How to Make a Silent Muffler On a Chainsaw

Many toy shooters have sniper rifles with electromagnetic acceleration of a bullet. Gaussian, railguns. They have different operating principles, but now we are interested in the sound when fired. In toys it’s such an electric “piu-piu”.

And for some reason, many writers describe something similar to this sound. Well, or the noiseless rustling with which a bullet is accelerated by an electromagnetic field. Some add buzzing accelerator coils.

I hasten to disappoint. The sound of the shot will be slightly different.

Let’s remember why electromagnetic acceleration is needed at all, what does gunpowder not satisfy?After all, electromagnetic acceleration will produce a very powerful electromagnetic field, which will most likely be detected by appropriate sensors and give the fighter’s location with an accuracy of several degrees. Well, the reliability of the Gaussian will be much less than that of a classic rifle. After all, there are an order of magnitude more parts that will be so complex that they hardly believe in field repair. Well, the basis is electric, it is the possibility of short circuits and other delights of electronics. Up to sensitivity to an electromagnetic impulse, which is a lot of fun in a nuclear war. In addition, I have little idea of ​​how to stabilize a bullet in flight, this is done in a firearm by rotation, and here, apparently, it is necessary to make stabilizers that will be fun to burn in the atmosphere at hypersonic speeds.

It is clear that the main advantage of Gaussovka will be the ability to “control the fighter.” That is, it’s easy to insert a fingerprint sensor into the gauss handles and weapons will be useless in the wrong hands. Of course, such a sensor can also be inserted into firearms, but a firearm can always be redone, depriving it of “extra” parts, and in Gaussian, due to its electrical basis, it can be built into the controller core. It is not clear what will happen if your weapon is taken by a soldier from a neighboring company. But we will leave this behind the scenes.Just because the main advantage of Gaussian is not this.

The fact is that the Gaussian can transfer the pool to where much more energy.It all comes down to the fact that the energy of a bullet is very much dependent on speed. It is not in vain that speed squared is included in the formula of kinetic energy.But gunpowder weapons have a limit on bullet speed. This is influenced by the resistance of materials, and the temperature and burning rate of gunpowder, and much more. As a result, the firearm has a limit in the region of 5 sound speeds (usually closer to two). In general, the speed of sound in steel will be 15-17 times faster than the speed of sound in air, and if you increase to this limit, any steel will collapse (since the speed of sound is the speed of deformation propagation).

Gauss does not have this limit. Nothing will stop you from building a sniper that will fire a bullet at the first cosmic speed. Well, it’s not that “nothing will hinder” at all, but it’s far from the physical limits. # 128512;The hypersonic speed of the bullet is exactly the advantage that forces the US military to develop a ship’s electromagnetic gun.The same four or five speeds of sound for a firearm are available only for sub-caliber shells, and here six speeds. It will be a common thing. At the same time, barrel wear will be symbolic (or will be treated with cheap liners) and there will be no such small restriction on the number of large-caliber shots. And the recoil of the gun due to the uniformity of dispersal will also be noticeably less.

Accordingly, the energy of such a bullet (or projectile) will be titanic.But we are not about energy, we are about sound.

But the sound will be!And it does not matter that the barrel can be opened at all or consist of separate coils.We will hear the sound at the moment when the bullet crosses the sound barrier.If you don’t believe me, listen to the scourge click, because its sound is due to the fact that the tip of the scourge switches to supersonic for a split second. But the scourge crosses the sound barrier only slightly and very briefly. That is why the “completely silent” muffler with conventional weapons is from Hollywood action movies, but not from real life.

Of course, the sound of a railgun shot will not be the same as from a shotgun. After all, the powder gases flying out of the barrel add “solidity”. A shot from Kalashnikov or another automatic rifle has a kind of “post-echo” due to the work of the gas outlet.The sound of the Gauss will be drier, but not much quieter due to the higher speed of the bullet.Therefore, please writers. Forget about silent electromagnetic weapons, leave it to the lasers!

However, the question arises. Is it possible, in principle, a silent shot from a Gaussian?The answer is yes. Just a Gaussian controller needs to be configured so that the bullet’s flight speed is subsonic, that is, no higher than 340 m / s. However, the energy of the bullet will also be small, and in order to compensate for it the same subsonic “screw cutter” has special ballistic bullets. It is clear that such a bullet requires a special Gaussian design and the shot of a standard hypersonic bullet will be much less effective. That is, such weapons can still be killed. But actually point blank, no further than from the Makarov.

How to Make a Silent Muffler On a Chainsaw

And the last thing you definitely can’t doubt is that Gaussing with a subsonic bullet speed will be prohibited by the police in any society. And those who can shoot a hypersonic bullet will be locked at the program level to the inability to lower the bullet speed below a certain limit. And, most likely, the restriction will be set both in the controller and in the overclocking module (and most likely in a couple of places), that’s how it is. And I do not believe that hackers will be able to break this barrier, stitched in iron.Of course, military special pistols for military actions will be deprived of this barrier, but such gaussings will be guaranteed to have a fighter’s sensor. And this sensor will be allowed to fire only a very small number of those allowed (and this sensor will be protected in the same way as the subsonic shot controller).

Therefore, a noiseless Gaussian pistol from the future is for sure a “hackneyed craft” of semi-basement craftsmen who assemble a model from what they will have (and something tells me that elements will also have very strong control over such weapons).