How to make a moldboard for snow on a single-axle tractor

Manual snowplow: features and how to make it with your own hands

The design was relatively successful until I figured out how to improve it.

Snowplow second version turned out to be much simpler, more convenient, budget, and most importantly. was suitable not only for a heavy SUV, but also for an ordinary light vehicle! The new snow blower is attached behind the vehicle to a standard towbar hitch.

Snowplow has, as before, the form of a cone assembled at an angle of 90°, which allows the snow from the center of the track to move sideways. The construction is made of materials that are available in every household: a bar section of 100 × 150 mm, 12 mm thick laminated plywood (on such snow slides better), size 2500 × 1200 mm, connected by wood screws and staples. Attached metal lugs with bolts to fasten the bracket.

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The resulting design is very convenient and practical. It takes no more than 10 minutes to clean the road (about 1 km). Attach the same snow thrower to the car can be a couple of minutes: pull up to the device, hitch a bracket, attached to the towbar. and go, to clean the road!

The main advantage of this invention is that the machine pulls the snowplow instead of pushing and the load on the engine and chassis is reduced. With the new version, the machine pulls the snowplow with ease over the roughest road!

With a regular passenger car with an automatic transmission, I successfully cleared snow for 2 years. and never had a problem with either the car or the snowplow.

The total budget for the entire event was 3800, and most importantly. a colossal saving of time!

Principle of operation of the snowplow and its features

In order to build something, you first have to figure out how it works. Snowplow for power tiller simply gnawed into the thickness of the snow cover and thus cleared its way, without making huge efforts. Tested that up to 12 cubic meters of area can be cleared in a minute of work. At the same time mass is thrown from the special pipe for disposal at a speed of 70 km / h.

Therefore, it is safe to say that snow clearing with a motorblock is quite an effective way of clearing the area. It allows you not just to clear the road, but also to remove the snow as far as possible, so it does not interfere with the movement.

Before you start making a snow shovel for a power tiller with your own hands, you need to clarify all the necessary and important information about the upcoming work.

What kind of engine. gasoline or electric?? To do this, it is necessary to clearly designate the place of use of such a shovel for snow removal. If you do not plan to go beyond the yard, then an electric motor will be quite enough for you. But in the case of long-distance clearing works, it is better to use a standard gasoline motor.

What type of snow removal equipment will be? It comes in several varieties, which can significantly affect the quality of work performed in the case of the wrong version.

  • Snowmobile snowmobile boudozer. Operation is based on the front blade. This option is ideal for snow that is sticky or has been lying for a long time.
  • Screw snow blower for the tiller. The snow falls into a special pipe thanks to the gripping of the auger. And already from there flies away to a considerable distance.
  • Snowmobile blower. This snowmobile model uses special blades to work. They lift and guide the snow mass into an inclined pipe, which ejects it to the side.
  • Snowmobile vacuum cleaner (air-blower). The principle is quite simple. A single-axle snow plow tractor sucks up the snow and at high speed throws it already on the other side.

Factory models

Any firm that is engaged in the manufacture of power tillers, can also offer a number of snowplows. On sale there are popular models from manufacturers such as Kentavr, Neva, Zirka, etc. п. The only big advantage of the factory design over the homemade is that they are made of high quality steel and it is harder to damage them. over, such models last longer than homemade ones. But, on the other hand, they cost a lot.

There are a lot of variations of the factory mouldboards, so you should check before buying if this model will fit your existing power tiller. Factory snowplows are not equipped with spring mechanisms due to the low speed. If the speed of the walking tractor is low, the safety mechanisms for contact with the ground lose their meaning. over, the factory models have no mechanisms for lifting and turning the unit. This reduces the price of the factory design.

For higher performance, it is recommended to replace the regular rubber wheels with factory or homemade grousers. This will speed up the work process.

for snow plows vary. Basically

Home-made mouldboard

Those owners, who have no desire to produce a shovel, can easily buy it in a store, but due to the high cost of such units, more often the owners of private cottages and plots are interested in how to make a shovel on a single-axle tractor with their own hands. Besides, there is a lot of information and drawings on this subject on the Internet. Such features allow you not only to save money, but also to make the machine of the right parameters.

Dump trucks for agricultural machinery (power tillers, tractors, ATVs, etc.). п. ) make the snow removal process much easier. This is especially noticeable with large piles. Any snowplowing “gadget” for machinery consists of three elements: the working body, which is in contact with the snow, the mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation, and the knot of coupling with the machinery.

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Although the factory models and have many different types of designs for any agricultural devices, the self-assembly of the snowplow element is uncomplicated, and can significantly save money.

With the help of a self-made machine you can not only engage in snow removal in winter time, but also to remove trash, level the site and other necessary functions.

It does not matter what design is used by the owner. factory or the moldboard with their own hands. In any case it will have three positions:

Before starting work on clearing snow, the shovel blade should be set in the right position, based on three possible. After determining and establishing the desired position, it is fixed by means of metal cotter pins. The width of the snow throwing area usually consists of one meter, but provided the thickness of the steel used is 3-4 millimeters. Some factory models allow you to throw more snow. This is because the factory models are usually made of high-quality steel.

The lineup of motor-blade shovels

We suggest familiarizing yourself with popular factory models.

make, moldboard, snow, single-axle

Neva power tiller blade


Aggregates on Neva and Salyut power tillers

Bertolini universal shovel 80 cm

Universal shovel Bertolini 80 cm

Universal shovel for power tiller LP-1

Shovel for power shovel LP-1



Homemade snow shovel

To make your own snow shovel for the single-axle tractor “Neva”, to begin with, you will need to gather the necessary tools and materials. So, we will need:

  • Old steel barrel for 200 liters;
  • A strip of iron with dimensions of approximately 850x100x3 mm;
  • 1 m square tube with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  • M10,M12 and M8 bolts, as well as washers and nuts;
  • a set of drills on metal;
  • pliers;
  • A set of wrenches;
  • a sheet of thick, durable rubber;
  • A small, but thick, steel plate;
  • angle grinder with metal disks;
  • welding machine;
  • electric hand drill.

Once all the tools, materials and drawings are assembled, you can begin to make a moldboard for a power tiller with your own hands. The easiest solution would be to make a bucket from an old 200-liter barrel, because it initially has an optimal roundness. In this case you do not need to heat the metal sheets and bend them, giving them the desired shape. So, you need an old barrel, in which you need to cut off the lid and bottom with an angle grinder. The resulting pipe should be cut lengthwise into three equal segments. These two thirds need to be joined together along the contour using a welding machine, and the remaining third should be cut into strips with an angle grinder, which will be used to provide sufficient rigidity. One strip to attach on the sides of the shovel, and several pieces to distribute evenly along the entire length of the blade.

The design of a homemade snow plow

Now, for additional strengthening of the whole structure of the blade, you need to make a knife at the bottom of the bucket. This will require an iron strip with dimensions 850x100x3 mm. Using an electric drill drill drill three holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm and the distance between them is 100-120 mm. This is necessary to reinforce the rubber seal, which will prevent the bucket from damaging the pavement. Attach the blade to the working edge of the bucket with a bolted connection.

After assembling the snow shovel and blade you need to make and mount the blade holder. Weld a piece of pipe to the homemade power tiller blade in the center of the structure. In the middle of the tube by welding to fix a semicircle of thick sheet metal and make a few holes in it for the required angles of rotation and fixation of the blade of the power tiller.

Next, you need to take another piece of square tube and make it into an L-shaped holder. The short side of this holder is installed in the rotating semicircle, and the other end of the tube is bolted to the frame of the power unit. To adjust the height of the blade use two bolts screwed into the recess of a square tube, which is welded to the coupling and is put on the L-shaped holder. The video shows a snow shovel for the tiller and how to work with it.

Independent installation of a snowplow on a single-axle tractor

Attachment of the blade to the tiller is carried out by means of the brackets provided, which must first be installed on the engine frame of the tiller. As used additional fixators it will be necessary to use the two available in the design pull rods, which, initially, are in a non-working state. This way, the tie rods will relieve the brackets used. The blade envisaged in the design needs to be fixed in the lower horizontal edge with bolts. details about the way of attachment of the blade can be seen in the photo.

During the work it is necessary to monitor the height of the equipment, otherwise the engine of the power tiller will be subjected to increased load, and the bucket itself will scratch the decorative coating of the lawn.

Self-made snowplow can be installed and actively used on MB-1 and MB-2 Neva, Oka, Salyut, Agro, Patriot, Cascade, MTZ, Agat and other agricultural machinery of domestic and imported production. If necessary, a single-axle tractor with a moldboard can also be equipped with a sweeping brush and other devices designed for cleaning the territory.

Rules of operation of a power tiller with a homemade blade

In order to clean snow without unexpected mishaps, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules for the use of a homemade moldboard. These include:

  • To save the resource of the engine, use the snow shovel, with a height of at least 5 cm. in other cases you can only use a sweeping brush, raising the bucket;
  • When using a power tiller with a blade, put on the wheels of the unit in advance special anti-skid chains. they will prevent the machine from skidding on the ice;
  • When regularly clearing large amounts of snow, from time to time check the engine of the motoblock. when working with attachments, it succumbs to increased heat and wear, which can lead to boiling oil in the motor;
  • check regularly that the fasteners are secure. replace any brackets that are cracked immediately;
  • To ensure that the snowplow attachment does not crack or deform, carefully set the height of its position above the pavement of the lawn;
  • Never try to scrape snow residue off the pavement with the bottom of the bucket. you have a sweeping brush for this;
  • Always make sure that snow and ice chunks do not get inside your power drill through the grill and holes in the body. it can lead to engine failure, damage to the piston group and carburetor, as well as short circuit inside the wiring of the power drill. To protect the machine all the holes in its body are covered with steel shields. The latter should be set so that their rear parts were slightly bent away from the body. This will allow air to get to the engine for cooling;
  • Before installing and using the blade, install a protective plate in front of the front wheels of the power tiller. it will prevent ice and snow masses from getting on the parts of the unit suspension, melting which will lead to the formation of rust on the parts;
  • If when raising or lowering the bucket you find strange squeaks produced by the blade linkages, be sure to lubricate the bolts and brackets with solidol;
  • at the end of the winter season, before taking the moldboard to the garage for storage, thoroughly clean off any snow residue and dry it out. Afterwards, treat the surface of the bucket, linkages, mounting brackets and bolts with an anti-rust agent;
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All these tips for making, installing and operating a homemade mouldboard are suitable for power tillers Salyut, Agro, OKA, Patriot, MTZ, Agat, Kaskad, and Neva MB-1 and MB-2.

Necessary supplies

When creating equipment for snow removal with their own hands will need different materials and tools. So take care of this in advance so you don’t get distracted during the making process:

  • profile pipe;
  • conveyor belt;
  • Bolts and nuts;
  • spray can with paint;
  • chains;
  • pliers;
  • machine for welding work;
  • screwdrivers and a hammer;
  • vise;
  • file;
  • angle grinder;
  • wrench set;
  • drill;
  • electric hacksaw.

Having all of these at hand, you will quickly make a snowplow on a single-axle tractor with your own hands as quickly as possible. But do not forget that the right scheme is also needed. This will be the key to proper self-made blade.

How to make a moldboard for a power tiller with your own hands?

Shovel for power tiller. this is one of the easiest options for the blade, but this does not mean that its making will require 30 minutes of time and a minimum of improvised materials. On the contrary, if you want to make a shovel for a single-axle tractor, you will need to prepare carefully and buy all the necessary tools and materials in advance.

In order to obtain the best possible quality self-made mouldboard, be sure to study the drawings. They will tell you the size and order of attachment of the elements of the clearing device.

After studying the drawings in detail, prepare all the necessary equipment and materials. For work you will need:

  • tin plates, at least 3 mm thick. The dimensions of the sheets should be 85 x 22 x 45 cm;
  • 1 metal stand. a steel tube will do;
  • 4 stiffening ribs, about 4 mm thick;
  • a strip of steel of such length that it could encompass the moldboard. The thickness of the strip should be at least 5 mm;
  • 2 eyelets for mounting the dozer blade linkage;
  • set of washers and nuts;
  • a square tube with a cross section of 4×4 cm and a length of 1 m;
  • a set of drills, 5-6 and 8-9 mm in diameter;
  • flat piece of rubber;
  • 2 bars, each 52 cm long;
  • 1 sheet of steel, 10-12 mm thick with dimensions of 60 x 60 cm;
  • welding machine;
  • An angle grinder with steel cutting discs;
  • An electric drill or an electric drill.

With all the above materials and tools at hand, it will be easier for you to make a snowplow attachment for your power tiller. The correct procedure is as follows:

  • First make the fence bucket. To do this, take the stiffeners and weld them to a frame with three horizontal and four vertical guides.Next, heat the steel sheets with a gas burner and carefully bend the metal so that it is shaped like a bucket. Weld the finished element to the frame made of stiffeners. As a result, you should have a snow blade identical to the one shown in the photo;
  • Next, make a knife for snow removal. this element should shred the snow that has caked and strengthen the snowplow on a single-axle tractor. To make the blade, take a steel strip and drill 3 equal holes in it, which must be 5-6 mm in diameter. The distance between them should not be less than 10 cm. Next, fix the blade with bolts, putting a rubber gasket between it and the bucket;
  • The next step is to make and install the attachment mechanism. Cut off a piece of 4×4 cm tube and weld it to the back of the bucket at about the middle of the element. At the tube’s midsection, weld a detail in the shape of a semi-circle. for this take a thick piece of steel. Make three equal holes in the semicircle, which will be needed later for screwing in the bolts;
  • Next, take the same piece of pipe and make it into a holder resembling the letter “G” in shape. Insert one end of the holder carefully into one of the holes in the semicircle, and secure the other end to the frame of the power harvester;
  • You can regulate the height of the bucket by means of two bolts screwed into the surface of the openings in the square tube. In more detail about making a snowplow will tell you about the video.

Making a shovel on a single axle tractor for snow removal is necessary to check the workability of the device. First of all, test the serviceability of the blade height adjustment mechanism. this will give confidence that while cleaning in the yard you will not damage the decorative coating of the yard. The snow shovel attachment to the power harvester must not outweigh the agricultural machine. if you notice that the center of gravity of the unit and attachments is disturbed, be sure to attach weighting agents to the back of the power harvester.

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Preparing to make a snowplow

You must remember that the gas cylinder must be empty and there must not be any pressure inside it. Before you start sawing the cylinder with the angle grinder, the container must be secured as securely as possible, otherwise you could be injured while working.

Next, you need to figure out how the gas cylinder will be sawed. To do this, you need to think about how to attach the container to the rest of the structure of the homemade machine. The simplest method involves the installation on a home cultivator or single axle tractor of a mechanical shovel from a cylinder. In this case, the container must be sawed so that in the end to get from it a curved bucket of solid metal plate. In this case, the snowplow from a gas cylinder will not throw snow over a long distance, but its operation will allow you to throw away snow masses so that they do not interfere in the yard or on the sidewalk.

make, moldboard, snow, single-axle

How to make a moldboard for a power tiller with your own hands

To make a moldboard for a motor-block with your own hands is not difficult, if your household has an angle grinder, a drill and a welding machine. Here is one of the uncomplicated variants of such a product for owners of power tillers. You do not have to search for a suitable metal, because you can use a regular two-hundred liter steel barrel.

Carefully cut it into three pieces, and you get three curved segments for the shovel. Welded on the contour of the two of them, we get a product with a thickness of three millimeters, which is enough to ensure the stiffness of the moldboard.

The lower part of the moldboard is reinforced by a knife. For this you need a steel strip, 5 mm thick and as long as the catch of the moldboard. Drill a 5-6 mm diameter hole at 10-12 cm intervals in the blade to fix the rubber protective strip.

The design of the attachment of the blade to the tiller is quite simple and can be implemented in the home workshop. To the moldboard, welded from two segments of the barrel, about half of its height is welded a square tube 40×40 mm to reinforce. Then a semicircle of thick steel is welded to the tube in its middle, and three holes are made in it, which are necessary for fixing the angles of rotation of the shovel blade.

After that, the same tube is welded L-shaped bracket, one end of which is inserted into the hole in the semi-circle, and the other bolts to the frame of the power tiller. To adjust the height of the shovel, bolts A and B are used. They are screwed into the holes of a square tube, which is welded to the hitch and put on an L-shaped holder.

Shovel blade for power tiller with your own hands

The size of our shovel blade for power tillers will be 850h220h450mm. The shovel blade itself is made of 2-3 mm thick steel sheet. Racks, located inside, are made of a sheet of 3-4 mm thick and serve as stiffeners.

They are drilled on the spot holes for mounting the moldboard to the boom while taking into account the strict vertical positioning of the blade in relation to the front of the engine block.

  • 1. moldboard sheet (tin);
  • 2. rack 4 pieces (stiffeners);
  • 3. bottom moldboard sheet (tin);
  • 4. knife;
  • 5. eye bolt.

The bracket for fixing the blade is installed on the tines of the power tiller, to which the base of the front hinged support of the power tiller is also attached, and the same M10 bolts are used. To the arms with bolts M8 with wing nuts there are attached booms with length 520 mm, which are screwed to the moldboard ribs.

In the inner ribs (bars with thickness of 3-4 mm) are drilled holes for connecting the moldboard with the rods so that the moldboard is positioned vertically with respect to the power tiller. The blade is additionally secured to the power tiller with two adjusting rods: when not in use, they allow to unload the arms. A blade with dimensions 3x100x850 mm is bolted to the lower part of the moldboard.

the bottom of the moldboard is clad with tin sheeting to prevent it from digging into the ground. Width (depth) of the bottom can be less than shown in the drawing. With a blade height of 450mm and depth of 220mm, it looks more like a bucket.

Taking these recommendations as a basis and experimenting with dimensions will help to make a shovel-drow for different power tillers: Neva, Salyut, etc. Then snow shoveling with a snow blower will be easy and pleasant for you.

How to maintain a homemade snowblower?

For the snowplow to serve for a long time, and to break down as seldom as possible, its owner should adhere to a number of important rules:

  • The machine should only be stored in a damp-proof utility room;
  • It is necessary to change the engine oil regularly, drain it before storing it in the summer;
  • For lubrication, it is best to choose seasonal oils that have good characteristics;
  • It is necessary to regularly check the metal elements of the construction of the snowblower for the presence of rust. In order to protect the machine, it is better to treat its metal surfaces with an anti-corrosion substance, which can be purchased at any auto parts store;
  • After each use of the machine from the auger it is necessary to knock off the remains of stuck snow;
  • Regularly check the integrity of the snowthrower’s main components. motor, transmission, and tire pressure;
  • After each use of the machine check the integrity of the steel plates of the auger. If necessary, bend them in the right direction.

Adhering to all these rules, you will minimize the possibility of damage to the homemade snow thrower.