How to Make a Grinding Wheel for Drills

How to Make a Grinding Wheel for Drills

If the owner of the car wants the surface of his steel horse to shine brightly, he needs to polish the body. You can perform this procedure at home. For her, a special polishing wheel for a drill and the electric tool itself are needed.

Assortment of nozzles

The most common products for processing a car body are: sponge-shaped, abrasive with varying degrees of granularity, felt, with a soft surface. They are conditionally classified according to the type of production into two types:

  • Petal (has great performance and high price);
  • Surface grinding (made as a rubber disc having an additional coating for processing).

The material for these items is dense foam or felt having a different diameter. However, kits consisting of several elements are sold, which have a different purpose and manufacturing complexity.

Varieties of forms

The polishing nozzle on the drill is mainly in the form of a circle or cone. They are often supplemented with polishes. They ensure the preservation of the appearance and technical characteristics of the vehicle.

Circle stiffness

The softness of the polishing paste dictates the choice of a circle made of foam rubber or felt with varying degrees of stiffness. Manufacturers sell circles of different colors, which corresponds to their stiffness:

  • The softest is black;
  • Universal. Orange;
  • Hard. White.

DIY nozzles

If there is no suitable option for sale, then for a disk with a high level of stiffness, you can make a soft layer of large thickness and place it between the Velcro and the plastic base. With a clerical knife, you need to cut off the Velcro, where a soft layer will be glued. For a soft layer, a bath sponge is mainly used. Must remember, that individual elements can shift, breaking the general symmetry.

You can also use a felt disc, which is used in a polishing machine and machine. First, a pin having a suitable diametric size should be made, and thread on one side of it. On this side you need to fix the disk, which is surrounded on both sides by a wide nut and a restrictive washer. This device has no difficulties in manufacturing and can be used for processing various surfaces.

Application Nuances

Body elements of new cars are made using modern technologies. Anticorrosion composition and paint are applied to the metal, which are characterized by wear resistance. They will serve for approximately 15 years. However, such coverage is better preserved., if you take proper care of him. The polishing device restores the original shine and removes defects from the surface. Together with a special tool, such a product will cost less than the services provided in the workshop.

Body polishing

The polishing process can fix only a few defects. If there is corrosion on the body, chips or damage through which the steel frame is visible, then a major overhaul is required.

Before starting the polishing process, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the car and make sure that the deficiencies can be eliminated.

Processing the body with a special device will give a positive result when:

  • A slight difference in shades, which turned out after partial staining;
  • The presence of roughness, scratches and cloudy stains;
  • A dull layer of paint;
  • The appearance of grit and stains of enamel.

You need to know that polishing cannot be abused, because when it is done, the paint layer becomes 5 micrometers smaller. From the day the vehicle is manufactured, no more than 20 polishing procedures can be performed. At this time, you need to use a thickness gauge, especially if the car is supported.

Polishing wheel

Using the polishing wheel on the drill, you can update the appearance of the car. This procedure is most effective if you need to smooth out small chips or eliminate surface tarnishing.

The work is performed in 2 stages:

  • Paint removal from the surface of the body;
  • Applying a polishing composition.

Protective treatment is also performed to reduce the negative effects of various types of precipitation and ultraviolet radiation. Basically, they do it when preparing a car for sale. The protective layer (it contains wax or silicone) is distributed over the surface of the body to form a moisture-repellent film that is invisible to the eye and make the body shiny. A soft nozzle can be used to polish a supported machine if there is no paint damage on it. And it can also be used with gentle treatment with a protective agent.

Materials for the processing of a car body

To carry out the procedure Car processing needs the following materials:

  • Foam rubber;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Grinding composition;
  • Bike;
  • Polish.

The means by which the surface of the body will be processed must be carefully selected. A paste having abrasive particles is needed to remove the top coat of varnish. It must be selected depending on the type of cracks and chips present on the body. A tool where the number of particles is large is necessary if the defects are very noticeable. Now on sale a large assortment of drugs that give color brightness.

The protective coating of a new car may acquire muddy stains. In such a situation, reducing paste containing a grinding aid will be sufficient.

A variety of tools can solve any problem. For a vertical surface it is convenient to use a thick paste. It can be processed any part of the machine. It is often added to a component that increase the brightness of the color.

A polish having a liquid constitution is suitable for a horizontal surface, for example, for a roof or hood. The main advantage of such a tool is that they can not damage the enamel.

It is convenient to use aerosols. They are economical and effective. However, the spray does not contain much.