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Homemade motorized towing vehicle: DIY step-by-step manufacturing with photos and descriptions.

A motorized towing vehicle is a simple vehicle for moving on snow and ice. The design consists of an engine from a motorcycle or a tiller, a loading platform and a caterpillar with which the device moves. A sled sled on which the rider is placed clings to the motorized towing vehicle, the turns are carried out by tilting the motor dog towards the turn.

To build a homemade product, the author used materials:

  • Lifan engine (9 HP).
  • Safari variator.
  • Caterpillar from Ryde’s motorized towing vehicle.
  • Stars from the Buran snowmobile.
  • Chain and stars from a motorcycle.
  • Profile pipe.

Further, the process of making a homemade motor dog itself.

A frame for a towing vehicle is welded from a profile pipe.

Track rollers and track sprockets taken from the snowmobile.

Stars and caterpillar set.

Installed the engine, variator, chain drive from the variator to the driven sprocket of the caterpillar.

The trunk was welded from professional pipes.

We put a handle to control the motorized towing vehicle, to make a turn, just tilt the motor dog in the direction of the turn with the handle, the variator is controlled by tilting the handle back and forth.

Here is such a simple motorized towing vehicle made by a craftsman with his own hands, now you can go on it for winter fishing and take the right amount of cargo.

How to convert a tiller into an all-terrain vehicle: diagrams, photos, video.

  • How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller
  • Homemade ATVs from Tiller video

Consider one of the types of popular alterations. a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller. The functionality of the all-terrain vehicle coincides with the features of a tractor from a tiller, only you can get on it anywhere.

How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller

Understand an all-terrain vehicle. various means of transportation. These are tractors, snowmobiles, SUVs, and tanks. Today, most of the roads running through the countryside have no asphalt pavement. That is why those who have encountered such a problem are so interested in a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a tiller. Having a tiller, you can independently make a wheeled all-terrain vehicle that would have high cross-country ability, both on water obstacles and on snow.

We are assembling an all-terrain vehicle, the power unit of which will be a tiller. What is the main idea: we remove the steering wheel and wheels from the tiller, insert it into the frame, and the tiller’s cardan shafts go to the bridges. One of the key requirements is to prevent a drastic alteration of the tiller. In other words, I installed the tiller in the frame. it turned out to be a floating all-terrain vehicle. He took it off the frame and assembled the parts. he returned the tiller back. Here is the result of this idea.

Dimensions and dimensions of a homemade all-terrain vehicle

Overall dimensions of the all-terrain vehicle: length 3100 mm, width 1760 mm, height 1820 mm. Loading capacity 200 kg. The maximum speed is from 8 to 12 km / h. The mass of the equipment is 530 kg. The single-level frame is made of a profile tube (60x40x2). Tiller MB-3 “Neva” with a 7 hp engine is used as a power unit.

Also allows you to change three gears forward, one reverse. Installed bridges M-412. Closed discs with bolt fasteners are used. Installed tires from KAMAZ-all-terrain vehicle, chamber version. Steering fist from UAZ with SHRUS М-2141. The steering from the column is used. VAZ-1111 “Oka”. Installed transmission, mechanical brake system.

For the manufacture of the all-terrain vehicle, a tiller of the MB-3 “Neva” brand was purchased. It was selected due to the three-speed gearbox, which has a very quiet first gear. Also installed is not a very powerful engine.

Another reason for choosing a tiller is the ability to disconnect one of the wheels from the transmission. As a result, we get the ability to turn off one of the bridges on a homemade all-terrain vehicle.

The design of the all-terrain vehicle is very simple. All parts of the tiller control are located on the rear frame. This allows you to use the tiller without reworking. As a result, the Tiller control parts were used, which were completely installed on the all-terrain vehicle frame. Exceptions are the clutch control cable and pedal. Its cable, together with the lever, is removed from the tiller, and the clutch cable from the all-terrain vehicle is attached, which is connected to the pedal.

The principle of the clutch operation remains the same as on the tiller: the all-terrain vehicle drives after pressing the pedal, and stops when it is released. Engine power is sufficient for driving in third gear to drive up steep inclines.

In first gear, at minimum speed, maximum thrust is achieved, due to which the all-terrain vehicle, which is idling, overcomes difficult obstacles without straining the engine too much. To increase the maximum speed of the all-terrain vehicle, you need to increase the diameter of the drive pulley by 50%, which does not damage the traction capabilities of the tiller.

How to make a motor dog with your own hands

For lovers of hunting and fishing, a motorized towing vehicle seems to be an indispensable device. Since this kind of device is quite expensive, many are interested in whether a motor dog can be made with their own hands. The scheme and drawings, if the necessary equipment and materials are available, will make it possible to manufacture this non-standard vehicle on your own.

Manufacturing of the main structural elements

There are several elements at once that must be prepared in advance for the successful self-assembly of such a mechanism. This is a power unit that has enough power to perform this kind of task. For this purpose, gasoline-type engines equipped with 1 cylinder are used.

Other elements deserve mention:

  • tracked mechanism;
  • suspension;
  • motorized towing frame;
  • transmission.

Each of these nodes requires careful attention, and therefore it is advisable to study them in more detail. Models of Japanese manufacturers, for example, Yamaha or Honda, as well as budget Chinese counterparts are widely used as an engine. In this case, the use of motors from a tiller, chainsaws and other improvised devices is allowed.

The selection of suitable tracks should also be given due attention, since they are not only specialized, but also universal, designed for snowmobiles and other equipment. It is believed that the best option would be tracks, at least 50 cm wide, since they will make the device stable, maneuverable.

When planning to implement a transmission, it should be noted that there is a choice between mechanical, automatic gearbox and variable. Despite the accelerated wear of parts, the automatic transmission is considered preferable, since it can significantly increase the tractive effort. As a budget option, the use of a checkpoint is allowed, for example, from a VAZ.

Its reliability directly depends on the strength of the unit frame, and therefore it is advisable to make it yourself using a welding machine. For this purpose, pipes of at least 3 mm thick are suitable, which avoids deformations under serious loads.

Wanting to make a motorized dog from Buran or other mechanisms, you will need:

  • Install the engine on the frame.
  • Install the undercarriage by making a front, rear axle.
  • Connect it to the gearbox.
  • Install tracks, controls.

The suspension of the device can be roller or skid, depending on the season of intended use. The first option is suitable for use in summer, autumn or spring, and the second is exclusively for the winter period.

Homemade motorcycle dog

A self-made motorized towing vehicle made from scrap materials has a reduced operating cost and more powerful technical characteristics, in comparison with similar purchased models.

The successful manufacture of a motor dog with your own hands involves several stages at once. Among them:

  • Selection of the main structural elements with the required parameters.
  • Study of drawings, diagrams and video instructions, which allows you to avoid mistakes during assembly.
  • Direct manufacturing followed by testing.

This allows you to make the necessary changes to the design and achieve the desired operating parameters, for example, lower fuel consumption or increased speed. If desired, you can implement additional compartments for various useful tools, tackle and other types of equipment.

A motorized towing vehicle for difficult terrain

When planning to make homemade motorized towing vehicles, it is necessary to take into account that their cost will be similar to the most budget models on sale. However, they are mostly made in China, have low build quality and often break, unlike a homemade unit with increased reliability.

A self-made motorized towing vehicle is perfect for moving and transporting goods in the following conditions:

  • swampy terrain;
  • snow;
  • dirt roads;
  • uneven terrain, teeming with descents and ascents.

The device is small in size and light in weight, which allows it to be transported to the place of operation using standard vehicles without unnecessary inconvenience.

Winter motorized towing vehicle

Guided by diagrams, drawings and video instructions, it is enough to assemble a structure from pre-selected elements, which will allow you to quickly make a motorized dog. For a winter motorized towing vehicle, it is advisable to use a ski module for the driver’s platform, as well as a roller type of suspension. The rest of the design is completely identical to the standard.

What is a motorized dog

Before figuring out how to make a motor dog with your own hands, you need to consider this type of device in more detail. They are compact snowmobiles or swamp vehicles equipped with an engine. The main elements of a motorized dog are a caterpillar-type towing vehicle, as well as a sled attached to it.

Depending on the specific modification, this kind of mechanism may have other components, for example, a cargo platform located on a tractor. The power units used in the design of this vehicle are equipped with low-power motors. from 6 to 13 hp, which allows you to move over rough terrain at a low speed, about 30-40 km / h.

It should be noted that a motorized dog from a cultivator does not imply a braking system, this makes driving at high speed unsafe. The device is in high demand among fans of fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation. It is used for various economic tasks, transportation of small loads.

It is advisable to include the following features among the characteristic advantages of motorized towing vehicles:

  • simplicity of design, allowing you to assemble such a device yourself;
  • the highest cross-country ability, due to which it is possible to move even in difficult terrain;
  • low cost of operation, maintenance, repair.

By their design, such devices resemble classic snowmobiles, however, the driver’s position is located outside the towing vehicle, which can significantly reduce its weight, increasing cross-country ability.

The products are great for winter fishing enthusiasts, because, due to their low weight, they easily move on the surface of frozen lakes, without creating a threat of ice breaking.

How to make a caterpillar with your own hands: methods and a step-by-step master class on how and from what to make a caterpillar (115 photo video)

ATVs are a versatile vehicle that can take you to the right place in catastrophically bad weather conditions.

Most often, all-terrain vehicles are used in the northern and eastern part of our large country, where frosts prevail, heavy rains and the terrain where an ordinary car cannot pass.

It should be noted that all-terrain vehicles are driven by wheels and tracks. The latter just likes to break down often and give its owners a bunch of problems to repair or completely replace this component.

As you might have already guessed, we will talk about how to make tracks for an all-terrain vehicle with your own hands.

Summary of the review:

  • Tracks for all terrain vehicle
  • Track for UAZ
  • Making a tractor on tracks
  • Tiller tracks
  • DIY photo of a caterpillar for an all-terrain vehicle

Tracks for all terrain vehicle

As a rule, tracks for homemade all-terrain vehicles are made from a high-strength conveyor belt, which lends itself well to all kinds of deformations while driving. It does not require special care, all you need is to clean it from time to time.

In the tape there are professional pipes with a characteristic section, it is with their help that the all-terrain vehicle can cover distances in the most unfavorable weather.

So, let’s now talk in more detail about the creation of caterpillars. To work you will need the following materials:

  • Bolts and nuts of various shapes and sizes.
  • Profile pipe with section.
  • Massive reinforcement.
  • Conveyer belt.

You should also have the following tools in your arsenal:

  • Powerful drill.
  • Welding machine.
  • Big hammer.
  • Universal wrench set.
  • Track crimping machine.

Based on the dimensions of the track, you need to prepare the appropriate bolts and nuts. Next, take the rebar and start to round it with a crimping machine. Then, with a welding machine, it is necessary to weld the letter V at the top of the reinforcement.

For a more detailed understanding of the actions, we recommend watching the video on how to make caterpillars with your own hands.

After the work done, you will have a homemade track that needs to be attached to another track, etc. The result of the work will be a reliable track for an all-terrain vehicle.


Any means capable of driving off-road and even overcoming water obstacles are considered to them in everyday life.

There are plenty of varieties of all-terrain industrial equipment:

  • off-road vehicles;
  • swamp walkers;
  • amphibians;
  • tracked tractors and conveyors;
  • ATVs;
  • ATV category cars, etc.

Their cost is not affordable for everyone, so in home workshops they prefer to create their own exclusive products, “changing” their cars to self-made tire tracks for an all-terrain vehicle.

Depending on the power of the vehicle engine, wider webs can be allowed.

For homemade all-terrain vehicles with a 40-70 hp engine. and with a small weight load, a tape 30-40 cm wide is enough.

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For UAZ vehicles with 110-150 hp engine requires a 40 cm wide track with track rollers (6 pcs.) and support rollers (3 pcs.).

Naturally, to overcome the water obstacle, the height of the tractor tire profile will not be enough, it is necessary to install high lugs.

The figure shows an all-terrain vehicle based on a car “Oka” with a tracked belt made of tires.

The main categories of popular vehicles equipped with main engines

The list of models of household vehicles and motor vehicles operating on loose snow and swampy soils is unusually wide.

The names of the machines themselves, adopted in everyday life, indicate their field of application.


Represented by numerous mobile devices based on a single-axle chassis. Self-made versions of tillers converted for the State Duma are widely in demand among rural residents and owners of country houses or summer cottages.

The motivation for self-re-equipment of the units, bypassing the purchase of serial tracks, is obvious.

The cost of a NEVA wheeled tiller does not exceed 1000, while the simplest machines adapted for driving on snow are estimated at 5-10 thousand and more.

The power of the tiller drive (5-8 hp) is quite enough to be successfully operated as an all-season vehicle


This is a vehicle designed to travel on loose snow cover.

In contrast to Englishism “snowmobile”, which means any vehicle adapted to driving on snow (snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles on caterpillars and pneumatic wheels, etc.), in Russia only means of ski-caterpillar movement are called a snowmobile (rear main engine, in front. skis instead of the front wheel) with controls similar to motorcycle.

For utility snowmobiles, the engine power is 30-40 hp, the track width ranges from 38 cm to 50 cm and even 60 cm.

Accordingly, if the master sets as his task to create a machine for movement on virgin snow with a load, then he should be guided by these indicators.

Similar parameters must be maintained when creating the so-called snow and swamp vehicles.

If the master needs to make a more high-speed snowmobile (by the type of sports), then the width of the track from the tire can be reduced.

The weight loads of the speeder are much lower than those of the utility utility vehicle.

The illustration shows a motorcycle-based snowmobile equipped with a 23cm homemade track cut from an excavator tire.

For the rest, a homemade track for a snowmobile with your own hands is made according to the basic principle.

How to make tracks for equipment from tires with your own hands

When operating in off-road conditions, tracked vehicles have undeniable advantages over wheeled vehicles due to their all-terrain qualities, which allow them to overcome deep loose snow, soggy arable land or stony ford.

The popularity of tracked vehicles among household users is so great that many home craftsmen independently “change” their wheeled vehicles into homemade products. tracks made from scrap materials.

One of the options for re-equipment is the use of old tires from MTZ tractors, which makes it possible to significantly increase the cross-country ability of personal auto and motor vehicles with minimal financial costs.

Motorcycle dogs

Motorized towing vehicles, nicknamed in everyday speech motor dogs, are a mechanical coupling of a sleigh with a towing vehicle on the main engine. The driver and the load are placed in the sleigh.

Serial models are produced in a wide range of drive power (from 6 to 30 hp) and are equipped with a main engine made of rubber-metal tape up to 60 cm wide.

Craftsmen usually make tugs based on a 15 hp engine from improvised means, installing tracks from 500 mm wide tires.

Such self-made motorized dogs are capable of transporting sledges with a load of up to 700 kg, developing speeds of up to 40-50 km / h.

Most often, a home-made caterpillar for a motor dog is made from a tire to save money.

The photo shows a homemade motorized towing vehicle based on the tiller.

DIY caterpillar manufacturing algorithm

A caterpillar track for any model from the above categories of equipment is made from tires of various sizes corresponding to the selected design. We will analyze step by step how to make a caterpillar from a tire.

The work on the production of the tape is of a unified nature and is subject to a general algorithm.

Special knowledge in the manufacture of a caterpillar from a tractor or car tire is not required, however, certain locksmith skills cannot be dispensed with.

The process of forming a caterpillar track from an MTZ tire consists of several stages:

  • A tire with a slightly worn tread pattern is selected.
  • A track is cut for the track using a sharpened boot knife. Working with a sharp knife is traumatic and requires increased care and attention.
  • To better cut the rubber, it is recommended to periodically moisten the knife with soapy water.
  • Cutting with a knife can be successfully replaced with a jigsaw, protecting against possible injury.
  • Both tire sidewalls are cut off.
  • Excess material is removed from the inside of the tire.

The criterion for a well-done work is a smooth cut without tousled edges of the resulting tape.

Thus, the track element is ready to use:

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which will be needed to make a tiller

what is)) And there is a Minsk engine with 12 V ignition

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  • which the

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What it can be converted into

To create alterations from a motor unit, you only need basic knowledge of mechanics and the availability of tools. Robust block design, very well designed by the engineers, allows the unit to be modified.

The most common are the following typical designs:

  • snowmobile;
  • mini tractor;
  • all-terrain vehicle or karakat;
  • swamp-going vehicle;
  • ATV;
  • motorized dog;
  • lawn mower;
  • dump;
  • potato digger;
  • potato planter.

The mini tractor is perhaps the most popular homemade product. This design has a higher level of comfort compared to a motor unit. Here you need to take into account the factor of displacement of the center of gravity. This problem is solved by installing a second driven axle and increasing the front. A mini tractor is often complemented by a trailer.

On the basis of the tiller, you can design an ATV or a karakat.

Boat motor

You just need to attach a tiller to the hull of the boat, and instead of cutters, put aluminum blades, which should be located in the same plane with the shaft (perpendicular to the movement). The upper parts of the blades will move through the air, the lower ones will sink into the water. This makes it possible to develop a sufficiently high speed.

Making a snowmobile with your own hands

Observing a certain algorithm for installing homemade products from a motor unit, you can avoid numerous mistakes. Snowmobile equipment from a tiller must be assembled in a specific sequence. Let’s consider step by step the process of making a snowmobile from the “Neva” tiller.

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First, a sketch of the future structure is drawn up:

  • homemade frame (1);
  • the second sprocket of the intermediate shaft (2);
  • the intermediate shaft (3)
  • the first sprocket of the intermediate shaft (4);
  • driven track shaft sprocket (5);
  • track drive sprocket (6);
  • the drive shaft of the caterpillar (7);
  • two racks of the support ski (8);
  • two track idlers (9);
  • the axle of the idler rollers (10);
  • hitch (11);
  • tensioner (12);
  • four drum flanges (13);
  • four flanges of the drive sprocket (14);
  • steering column (15).

We design a suspension

The suspension system for snowmobile vehicles consists of front and rear suspensions. These elements are designed to provide the smoothest ride possible so that the driver does not feel vibrations while driving over bumps.

Telescopic suspension is one of the most common and simplest designs. It consists of a shock absorber and a spring, which are in the rack. Therefore, the suspension dampens shock-type vibrations. As a rule, the technique with its use shows decent maneuverability.

In order to make the rear and front suspensions independent, the side members must be connected to the strut and the steering bushing. With this option, smoothness is ensured. For the front suspension, you can also use the original motorcycle shock absorbers.

Wood splitter

Harvesting firewood seems easy only at first glance. However, this requires endurance and considerable strength. A wood splitter from a motor unit is a convenient and simple device that even a teenager can handle. Inexpensive device allows you to save time, get rid of monotonous and hard work.


The easiest way to make lighting is to use a “native” electric generator. Manufacturers of motor vehicles provide for such an opportunity and install electric generators with a power reserve. Therefore, there is enough energy to power additional electrical equipment: direction indicators, headlights, sound signal.

Connecting the light from is quite simple:

  • The generator must be wired to a switch on the steering column.
  • From the switch, wiring is routed to the equipment: sound signal, headlight, direction indicator.
  • The wires are placed in a protective channel so that they do not interfere with the driver.

You can use halogen lamps to illuminate your unit, but they quickly fail. It is better to make a headlight from a device with five-watt LEDs, which economically consume electricity, shine brightly and far.

Pros and cons of a homemade snowmobile

  • Low cost. It is because of the price that many do not buy ready-made models, but they themselves create snowmobile equipment from a motor unit. If we compare the cost of finished devices, then their price can be 10 times more expensive than a homemade design.
  • Choice of parameters. Some homemade designs are more powerful than branded popular snowmobiles.
  • Reliability. Snowmobile equipment of even branded manufacturers often breaks down during use. For their own all-terrain vehicle, people choose only high-quality materials.

Russian products

The optimal solution with a reasonable price. Options with a V-belt transmission, or the transmission of torque to a mower, snow blower or brush, have gained popularity among buyers. In any case, the process is not complete without the participation of a special belt.

A feature of our developments is a simple device of the clutch system. This makes maintenance and repairs easier. Of the maintenance procedures, only belt replacement remains. Even Soviet engineers designed a gearbox, which is recognized as one of the most successful on the market. Professional motors of imported production are used. The units are functional and reliable. They are slightly inferior to imported ones, but in cost they are far ahead.

Homemade mini tractors

Ideal for small areas. Almost everyone who understands technology can collect them, even at the minimum level.

Do-it-yourself mini tractor from a tiller

The first stage of the work consists in drawing up the drawing. And preparation of equipment. If you have the appropriate skills, you can develop a scheme for demonstrating nodes and mechanisms yourself. If there is not enough knowledge, then it is easy to find specialized images on the Internet.

As for the components, ready-made factory kits are suitable for them. They are still cheaper than the mini tractor itself. But this option is suitable only for those who do not want to save on absolutely everything.

Making a homemade tractor will become impossible without:

  • angle grinder and discs for working with metal.
  • Fasteners and hardware. The latter designation is used for bolts and nuts.
  • Channel bars and pipes with a metal base.
  • Drill coming with drill sets.
  • Welding equipment.
  • Tool kits.

You cannot do without two suitable wheels, along with a hitch and a driver’s seat, steering gear, pedals, and the tiller itself. It must have a sufficient power level. Heavy duty diesel powered unit. ideal.

Chinese tillery

Basically, these are copies of Russian models. Their cost is lower, but it is achieved not only due to cheap labor, but also savings on materials for production, technological equipment. This negatively affects the quality of finished products.

How to make a mini tractor from Tiller Neva

First, we purchase the tiller itself, on which a hook is already pre-mounted, factory or in the form of a homemade product. Then it will be possible to attach trailers with a body, on which cargo is easily transported, regardless of size. There are other additional details that add comfort when using:

  • Brake and gas pedals.
  • Seat.
  • Steering Wheel.

The volume of Neva tillers is usually in the range of 6-8 liters. Therefore, a mini-tractor with such a basis requires a minimum number of modifications.

If you have an electric welding and an angle grinder along with additional tools, you can create a dump truck yourself. The main thing is to give a special design to the frame mount, and to make it so that the mini tractor from the tiller can tilt the trailer, turn it. The controls for these devices duplicate each other, so the tiller can be used separately, simply by disassembling a small tractor.

Mini tractor from Tiller Agro

As always, we prepare several main parts in advance. these are the steering and braking system, additional wheels, and the hydraulic system. Hydraulics are needed for the system to work normally in combination with attachments. Extra wheels are easy to get from a regular car.

In the case of the tiller Agro, additional actions will be required to strengthen the driving axle shaft together with wheel gears. Let us assume that the engine is located behind the device. Then the load will be distributed as evenly as possible.

Minitractor based on MTZ Tiller

This tiller has one difference from other standard models. it is equipped with a two-cylinder diesel engine. This causes the center of gravity to be in front when the device is actively operating. Because of this, the workflow is noticeably complicated. But you can fix the problem by proceeding as follows:

  • We use the mode of operation with mowers.
  • The platform in front is fully dismantled.
  • It is replaced by a wheel from the front of the motorcycle, for which we use bolts. At the same time, the steering wheel is put on.
  • In the upper part of the frame there is a niche where the steering rod is installed. Here it is necessary to fix the adjusting rod, then the structure will receive an increase in strength and hardness.
  • We connect the platform and the mount for the driver’s seat with electric welding.
  • The engine must have an additional platform where the hydraulic valve with the battery is placed.
  • The rear part is connected to an additional metal frame for the hydraulic system.
  • Front motorcycle seat ideal for handbrake placement.

Let’s get a compact mini-tractor with three wheels.

Additional tiller equipment

I would like to note that most homemade products can be divided into several broad categories. standard attachments and a major reconstruction of the tiller, when a motorized unit will act as the basis. Most gardeners and gardeners have the following improvements for mechanized tillage devices:

  • snow removal system;
  • system for moving bulk building materials: sand, crushed stone, etc.;
  • lawn mower for mowing lawns and removing weeds;
  • a system of planting and digging potatoes, which greatly simplifies the cultivation of this vegetable crop;
  • plow and devices for hilling green spaces.

But before improving the tiller, it is important to understand that the device must have a sufficient power reserve. Although in most cases, gasoline and diesel devices were developed at the production stage with a margin of power characteristics and it is simply stupid for a home craftsman not to take advantage of this.

If we consider tillers powered by electricity, then they may not always be able to, come up for experiments. It is for this reason that homemade products are used for equipment operating on liquid fuel.

Homemade products for the tiller. improving the mini tractor

Many summer residents and land owners have already appreciated all the advantages of a modern tiller, which greatly simplifies the process of soil cultivation. Such a device has a powerful engine running on gasoline or diesel fuel, which is mounted on a wheelbase. Due to its design, such equipment helps people to perform many tasks in the garden or in the vegetable garden. But as you know, a modern person always strives to improve any technique, this also affected tillers, which are equipped with additional home-made devices that significantly expand the functionality of the mini tractor.

Universal Tillers. an opportunity for experimentation

Re-equipment of modern tillers

I would like to note that with certain skills of a locksmith, due perseverance and the presence of all the necessary consumables from an ordinary powerful tiller, you can make a miniature multifunctional tractor with your own hands using a pre-drawn up project. However, there is no limit to improving homemade products from a tiller, and each person, with a great desire and small financial investments, will be able to make a whole multifunctional harvester to facilitate work on a personal plot.

In order for a self-made tractor, assembled by hand, to serve without breakdowns for a sufficiently long period, it is important to choose the right gasoline tiller, the power of which will be enough to withstand additional loads. Plus, it is desirable that the unit be with the most extended wheelbase. In this regard, the Tillers of the Cascade or Bison model range are perfect, which have established themselves among consumers as reliable and practical devices.

Such powerful and high-quality tillers will be able to plow a vegetable garden or pull a trailer full of load behind them, or, if there are tracks, drive along impassable off-road or mow grass on the lawn, as well as perform many other useful works on a personal plot.

Scope of using homemade products from Tiller

Already, many DIYers who have converted their tiller into a homemade multifunctional tillage, mobile or traction device have been able to fully appreciate such improvements. All kinds of homemade products are used to clear snow, collect cut grass, cultivate a garden, plant and harvest potatoes, transport various goods and in many other areas of agriculture. In general, the improvement of a powerful tiller is limited only by the financial capabilities and imagination of its owner.

Do-it-yourself snowmobile from a tiller

The best way to get around snowy roads or fields is a snowmobile. But many of these designs are expensive, so you can often see a snowmobile that is built from a tiller. It is worth remembering that such a design can be made only with certain skills.

What powertrain is required to create a snowmobile

Most often, craftsmen use a unit that is installed on the Tiller Neva. It is a four-stroke gasoline engine with one cylinder. This device has air cooling. Such a motor is lightweight and has a manual start system. Repair of such a device can be carried out even by a person who has minimal knowledge of engine operation.

Using the described motor, you can make a good working snowmobile that can be used for driving on snowy ground. If you decide to purchase a tiller, including for creating an all-terrain vehicle, you should think about the type of engine. Gasoline and diesel units have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For all-terrain vehicles, motors from Chinese chillers are usually used, since they are low cost and at the same time easy to maintain. Before starting to create an all-terrain vehicle, it is worth remembering that the chassis is best done with independent wheel suspension. This will provide a comfortable ride.

If a tracked all-terrain vehicle is being created, the frame must be one-piece, and when designing a wheeled version, it is necessary to create an articulated structure.

Skids and engine

Wide skis are used as runners, which are attached to the steering column using a swivel joint. For the front suspension, use motorcycle shock absorbers.

The engine is mounted on the leading part of a homemade snowmobile. In this case, before installing the engine, you must decide what exactly to use. wheels or tracks. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages.

If wheels are installed, the all-terrain vehicle from the tiller will be more maneuverable. If you make tracks, the cross-country ability of the snowmobile increases, but at the same time it becomes heavier.

How a Tiller Converts to a Snowmobile

The snowmobile is based on the tiller, since many site owners have this unit. At the same time, tillers are usually not used in winter. Having built a simple snowmobile, you can install an engine from a tiller on it, which can be returned back after the end of winter.

Created snowmobiles usually have a power of about 7 hp, which allows you to carry two people with a small load.

In order to assemble an all-terrain vehicle from a tiller with your own hands, you must have the following main parts and tools:

  • welding machine;
  • engine;
  • pipe bender.

You will also need additional details, which you can learn about in a more detailed examination of the design of the snowmobile. Before making a snowmobile, it is worth drawing up a detailed drawing.

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Stages of assembling a snowmobile from a tiller

The most common option is light “karakats”, which are characterized by good cross-country ability, provided by large cameras. Such machines are created in several stages:

  • The choice of the basis for the all-terrain vehicle. Usually, a frame from a Ural or Izh motorcycle is chosen as the basis. It is worth noting that the cars created on the basis of the Izh motorcycle are more maneuverable. The machines created using such frames are distinguished by good cross-country ability on various types of soil, as well as on deep snow.
  • Creation of suspension and rear axle of a snowmobile. In order to make an independent rear and front suspension, it is necessary to connect the side members with a strut and a steering bush. This suspension ensures a smooth ride.
  • Installation of wheels. ATVs usually use cameras from a truck. They are attached to the suspension through the hub. Such wheels provide ease of control of the all-terrain vehicle and safety of its use.
  • Installing the engine. After the suspension with wheels is installed, you can start securing the engine. After complete assembly, the car should be tested at low speed.


Snowmobile tracks can be made with your own hands using the following materials:

  • conveyor belts;
  • motorcycle chains;
  • water pipes.

The speed of a homemade snowmobile can be about 60 km / h, so safety precautions must be followed while driving.

For light snowmobiles, a tiller is usually made from a conveyor belt and roller chain. To create such tracks, you do not need to have any skills or have specialized equipment.

To extend the life of the tape, its edges are stitched with fishing line. In this case, the step between the stitches should be equal to 1 cm. This will prevent the tape from loosening. To form a ring, the tape is sewn from the ends.

The choice of the thickness of the tape used depends on the capacity of the unit being created. The higher it is, the thicker the tape should be.

Snowmobile design

To correctly assemble an all-terrain vehicle from a tiller, you first need to depict it on the diagram. Typically, a structure consists of two parts: driven and driven. The first named part consists of the following elements:

  • shock absorbers
  • steering column;
  • runners.

The leading part consists of a power unit, drive and frame. After creating the drawing, you can start welding the frame. For greater strength, it is worth using pipes that are used to create frames for motorcycles. But you can also use products that are used for the construction of a water supply system. You can give the pipes the desired shape using a pipe bender.

To avoid mistakes when creating a frame, you should first fix the elements of the system with spot welding. Only then can the joints be welded with a continuous seam.

After creating the frame, brackets are welded to it, which are necessary to secure the engine, runners and seat.

Trailer attachment and additional elements

The two-wheel single-axle tiller can be made 4-wheel and 2-axle with a small trailer. It needs to be tightly welded to the tiller frame.

First, a metal bar approximately 0.5 m long must be welded to the end of the drawbar.It is attached at the junction point of the trailer and the tiller parallel to the main axis.

Having retreated from the edge by 6 cm, 1 hole is drilled on each side of the bar. Additional fastening will be provided by metal clamps, they must be thrown over the tiller axis and fastened with bolts and locknuts, to which the cross is pre-welded. The bolt is then passed through the holes in the crosspiece and in the clamp.

Such a complex fastening will be a reliable lock for the trailer and the entire structure as a whole. This will reduce the maneuverability of the snowmobile, but increase its stability.

An old but still strong sled can be used as a place for passengers. They are easy to attach to the tiller with your own hands. For transporting luggage, the sled can be attached to the rear of the welded frame.

It is better to use wooden skis for snowmobile runners. In plastic, the grip is noticeably worse. They are attached to the steering column with special hinges. It is necessary to install undercuts on the skis. To do this, you can use a metal rod with a cross section of 8 mm.

Shock absorbers must be installed on the snowmobile. this will provide comfort while riding. Which shock absorbers will be installed (new or removed from the old motorcycle) must be determined in advance. You can install the linkage from the motorcycle. This will make the correct construction.

How to make a wheeled snowmobile from a tiller

To convert a tiller into a snowmobile on wheels, it must have a lot of power. Otherwise, the unit simply will not be able to move on slippery ice or snow.

Another important consideration is the design of the frame and drive of the machine. Here it is necessary to make sure that each wheel is equipped with its own drive. This design simplifies management and ensures safety in all conditions. You can make a snowmobile with three or four wheels, but it should be borne in mind that in the first case the car will be less stable.

To increase the stability of the vehicle, you can combine wheels and wide skis.

DIY wheeled snowmobile. diagram and drawing of the device

Preparing to make homemade snowmobiles from a tiller

Do-it-yourself snowmobile from a tiller. drawing
The scheme of a homemade snowmobile from a tiller can be conditionally divided into a leading and a driven part. The leading part includes a frame, a power unit and a drive, and the driven part consists of runners, shock absorbers and a steering part.

After creating a drawing, based on it, you need to make a layout of the future car from cardboard.

Before drawing a drawing, you need to decide for what purposes the machine will be used. A lot of nuances depend on this, which will need to be visually displayed on the diagram. And also, starting from the options for using the snowmobile, structural elements are selected.

Another feature of homemade snowmobiles is the installation of an engine and gearbox. These elements are located on the leading part of the future device.

Four principles for making an ATV tire yourself

  • 1. Two discs made of sheet metal are bridged with each other. Then they are attached to the sleeve and the camera is put on them. It is fixed with sections of the conveyor belt. For greater protection of the camera, a protector from another camera is sometimes used.
  • 2. Attach one disc to the bushing. Then jumpers are attached to it, to which the side rings are riveted or welded.
  • 3. The construction is similar to the previous construction principle. In this case, when installing the center disc, a spoke made of pipe or sheet metal is required.
  • 4. The fourth principle is to mount two discs on the hub, like a wheel disc from a scooter.

This concludes. Of all the options, you can use the one you like best. You just need to decide what is the purpose of the machine and get down to business!

Homemade mini snowmobile option

In rural areas and in the suburbs in the winter season, it is very difficult to do without a special device that allows you to quickly overcome snowy roads. There, homemade mini-snowmobiles are used for these purposes. They have many advantages over conventional machines:

Snowmobile layout

  • The greatest maneuverability and cross-country ability.
  • Less fuel consumption.
  • Simpler design.
  • Save space in the garage.
  • Available materials are used in the manufacture.
  • Small size reduces the risk of falling into loose snow.

If you carefully think over the design and all the nuances, then for the manufacture of a mini-snowmobile minimum costs will be required.

General construction rules

Homemade products for driving on snow are varied in appearance, size, layout, power, and even in the principle of movement. But in each variety there are nodes that provide the properties necessary for snowmobiles, namely:

  • Don’t fall into the snow.
  • Move on the surface with minimal friction and in the desired direction.

Obviously, the probability of sinking into the snow and the friction force depend on the weight of the unit, the contact area, the shape of the contact surface with the snow. Of course, the condition of the snow has its effect, but which must be taken into account.

To fulfill the main purpose, the following components are always present in the design of a snowmobile:

  • supports in the form of runners, wheels or tracks to support the weight of the structure with passengers on the snow surface,
  • engine with gearbox, transmission device and fuel tank,
  • propellers pushing the structure along the snow surface,
  • steering gear that changes the vector of interaction with the snow to turn,
  • frame on which all units are mounted.

Making homemade products simplifies the availability of parts from specialized equipment. Spare parts from Buran snowmobiles or any tools and vehicles with a motor of scooters, motorcycles, tillers are often taken. The area for creativity when creating each node is huge. There are many varied and proven solutions for every detail.

Snowmobile from Tiller. how to make decent transport for the winter?

But it turns out that the tiller may have a second life. From it “Kulibins” can make an ATV, a motorized dog, a swamp vehicle or a snowmobile. Exactly how to make a snowmobile from a tiller, we will try to figure it out, about this below, join.

Many owners of tilers for the winter hide their equipment in sheds or garages, not suspecting that they can open a “second front” by converting the tiller into a snowmobile for the winter.

Snowmobile attachment for tiller

A variety of snowmobile solutions for tillers are sold in limited editions. Main advantages over a factory snowmobile

  • Low cost
  • Compact size for transport and storage
  • Fast assembly and disassembly of the structure
  • No tiller modifications required
  • maintainability

Here is one of the options for such a ready-made set-top box:

Such an all-terrain vehicle will help when transporting goods both on snow and on mud.

And here is a similar option. a prefix to the tiller. The manufacturer produces devices both for specific models and for self-adaptation to any brand and model of the cultivator.

All such a unit is about 40 kg. The maximum speed is up to 20 km / h. Time required for installation. 10-15 minutes.

Video of work as a snowmobile:

Tiller-Based Tracked Snowmobile Fun Roller:

Snowmobile from Tiller

The tiller is the most convenient option. This is an almost ready-made construction for assembling a snowmobile. True, it is worth noting that a motorized cultivator will rather be a motorized towing vehicle, also called a motorized dog, than a full-fledged snowmobile. First of all, due to the low power of the cultivators and low speed. But for transporting goods and yourself, a good option.

Since there are many models of tilers, there is no single universal scheme for building a snowmobile in principle. As a rule, everything is “collective farm” from available materials with a minimum investment.

And so, consider several models of homemade snowballs collected by the craftsmen of our vast homeland.

Tiller snowmobile without track

This option will require minimal design changes, which will be very pleasing when spring comes and the need for sowing.

As a rule, for driving on snow, other wheels of a larger diameter are installed on the cultivator, like those used on caracats. Such wheels do not have a hard tire, because with a large diameter, this greatly increases the weight, and as such there is no need, because when moving on snow, wheel wear is minimal. Therefore, they leave the tire and tighten it with bundles to maintain its shape and improve grip on snow.

An example of such a snowmobile:

In this homemade product, the wheels are tied with chains for greater reliability.

And here is an option with a higher carrying capacity.

Rear platform on skis, large diameter wheels are also installed, the outer part of the wheels is additionally protected:

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