How to make a snowplow from a trimmer for grass. Lawn mower for snow

Snowplow from a lawnmower. preparing and making it with your own hands

In order for the homemade snowthrower from the grass trimmer properly performed its direct function, you need to choose a suitable motor for it. It is necessary to take into account the weather and operating conditions in which the homemade machine should work.

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First of all, you need to consider the weather: temperature, humidity and abundance of precipitation. If the region in which the snow blower will be used, it falls a lot of snow, and the temperature and humidity in it are constantly changing, then to complete the unit is suitable only for gasoline engine from brushcuts. The fact that it stands out for its higher resistance to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. In contrast, the electric motor will operate with constant failures, as its operation in conditions of high humidity is fraught with short circuits and other failures in the power grid. In addition, the gasoline engine stands out with higher power, which will give the snowblower, assembled on its basis, the ability to effectively remove wet, sticking snow.

If the weather and operating conditions in the region are more forgiving, then the homemade snowthrower can be equipped with an electric motor. In this case, the future owner of the unit will be able to save significantly, because the electric motor does not need constant refueling with fuel and engine oil. In addition, it will be easier to use, because its owner will not need to regularly adjust and wash the regular carburetor.

As for the brands-manufacturers of engines for trimmers, the best way to assemble the snow blower suitable gasoline engines brand STIHL, Stiga, Husqvarna and Forte. Engines of these brands stand out with an impressive traction reserve, so they can guarantee quality snow removal in areas with snow drifts and heavy buildup masses.

“Snegomet” from grass trimmer and brushcutter. the principle of its work

There are many options for making a snowblower from a brushcutter. Let us stop at the easiest way. Let’s replace the cutting blade with a rotor. This snowblower will work like an ordinary shovel. Only you do not have to lift it, you just have to drive it on the ground. It will rake the snow, and throw it aside.

Materials and tools

We have a task: a snowplow with our own hands from the grass trimmer. One condition: the grasshopper must have a straight shaft with a gear at the end. It is desirable to have a multitooth disk, for cutting dense grass. Next, we buy beer, “Baltika” in a large tin barrel.

Drinking. We get the main material. metal. Drill, angle grinder, welder are good tools.

Non-drinkers can replace the bottom of the barrel on the sheet metal, 1,5 mm. Using a welding to make the necessary parts.

Step by step parts making and assembling

Now let’s make the parts. We cut the barrel in a circle, on the height of 150 mm from the bottom. At the bottom we make a hole, in which the protruding part of the gearbox of the grass trimmer will enter. We drill 3 more small holes. They must be located so as to coincide with the holes for mounting the shield on the gearbox.

On the side, we make a square cut, size 100 x 100 mm, for throwing the snow.

Close the upper open part of the workpiece, one-third of it, with a piece of tin. Making sure in advance that the ejection slot is in the center of the closed part.

Make the rotor. We cut out 4 blanks of rectangular shape, 250 by 100 mm. Give each billet the appearance of a paddle by trimming one of the corners on the long side. Weld it on the disc of the grass trimmer with a cross. The rotor is ready.

The deflector, which is responsible for the direction in which the snow is thrown, is also made from the remnants of the barrel. We cut a strip of metal with a width of 150 mm and a length of 300 mm. We bend the workpiece a little. We weld to it the sidewalls, the height of 100 mm, which prevents snow from scattering on the exit.

The last thing to do is the shovel. We take a piece of metal with the dimensions of 300x400mm. Bend the edges. We get skirts of 20mm in height.

  • We take the body and weld the deflector to it, in the place where there is a slot for the ejection.
  • Fix the spatula from below.
  • Insert the grass trimmer gearbox into the hole and fix it with bolts.
  • Mount the rotor like a traditional brushcutter blade.

If this instruction is not enough for you, you can always read this article, which discusses in more detail the process of assembling a shovel for a snowthrower with their own hands.

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How to determine the design?

Before you start designing a trimmer for grass-snowthrower with their own hands, it makes sense to study the market offer. The fact is that a homemade unit, without a thorough calculation of motor power and without proper user skills, may not last long, due to the mismatch of power and weight to the required tasks. It is also necessary to have and be able to read blueprints to make a homemade grass trimmer-snow trimmer.

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A much easier way out of the situation, in this case, is to find a ready-made solution. You can be saved by a snow trimmer grass trimmer attachment. They are freely available on the Internet, are usually called “snow blower attachment” and allow you to use a specially created for this purpose, which will be designed for your brushcutter. There is also a practice of attaching grass trimmer to some metal frame, turning it into a kind of power tiller on wheels. In this case, the grass trimmer will only play the role of a motor that drives the rotor. We won’t dwell on the description of the creation of a metal frame, we will only say that it should be strong enough and heavy, which means. from a steel angle or pipe.

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Snowblower assembly guide

Not every grass trimmer is suitable for making a snow blower. If the farm has an electric or lawnmower with a curved boom, in which the torque is transferred to the knife with a flexible cable, then the process of conversion can not even begin. The thing is that such models of trimmers are low-powered. The performance of the snowblower will be weak, and the engine will constantly overheat.

A powerful grass trimmer with a straight boom makes a good snow blower. This electric or gasoline grass trimmer is characterized by the transmission of torque to the blade through a rigid shaft and gearbox.

The design of the snow blower is not complicated. The working element is the nozzle, which is placed instead of the blade. It is an impeller with blades. For this part you need 1,5 mm thick steel. The impeller should be placed in a casing. a volute. For its manufacture take a piece of pipe of large diameter, usually within 300 mm.

Tip! An excellent casing for a snowblower will turn out of a beer barrel. The presence of the bottom will save extra work associated with welding a plug to the tube.

Grass trimmer re-equipment with its own hands in the snowplow will do without complicated drawings, but at least the simplest scheme at hand need to have. It will help to create a general idea of the design.

Now let’s consider step by step how to make a snow blower with their own hands from an electric or brush cutter:

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  • Making a snow thrower begins with the body. If you’re lucky enough to get a beer keg, you should cut a 150 mm long piece from it. The workpiece is needed together with the bottom, as it will be attached to the gearbox trimmer for grass.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the bottom. Its diameter should be enough to pass the working shaft trimmer for the grass, which will be put on the nozzle in the form of a winglet. Around the large hole, you need to mark the attachment points of the gearbox. Usually it is three points. Drill holes for screws according to the markings.
  • Now for the snow thrower it is necessary to make an outlet. a deflector, through which the snow will be ejected. Make a hole in the side flange of the casing. It can be made square or round at your discretion. The diameter of the hole is 100 mm. Pipe to it is welded later. Now it is necessary to cut a workpiece from a sheet of steel in the shape of half a circle. This plug is welded on 1/3 of the front end of the snail body. The plug will prevent snow from flying out of the snail forward and direct it into the deflector. The deflector hole must be located in the center of the front plug.
  • Next, you need to make a rotor on the snowblower, that is, the very impeller, which will throw the snow. A circular blade of the grass trimmer is taken as a base. But first, four blades of steel are cut out of 250×100 mm. The workpieces are made perfectly equal in size to avoid imbalance. Finished blades are welded crosswise to the disc.
  • Now it is time to finish the deflector. The hole in the casing is ready, now you need to attach the branch pipe to it. It can be bent out of galvanized steel. The spigot make a height of 100 mm and welded to the body. An elbow of similar length is attached to it so that the snow will be thrown to the side. It is better to make a circular deflector. On such a spigot will not have to make an elbow. It can be taken from a plastic sewer with a diameter of 100 mm.
  • The last piece left to be made is the guide vane. It is cut from a sheet of steel. You need a piece with dimensions of 300×400 mm. Bend the flanges at the sides by 20 mm. Weld the guide vane to the lower part of the casing from the front.
  • All parts of the snowthrower are ready, the only thing left is to assemble them into a single design. First attach the grass trimmer gearbox to the snail with bolts. Inside the body comes out the shaft. A homemade nozzle with blades is put on it.

Snowplow unit with their own hands from a grass trimmer will be considered ready when the rotary design is installed on the frame. It is enough to weld an ordinary rectangle from the corners. Wooden skids are attached to the frame from below. On skis, the snow blower is easier to push through the snow. The control handle is the native boom of the grass trimmer.

The video shows an example of a snow blower from a grass trimmer:

Snow blower attachment on a grass trimmer

You can buy a snow trimmer attachment for your brushcutter. It is important to choose it correctly in terms of performance. The nozzle must fit its parameters to a particular model of trimmer for grass. If the performance of the snowthrower will be large, but the lawnmower is weak, the motor will quickly overheat.

Tip! The most popular attachments for brushcutters have a capacity of about 160 kg / min. The snow working width varies between 30 cm and 15 cm.

An overview of the snowthrower attachment is presented at

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What is better to attach a trimmer: auger or rotor

When making a snow blower from a grass trimmer, there are two options for installing the working mechanism: auger and rotor. Let’s take a look at what is the difference between the designs, as well as their positive and negative sides.

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How to make a grass trimmer snow blower. how to make it

Before you start working on a snow blower from a grass trimmer, you should carefully prepare and make the necessary drawings for the work. Making a snow blower will require:

The scheme for making a snowplow from a grass trimmer should be as accurate as possible. This is the only way to make a reliable snowplow that will last you a long time.

The order of making a homemade snow blower from a grass trimmer is as follows:

  • First make the body of the machine. To do this, you will need to cut a hole in the bottom of the steel barrel, in which you will then need to insert the gearbox. From the barrel around its perimeter to cut off about 50 cm. At the extremity of the product need to make a wide opening for the ejection of snow masses;
  • Then it is necessary to make a disk. To do this, you need to take a solid sheet of metal and weld the blades to it. The end result should be a product that resembles a propeller. It is very important to bend the blades correctly, because this will determine the effectiveness of the snowthrower from the grass trimmer. The more blades you manage to make. the better and faster will work a snowplow from a grass trimmer;
  • The next step is to make the snow outlet. To do this, you must cut a strip from the remaining steel and bend it into a crescent shape. On both sides of the product to weld sidewalls, which will not let the snow fall out;
  • The next step is to make a scraper and weld it to the volute, through which the snow masses will pass. Steel should be used to make a scraper. The dimensions of the element must necessarily correspond to the dimensions of the lower part of the snail;
  • For the smooth movement of the snow blower from the grass trimmer to the bottom of his body should be fixed a continuous sheet of steel or welded crossbar and fix the wheels on both sides of it;
  • Next, you need to weld the snow outlet over the hole from which the snow will be thrown. It is best if you can adjust the position of the snow outlet. This way, you will be able to change the direction of the snow throw;

Following the above algorithm, you can easily make a reliable and productive trimmer snowplow for grass, which easily cope even with wet snow.

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How to make a snow blower from a grass trimmer?

A snowplow is an automated machine designed for clearing snow in open and hard-to-reach areas. It is available in different modifications that differ in power parameters, power/fuel consumption, design and others.

Garden grass trimmer is a gasoline/electric tool designed for mowing grass and small shrubs on the garden plot. The line of their production is represented by models, implying use in manual and semi-automatic mode. The design of some machines makes it possible to modify them so that they can be used as snow ploughs.