How to Make a Fixture for an Angle Grinder

Angle grinder is a useful and versatile tool. It is suitable for cutting metal, stone, tiles and grinding surfaces. However, sometimes there are situations in which a stationary machine is more suitable for these works. It is good that using certain devices for an angle grinder, it can be turned, for example, into a cutting machine!

Machine tools from angle grinder

How to Make a Fixture for an Angle Grinder

Purchase option for angle grinder holder

Making the simplest fixture for an angle grinder can be done with minimal cost and in a few hours! In fact, the design will be a metal long pipe, which is both a frame and a handle. A transverse metal bar is welded from one of the ends, having two openings for mounting an angle grinder.

A more reliable home-made version of the holder is an angle grinder

From the same edge, the pipe is attached to a small piece of the corner on the movable shaft. The fastening of the corner itself is done on the desktop, or on the floor! A spring must be fixed on the opposite side of the fastener, returning the entire structure to its original position.

Second manufacturing option

Third manufacturing option

That’s all. The manufacture of the machine is completed, it remains only to make the correct fixing of the angle grinder. Naturally, this option should be used for simple work, and if accurate and complex procedures are required, then the design should be more complicated.

Making a cutting machine from an angle grinder for precision work!

Such devices for an angle grinder as a detachable machine are made using the following materials and tools: steel corner, profile pipe, metal sheet for the platform (you can use chipboard), welding machine, channel, drill, shaft, several bearings, pipes with a small diameter, springs , relays and pedals. Welding, in principle, can be replaced by durable bolts. Here you have to use a drill.

It is worth noting that with such an implementation of the machine, it can be easily disassembled if such a need arises.

First design option

First design option

Parts and Fasteners

We begin to make the machine from the frame. An individual scheme will be required for each angle grinder, since each manufacturer produces an angle grinder of their own design. In some you will have to remove the handle, and somewhere you will need to invent a rack for the entire angle grinder as a whole! In addition, different frameworks are needed for different disk diameters.


The simplest frame has two frames and a common axis. The lower frame should be fixed on top of a metal or chipboard platform. For a large angle grinder, it is better to use metal. It is necessary to ensure rotation of the upper frame, on which the angle grinder is mounted, with respect to the lower frame in a vertical plane, like a pendulum. To fix the starting position, you will have to use a spring. A fastener should be welded to the lower frame, which includes a clamping corner and a movable clamp.

Second design option

Second design option

Ruler. For this particular case, you can use a movable ruler that has a stop that is welded to the tube. It adjusts the accuracy of the size, after which it is secured with an end screw!

Electronics. To increase the usability of your machine, you need to provide such things as a start pedal or button (switching using a low-voltage relay at 12 V). Using this pedal, voltage will be applied to the angle grinder.

DIY fixtures for a do-it-yourself angle grinder

With such a simple fixture for an angle grinder, we can free our hands, and at the same time make an exact even cut without using a vise, and saving time on measurements also plays an important role. With this design, a cutting saw for metal can be replaced, and if you suddenly need it, the angle grinder can be easily dismantled.