How to Make a Drill Polisher

Often there is a situation when it is necessary to sharpen a tool or sharpen knives. A grinding machine is best suited for carrying out these works. It is also called a grindstone or emery. This is the simplest power tool that consists of electric motor and abrasive wheel. The trading network sells many options that differ in price and manufacturer, but are designed to perform one function. Sharpening a cutting tool. Do not rush to get a factory-made electric sharpener: any home master can make it yourself with the necessary spare parts.

Motor selection

To make an emery on your own, first of all you need to choose a suitable electric motor. Most often this is a motor from an old-style washing machine, for example, Baby. It is the best suited for this purpose. Such a motor meets certain requirements: its power is in the range of 100-200 watts, and the speed does not exceed 1500 revolutions per minute. If the rotation speed is greater, then there will be a danger of destruction of the abrasive wheel.

How to Make a Drill Polisher

High engine speeds are needed for polishing parts, but they are not suitable for sharpening.

To make homemade emery, you can apply any another electric motor. It must meet certain parameters.

  1. The rotation of the shaft should be minimal. Motors with no more than 1,000 revolutions per minute are best suited.
  2. Engine power should be in the range from 100 W to 1 kW. The most commonly used motors are 400 watts.
  3. It is desirable that he has paws for fastening.
  4. A single-phase or asynchronous motor, designed to include 220 volts in the network, is best suited.

Algorithm for assembling emery from the engine from the washing machine

First of all, we do bed of the future mechanism. It can be made from a thick wooden board, wood slab, suitable plastic, but a thick metal plate is best suited. An electric motor is fixed to it using brackets, corners or clamps. The connection of the electric motor with the stone occurs through a flange.

Flange fabrication. One of the technically difficult operations when assembling homemade emery. It is usually made using a lathe. For this, it is necessary to measure the diameter of the output shaft and the abrasive wheel, which will be used in the grinding machine. However, if a lathe is not at hand, you can do without it. In the below, you can find out how to make an emery flange from improvised material yourself:

Flange fastening on the shaft occurs using a nut with a bolt and washer. In this case, the direction of rotation of the shaft must be taken into account: the thread on the nut must be in the opposite direction.

This is done for safety reasons, so that during operation the nut does not unwind under the influence of machine vibration, which is fraught with flying abrasive wheel and injury.

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Finally, it remains to mount the electric sharpener in a permanent place and bring electricity. Emery from the engine from Baby is ready.

In the case of using an engine disassembled from a washing machine, it is possible to make a grinding machine in a similar way, the difference is only in the connection of electricity. The motor from an ordinary washing machine has four wires: two are connected to the working winding, and two others are connected to the starting one. To determine the working winding, it is enough to measure the resistance of both. The resistance of the starting winding is 30 ohms, and the working one has only 12 ohms. The engines of modern machines have six leads, two of which are the output of the tacho with a resistance of 70 ohms. Finding them is not difficult. These wires must be insulated.

Wiring diagram consists in the following: both windings are connected in parallel and connected to the network, and a button is connected to the gap of the starting winding. To do this, you can take the launcher or adjust the button from the doorbell.

How to adapt a drill and an angle grinder to an electric sharpener

Emery can be made not only from a suitable electric motor available. To do this, you can adapt the power tool. It can be an electric drill or a screwdriver.

The latter is worse for these purposes: it has insufficient power and a small battery life.

Making a sharpener from a drill begins with acquisition nozzles.

In case of emergency, sharpener can be made from angle grinder. To do this, you do not need to purchase special devices and mandrels necessary for attaching emery. You only need to fix it in a horizontal position on a massive base, install a standard cutting or grinding wheel, and the grinder is ready to work.

Mini grinding machine

An electric sharpener is necessary if the master engaged in modeling: When working, it is often necessary to grind small parts. A large sharpener is not suitable for small work, so they often make mini-emery with their own hands. The assembly algorithm is as follows:

  • Take the engine from the hard drive of a computer or a children’s toy;
  • The tension sleeve of the spoke from the moped is soldered to the axis of the engine;
  • Screw the small grinding wheel with a screw and washer to the shaft;
  • Connect the power supply;
  • Fix the device on the bed, and the emery is ready.

Often, electric motors from a faulty sewing machine are used for these purposes. The advantage of this machine is that the engine has a speed controller, and this extends the capabilities of the device. It can be successfully applied and like a polisher.

Safety precautions when working with a homemade device

When making power tools yourself, you must strictly observe safety precautions. If industrial units are equipped with protective equipment., Then in home-made devices you will have to make them yourself. You should know that the operation of the sharpener from the engine of the washing machine without protective cover prohibited. It can be made of sheet metal with a thickness of 2.5 mm.

The grinding wheel experiences strong vibration during sharpening. To avoid destruction of emery during operation, installing a stone, under the metal washers put gaskets of cardboard. You should also make sure that the disc is not cracked.

During operation, you should stand on the side of the circle so that if it breaks, fragments do not fly into the operator.