How to Make a Drill Cutter

Many lovers of tinkering with various products are often interested in how to assemble a router from a drill with their own hands.

Not everyone has the opportunity to keep a large milling machine at home.

But if the room is being renovated, then its own manual router can often be needed.

This device can milling wood elements, forming edges and doing other work.

Tasks and features of manufacturing a milling device

Household milling device operates as follows. The engine of the apparatus rotates the spindle with a special nozzle mounted on it. A milling cutter.

The milling cutter is inserted into a collet or cam chuck. The engine, providing rotation, works from the power supply network.

A self-made milling device is able to process wood, metal, glass, plastic and ceramics.

For example, make holes for door locks or process the edges of parts and cavities.

How to Make a Drill Cutter

Which nozzle will be used for work depends on the material being milled and can be completely different.

The most affordable for processing is wood, therefore, cutters for it are affordable and often found on sale.

Metals have varying degrees of viscosity and stiffness. For their milling use nozzles that differ in their qualities.

Choosing them, one should take into account the properties inherent in the metal being processed.

Before making a router for home use, you need to design a table on which the device will be installed.

The countertop can be prepared using a regular sheet of plywood 1.2 cm thick. Four timber timber fit as a support for it.

A hole corresponding to the size of the milling cutter is marked on the surface of the plywood, after which a guide is added.

The slot for the milling cutter is made semicircular and cut with a jigsaw with an electric drive or manual. After preparing the countertops, they begin to assemble the milling device.

The milling cutter is made from a drill with your own hands, using an electric drive, the power of which should be from 500 to 1100 W, depending on the width of the processed material.

The most suitable options are a drill, angle grinder or hammer drill.

It is a drill that is considered the cheapest and most affordable tool for making a milling cutter.

To assemble the device, you will need the following tools, parts and materials:

  • Electric motor;
  • Manual hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • Drill;
  • Clamp, self-tapping screws, locknuts, screws;
  • Milling cutter;
  • Cartridge;
  • Four wooden blocks;
  • Clamps that can be clamped quickly;
  • Chipboard. For the base of the apparatus.

To work with this list of tools it is not necessary to be a professional.

Take care in advance to check that the power tools are working and that the safety regulations are followed.

Milling assembly procedure

Assembling the router is much easier if you use drawings. The process of designing a milling apparatus using a drill as an engine is conventionally divided into stages.

Stages of assembly of the structure:

  • Manufacturing the base stand;
  • Clamp preparation;
  • Clamp fastening;
  • Emphasis;
  • Assembly.

Making a milling machine does not end there, but you can use it in this state.

It is enough to securely fix the drill with a clamp, tighten the cutter into the chuck of a suitable parameter, fix the entire structure and start milling.

To make the work more accurate and safe, the equipment can be supplemented with some elements.

For added accuracy and safety, a guide rail must be used.

As a result of its application, the processing of materials will be better, since it is not necessary to visually evaluate the distance.

Self-tapping screws attach the assembled structure to the working surface. If you are going to process a stack of boards or planks, then you need to make the fasteners as reliable as possible.

Quick-clamping clamps are ideal for fixing the guide that controls the movement of the material.

Hand-assembled milling cutter has several advantages. It is not difficult to make it, and the cost of the work is small.

To make a device, it is enough to use the tools and materials available for every amateur to make.

It will be necessary to buy only a collar and mills.

But the serious disadvantages of the manual router are much more. All tools assembled with their own hands and having elements rotating at high speeds require strict adherence to safety regulations.

You can not neglect the installation of a special shield on the device, because in the process of working in the home workshop it is difficult to predict the occurrence of dangerous situations for health.

You need to know that the drill has a low number of revolutions in order to mill. Therefore, the processing of solid materials and the performance of volumetric work with a milling cutter from a drill are difficult.

Incorrect use of the device will gradually render the drill unusable.

Use the machine, assembled by your own hands, should only be when you do not need to observe great accuracy.

Even the use of a guide cannot provide the most accurate milling.

But if you need an apparatus for processing a small amount of non-solid material, that is, the requirements for the router are low, then the device can be built with your own hands.

During assembly and use of the router, you must always follow the safety rules. Caution will avoid personal injury.