How to make a hitch for a power tiller

Any trailed or hitched up device for motor vehicles, whether it be a cart-trailer, a haymaker, an earplug, a harrow or any other piece of equipment is attached by a hitch. If the basic element is not suitable, the owner has a choice. buy a suitable or make a hitch for the machine with their own hands.

Be that as it may, deciding which of the variants of the mechanism is able to meet to the maximum the functions that the unit performs, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, the list of which:

  • Distinguishing features of the cultivator or power tiller;
  • the scope of use of the unit. the duties it performs;
  • the equipment to be integrated with it;
  • loads;
  • the need for versatility.

Proceeding from this, it is necessary to get acquainted thoroughly with the particularly frequently practiced devices and choose, taking as a basis the properties of what is best suited in this case.

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Trailer device to the power tiller consists of:

The ability of the body to support a particular load depends on the quality of the assembly. The cart must be made of durable material that can withstand the weight of the load and any weather conditions. In addition, it is desirable that it has collapsible sides for easy loading and unloading. The dimensions should be roomy and correspond to the power of the power tiller.

On carts are used wheels: car wheels, from motorcycles, etc. п. The main thing is that the trailer for a power tiller must be capable of supporting heavy loads.

Wide wheels are preferred, as it increases the passability of the vehicle.

Fenders are also available on cars. They serve as a protection against stones and dirt from the wheels.

All modern trailers have seats. Some craftsmen build a box underneath to store the necessary things.

The drawbar is a triangle-shaped attachment that connects the trailer to the power tiller.

The brakes will improve the process of cargo transportation.

Trailer equipment for power tillers is available from agricultural equipment manufacturers, or you can make a self-made trailer for your power tiller. Let’s consider both variants.

There are many ready-made models for power tillers on the market. They have different sizes, weight category, payload and cost. Their advantage is that they are assembled by professional mechanics according to pre-designed schemes. You do not spend time and energy on it. The disadvantages are, firstly, in finding a bona fide manufacturer who sells quality products, and secondly, a good product is not cheap.

A single-axle tractor acts as a horse-drawn carriage. It acts as a drive connected to the trailer with a drawbar. For this purpose, such brands of power tillers are suitable as: Patriot, Ural, Caiman 320, Forza, Crosser, Proab, VIKING, Texas.

You can make a trailer for the Neva power tiller, made of durable metal. Carrying capacity of the body is 500 kg. The cart has a brake drive, which facilitates driving. On the Internet you can find a lot of drawings of trailers for the motor block Neva. They have a successful design with minimal consumables.

Among the ready-made models, you can find a device with the function of a dump truck. The design is basically the same as on an ordinary cart, but with a modification that allows you to make unloading by tilting the box. Although such a model is more expensive, but in the economy it is necessary.

The owners of power tillers often make and assemble the cart themselves. There are a lot of self-made, but it is possible to assemble them on the same principle of running gear on wheels, sides and axle to connect the trailer with a power tiller.

From the beam VAZ-2109

Trailer made of VAZ-2109 beams is suitable for power tillers with high capacity. 10 liters.с. The design will be quite heavy, so a large traction power is needed. Such trailers have a great capacity.

Make a trailer out of a VAZ-2109 beam with your own hands is easy, just watch the training videos, which are available for free. You can also find drawings and dimensions of the design, almost any size will do, with one or two axes.

Beam will be used as an axle, for the rear axle is suitable for a whole axle with wheels from VAZ-2109. For the front axle will be enough for one beam, the wheels can be any. Wide wheels are recommended for oversized trailers, providing passability and stability.

The advantage of a trailer for a power tiller on the basis of a beam from VAZ 2109 is that there is no need to spend time on making additional units, especially if you take the whole rear axle.

Materials and tools

Before making a trailer device for the “Neva” or any other make of power tiller with your own hands, you need to have a clear idea of what the end result will be. It is useful to visit a store where factory trailers are sold, and see how they are arranged. A single-axle tractor with a cart is a stable vehicle, because it rests on 3 or 5 wheels. On the trailer you can carry an impressive weight, and how much exactly, depends on the characteristics of the model (you need to read the instructions). Here is what you will need to make a trailer with your own hands:

  • Drawings with the dimensions of the frame, drawbar, body, axles, wheels and other elements. Parameters will vary depending on the power of the power tiller, the materials used and the desired lifting capacity.
  • Square bar. Steel pipe sized 20-40 and 30-50 mm for the rudder and frame.
  • Corner. Thickness. 3-4 mm, the sides must be 30 or 40 mm.
  • Sheet iron 1.5-2 mm thick. You can replace it with plywood, planks or shallow profiled sheet. You need it for bodywork.
  • Blank for an axle. Steel pipe is suitable, its thickness is selected depending on the configuration of the wheels.
  • Fixing. Bolts, screws, nuts, self-tapping screws, etc., that are commonly used to fasten metal or wooden parts.
  • Wheels. Characteristics must be chosen according to the possible load. Tires must be pneumatic.
  • A riveting tool for joining sheet metal. Also need to be stocked with a set of rivets.
  • angle grinder and angle grinder. You’ll need circular saw blades, cutting and abrasive wheels.
  • Welding machine. It is needed for welding metal parts.
  • Drill. Instead of it, you can use a floor or table machine for drilling, countersinking and threading.

There is a simpler option. a rolling tipper truck, similar to a wrecker. It can also be used for carrying loads. The elements that make up a homemade hitch: two wheels, two pipes and a detachable drawbar. The device is convenient because it does not take much space for storage.

Types of power tiller hitch

There are the following types of coupling device for power tillers:

Building a Hitch to Pull the Tiller

  • Single or double, which are used depending on the amount of attached equipment.
  • Reinforced, which is used for heavy cultivator models. Compared to the single or double variety, this kind of coupling motorblock is much thicker and longer, due to which the attachments will plunge deeper into the ground, which will improve the quality of plowing.
  • With an adjustable angle of rotation of the shaft, which will contribute to the placement of additional equipment at the required level, it will greatly facilitate the work with motocultivator.
  • Universal, suitable for several models at the same time.

But do not get upset if you can not pick up your coupling to your motocultivator it can be made with your own hands. Some craftsmen are even able to make an entire single-axle tractor with their own hands, so it will not be difficult to build a regular hitch. For example, a hitch for a power tiller, with their own hands made from a cross, used parts and spares. On the Internet you can easily find drawings of couplings for the tiller, the main thing is to correctly calculate the dimensions. The most popular is the coupling with the U-type node.

How to make with your own hands?

In performing its functions, coupling for power tiller will bear heavy loads, which means that it is necessary to observe the recommended strength and dimensional parameters of all components of the assembly.

Then the following properties of the coupling device will be provided:

  • Guarantee of durable attachment to the power tiller;
  • attachment to the attachment equipment;
  • guarantee of the declared performance properties of the product;
  • acceptable price;
  • quality, long service life.

When selecting a modification, it is necessary to check the dimensions, drawbar hitch (towbar) of the power tiller and attachments (harrow, trailer, plow and others).

The task of the specialist is to ensure the absolute compatibility of the components, ease of use and the ability to quickly adjust the equipment for a particular task.

The main component of the multifunctional hitch is the U-shaped bracket. Through the holes on one side it is fixed to the motor vehicle by means of pins, on the other side the stand of the required attachment is fastened to the casing of the device.

required tools, materials and equipment

There is a specific set of tools that are needed to create the hitch. Basically everything that is needed to assemble such elements is available in the household of everyone who cultivates his own plot of land.

You will need such tools:

  • Angle grinder;
  • Electric drill or drilling machine;
  • measuring tools: angle, tape measure, ruler;
  • welding machine;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • fasteners (studs, bolts).

It should be noted that in this situation, it is extremely important that the holes that will be drilled in the parts are exactly the same as the studs and bolts. The gap in diameter is not necessary, because it will reduce the period of operation of the used trailers and canopies.

At the same time during the work it is important to first perform the holes in the element with the smallest diameter (from 5 millimeters), and then to drill with larger drills (up to 12-16 millimeters, according to the diameters of the bolts). Such a method will force and simplify this part of the work, while at the same time allowing you to measure the holes extremely correctly. To create the framework can be used channel of suitable size, but if it is not available, you can collect the element from an iron sheet.

Very practical modification of the adjustable coupling. such a design will give the opportunity to link attachments of different generations, classes and brands. Despite the fact that for the current period such a design is not in demand, we should not forget that in the economy will gradually appear different devices, and the possibility of convenient aggregation of each of them will seriously increase the choice, giving the opportunity to proceed only from the necessary functional features of the equipment.


Assembly of the coupling device for motor vehicles by your own forces involves the use of drawing materials. There are many different options, but it is better to take as a basis the most suitable and adjust, taking into account the characteristics of their own technique.

The drawing should show the following elements:

  • 2 U-shaped parts, equal in all characteristics, but with a different number of holes. the first 6, the second 8;
  • housing, containing 2 threads of M12 and M16 diameters and equipped with a mounting structure for fixation with one of the units;
  • adjustment element. a handle placed on the body of the element, its structure includes a screw connected to the holder and for comfort having a handle (it is important to calculate the exact direction of the holder. only up or down and so that it does not interfere during the operation of motor vehicles).

Because power tillers in all conditions involve coupling with a hitch, the subtleties of the location of the connection can be found in his present instructions.

Step by step guide

To make a multifunctional connection, you need a very smooth surface. a special work table. Plan for the manufacture of a coupling device for power tiller is as follows.

  • Make a marking according to the drawing: mark the outlines of the elements on the workpiece.
  • Use an electric drill or boring machine to bore holes along the markings. Make sure they are tight by means of a caliper and the threaded rod (bolt) with which they will be clamped. Achieve a hole with a suitable diameter so that there is no play and the fasteners do not jam.
  • Weld the joints. It is preferable to use electric arc welding where the heating is exclusive to the joint areas, without interfering with the properties of the steel.
  • Assemble the part. Join the holder and the channel with the bolts. If you have an adjustment tool, also secure it.

The fasteners through which the hitch is attached to the single axle tractor through the holes in the assemblies must be of the same quality and strength as the hitch itself.

Secondly, let us remind you that the part is made in order for the versatility of the power tiller to be extreme. With an ideally matched coupling device, it is possible to comfortably hitch and long-term productive use of each suspended or trailed equipment, including: adapter, ridger, harrow, plough, trailer, all kinds of mowers, potato planter and any other attachments.

And for the reason that the components of fixation on different equipment can be different, which usually makes it difficult for them to interact with the power tiller, a successful hitch design and the ability to adjust it solves this problem.

Mounting on a motor vehicle attachments

After assembling the part the most important thing is to join it correctly. Mounting techniques are quite simple, but it is important to follow them. In essence, attachment of the equipment to the power tiller is reduced to a rather simple action: it is necessary to make the holes of the coupling device and the linkage coincide and fix them by bolts or pins. Radial holes allow you to adjust the position of the coupling in the course of the work.

When the mounting is complete, you must tighten the components of the threaded fastening of the device with the motorized machine. Then attach the attachment.

After the initial aggregation of the devices will be followed by the final fixation, which should be performed just before the start of work. The adjusting elements (bolts) need to be loosened, to find the ideal level of locking, and then tightened using wrenches.

Depending on the structure, a removable threaded pin may be inserted on the holder, into which a screw M16 is screwed.

Mounting the structure to the power tiller

As with the main frame structure, the drawbar is also made from sectional tube. The drawbar may have a triangular shape, be in the form of a straight beam. This element on one side is welded to the spars of the trailer and reinforced with stiffening ribs, which provides high strength and reliability. On the other side, an articulated device is made and installed. You can use a tube of 1 1/4″-2″ diameter with bearings installed in the middle, which provides easy and smooth rotation, inside is installed an axle, which is fixed with a nut and a stud.

Then the hitch is connected to the factory eyelet on the motoblock. This type of connection ensures that the wheels of the trailer are independent of the position of the wheels of the mini-tractor. You can use the factory hitch for car trailers with a towbar to connect.

Single axle tractor “Neva” and attachments

Technical characteristics of a Cascade power tiller

How to make a trailer for a power tiller by yourself?

The level of the sides of the standard body is 0.3-0.35 m. The units used when transporting large material with a huge weight, it is better to equip them with frame boards. The height of such a construction would be 50-60 cm. To make it easy and comfortable to use, the tailgate is designed with a tilt-and-removal function.

The small device is characterized by the absence of a hydraulic lifting cylinder. Instead, a certain design parameters must be calculated, namely the center of gravity of the trailer and the load. It should be located on the pivot axle. This axle is aligned with the wheels of the body. This arrangement makes it easier to tip manually.

A wheelbarrow for a power tiller carrying loads weighing more than 0.35 t must have mechanical brakes. This is required in order to supplement the brakes of the power harvester with an auxiliary braking system when descending a steep slope.

Device categories

For example, a harrow or potato planter can be used as a towing device. These devices belong to the first category. The second type includes the landing-steering mechanisms. In other words, this is equipment that is only intermediate between the power tiller and any other device. These elements are considered universal and are often called adapters.

Trailed devices deserve special attention. It is considered to be a highly specialized vehicle, as it can only be used for the transportation of goods. In fact, the trailer can be used to transport almost anything, which greatly expands the functionality of the device. It is also worth noting that the trailer is a prime example of an adapter that has an elongated shape, at the end of which the wheel set is located. On top of this element is installed a capacious body, which serves to transport goods. Currently there are many different variations, differing in shape, maximum payload, and type of wheel set.

Ready-made” variants

If you start comparing factory carts for power tillers their will seem exorbitant, given the fact that such a product will be used on a limited area and on a simple route.

Although their quality still attracts the attention of many owners of power tillers, who for one reason or another do not make them at home. Although there is a lot to see. galvanized sides and bottom, brakes for every taste and padded seats with footrests. almost all kinds of comfort.

You can even get a warranty on the product. But, since they are all manufactured according to certain standards, their size, load capacity and overall design convenience, often do not meet the requirements that are set by the buyers. Therefore, a serious question of choice. to buy or make it yourself?

    Trailer is a dolly, which, in spite of its name, can be used not only with power tillers of this company but also with their analogs. And they are plenty, because, like power tillers, it is made in China.

Products of this country are known for the fact that different models and even companies use the same components, thanks to which it is possible to make repairs, replacing parts in similar models.

The same applies to attachments, or rather fixings for them.