How To Make A Network Screwdriver From A Screwdriver

Convenient mains screwdriver: features of use

The cordless cordless screwdriver is a great helper in your home. Almost everyone who he has never let down can agree with this. Those who stopped working halfway have a completely different opinion. This tool will help you always and everywhere, but exactly until the time the battery is discharged. over, the quantity in it is limited. In moments of idleness, the battery can also deteriorate. Batteries typically last no more than three years. When this time expires, it has to be changed or sent to the museum of obsolete things. The situation is possible if you convert the screwdriver into a network one. There are enough ways to do this.

How To Make A Network Screwdriver From A Screwdriver

Mains transformers of these brands are of high quality and reliable in operation. In addition, they are quite compact, lightweight, and do not complicate the work with the tool. Their load characteristics are close to those required for a standard screwdriver. In their design there are 2 input and output wires, which allows supplying power to halogen lamps and other types of electricity consumers with a voltage of 12V. However, to use the converted device, you need to adhere to some rules.

Here they are:

  • Let the appliance rest for 5 minutes every 20;
  • Fix the cable at the elbow with your hand so that it does not interfere with the work;
  • Clean the power supply from dust;
  • Do not use too many extension cords;
  • Do not use the device without grounding;
  • It is forbidden to use a converted device for work at height.

Before each start of work with the converted device, make sure it is working properly.

Why do you need to remodel a mains-powered screwdriver

In order for you to be able to use a screwdriver even in the most inaccessible places without unnecessary wires, at any time, the mobile screwdriver is converted to a network.

Methods for converting a cordless screwdriver into a network vary in complexity. One of them, powering the charging from a laptop, practically does not require knowledge and skills. To mount a computer power supply, you need to know how to handle a soldering iron, and to repurpose a Chinese adapter, you need to know how to handle a measuring device. In addition, there are several other methods for converting a cordless screwdriver directly into a network.


  • Using a power supply device from a personal computer instead of a battery;
  • Giving new life to the car battery;
  • Applying, as source, a power supply from halogen lamps;
  • By connecting the Chinese 24V power supply board.

For brainy craftsmen, it is not difficult to perform such manipulations. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better not to risk it and seek the help of a knowledgeable specialist.

How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a network one: 5 solutions to the issue. How to convert a battery device to a screwdriver from a 220 volt network

Today the screwdriver belongs to the devices that we very often use in everyday life. It is also irreplaceable in production. This device is suitable for a variety of electrical and construction work. With its help, furniture and other items are assembled, the design of which requires threaded connections.

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The reason for this decision is also the fact that when the device is not used for a long time, its battery is discharged independently, which leads to breakdown of the screwdriver due to the destruction of some elements. It is impossible to repair a failed battery, and it is not always possible to purchase a new one. Often, component parts can be purchased only from the official representatives of the manufacturer. Accordingly, the cost of a new battery will be almost equal to the cost of a new screwdriver. Therefore, some craftsmen come to the decision to turn the screwdriver into a network.

Materials and tools required for this:

  • Charger from this screwdriver;
  • His native battery;
  • Soft stranded electrical cable;
  • Soldering iron and solder;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Acid.

First, you need to solder the loose ends of the cable to the terminals of the charger. You need to know that copper wires of a cable with brass contacts can be soldered only after they have been treated with acid. Experts recommend using special solder, but sometimes the simplest methods are used in the form of acid treatment.

Converting a screwdriver to a network using laptop charging

In the event of a battery failure, a household screwdriver can be switched to mains power by making some changes to its design. This does not require a lot of expenditure of finance, time and effort. The positive nuances of such a transformation are obvious: you do not need to constantly charge the battery, and at the same time, the forced downtime will go away. After all, the shortest duration for charging the device is more than 3 hours.

If you need to connect the screwdriver to the network, you can use the charger from an old laptop. It has similar characteristics to a screwdriver, and it can be easily found in every home or workshop. But, nevertheless, check what output voltage is shown for your charger. In this case, 1219V chargers are suitable.

Scheme of your actions:

  1. We take out unusable batteries from a failed battery pack.
  2. We take charge from the laptop.
  3. Cut off the connector and strip the wires from insulation.
  4. We solder the bare wires or wrap them with electrical tape.
  5. We make an outlet for the wire in the case.
  6. Assembling the structure.

This manipulation will allow you to use the screwdriver at any moment, and without stopping for charging.

How to make a screwdriver from the network

When the batteries stop working due to the fact that they have simply outlived their life, many begin to wonder how they can fix the situation and remake their old cordless screwdriver into the network with their own hands. After all, it is no longer possible to repair a battery with a destroyed element, and the cost of a new one is almost equal to the purchase of a new screwdriver. But zealous and skillful owners came up with a way to power the screwdriver from the mains. Some were even able to invent a device that works simultaneously from the mains and from the battery. But it’s best not to.

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Required tools

Today, many people prefer a powerful cordless screwdriver than a compact cordless one. And this is not without reason, so we will understand the features of the mains-powered tool, and also try to re-equip the battery circuits with mains.

Network screwdriver what is the advantage of such an assistant?

At the moment when a novice craftsman, in pursuit of convenience, prefers to buy a cordless drill-screwdriver, the network analogue gathers dust on the shelves further. Loud and colorful advertisements promising a long service life of new generation batteries make you not think about physics. Although everyone who knows even a glimpse of an electrician will think about the veracity of these words. In the meantime, very soon disappointment comes, sometimes due to the fault of the master, sometimes due to an accidental coincidence, the cordless tool does not work, which makes a person frantically look for a new spare part or adjust the power supply of the screwdriver from the network.

Why is this happening? It should be noted the obvious advantages of the battery-powered tool. It has small dimensions and weight, is mobile, which means it can work away from power sources, allows you to get and carry out fasteners in the most inaccessible places. But what darkens this picture? Batteries require special care, regular use and subsequent charging, are capricious to storage conditions, quickly exhale, and charge several times longer than they can work. Many unpleasant surprises await us from this.

At first we can happily make repairs. But over time, we will become uncomfortable with long hours of charging. The solution may be to purchase two batteries, but this will save us for a while. If you do not work with the tool all the time, then after a prolonged inactivity, the battery will lose its capacity, it will discharge faster, and will not be able to fully charge. If you carelessly store such food, then you can even find a swollen or leaking battery that cannot be used. We also note their high cost when purchased separately.

Cordless screwdriver how to convert your tool? Choosing a network screwdriver what to look for?

Gradually comes the understanding that it is best to choose a network screwdriver from the very beginning, and not after the bitter experience with its battery-powered counterpart. Yes, we can not always comfortably connect to the network, but this is a fixable thing with the help of several extension cords. But such a tool, although more complex in the device, is also more powerful. Also it is impossible not to notice the ease and speed with which it is able to drive in fasteners, and when working on the network you are not limited in time, and the cordless impact driver can handle even very hard surfaces.

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Let’s see what we need to know when buying a network tool. First of all, pay attention to the torque. It should be high, but, compared to battery types, this characteristic is not so great here, and the effect will be more noticeable. This is achieved due to the increased number of revolutions, which is easily achievable if powered from an outlet. So which cordless screwdriver is better? Revolutions can reach 4000 per minute, and it would be nice if the screwdriver had a regulator either in the form of some separate device (for example, a wheel), or manual, due to different efforts on the button.

But do not overdo it in your appetite, if you need this tool for home use, for example, screw a baseboard or hang a picture, and you do not plan to work with hard materials and in a large volume, then you should not reach for the highest figure, you simply will not find her application, overpaying in vain. Take care of the presence of an automatic regulator of the tightening force of the fasteners and a reverse function, a magnetic bit holder and a long cord are also useful. On these notes, we finish talking about how to choose a network screwdriver, and move on to using it, as well as making it yourself.

How to safely use a mains screwdriver?

Buying a tool is half the battle, the main thing is to keep it in working order for a long time after that. With a systematic approach, this is not at all troublesome. You should also be careful about working with him, so as not to harm yourself. Let’s start with banal moisture. Like any electrical unit, it is also contraindicated for a screwdriver. In addition to a short circuit, it can hit some parts with banal corrosion, which makes the operation of the tool unstable, and in the end it will lead to breakage.

When replacing attachments, do not forget to completely turn off the device so as not to accidentally start it and not to damage your own fingers, as well as not to damage the internal mechanisms in the attachment points. The modes should be set according to your work plan, having correctly weighed the required power and rpm. Do not forget to change and check them before each next action. Also monitor the condition of the network wire, it should not have any damage, and even more breaks and cuts.