How to make a mulcher for a power tiller. Design features and purpose of a homemade mulcher

Mulcher for power tiller with his own hands

To begin with, we should study the design of this equipment. As a rule, among its components:

  • a shaft with blade mounts;
  • Single axle tractor mounts;
  • Gearbox equipped with a pair of belt pulleys;
  • an iron frame for assembly;
  • protective cover;
  • 2 floating type bearings;
  • A piece of conveyor belt;
  • two wheels.

Next, you need to prepare all the necessary parts and materials. Namely: iron corners, thick pipe (similar to that which is traditionally used in mobile drilling rigs), 2 bearings, ready-made gearbox on belt transmission (can be taken from old machinery), V-blades of different length, a pair of wheels with adjustable height of landing, iron barrel cut in half (or something else suitable as a protective cover), conveyor belt or other very thick and wear resistant material, but flexible. The last one will serve the operator to protect his feet.

The mulcher is assembled in the following order:

  • A frame is welded from the angle, about 85×65. this is optimal.
  • The front of the frame is equipped with a hook to connect it to the tiller (any removed from an old machine will do).
  • A piece of thick pipe of the desired length is used as a shaft (0.7 m, Ø 0.58 cm).
  • We mount a pair of floating bearings on it, which hold the shaft and the frame together.
  • The gearbox is mounted on the frame, one of its belt transmission is connected to the motor block, and the other to the pipe.
  • Blades are welded to the shaft in four rows. The long ones go around the edges and in the third row, with a little smaller ones between them, then even smaller ones every five centimeters. Everything should look like a spiral, but on the reverse side of the pipe the cutting tools are placed in reverse order.

A pair of wheels is then attached to the frame for mobility. these must be mounted on a hub with an adjustable suspension height.

An old metal barrel is cut in half lengthwise and installed on the frame, covering the whole farm.

9.The final touch is the installation of protective tape, which can simply be nailed or bolted to the edge of the barrel.

Before using the made attachments must be tested on the sufficiency of power and strength of connections.

Making such a useful farm mulcher on a single axle tractor is not difficult at all, if you adhere to the above recommendations. over, it successfully fits on power tillers produced by Neva, MTZ, Kaskad, Agro and Mole.

Specifics of the woodchopper

The woodchopper for power tillers is an attachment that can be combined with all models of heavy-duty power tillers. It is often installed on power tillers Neva, Zubr, Agro and others. There are only two restrictions to the use of this attachment:

The equipment has a standard design:

Mulching Paper Agriculture | मल्चिंग पेपर देसी जुगाड़, रेट, फायदे की पूरी जानकारी | Indian Farmer

  • The presence of a strong metal cone with a screw thread and a thin, sharp tip on the bed;
  • the head is driven by the power take-off shaft belt. After turning on, the shaft begins to rotate, the cone is screwed into the log and splits it. Getting to work, the wood should be held until the shaft is completely screwed into the wood;
  • Availability of adjustable table for ready firewood.

the logs are split with a special threaded cone. It easily penetrates wood fibers, breaking them apart. This is how the logs are split in half. The woodchopper is easy to use, mobile, reliable and fast.

The process of making a mulcher for a power tiller

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It is worth noting that, because of its design features such a unit will not crush the thick stalks of corn, but deal with all the haulm in the garden, it will be all 5 points!

Many farmers often wonder what to do with the grass and bushes that instantly grow before planting and after harvest. The answer is simple enough. the mulcher on a single axle tractor will help get rid of them. This simple device shreds weeds and wild bushes, turning them into high-quality organic fertilizer, which can later be used to grow cultivated plants.

Features of the mulcher for power tiller

The specifics of the mower-mulcher for a power tiller allows you to perform with its help quite a few tasks in preparation for planting and maintenance, without making any special efforts.

The characteristics of typical mulchers include the following:

  • the design is designed for an average power unit of 6 l.с.;
  • Depending on the model, it is attached to the power tiller at the front or at the back;
  • Speed of rotation of the shaft and cutting components. 1500 revolutions per minute;
  • for shredding plants up to approx. 20 mm.

Given the capabilities of the mulcher, it can be used:

  • for row spacing in orchards and vineyards;
  • For shredding stubble;
  • for debranching before plowing a fallow field.

In this video we will look at a homemade mower mulcher:

Contrary to a conventional mower, the mulcher not only cuts grass and bushes, but also shreds plants at high speed, turning them into quality fertilizer and distributing them over the soil surface. It can also be used to shred straw, potato haulm and any other plants. It’s no secret that large plant fragments, in fact, turn into garbage on the site, as they either dry out or rot for a long time, which is not good for the soil. The shredded plants decompose in record time, and the soil absorbs maximum valuable substances from them, enriching it for new plantings.

It would seem that such a useful device should have much more popularity among farmers and owners of homestead plots than it has to date. The reason for this is simple: in most cases, commercially available mulching machines are suitable for larger vehicles than are used on small and medium-sized plots. There are several models that are compatible with mini-tractors, but their characteristics require a power unit of at least 25 liters.с., whereas most power harvesters have 5-9 hp.с. Therefore, in order to get a mulcher in your farm, you can only assemble it yourself.

What the hell is a mulcher??

The purpose of the mulcher is to chop and distribute straw, potato and tomato leaves, and other plants in an even layer on the soil surface. Large debris either dries out or rots for a long time, in both cases affecting soil quality. fine debris quickly decomposes and the soil absorbs most of its nutrients.

Thanks to high frequency of rotation of the working shaft and a large number of knives on it the mulcher just shreds haulm of plants, and stems of growing weeds into small pieces.

The problem is that the factory-mounted shredders are designed for coupling with tractors. There are some models, such as SCQ-120, which can be mounted on a mini-tractor, but for normal work they need a motor of at least 25 liters.с. There are practically no power tillers with such powerful engines, so craftsmen “do-it-yourselfers” simply had to invent a self-made mulcher for the tiller.

make, mulcher, power, tiller, design

Specifics of using the mulcher

The shredder allows you to do a lot of preparatory and maintenance work without much effort.

make, mulcher, power, tiller, design

The mulcher has the following features:

  • it is specifically designed for power from 6 liters. с.;
  • is available with front or rear attachment to the drive unit;
  • The shaft and movable knives located on it rotate at a speed of 1500 rpm;
  • blades are made of alloyed construction steel, heat-treated;
  • plants are chopped into pieces of about 20 mm.

The mulcher has a fairly wide area of application:

  • are processed inter-row orchards, vineyards, berry plants;
  • shredded crop residues;
  • Mows the crop (efficient weed control before ploughing up the virgin land);. Shreds the stubble.

A mulcher is much more effective than a mower. It simultaneously mows and shreds vegetation, which later becomes a fertilizer. The shredder also has a high working speed.

How to make a mulcher for a power tiller with your own hands?

The mulcher greatly simplifies the work process in the field or garden. To avoid spending money on such equipment, you can try to make a mulcher yourself.

You need to get hold of the following parts:

  • A thick iron frame;
  • A special protector cover;
  • A piece of belt of transport type;
  • Gearbox and two belt pulleys;
  • a shaft with fixed knives;
  • floating bearing and guide wheels (two pieces in total);
  • fasteners.

As the key part, the knife, disk plates with carbide attachments are excellent. Such disks are available in any reasonable size, they are reliable and durable. Also, in the event of a blade failure, it will not be difficult to purchase a disc plate.

You can use car parts. They are available and in a wide variety (alternator pulley, bearings).

Step-by-step creation of the mulcher with their own hands:

  • Weld the frame with iron corners, it will be attached to the motoblock boom and can move along it to tension the drive belt. The frame is fixed with two bolts;
  • Determine the planting axle. mulcher shaft, based on the diameter of the circular saws. You can use a pin with M20 thread. It is also necessary to prepare washers and nuts for the same thread. Shaft is fixed by floating bearings;
  • on the frame welded a special thrust profile at the level of the mulcher axis;
  • legs are fastened to the shaft with a “V” shaped welder;
  • there is a cover under the cutting unit, which prevents the shredded product from scattering. There is also a cover on top. The shredded particles are fed into the hopper through a lockable opening;
  • The conveyor belt is used to protect the operator’s legs; it is mounted on the frame from behind.

Mulcher for power tillers, making it with your own hands

A mulcher (or mulcher) is agricultural equipment whose tasks include shredding and evenly distributing over the area of harvesting, mowing and pruning waste. It is known that large parts of plants and thin branches are difficult to assimilate with soil, causing rotting and worsening hydration, and when they simply dry out, the soil becomes unfit for plant cultivation.

What kind of a beast. a mulcher?

The purpose of the mulcher is to shred and distribute a uniform layer of straw, potato, tomato haulm and other plants on the soil surface. Large remains either dry out or take a long time to rot, in both cases worsening the quality of the soil. But the fine remains quickly decompose, and the soil absorbs most of the useful substances from them.

You’ve never seen a FORESTRY MULCHER LIKE THIS! Mulcher and Grapple in one!

The mulcher due to the high speed of the working shaft and a large number of knives on it just shreds the leaves and stems of growing weeds into small pieces.

The problem is that the factory-mounted shredders are designed to be hitched to tractors. There are some models, such as SCQ-120, which can be attached to a mini-tractor, but they also need a motor of at least 25 liters to work properly.с. There are practically no power tillers with such powerful engines, so craftsmen “do-it-yourselfers” simply had to invent a self-made mulcher for the tiller.