How to make a rotary snowplow on a single-axle tractor

How to modernize a single axle tractor into a snow blower: different rework options

The single-axle tractor is indispensable for the owner of a private farm, garden or cottage. Compact equipment came to replace the heavy manual labor, which improved the quality of processing land and save time on each operation. With the advent of winter the single-axle tractor can be used for snow removal. The easiest way to make a snowplow from a power tiller with your own hands using a special factory-assembled snowplow. However, craftsmen prefer not to spend extra money on ready-made attachments, and to collect from available spare parts and building materials self-made snowplow to the tiller, working on the same principle as the factory products.

Snow plow attachments on a single axle tractor: types and applications

Manufacturers of attachments offer three choices of snow removal attachments for power tillers, depending on how they clean the snow mass. Newly fallen snow is well swept away from the surface to be cleared with the hard, rotating brushes. This snow blower is perfect for clearing snow from walkways and driveways that have decorative surfaces which must not be disturbed by snow removal. The brush is attached under the canopy on a rotating shaft.

In one pass, a single-axle tractor equipped with such a brush cleans a path up to one meter wide. Three angles of grip can be adjusted: left, front, right. Adjustable clearing height, making it easier to use the attachment.

Another idea! “Making a snow blower with their own hands: a breakdown of the 3 best homemade designs”:

The rigid brush attached to the power tiller is suitable for clearing freshly fallen soft snow. This attachment is height-adjustable, and rotates left and right

How to turn a single axle tractor into a small bulldozer?

Wet and packed snow cannot be shoveled with the rigid, rotating brush. You have to use an outboard snow shovel with blades. A single-axle tractor with such an attachment resembles a small bulldozer, which is able to loosen a layer of snow, grab the snow mass and move it to the shovel. The bottom edge of the shovel is specially lined with a rubber band to protect not only the surface to be cleared, but also the tool itself from possible damage. The snow shovel is attached to the tractor unit with the front part of the universal hitch. The width of the surface to be cleared at a time is also one meter. The blade can be adjusted vertically and in three directions. The speed of a power tiller equipped with such a shovel, during the cleaning period ranges from 2 to 7 km/h.

The snow shovel is connected to the power tiller in the case when it is necessary to clear the territory of the homestead from heavy and caked snow

Rotary snow thrower features

With large amounts of snow mass it is easier to cope with the snow thrower of the rotor type. With this snow thrower mounted on the power tiller, which is the most powerful of all the versions examined, it is possible to remove snow to a depth of up to 250 mm. The main design elements of this attachment are a simple auger combined with a paddle wheel. The rotating auger captures the snow mass, which is moved upward by the impeller wheel. Snow is ejected through a special nozzle and is ejected with force well beyond the boundaries of the path or clearing area. Watching a rotary snowplow attachment attached to a power tiller is very interesting.

Mounted snow blower for rotary tiller has the highest capacity, so it can easily cope with large amounts of fallen snow

Important! The design of universal power harvesters does not include systems to protect the rotor from rocks and ice. This option is compulsory for winter special equipment. Keep this in mind and be careful when operating your power harvester. Otherwise, you will have to deal with repairing the snowplow head.

Features of equipment and design

Blades can be equipped with snow blades for ground leveling. The rubber elements are used for snow removal. It is not always possible to install the device on any single-axle tractor, so this option must be determined in advance.

Spring mechanisms, as a rule, manufacturers do not install, because the encounter with the device is not fraught with consequences, given the low speed. No lifting and turning mechanisms are required. As a result, the cost of the device is very affordable.

For snow, you can also use not the usual wheels, but the grousers. This will enable you to move around the snow-covered area more freely.

How to make a shovel for a power tiller with your own hands?

A shovel for a power tiller is one of the easiest shovel options, but that does not mean that you need 30 minutes of time and a minimum of improvised materials to make it. On the contrary, if you want to make a shovel on a single-axle tractor, you will need to prepare carefully and buy all the necessary tools and materials in advance.

In order for the homemade moldboard to turn out as good as possible, be sure to study the drawings. They will tell you the size and order of attachment of the elements of the device for clearing.

After a detailed study of the drawings, prepare all the necessary equipment and materials. To work you will need:

  • tin sheets, at least 3 mm thick. The dimensions of the sheets should be 85 x 22 x 45 cm;
  • 1 metal stand. a steel pipe will do;
  • 4 reinforcing ribs, about 4 mm thick;
  • A steel strip long enough to encompass the mouldboard. The thickness of the strip should be at least 5 mm;
  • 2 eyelets for attaching the dozer blade linkage;
  • a set of washers and nuts;
  • a square tube, 4×4 cm cross-section and 1 m long;
  • a set of drill bits, 5-6 and 8-9 mm in diameter;
  • a flat piece of rubber;
  • 2 rods, 52 cm long each;
  • 1 sheet of steel, 10-12 mm thick with dimensions of 60 x 60 cm;
  • welding machine;
  • angle grinder with steel cutting discs;
  • an electric drill or a torque cone.

With all of the above materials and tools at hand, it will be easier for you to make a mounted snow thrower for your power tiller. The correct procedure is as follows:

  • Make the fence bucket first. Take the stiffeners and weld them to a frame with three horizontal and four vertical rails.Next, heat the steel sheets with a gas burner and carefully bend the metal so that it was shaped like a bucket. Weld the finished element to the frame made of stiffeners. You should end up with a snow blade identical to the one shown in the photo;
  • Next, make a snow removal blade. this element should shred the snow that has become frozen and strengthen the snow blower on a single-axle tractor. To make a knife, take a steel strip and drill in it 3 equal holes, which should be 5-6 mm in diameter. The distance between them should not be less than 10 cm. Next, bolt the blade in place with a rubber gasket between it and the bucket;
  • The next step is to make and mount the fixing mechanism. Cut a piece of pipe, 4×4 cm section and weld it to the back of the bucket about in the middle of the element. Weld a piece of semi-circle shape in the middle of the pipe using a thick piece of steel. Make three equal holes in the semicircle, which you will need for screwing in the bolts;
  • Next, take the same piece of pipe and make it into a holder shaped like the letter “G”. One end of the holder carefully insert into one of the holes in the semicircle, and the other end securely fasten it to the frame of the power harvester;
  • You can adjust the height of the bucket by means of two bolts screwed into the surface of the existing hollows in the square tube. Read more about how to make the snowplow in detail in the video.
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Making a shovel on a single-axle tractor for snow removal should be sure to check the workability of the device. First of all, test the serviceability of the mechanism for adjusting the blade height. this will give confidence that while cleaning in the yard, you will not damage the decorative coating of the yard. Snowplow attachment to the motoblock should not outweigh the agricultural machine. if you notice that the center of gravity of the unit and attachments is disturbed, be sure to fasten the weights in the back of the motoblock.

Useful tips

After assembling the construction, you should test it. Check: how the blades entrain the snow behind them, how the wheels go, whether the skids are hooked. To ensure that the machine, assembled with your own hands, will last as long as possible, it is recommended to take into account a few useful tips:

  • You should also use safety bolts when assembling, which will help avoid the penetration of dense snow and ice inside the mechanism.
  • It is especially important to choose bearings, because they ensure reliability.
  • The belt drive is more practical, because if a hard object hits it, it will simply jam. It is also easy to dismantle and replace.
  • It is best to store the single axle tractor in a room with plus temperature after each cleaning. You don’t need to warm up the engine as well, which is a waste of time.
  • The machine is easy to maintain. One of the requirements is to change oil in gearbox regularly. In winter, you should only use liquid, loose oil, because it will quickly thicken in the cold.

types of machines for mechanical snow removal

Mechanical homemade snowthrowers are equipped with internal combustion engines. Most often they are mounted (trailed attachments), they are mounted to power tillers or tractors, including minitractors. They are distinguished by their low weight and uncomplicated design.

Snowplows according to the principle of operation are divided into:

make, rotary, snowplow, single-axle, tractor
  • auger-rotor devices with two types of active bodies: an auger or augers, which move the snow to the rotor inlet, and the rotor itself, which throws the snow in the desired direction;
  • Dumping grader or bulldozer type. act on the principle of mechanical movement of the snow mass, more often such devices are used on self-propelled equipment;
  • shovel-blade, used in conjunction with power tillers for shifting snow in confined spaces;
  • Air-fan units. are only applicable on freshly fallen snow, they are very small in size and extremely simple device, the removal of snow is due to the created air flow.

The most widespread are auger-rotor snowthrowers. They are quite good at dealing with snow of different sizes. Sometimes there are problems with compacted snow, so expensive units also have an auxiliary shaft with spikes, destroying the compacted snow. In some devices, augers are equipped with additional removable gear nozzles, they cut a thick mass of snow.

Features of an air-rotor snow blower

The simplest snow thrower is based on air-rotor action. Usually it is a box, which can be moved on small skis over the snow. There is a rotor inside. The rotor is driven by a stand-alone engine or the power take-off shaft of the power tiller.

The box is designed so that when the snow moves forward, it enters the rotor blades. The mass is then blown out of the box by the rotating blades through a nozzle located above. Its deflector can be directed in any direction. So the snow is thrown to the left or right where it needs to go.

The peculiarity of this device is that in addition to the snow a fairly powerful air stream is formed. So at the outlet, a snow-air mixture is formed that can fly up to 5-6 m. This is usually enough to clean the passages.

The disadvantages of air-vent snow blowers should include a relatively narrow grip, as well as the inability to remove snow in the presence of caked mass. When clearing passages immediately after snowfall, a snow thrower of this type has a fairly high performance. Quite often, self-made snow shovelers use this design as the basis. The main thing is to create a high rotor speed.

Shovel blade. the simplest snowplow

In some cases, it is not necessary to have a complex unit of power tiller and support on wheels, equipped with a bulldozer shovel. it is enough to have a mechanical helper. a shovel which moves the mass of snow over a short distance.

A special shovel is hooked to the power tiller, and then only due to the traction force created by the power tiller, the snow lump is shifted to the side. Reversible gear shifting takes the snowblower backwards. With successive forward and backward movements, the area is cleared of snow.

When moving forward, the snow shovel lowers down, when moving back up. With a low snow cover, the efficiency of this tool is quite high.

Making a homemade snow thrower

To shovel snow, you can not use the single-axle tractor, but only its engine. Roofing iron is used to make the snow blower auger body. The 10-mm-thick plywood is suitable for the sides. The frame is welded from a metal angle. Half-inch pipe is adapted under the handle, and three-quarter-inch pipe is used to make the auger shaft. A hollow-cut in the middle of the pipe serves to fix a metal plate (shovel) with the dimensions of 120×270 mm. The shovel is designed to shovel snow as the shaft rotates. Push the snow mass to the blade in this makeshift snow thrower design should be two-entry auger, for the manufacture of which is taken sidewall tires or conveyor belt thickness of 10 mm. One and a half meters of such a belt is enough to cut four rings with an electric jigsaw. The diameter of each of them should be 28 cm.

make, rotary, snowplow, single-axle, tractor

For making a homemade snow thrower you need roofing iron, plywood, conveyor belt, pipes of different diameters, metal corners, closed bearings

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To mount the platform of the quick-release motor borrowed from the power tiller, metal angles are welded to the tube perpendicular to the plate. To freely enter the shaft in self-centering closed bearings 205 it is necessary to make on its ends a pair of cuts and knock them. After this operation, the diameter of the shaft is reduced. A keyway is made on one side of the shaft for the sprocket.

The auger is driven by a chain or belt, if the engine has a pulley from a power tiller. All necessary parts (pulleys, belts, bearings) can be bought in auto stores

It is better to put the structure on skis instead of wheels, which will get stuck in the snow. The base of the skis is made of wooden bars, on which the plastic pads are fastened for better sliding. The boxes used for electric wiring can be used as linings.

Snowplow on skis easier to slide over the snow cover, so the person driving them, they have to exert less physical effort

A turning chute, necessary for throwing the snow in the right direction, is made from a plastic sewage pipe of large diameter (at least 160 mm). Fix it on the same tube of smaller diameter, attached to the body of the auger. To the turning chute attach a piece of sewage pipe, which will direct the ejection of snow. Diameter of the trough should exceed the width of the auger blade, so as not to delay the progression of the snow mass thrown with it.

View of a self-made snow thrower equipped with a motor from a power tiller, assembled before testing its performance in a snow-covered yard of a private house

To give a homemade structure presentable appearance, it is necessary to paint all its parts in bright color. After completing the work samodel tested, and then operated throughout the winter period. Some craftsmen go even further, making a self-propelled version of the snow thrower.

Mechanize manual labor aspire to all people living on the ground. After reading how to make a snowplow from the engine of a motor block and other spare parts, some will not “reinvent the wheel”, and decide to buy the factory model snowplow. To buy a budget version will require about 20-30 thousand. rubles. It is one and a half to two times cheaper to buy a factory-made attachment for a power tiller. To assemble a self-made construction you need to spend money only on buying some spare parts, as well as to dedicate a couple of days to complete the work. In any case, the problem of cleaning snow from the adjacent territory will be solved.

Description and device of the snowplow for the tiller

The base of the skis is made of wooden bars, to which the plastic plates are attached. The boxes from the electric wiring are used in this case.

A piece of plastic pipe, with a diameter of 160 mm, is used as the main part of the rotary chute, which throws the snow. Chute, which throws the snow, is attached to this pipe. The width of the auger blade should be less than the diameter of the chute, so it will be thrown snow.

For the manufacture of the frame, metal angles 50×50 mm were used. To them are welded transverse angles 25×25 mm. A quick-release motor platform is mounted on them. The transverse brackets and the handle are fastened to the frame’s longitudinal brackets with M8 bolts.

In this case, we used the following principle of snow thrower operation. It does not need wheels, just for moving around the barn. Therefore, instead of wheels there are skis that allow the snow to be cleared from the tracks when the snow blower is tilted forward. If you tilt it back, you can shovel snow in stages, in case of small snow cover. In the future, you can upgrade to a self-propelled snow thrower with a wide track, not remaking anything.

After painting, the made snow thrower will look like a brand name.

Preparing to make

Before remaking the cultivator into a snowplow, the operator needs to study the detailed schemes. It is very important that the drawing in time prompted the maker to initially correct order of actions during installation and how to attach this or that part to the overall device of the homemade machine.

In addition to studying the selected drawings, you will need to prepare the garage equipment in advance.

  • wrenches for bolts of different sizes;
  • electric drill,
  • angle grinder for cutting metal;
  • different screwdrivers;
  • hammer and several files;
  • pliers;
  • hand vise;
  • welding machine with chains of various sizes;
  • power hacksaw.

Of the required materials for the work you need to buy:

  • steel angles of various diameters
  • all-metal sheet;
  • a couple of sheets of solid plywood;
  • conveyor metal strip;
  • a set of closed bearings.

When assembling some parts it is necessary to avoid moisture, so it is not recommended to assemble the machine outdoors.

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Device design features

Snow clearing shovels effortlessly hinged to any type of machinery, seriously speed up and simplify the procedure of clearing snow. All snowplowing equipment for a multifunctional machine includes 3 basic parts: a snowplow, a mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation of the snowplow, and a mounting module that holds the snowplow on the frame of the machine.

There are a number of designs of factory shovels that are part of the mounted equipment, however, a similar device for power tiller can be built with their own hands, the more so that the global network on this problem there are a variety of information and drawings.

This makes it possible not only to make equipment with the right characteristics, but also to significantly save money.

The snow blade is an integral part of the attachment used together with the rotary cultivator. With its help, you can facilitate such routine work on your own plot of land as garbage collection in summer and snow clearing in winter, in addition, leveling the surface layer of soil and its transportation from one site to another. Snowplows come in a variety of variations, but are generally endowed with the same operating principle and design. They basically have a number of standard working positions.

These are almost always the 3 positions below:

Operating Principle

The snowplow plunges into the snowpack and clears the road with little effort. It can process 12 cubic meters in one minute. The speed of the mass is 70 km / h. At this speed, the snow thrown from the disposal pipe, lies very far from the cleared road.

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Getting down to work, the novice inventor needs to solve a few organizational issues:

It’s not hard to decide on the engine. The main thing is to clearly understand for what purposes the single-axis tractor-snowplow will be used. If the scale of his work is limited to the yard, clearing paths from the house to the garage, it is quite suitable electric motor.

But if the snowplow is planned to be used in all corners of the settlement, it is necessary to choose a gasoline engine.

To choose a snow blower, you need to know what types exist and what they are used for:

  • Snowmobile bulldozer. Works with the front blade. Convenient in cleaning stale and slushy snow.
  • Snowmobile blower. Rejects snow mass by blades (with their work, the snow rises and falls into an inclined tube, from which it flies out and spreads far from the cleared area).
  • Snowmobile auger.Snow is picked up by the auger and falls into the hole in the pipe where it is ejected.
  • Snowmobile blower or air-blower snowmobile. It works on the principle of sucking up the stuck snow and quickly eject it from the harvester on the opposite side.

It is best to use an auger attachment. The snow blower works well in light snow or on a hard packed surface.

Watch this video about homemade mini tractors. It is a versatile tool with great functionality.

Minitractors can also be used for snow removal. Read about it this article.

If it is difficult for you to make your own minitractor, then read about Belarus-made minitractors.

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How to choose and buy a snow blower for your power tiller

But it also happens that, after looking at instructions and diagrams of how to make a snowplow on a single-axle tractor with your own hands, you have come to the conclusion that such an activity is not for you, and it will be much easier for you to buy a ready-made device. However, the of snowplow attachments on motor blocks, as well as their characteristics differ markedly from each other. Making the right choice is not always easy. As an example, let’s look at the most popular options that are most in demand today.

Today’s market offers many different designs of mounted snow shovels for power tillers

Snow blower for power tiller Salyut: characteristics and features

Snowplow attachment on the Salyut single axle tractor allows you to clean the ground surface of snow at temperatures from.20 to 5°C. Recommended for use only on flat surfaces and available in two different models, which differ in their way of attaching to the tiller.

Main technical characteristics and parameters:

  • dimensions. 600x640x820 mm;
  • width of the surface grasp. 500 mm;
  • the maximum layer of snow that can be captured. 17 cm
  • auger rotation speed. from 1900 to 2100 rpm;
  • weight 60 kg.
  • Operating part of the design, an auger, rotating, rakes the snow on its way from the edges to the center;
  • Special blades, located in the center, promote the snow into the nozzle of the body;
  • The snow is then thrown to the side.

Snowplow for power tiller Salyut is recommended for use on level surfaces

This model has a lot of adjustments, including the snow throw distance, which can be changed with the visor, as well as engine speed. It is also possible to change the direction in which the snow is thrown by turning the screen.

Snowplow installation on a single-axle tractor Salyut is as follows: the footboard is detached, the cotter pin and the footboard mounting axle are removed. Mount the snowplow to the single axle tractor on level ground. This is done by inserting the drawbar into the frame so that the bolt with the spacer bushing goes into the slot in the drawbar. Then connect the hitch to the snow thrower body with two bolts without tightening it.

After that, you need to put on the snowblower drive belt, having previously removed the protective cover of the PTO pulley. Moving the hitch on the beam, adjust the mutual position of the elements so that the belt is meshed evenly, without misalignment. After that the bolts can be tightened. Then the PTO pulley cover is put in place and fastened.

Scheme of mounting the attachments on the power tiller Salyut

MTD snow blowers: which model is better to choose

Another popular option to avoid making a snowplow attachment on a single-axle tractor with your own hands is to buy a special equipment made by MTD. Today it is considered one of the best, and has a fairly wide range of models, the most popular of which are MTD-M 61, MTD-ME 66, MTD-640 and MTD-M56.

Familiarized with the technical characteristics, as well as the main tasks that are designed to solve these devices, you can easily determine which option is best for you. For example, the model M-61 is excellent for clearing a large flat surface, while the ME-66 is more oriented to difficult weather conditions and serious icy drifts.

A little more expensive will cost ME-61. about 49 thousand. rubles. An average option can be considered M-61. 44 thousand. rubles.

MTD snow blower

Blueprints for a homemade snow blower for a power tiller

The principle of operation of a homemade snowplow is as follows:

  • auger drive(1);
  • track drive (2);
  • drive belt (3);
  • parasitic roller (4), which provides reverse travel,
  • the intermediate shaft (5);
  • belt tension roller (6), which provides forward motion.

Useful tips and warnings for operating a homemade snow blower

single axle tractor

Preparing to assemble

Before making a snowplow from a cultivator, you should carefully prepare. First you will need to study the drawings. These should include the dimensions of the parts and how to attach them to the structure.

In addition to studying the schemes, the farmer should prepare the equipment.

To assemble the equipment from the cultivator will be required:

  • wrenches;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • welding machine:
  • screwdrivers;
  • vise and pliers;
  • hammer and file;
  • electric hacksaw.

With the materials for making a snowthrower from a cultivator you need to buy:

  • sheet of roofing steel;
  • profile pipes of different diameters;
  • sheet of thick plywood;
  • conveyor belt;
  • steel angles;
  • a pair of closed bearings.

All metal products prepared for work should be checked in advance. When assembling equipment from a cultivator, parts that have rusted must not be used. The farmer should also carefully inspect the bearings. If the slightest cracks have formed on them, the parts need to be replaced.

Useful tips and warnings for operating a homemade snow blower

single axle tractor