How to make a sprayer with your own hands to a power tiller

Sprayer battery with their own hands

To create a cordless sprayer with your own hands will need:

  • sealed container: for this purpose, a tank from an old sprayer or a plastic tank with a lid will do;
  • Battery (12 volt);
  • air valve;
  • spraying boom;
  • car compressor.
  • In the tank to drill a hole, where to insert the car nipple.
  • Under the washers at the nipple attachment point, put a rubber gasket to close all possible gaps. A sealant can be used for this purpose.
  • Connect a compressor to the nipple.
  • Make a hole and secure the boom in it. If the container is taken from a non-working spraying design, then this step can be skipped, since both the boom and the sprayer are in it.
  • Connect the compressor to the accumulator.
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High tank pressure produces a finer spray pattern. After the required pressure is reached, the excess pressure is vented through a breather valve.

Making a reversible plough for a power tiller with your own hands

Earlier we considered the possibility of using a plow (homemade) instead of a cutter as attachment equipment for a power tiller. Both the cutter and the plough perform similar functions, but differ in quality of treatment. The reverse plough is just as different as the standard plough.

This plough has a more complicated design, with a curved pen on top of the body. Due to this structure, the reversible plow not only plows the land, but also turns the layer of land that has been plowed. That can be handy when you’re working on heavy soils. The arrangement of the reversible plough is much more complicated than that of a conventional plough, and only a professional can make a reversible plough themselves. It is very difficult to choose the right quality blanks and in the process do not make a mistake anywhere.

To assemble such a plough yourself, you need to know what to assemble it from, that is, what parts should be made of it first.

To make a plow Zykov with your own hands, you need to make a stand, with which you will hook the plow to the power unit, the plow body with ploughshare, a field board (it makes the plow more stable) and a feather, which overturns the earth. We make the mouldboard of this plough from a half-meter diameter pipe with a wall thickness of 5 mm. We turn on the welder to cut the mouldboard, which we then grind with an angle grinder. For the body birch steel plate thickness of 2-3 mm.

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade device

The strengths of homemade equipment include the ability to customize the machine for use in the terrain, adapt the tank to the needs of the farm (volume, working substances, etc.д.).

Production is economical because the sprayer can be filled with standard auto shop parts. Also the device:

  • easily adjustable for width, allowing the machine to be used in fields with different row widths;
  • quickly repairable, t.к. The design is characterized by simplicity and durability;
  • Can be used with all types of agricultural machinery.
  • Must be repaired and replaced often.
  • The need to check the bottom before each trip, as.к. Because of the cheap materials it deteriorates due to corrosion.

Hand-held backpack sprayer

The backpack garden sprayer is designed for larger areas, up to 0.5 ha. Has two chambers. a pump chamber and a working chamber with a capacity of 12 to 20 litres. For safety reasons, the pump is separated from the spray liquid tank. If the air chamber bursts under too much pressure, the fluid will not spill and will not cause damage.

A significant disadvantage is the need to constantly maintain pressure in manual mode. At the same time has a fairly high performance and advanced operating features. A careful study of the design will help to decide how to make a tree sprayer with your own hands, if there is no desire to spend money on a serial model.

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Handheld pressure sprayer is mostly used for works on garden plots

Pump-type household appliances

Pumping tools do not have a working capacity and resemble in appearance compact bicycle pumps with a hose, the free end of which is lowered into a bowl with a solution for plant treatment. Such a unit is convenient for the treatment of the vegetable garden, shrubs and low trees.

Solution can be poured into any size and configuration of container. bucket, canister, barrel and even bottle. No need to disconnect or dismantle anything to fill the pot. Ideal for the application of different solutions. you don’t have to wash the dishes before filling them with a different composition.

What sprayers are like??

Pressure sprayer with hand pump

Homemade spraying devices

In the cultivation of garden and vegetable crops, the care process is one of the most important stages. So having a sprayer in your household is essential. But it happens that the tool fails, or there is no opportunity to buy it. Not everyone knows this, but you can make your own sprayers.

A sprayer is a gardening tool designed to spray preparations for the care of vegetable crops. Timely and quality treatment will help to get a decent harvest. This unit will allow you to do the following

  • to make a fertilizer;
  • Treat the garden from pests, using a minimum of harmful components;
  • to carry out preventive maintenance in the countryside.

This device can help paint the house, just dilute the lime and pour the solution into the container.

The sprayer performs its functions due to the difference between the air pressure and the liquid, which is in a tightly closed container of the device. The same principle of action has the most popular units, for example, “Juke”, “Stanley”.

The liquid solution under high pressure rushes to the outlet and at the moment the valve is opened, it moves through a flexible tube into a kind of telescopic structure, which is crowned with a spray nozzle. As a result, the liquid is dispersed into a cloud, a jet, a fan, or a combination of these options.

In this case, the pressure on the device is formed by different methods. What method is chosen for the device, depends on the manufacturer. There are powerful devices equipped with a motor. They are designed for tree up to 5-10 m in height. And there are also small sprayers for manual care of flower beds.

Thanks to the many options on the market, you can choose exactly the device that suits your specific needs. There are several varieties of handheld sprayers:

  • Pump. This device is actually an ordinary pump, the design of which is similar to a syringe or fire extinguisher. It is a plastic cylinder equipped with a pump handle. The capacity in such devices reaches 1-2 liters.
  • Hydraulic. The device assumes a tank capacity of 3-12 liters. It is used for country houses, gardens. This sprayer has a special carrying strap. Water is sprayed with the help of a long, thin tube. It is connected to the tank by a flexible hose. The device is started by a button.
  • Shotgun. The unit is equipped with a tank of 10-20 liters. There are manual and cordless. The former works like a pump: pressure is applied in a chamber. With the second type of device, it is created by an electric battery.
  • Pneumatic. There are both manual and portable devices. The pressure is created by the pump, which is located in the cover. Devices are mainly used for disinfecting large areas.
make, sprayer, your, hands, power

In addition, spraying devices are divided into such groups:

  • 1. Motorized. They are equipped with a gasoline engine.
  • 2. Mounted. These devices are used as a special attachment for a tractor. Can also be attached to a single-axle tractor or mini-tractor.
  • 3. Herbicide. Special devices that are fixed on special vehicles, they treat huge territories.

You can buy a personal mounted sprayer if you want to treat large areas.

Often people prefer to make a sprayer with their own hands for use on their personal plot. Some people use a broom for this purpose, while others use a container with a sprayer from household chemicals or a vacuum cleaner. However, these methods can not save money on the product, it is used at a high expense. If this is the case, there are some excellent alternatives. But before you make a sprayer with your own hands, you need to think carefully about which device is most suitable, and prepare an approximate drawing.

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To assemble an electric garden sprayer with your own hands, you need a centrifugal pump. Thanks to the list of manipulations it can be re-equipped. Almost no additional parts are required.

For powerful pumps with the required water capture not less than 360 l / hr will need to put self-made pressure regulator. To do this, at 0.5-1 m from the outlet install a tee that is usually used to connect a washing machine, with a tap closing the water. Means, passing through the outlet, will be sent back into the container, forming a “small loop” of circulation. This will provide the necessary cooling.

To assemble the device you will need a plastic canister for the working fluid, a filter that sieves solid particles, hoses, a telescopic “rod” 1.1-2.3 m and the pump itself. It is important to observe safety precautions when working. You can discuss all the steps with an electrician beforehand.

Hoses must be attached to the nozzles and secured with metal clamps. Pour liquid into the tank and immerse the pump. The faucet on the tee should be in the open position. Then turn on the pump and if it works, the liquid should circulate. You can now start the adjustment process by holding the trigger of the sprayer and closing the valve little by little. Do this until the spray jet is sufficient.

To assemble a battery-powered sprayer, you will need a suitable container. It is recommended that you use a part of an old pump sprayer for this, which is beyond repair.

The tank should be completely tight and the air valve and boom should be working.

To assemble the device, you will also need a compressor and a battery (12V). It is necessary to drill a hole in the container, into which you must later insert the car nipple. Then it should be connected to the compressor. The joint must be treated with sealant for reliability.

Afterwards you can connect the compressor to the battery. Thanks to the high pressure, the fluid spray is particularly fine. Among the advantages of such a battery device stand out the possibility of repairing and replacing parts with their own hands, without involving specialists.

This method of assembling the sprayer is one of the easiest. There is no need for expensive components, a child’s bike pump, nipple, the nozzle from an ordinary spray bottle and the bottle itself are enough. From the tools you need need need pliers.

  • 1. The nipple should be cut from an old bicycle wheel tube, leaving a circle of rubber in which it is glued.
  • 2. The size of the circle should be the size of a coin. Remove the sealing nut.
  • 3. Drill a hole in the bottle for the nipple.
  • 4. Then insert it inside the nipple and use spokes to drive the metal part through the hole. Use needle-nose pliers to pull the nipple upwards.
  • 5. Press the rubber part firmly against the inside of the bottle.
  • 6. Next you need to put some glue between the nipple and the walls of the hole.
  • 7. From the camera should be cut a second circle, which must then be put on the nipple and secured with the nut on top.
  • 8. Then screw the pump hose to the nipple. Then pour the container into the tank and close it with the spray gun.
  • 9. The pump should be secured to the bottle with adhesive tape. The handle of the device should be slightly above the neck when closed.

It remains to make a few shaking movements, and the walls of the container will become elastic. Once the container is as dense as a “soda bottle”, push the handle down. The stream produced impresses by the pressure and dispersion. With such a device, you can treat both the flower on the windowsill and garden crops.

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Modern devices for the spraying of garden crops are quite expensive, and often not of high quality. Homemade sprayers have many advantages.

  • The cost of such equipment is minimal, while the result is pleasing to the fine atomization and excellent pressure.
  • Assembling with their own hands allows you to take into account the performance of the user and assemble the device, taking into account the characteristics of the person who will use it.
  • In the case of a breakage the parts can be replaced without much cost and effort.

There are many video instructions, according to which it is real to assemble even a mounted sprayer. Fixed it on the tiller, tractor can be obtained a self-propelled sprayer.

Homemade garden sprayer. a device that will be useful for both beginners and experienced owners. For the assembly is suitable improvised parts, which saves a lot of money. The finished sprayer can be used for both plant treatment and other household purposes.

Improving the running gear

The first thing most tractor-trailer users think about is how to fit a toolbox with a seat. You have to apply a lot of physical effort to operate the machine with normal levers. But using a trailer reduces the stability of the vehicle. Eliminate this problem by widening the wheelbase. This is done with the help of extensions, which are attached to the half axle with pins or bolts. Having solved the stability problem, the operator is faced with another issue: the machine is not steering well. Differential for power tillers helps to give it good maneuverability. This device is made by analogy with units of passenger cars. Homemade unblockers for power tillers are made with ordinary household tools. angle grinder, welding and sharpening machine.

The low weight of the tiller head increases the risk of the wheels slipping on the ground. Slipping is a common occurrence when lifting virgin land, working in wet or snowy conditions. To avoid slippage, weighting bars are attached to the power tillers.

These devices fall into categories such as:

  • Wheeled. These are disks that are attached to the wheels or hubs. Discs are made of monolithic metal, concrete or hollow filled with sand. Wheel weights may weigh 30-70 kilograms.
  • External. Made of any heavy material (steel, lead, concrete). Attached to the body with hooks or bolts. Some craftsmen weld to the frame from the angle. Sandbags, bricks, scrap metal and other heavy objects are placed in it.

You can improve the cross-country capability of your power tiller by installing cleats. The easiest way to make trailing blades is to make a rim from a strip of metal and weld the blades on it. Rim diameter should be larger than the rims and smaller than the tires. The rim is set while the tires are flat. After the primer is installed, the wheel is pumped.

make, sprayer, your, hands, power

You can improve the transmission by installing a homemade variator on the engine. The belt and disc system allows you to change the speed of the machine smoothly, without jerking or vibration.

Sprayers for tractors: classification

One of the most common tractor attachments is a sprayer. This device is simply indispensable in regions with hot climates, because it is its presence that largely determines the yield on the site. However, the cost of some sprayer models is high enough to prevent anyone from purchasing them. In this case you can make a homemade device, which will be almost in no way inferior to its factory counterparts.

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