it is completely autonomous and has good power. Perhaps, it surpasses in its characteristics any factory electric grinder. It is only necessary to take into account that the device is dangerous and requires a very careful approach to itself. The most common problem is a broken disc, its fragments can cause serious injury. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to work with such a tool without a protective cover.

    Interesting homemade chainsaw do-it-yourself

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    Remember the famous movie with the brutal Mel Gibson? In a post-apocalyptic world, people are fighting for water, fighting with incredible technology and using homemade mechanics to survive. You could argue that most of this was running on gasoline engines, as they are the only fully autonomous equipment. And in the real world, this tool is in the arsenal of almost any summer resident. If you have a chainsaw, you will not be lost in any situation. In this article, the editors of the online magazine have prepared for you an overview of homemade chainsaw products. With your own hands, with the help of simple devices, you can make many useful devices for the economy on the basis of “Friendship” or “Ural”.

    Do not rush to get rid of the “old woman” chainsaw, she will still be useful to you!

    How to make a grinder yourself?

    Let’s take a closer look at how to make a grinder using a saw. The grinder is used in most households, of course, not often, but it is a very necessary and useful tool. There are situations when such a tool is not at hand, but there is a chainsaw. Then you can make a grinder in the form of a chainsaw attachment to use for grinding and cutting.

    The advantages of a chainsaw grinder:

    • The independence of the device from the presence or absence of an electrical network. Such a tool can be used at any site.
    • The performance of a grinder from a chainsaw is much higher than the production of electric similar tools.
    • The cost of a manufactured device is much less than buying a new device of appropriate power.
    • The manufacturing process of such equipment is very simple.

    At the moment, there are numerous models of additional special attachments for the chainsaw on the market, which turn it into an angle grinder. over, they are designed for different types of chainsaws. Thus, you can purchase an attachment for the corresponding brand of device.

    To reduce disk corruption, the following solutions are recommended:

    • Application of the protective cover.
    • Reducing the speed of the chainsaw.

    To reduce the number of revolutions of the engine, it is recommended to use a speed reducer.

    Also, to reduce the speed of rotation, you can install a driven pulley with the largest circumference. The pulley is installed on one end of the shaft. It rotates using a belt drive from the engine. This method helps to avoid unforeseen situations when the disc is jammed. The belt will begin to slip on the pulley when the disc stops. This does not break the tool.

    At the other end of the saw shaft is a mandrel, which is designed for sharpening wheels.

    Disadvantages of a homemade grinder:

    • The ingress of solid particles from the operation of the grinder into the engine air filter can affect overheating and breakage of the saw. Although the air filter is adapted to contamination with sawdust when using a chainsaw, metal dust is more negative.
    • The possibility of receiving physical and material damage when working with a grinder based on a chainsaw.

    nozzle-grinder for chainsaw, installation and operation.

    How to make a petrol saw from a chainsaw with your own hands

    They often try to improve the functionality of the chainsaw by developing special attachments, and often even without being particularly interested in the conclusions of the tool developer himself. The grinder attachment for the chainsaw is in one of the first places among such devices. Is it worth buying it, what difficulties can you face when working? Let’s find out!

    Difficulties and limitations

    The grinder attachment for the chainsaw poses a number of problems for users:

    • How to protect moving parts from fine steel or stone dust generated during cutting?
    • How to choose the characteristics of the cutting wheel?
    • Is it possible to install one nozzle on chainsaws from different manufacturers?

    The availability of effective air filters for working with these types of nozzles is recognized by everyone. The fact is that when separating substances with a fine-grained structure, a significant amount of small particles of shavings are released, which standard chainsaw filters cannot cope with.

    Make A Homemade Chainsaw | Angle Grinder Hack | Diamleon Diy Builds

    There are two kinds of filters worth considering. Chainsaws made in China (Partner brand) are equipped with standard single-stage filters that clog up very quickly. Manufacturers of a higher price category (Calm, Husqvarna) complete soy products with two- and three-stage filters, which are capable of sequentially retaining particles with different sizes. The durability of the chainsaw engine in such conditions increases markedly. Therefore, it is best to install the angle grinder attachment on the chainsaw for models that have three consecutive cleaning filters in their design: foam, paper, nylon. They are difficult to damage by steel shavings, and will be able to ensure the normal operation of the device drive.

    Experts advise to retrofit saws with standard air-cleaning filters from passenger cars-SUVs, which effectively cope with fine particles of any density.

    The second hazard is associated with the use of saw blades that are not designed for high-speed chainsaw engines. Manufacturers of Husqvarna saws insist on this. Indeed, cutting discs can fly apart due to exceeding centrifugal forces, and serious injury to users is possible. The danger increases with continuous operation with this attachment: overloading the drive elements can generate vibrations for which the saw blade is not designed. Therefore, it is required:

    • Limit the number of revolutions of the chainsaw engine;
    • Use only discs designed for higher rotation speeds;
    • Work only with a protective cover;
    • Use tool models that have a kickback protection function (the design must have an inertial brake).

    Let’s summarize. The grinder attachment for a chainsaw is a useful and necessary device in many cases. In the presence of the above restrictions, such a device can be installed on chainsaws of certain characteristics, using only cutting wheels suitable for these purposes. The price of the structures is quite affordable. from 1400. 1500 rubles. for Husqvarna saws, up to 2200. 2300 rubles. for saws from Calm.

    The grinder is rightfully considered the most demanded tool in the garage. But what if you need to cut something metal away from your home or garage, where there is no power supply? Now this is not a problem, you can make a grinder for yourself with a gas engine!

    For homemade products, not so many materials are needed, and the design of the chainsaw will absolutely not suffer from such alteration. The homemade product is made in the form of a nozzle that you can install and remove at any time. The transmission of movement to the cutting disc is carried out using pulleys and a belt. This is one of the safest and easiest ways to transfer high rpm. The author makes pulleys from scratch using plywood.

    The cutting disc is used in a large size, this is taken taking into account the maximum revolutions that the chainsaw can give.

    Materials and tools used by the author:

    List of materials:
    – plywood;
    – screws for wood;
    – bolts with nuts;
    – thin sheet metal;
    – Sheet steel;
    – a piece of leather or tight rope;
    – square steel pipe;
    – cut-off wheel.

    Tool list:
    – rivet gun;
    – drill and drilling machine;
    – jigsaw;
    – lathe;
    – wrenches, pliers, clutch release wrench, spark plug wrench;
    – belt sander;
    – grinder;
    – welding semiautomatic device or inverter;
    – wood glue;
    – pencil, ruler, tape measure, paper.

    The process of making homemade products:

    Step one. Preparing the grinder
    First of all, remove the tire from the grinder, then you will need to remove the clutch together with the sprocket. This task can be quite difficult, since often the clutch sticks tightly to the shaft and cannot be unscrewed without a service center. To try to unscrew the clutch, you will need a special wrench, it is similar to the one used to unscrew the nut on the grinder. Remove the top cover from the grinder and unscrew the spark plug.

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    Insert some rope or a piece of leather into the candle hole that you can pull out. This will allow you to block the piston and try to unscrew the clutch. If it works, great!

    For economical management of the economy, a person comes up with various ways of rational use of scrap materials. I would like to have such a multifunctional device in the house that can be used for various jobs. And so that such devices make life easier and reduce cash costs.

    After all, not all owners can purchase a variety of expensive tools. over, you need to additionally purchase accessories for tools, which are also expensive. Therefore, it is worth inventing and making with your own hands a useful device that performs many functions. As a basis, you can take, for example, a chainsaw.

    Chainsaw application

    A device such as a chainsaw is widely used in households and large enterprises. It’s hard to find a tool that rivals it in functionality. Chainsaw capabilities make it indispensable in many areas of the economy.

    To perform various works, the chainsaw has a number of properties that contribute to its use as a multifunctional tool:

    • The presence of a high-performance gasoline engine, which is also distinguished by its compactness.
    • Chainsaw engine does not require large investments.
    • High engine performance.
    • The chainsaw can work in difficult conditions.
    • The tightness of the fuel supply allows you to use the chainsaw in various positions.
    • The clutch device protects important parts of the tool from breakage and heavy loads.
    • The presence of a convenient output shaft allows you to connect an additional device to it.
    • The saw is independent of the conditions: you can work with it anywhere.

    Kit overview and operating principle

    When installing such a device, the chainsaw receives two additional functions at once. a gas cutter and an angle grinder. This turns out to be necessary in conditions when direct connection of a conventional angle grinder to source of electrical voltage is difficult, if not impossible.

    A pulley is installed on the drive shaft of the chain saw drive sprocket, which, using a belt drive, is kinematically connected to the saw blade axis, while the rotation speed of the main shaft does not change. To install the attachment itself, studs are used that secure the chainsaw’s saw bar. In the industrial designs of the nozzles under consideration, there are holes, the size and location of which is consistent with the parameters of the chainsaw of a particular manufacturer. The size of the saw also determines the largest diameter of the saw blade that can be installed.

    The grinder attachment for the chainsaw includes:

    • Deep groove ball bearing in dustproof housing.
    • Driven pulley.
    • V-belt.
    • A mandrel to which the cut-off wheel is attached (recommended no more than 150 × 22 mm).
    • Disc tightening wrench and two studs.

    The attachment for the Bulgarian chainsaw is equipped with a special fastening groove, with the help of which it is attached to the main tool. Used faceplate and nut with left-hand thread.

    The presence of a nozzle allows you to use the chainsaw for cutting stone, steel, building blocks and other objects, the dimensions of which allow the use of a disc with a certain diameter value. The diameter, in turn, depends on the brand of the chainsaw. The Stihl saws of the model range from Stihl-180 to Stihl-250 are best suited for these purposes. This is explained by the peculiarities of turning on the Stihl chainsaws: at first, when the centrifugal clutch is turned on, the number of revolutions of the crankshaft is about 4500 min.1: it is at this angular speed that the spindle works most steadily. Then the speed can be increased up to 7000. 8000 min. 1.

    The manufacturer of grinder attachments for chainsaws recommends using no more than 75% of the rated power of the main tool, do not work without a safety cover, and do not use wheels for cutting and grinding work, the permissible rotation speed of which is less than 10,000 minutes. 1. The presence of a roller bearing that allows significant axial loads, excludes skewing of the saw blade and jamming of the nozzle during prolonged work.

    How to choose a tool?

    Numerous types of accessory saw attachments can be found on the market. These include. a gas cutter, a sawmill, a pump, a drill, etc. Despite such a wide range of nozzles sold, you can make your own additional mechanism for a chainsaw.

    To choose a saw that will serve as the basis for a new additional attachment, you need to consider the following qualities:

    • Saw power. An engine running within 2-3 kW will be sufficient for a variety of attachments.
    • When choosing a chainsaw, it is best to focus on inexpensive models, since the engine may not withstand the new load. When buying an expensive model, you can lose a lot of money. It is recommended to use outdated types of saws, so that in the event of a breakdown you do not regret wasted investments.
    • Easy to disassemble the saw so that you can easily assemble and disassemble the device, as well as select cheap parts.

    Chainsaw models such as Ural, Calm or Druzhba are suitable for the use of alterations.

    Additional attachments made can be divided into the following categories:

    • Simple mechanisms (grinder, pump, winch, drill, walk-behind tractor, boat motor).
    • Complex mechanisms (sawmill, snow removal device, power plant, snowmobile).

    Useful Tips

    When making a mechanism with your own hands, like a grinder from a chainsaw, you should use extremely good materials. A used protective casing gives a kind of guarantee of cover and safety.

    As for the grinding wheels, it is better to give preference to the diameter of 115 mm. Such discs are capable of withstanding high rotational speeds, unlike discs with a diameter of 230 mm. Large ones increase the chance of equipment failure.

    A self-made saw grinder can be used for woodworking, operations with metal products, working with stone, brick and other construction work.

    As a result of such an occupation, a person gains valuable experience, as well as multifunctional productive equipment that can be widely used in the household. An assistant like a grinder from a chainsaw makes life much easier and saves a person’s financial resources.

    Correct installation of the nozzle

    The device consists of a rotating pulley, fasteners and a protective shield. The drum rotates by means of a motor, through a belt drive. To install the nozzle correctly, you need to study the installation instructions. Installation process:

    • The guide located on the chainsaw is removed. Then dismantle the clutch with the sprocket. The pulley is connected to the drive shaft of the saw sprocket.
    • A drive belt or gearbox is connected to the saw blade. This will reduce the torque in the new tool.
    • The adapter is fixed to the tool using the studs supplied with the grinder. If they are not, then fasteners from the saw bar will do.

    Finished nozzles

    • cutting discs (diamond and reinforced);
    • grinding wheel;
    • circular saw (for longitudinal cutting).

    Installation and operating instructions for the attachment are included with the kit. The grinder can be mounted not to all chainsaws, but only to serial production models.

    The list of models to which the attachment can be connected is indicated in the attachment documents. If such a model is not there, then the angle grinder device is checked for compatibility with the saw. To do this, remove the coupling from the saw and compare 2 diameters: the hole for landing on the grinder pulley and the saw crankshaft. If they are the same, then the tool can be connected. If different, then. no. Types of nozzles “Bulgarian” for pulleys and their differences:

    • A pulley with a closed cup of the Calm 180 type. Instead of a coupling, the device has a closed cup for mounting into a seat. The pulley cannot be disassembled. The needle bearing crankshaft and the pulley bore have the same diameter. It is used for the Stihl MS chainsaws (180, 170 and 250).
    • Without a cup. Removing the coupling is not required to mount the pulley. It is mounted on the drive wheel (drive sprocket) of the saw in several ways. Which option to choose depends on the width of the sprocket teeth. The product is easy to install, it is cheap and is used for saws Taiga, Partner, Husqvarna.
    • With the replacement of the asterisk. There are a number of special pulleys that are made specifically for professional saws. These are clutches with removable sprockets.

    How to do it yourself

    If it is not possible to purchase a factory nozzle, then you can independently make a cutter from a saw. To make a grinder from a chainsaw with your own hands, you will need the following tools and materials:

    • working module (grinders);
    • professional saw with high power;
    • factory tires. 3 pcs. (40-50 cm);
    • drum. 2 pcs.;
    • belt.

    Instructions for self-assembly of the device:

    • The belt is laid along the tire.
    • A pulley is attached to the drive sprocket, having previously installed it on the saw.
    • The gear wheel, located on the grinder’s unit, is grinded and removed.
    • The pulley is assembled, adhering to the scheme, and by welding it is fixed on the base.
    • To make the belt work smoothly, 2 guides are shortened. Sharpening of 1 tire is carried out for the installation of the grinder assembly and welded to the base.
    • Then set the grinding wheels.

    Making a grinder from a chainsaw is easy if you use the drawings and follow the manufacturing instructions.

    How to make a grinder from a chainsaw with your own hands

    The chainsaw is a versatile tool. If equipped with additional equipment, many useful devices can be constructed. One of these mechanisms is a chainsaw grinder. It is designed for processing various materials of artificial and natural origin.

    Pros and cons of the solution

    For the manufacture of grinders, different types of hand-held electric and gasoline tools are suitable. The simplest and most convenient option is a device assembled on the basis of a saw with a chain. The advantages of homemade devices:

    Despite all its advantages, the tool has a number of disadvantages. Grinder air filters are clogged with metal dust. Because of this, the engine gradually stalls and fails. Also, a person can get injured from using a grinder. Sometimes during operation, the disks do not withstand the load and burst. Under the influence of traction, they fly to the sides. To protect yourself from injury, you need to choose discs up to 115 mm in diameter and apply a protective cover.

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    Characteristics and features of the choice of attachments-grinders for chainsaws

    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Views
    • How to choose?
    • Installation subtleties
    • How to do it yourself?

    The grinder attachment expands the functionality and performance of the gasoline saw. It is one of the types of additional and necessary equipment, because with the help of such a nozzle you can not only saw trees, but also perform other various household tasks. The advantage of the device is its ease of installation and ease of use.

    How to choose?

    Before choosing a nozzle for the device, you need to familiarize yourself with the technical documentation. It is also important to know that not all attachments are universal. each attachment is selected for a specific model of a gasoline saw. The documents contain only an incomplete list of device models, and this greatly complicates the choice of the correct solution.

    It is necessary to remove the clutch from the gasoline saw, then take the crankshaft and compare its diameter with the diameter of the bore on the pulley. When choosing, the main thing is that the type of asterisk of the gasoline device coincides with the nozzle pulley. If there is no match, then the pulley cannot be mounted instead of the clutch.

    You also need to distinguish between the types of chainsaws. Professional devices have a sprocket clutch that can be changed. It is for such chainsaws that special pulleys are designed. Since the quality of professional gasoline saws will be the best, their price will be high on the market. For chainsaws such as Taiga, Partner and others, they use a grinder attachment when you need to make a smooth cut in wood and metal. Before starting work, you need to carefully inspect the installation of the nozzle itself.

    The belt pulley has several types.

    • Calm 180. Presented in the form of a cup, which is installed instead of the clutch.
    • A pulley that does not have a cup. It is installed on the main sprocket of a gasoline unit and does not require removing the clutches. This pulley is sold separately (as a spare part). Also, it is versatile, and can be used in Chinese gasoline saws Partner, Taiga, etc.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The angle grinder attachment can be made from a variety of handheld gasoline and electric tools. But the simplest and most convenient method is using a chain saw.

    Advantages of the device:

    The disadvantages of homemade baits include the following points:

    • they are too sensitive to metal dust: the filters of chainsaws begin to clog up and fail, and the engine may deteriorate: at first it stalls, and then it will not be able to keep the speed and will wear out;
    • grinding discs can constantly break and fly apart, and this is very dangerous for the employee himself and the people around him.

    To make the device more secure, you need to follow some rules:

    • limit the number of revolutions of the gasoline saw engine;
    • you need to use discs that are designed for increased rotation speed;
    • it is necessary to carry out work only using a protected casing;
    • the structure must have an inertial brake;
    • you need to use models that have a kickback protection function.

    The angle grinder angle grinder is designed for cutting materials such as metal and stone. With its reinforced and diamond cut-off wheels, this attachment can clean weld seams. Typical nozzle size 182 x 2.6 x 23.

    The angle grinder has:

    • a pulley that can wear out or break, so you need to monitor the device and, if necessary, change the pulleys on it;
    • in order for the nozzle to serve, it must have an adaptive key, consisting of a metal plate, with a hole and 2 steel pins;
    • a special V-belt can transmit torque from the engine to the cut-off wheel (belt is a consumable);
    • for attachments such as LBM 1 and NK. 100, spare bearings are needed, because the bearings themselves are a consumable item.

    The V-belt drive ensures the speed of the cutting wheels. The spindle is mounted on double row deep groove ball bearings. To secure the wheel to the spindle, you need to use a washer and nuts. The angle grinder for angle grinders must be installed instead of tires.

    The attachments, with which you can cut various materials, are also used in order to carry out many operations. Each species has unique properties and design. To cut the rough material, cut-off nozzles are used. This device is in the form of a disc, which has a cutting edge. Usually there is a solid cutting part, but there is also a segmented part.

    To cut various materials from wood or drywall, saw attachments are used. Their feature is that there are special teeth in the cutting part. They can be of different shapes. The attachment also has a saw blade for smooth cuts on plain and laminated boards. For grinding workpieces with a metal, concrete and wooden base, use a roughing grinder. With the help of such a nozzle, you can easily clean the plane from the old layer of paint. Grinding wheels can also be used to remove the primer.

    The strippers consist of a circle. The edges of the circle are made of metal wire. They are often used to remove rust and other contaminants from a metal area. In most cases, these nozzles are needed to prepare the pipes for painting. If you need high precision in work, then you need to use a grinding attachment with a frame. Polishing tips are used to level surfaces. They are most needed after sanding. These attachments have disc categories. The disc can be felt, felt or have emery wheels. Velcro is used to fix them to the device. Thanks to this property, it will be possible to quickly change the attachments.

    It is also necessary to mention about the grinder attachment for Chinese gasoline saws 45.53 cubic meters. see It will fit the gasoline saws of such Chinese firms as Carver, Forza, Champion, Forward, Breit and others. The attachment is suitable for cutting metal, stone, grinding and sanding surfaces. And you don’t need to use electric grinders. Such a nozzle will be necessary when working in places where there is no power supply.

    To prepare the attachment for work, you need:

    • remove chains and tires;
    • remove the sprocket and install the pulley;
    • install the belt and secure with the side cover;
    • tighten the belt.

    The nozzle has technical features:

    • grinding and cutting wheels with dimensions from 182 mm;
    • fit has a size of 23 or 24 mm;
    • clutch cup with a diameter. 69 mm;
    • weight of the nozzle itself. 1.4 kg.

    Installation subtleties

    Before installing the device on the chainsaw, you must read the rules.

    • First you need to clean the gasoline device.
    • Items such as side cover, bar and chain need to be removed.
    • Since the side cover may contain accumulated small particles of wood, it is necessary to use compressed air and blow out the machine.
    • You need to use a small rope with knots to unscrew the spark plug, stop the piston and crankshaft. After that, you can unscrew the clutch.
    • You need to unscrew the calm. It is necessary to remove the clutch cup from the crankshaft and either replace it, or mount a pulley on it.
    • The assembly must be carried out in the opposite direction. It is necessary to mount the grinder attachment on the standard tire. The nozzle is installed on 2 fastening screws. Cover the side cover and tighten with screws.
    • The stem of the adjusting screw must line up with the hole in the nozzle. If it does not match, the belt cannot be tightened. If everything matches, you can tighten the belt.

    How to do it yourself?

    To make a grinder nozzle ourselves, you need such a factory kit, which contains the following elements:

    • pulley. two pieces;
    • belt;
    • a shaft having disc couplings;
    • old tire;
    • shroud for protection.

    If you follow special drawings, you can make a nozzle even at home.

    • You must read all the rules of the instruction.
    • Empty the oil tank on the saw itself.
    • It is necessary to remove the tire and clutch drum.
    • At the drive shaft, it is necessary to equip the pulley.
    • The belt mechanism is connected to the axial center disc for cutting. This will change the speed of the main shaft.
    • You need to fix the nozzles using parts such as pins. If they were not in the kits, then you can use the usual studs that secure the chainsaw tire.
    • It is necessary to check the strength of the groove for strengthening, since it depends on the groove whether the additional device will be connected to the chainsaw.

    You can use a quick method: without using tires or any other extension cord, you need to attach an adapter to the clutch to attach the cutting disc.

    You should pay attention to a number of points.

    • If the belt is installed over the standard clutch cup, then the device will not function well, as the belt can constantly be knocked out of order. To prevent this from happening, you need to replace the clutch with a pulley.
    • If, when the engine is turned on, the chain saw blade rotates, then this means that the clutch has stopped working. And without it, using the tool will be uncomfortable and unsafe.

    So, the angle grinder is a necessary part for a chainsaw. With the help of it, the quality and functionality of work is improved. This device is very useful and convenient in various situations.

    In the next video, you are waiting for the installation and operation of the grinder attachment for the chainsaw.