How to make a saw mask with their own hands

Paper masks for children

Simple and interesting variants of children’s masks are images of animal faces, and no holiday in kindergarten can do without them. After all, so interesting and fun for kids to represent different animals: a lion, a bunny, a penguin, a bear cub, a fox, a mouse, a wolf. And then you can not do without a mask, and it is easy to make at home, it does not require many materials, even primary school children can make.

make, mask, their, hands

For making paper masks on the subject need:

Making a Billy the Puppet Mask from Saw

  • Colorful thick sheets of paper or colored cardboard;
  • glue;
  • Scissors or a utility knife;
  • A simple or black pencil;
  • thin elastic band or a small braid.

For the base, it is necessary to print out the template of a necessary animal’s muzzle from the internet and make the mask on it. The second option. independently draw the animal’s face, not forgetting to make a notch for the nose, cut out and use the workpiece as a base.

In order for the mask to hold well on a child, it is worth taking the necessary measurements, then to draw the contours of the eyes, cut them out, to make a tie from an elastic band or braid. To make the attribute looked brighter, more interesting, more elegant, you can decorate the mask with a variety of elements: colorful stones, felt, beads, pompoms, Christmas tinsel, foil.

How to use the face instead of the base?

If there is no carnival mask or it doesn’t adhere well to the face, you can create decorative items directly on the face. Of course, not the “clean” version, but the blanks for future masks. To do this, knead the base and put it on the face. The mass should be shaped into an oval and about two centimeters thick. Make sure to grease the skin with fat cream before applying the mask.

The ready plastic mass is applied accurately, giving it the opportunity to take the shape of the model’s face. Subsequently, remove as carefully as possible in order not to damage the cured layer. Of course, for such a delicate matter will require not just paper pulp, and sculpting plasticine.

And since not everyone copes with this material (you really need skill), making a mask with foil seems like a more affordable idea. Already removed from the face foil look around for irregularities, adjust, make slits for the eyes and nose.

If in some places there is not enough volume, add plasticine.

Masks for children with their own hands. Animal noses.

Take an egg carton and cut out the details with indentations. They will play the role of noses, which then need to be decorated.

Make a few small holes in the workpiece to allow the nose to breathe. Use a needle or nail.

Begin to color the cardboard nose in the colors of your favorite animal. Draw some details like nostrils, teeth, etc.д. Look in books or on the internet to see what the animals look like, so you can make a better mask.

Prepare heavy paper and cut out the antennae from it. Glue them to the workpiece.

It remains to sew a rubber band, so that the nose could be put on.

If you are a fan of hatchet work with garbage, and you are not afraid of “experimental” humor, then I have something to share with you! I want to tell you about the first time I ever made a mask. Actually, I’m more of a minifigure maker, but my artistic nature dangles like a three-year-old’s willy in a zinc bucket, from one kind of needlework to another. I will build a model of a ship, then portraits on wood, and now. mask.

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The prototype of my mask was the character Scarecrow from the Batman universe, and the game “Arkham Knight.

I will make the mask in papier-mâché technique. As a mold for gluing paper I will use styrofoam. He needs to be made into the shape of a future mask. I took some Styrofoam and tried to picture the Scarecrow’s face on it. But instead of Scarecrow, there was some other vaguely familiar face.

-I’m sorry, Mr. Jackson, but no! I’d better continue making the Scarecrow mask!

By cutting off the excess with a knife, began to give a piece of Styrofoam the facial features.

Calculated the dimensions by “scientific hunch”, applying a ruler to his head, then to the foam plastic. This is how the workpiece turned out.

To not get dirty, and to be able to use the workpiece more than once, I wrapped the styrofoam in plastic wrap. From ordinary plasticine I began to mold the mask fragments in more detail.

You’ve got a whispered skull. The teeth will be made and glued separately.

Lubricated the base of the lubricant, that the paper, which I will glue, after drying, easy to separate.

For the mask itself, you can use virtually any paper, most importantly soaked it well with glue. I decided to use old notebook sheets and PVA. To better admire the shape of the base, I cut them into small pieces.

I soaked the paper with glue and put it on the base. On your internet site they say you need 12-15 layers. I made 5, as I plan to put another layer of fabric on the mask, which add strength.

After 24 hours, the template for the mask had hardened, and even without fabric, it was pretty strong.

Primed with black acrylic spray paint.

The Scarecrow I chose has no lips, or has but badly damaged. Teeth kind of bared all the time. I make them out of self-hardening homemade clay.

Microwave for 30 seconds, stir for 30 seconds. And that’s three times. Then let the mass cool for 3-4 hours.

A whispering villain can only make you piss yourself laughing! So, after the teeth harden (about a day) from the same clay I make a gum and glue the teeth in it. Each part is additionally dabbed with PVA.

I needed burlap to make the hood. I did not know where to find it in the 21st century in a million-strong city. I came up with this plan: Go to the market, go to the Caucasians selling vegetables, and say that their potatoes stink of shit. They will of course be offended, beat me, put a bag on my head and take me to the woods. They’ll make me dig a grave there, but I’ll serdenly apologize, and say I just need some burlap. We’ll make up and go about our business.

Since I went to the market with a friend who was unaware of my plans, I now have two kinds of burlap and no friend.

Oh, yeah! My regular readers must be terribly wondering what’s up with the Lightbulb!? For those of you not in the know, I have a girlfriend. Lightbulb. She’s alive and we’re talking to her. Not long ago, I received a threatening letter in the mail:

I was very upset and didn’t know what to do. But the problem solved itself. It turned out that Lightbulb had long ago, in secret from me, been dating Captain Steve Rogers! And just like that, in secret, they got married! Steve lives with us now, and since MARVEL owns the rights to the Captain, we have all their lawyers at our disposal! So Lightbulb and I aren’t in any more danger!

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Here, here they came to visit me, right after the registry office.

Stuffed. Lightbulb went to bed, and Steve and I started sewing a hood for Scarecrow, and at the same time Obiwan Kinobi cosplay!

-You’re not getting cold feet on this one. The hood of the scarecrow should be black! The fabric will be repainted then we!

The captain also went to bed, and I cut out the lens for the mask from a plastic bottle.

According to the game, Scarecrow has whitish eyes, almost no irises or pupils. I will try to replicate this effect. Covering the lenses with two layers of white mosquito netting. I fastened it to the transparent plastic from the bottle with a stapler.

Three-dimensional mask

The bright accessory is made from a template, which has notches. It is pre-printed on the printer and cut out.

Volumetric mask of paper can be created with your own hands. Half of a scrapbook page folded twice.

From the resulting point of intersection indented in different directions by 2 cm, then cut out the eyes. Making special notches for notches. Between the eyes it is necessary to make a staple pinch.

Glue the notches on the forehead and make inserts on the temples. Bring the bottom edges together neatly to the center and glue.

Attach the ears to the blank. The cat’s whiskers are made of fishing line. Paint the product black or gray, and decorate the edges with rhinestones.

Hand mask

You will need: colored cardboard, a simple pencil, scissors.

Master Class

  • Select the position of the hands.
  • Trace their hands on cardboard.
  • Cut out the mask.
  • Put the mask on the face, mark the slits for the eyes and then cut them out.
  • Cut out cardboard nails and a ring, then glue them on the mask.
  • Fold the cardboard in half and cut a “double” thick stick.
  • Glue the stick to the side of the mask as a holder.

The hand mask is ready! I recommend that you watch this video!

A mask of feathers

You will need: cardboard, feathers, scissors, box cutter, glue, sequins, pencil, thick paper, thin rubber band.

Master class

  • Draw a mask template on heavy paper, then cut it out.
  • Trace the mask template on a piece of cardboard, then cut it out.
  • Glue cardboard and heavy paper.
  • Glue feathers.
  • Glue stickers around the eye holes.
  • Attach an elastic band.

Masks for children

Children’s masks for various holidays are usually quite bright. They are often decorated with different sequins, feathers, tinsel. Some characters can be applied equally to girls and boys, but most have a certain division.


The mask of one of the most beloved superhero characters can either completely cover the face, or be a half-mask.

In any case, you need to print on a black and white or color printer a template suitable in complexity, if necessary, paint it the way you want. It is best to paint the large eye slits completely black and cut the holes for the child’s eyes in them already.

A detailed description with lots of templates here.

Grey wolf is found in many children’s fairy tales, so often the boys want to appear in this image. As in many other cases, you can use a ready-made template for cutting and, if necessary, to paint it or make an independent volumetric mask. In addition to cutting out the finished template, here you will need to carefully glue all parts of the muzzle, make a mount for the head.

detailed instructions on how to do it are presented here.

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Baby bear mask has a pretty rounded cute features. To make it, you’ll need thin cardboard in brown, yellow and black.

  • First, draw the bear’s face, which looks like an inverted heart. Draw ears symmetrically and cut out the base.
  • Then make circles of yellow paper and glue them to the ears and parts of the muzzle.
  • Add a black triangular nose and cut out slits for eyes.

Rabbit mask

A flat mask of this character looks quite boring, so it is better to make it in a 3D version. To do this, you need to cut out a ready-made template, carefully glue it and, if necessary, paint it, marking the relief of the muzzle ears and nose.

Crane mask

The crane mask will be useful if your child likes the character from Krylov’s fable about the crane and the fox. To make one of the templates provided will come in handy. If your child likes to paint himself, it’s better to print a black and white version. The main thing is to take a sufficiently thick paper, such as a piece of cotton or thin cardboard, as the basis.

Fox mask

Many girls like the sly fox-sister. It is nimble, clever and will never let go of its own. Using ready-made templates, you do not necessarily need to be limited to the presented design. The mask will play with new colors, if you decorate it with shiny tinsel, fake red fur and add to the costume the same red paws.


It is one of the favorite animals of small children, that’s why many people have cats at home, and children are fascinated by their habits. To make such a mask you will only need cardboard, glue, pencil, scissors and eraser.

  • To begin with, you need to cut out the muzzle of a cat from black or brown cardboard.
  • Then add white details on the ears and mouth.
  • From pink or red cardboard, cut out a triangular spout.
  • If desired, you can add light tendrils.
  • All that remains is to make eye slits and add an elastic band.

detailed instructions on how to make are presented here.

Lady Bug

Probably all the girls who watched the series “Supergirls” and “Lady Bug and the Super Cat” admire this character. To make the half-mask, all you will need is heavy paper, black and red paint, as well as scissors and a rubber band. Even a flexible cardboard is better to paint with gouache or acrylic paints, which look more impressive.

The final stage: strengthening and painting

There remains the most creative stage, after which the mood appears. But first it must be well dried and primed. this will give strength and discolor it. After that, the papier-mache surface is painted with acrylic paints:

Depending on the theme, she can be painted with patterns and ornaments, draw her eyes, cheeks, lips, teeth, and more. To decorate a Venetian craftwork with a fancy pattern, it is recommended to use a ready-made diagram, which should be carefully transferred to the base. Point painting looks beautiful on the masquerade accessories. It is also possible to decorate in decoupage style. For the final decoration, ribbons, sequins, rhinestones are suitable:

And now we suggest you look at the work of professionals, and find out what varieties of these holiday accessories.