How to Make a Hand Tornado Cultivator

How to Make a Hand Tornado Cultivator

To ensure a good harvest in your beds, it is not enough to plow the land and sow it. During the growth, and especially the maturation of crops. The land must be constantly cultivated. Hilling is done, weeds are harvested, the hardened surface loosens between rows.

All this can be done with a chopper or a shovel. However, labor efficiency is increased by an order if the soil cultivator is mechanized.

Any owner can make such a device with his own hands. No special tools are needed, except for a welding machine.

Consider options for how to make a homemade hand cultivator

The main types of tools:

Flat cutter. It is a mechanized version of a conventional chopper.

Rotational star. The principle of operation consists in alternately cutting the soil with flat knife-shaped elements.

Manual cultivator hedgehogs. The design is similar to a star, but not knives pierce the ground, but sharp steel rods similar to porcupine needles.

Tornado. It is a pitchfork with teeth twisted into a small spiral. It is not subject to mechanization, it just needs to be stuck in the ground.

How to make a manual cultivator for giving from improvised materials?

Used materials and tools:

  • Steel strips, pieces of reinforcement, or other metal blanks, depending on the model chosen;
  • A wheel with a mount, or a finished frame (for example, from a bicycle);
  • A pen. You can use a metal pipe or a shaft from a shovel;
  • Welding machine (preferably);
  • Drill, angle grinder.

Cultivator “Tornado”

Making it is very simple. The base is made of steel pipe. On the end we weld steel bars with the formation of a square.

Then the rods are bent in a helical manner, and the ends are sharpened. You can use the shaft from the shovel as a handle, or adapt the bicycle wheel as a lever. Then turning movements will be easier.

Such a cultivator loosens the soil to a great depth, digs up the roots of shrubs and prepares holes for planting trees.

Cultivator ploskorez

The frame is made of square tubes. One welding point at an angle of 30 °. We weld a fork for a wheel from a steel tape 3 mm thick to the frame. The type of wheel does not matter, it can be finished or homemade iron.

Steering wheel. Emphasis is two pipes mounted on a frame. With it, the operator adjusts the immersion depth of the knife.

The horizontal part of the frame serves as an adapter for the cutting nozzle. The knife is made of steel tape 3-4 mm thick, the front lower edge is sharpened. The angle of attack can be changed if the adjusting screw is installed.

If you have old bicycle parts, you can design them. The large diameter of the wheel facilitates control of the cultivator, and makes its course easier.

The shape of the cutter can be in the form of an inverted “P” or “T” shaped. Important! When working with a “T” shaped knife, it is necessary to strictly follow the lines. Otherwise, you can trim the roots of cultivated plants.

A variety of plane cutter is a fork type cultivator. There are several knives in this design, and they are fixed on the so-called “fork”. A structure made of specially bent steel rods.

Drawings of such devices are found in garden magazines of the USSR.

The main advantage of such an assistant is the ease of movement. A fragile girl and a child can handle it. Loosening of the soil is very high quality, but the roots of weed plants are practically not cut.

You can choose which is more important. Deep loosening or cleaning the area from weeds.

Despite its name, the attachment is not a classic plow. To plow virgin lands. Two human forces are not enough. This is a typical heavy cultivator. The design is similar to a conventional plane cutter, but with the addition of a pull handle.

The second operator takes it, and drags the plow behind him like a horse. The first worker controls the direction and depth of plowing. It is impossible to use it alone.

Rotary starFairly easy to manufacture design. It is necessary to make several identical sprockets. Knives, and string them with a certain interval on the axis.

Knives can be straight or bent in different directions. After the passage with stars, you can immediately cut the roots with a plane cutter. For this purpose, a combined design is made, as in the illustration.

Since rotors. Stars act as supporting wheels. An additional axis is not needed. A physically prepared person can handle such a cultivator, the course of the device is quite difficult.

If instead of rotors. Stars, to install spherical disks. You get a hiller.

Hedgehog type cultivator

The basis is a solid fork made of steel strip. On the working side there is an axis for nozzles. Nozzles are made of pipe sections, with welded pins. Needles with sharpened tips (hence the name. “hedgehogs”).

Loosening occurs by piercing the top layer of the earth and lightly shaking the surface. Weed roots remain in place. The main advantage of the tool is its amazing ease of movement. Earth loosens almost effortlessly.

Similarly to the previous design, the back of the frame can be equipped with a plane cutter, which will not give rest to weeds on the aisle.

As a handle, either a shovel shaft or the same bicycle wheel is used.

Advice! Rotary cultivator, or “hedgehogs” can be used both in front of you and after the operator.

In the first case, you drive the working nozzle with your weight, the work goes with effort. The second option requires loading (weighting) of the working part. However, working in this way is easier, despite being overweight.

We figured out how to make a cultivator yourself, and which varieties are the most popular. Do not neglect the advice of parents. Their generation is familiar with this type of instrument firsthand!

Watch the: how to make a manual cultivator of hedgehogs. Detailed explanation of the manufacturing process. If you need specific drawings with dimensions, you can download this link.