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Grass trimmer from an angle grinder with their own hands

All owners of homestead plots face the problem of mowing the grass, which literally grows before their eyes, and during the season you need to improve your site several times. The usual hand-held scythe has long been replaced by benzotrimmer and electric trimmers.

But the price for them is not reduced and is quite tangible for many owners of dachas and private houses.

Folk craftsmen have still found a way out of this situation and learned to do with their own hands trimmers for grass literally from improvised means, using gasoline and electric tools, not intended for these purposes.

Grass trimmer attachments: 15 kinds

What grass trimmer attachments are reviewed in this review (lawn trimmer and electric mower attachments are the same)

  • The attachment Drill bit for the gasoline grass trimmer (works without electricity).
  • Walking wheels attachment for easy operation of the brush.
  • Lopper attachment, working on the principle of a hacksaw.
  • Garden shears for cutting hedges and bushes.

This is in addition to the trimmer head for the care of the household plot and bed, various metal and plastic blades for mowing natural and seeded grass and weeds, as well as a saw blade for cutting trimmer young trees, bushes and branches.

Grass trimmer attachments (also lawn mower attachments) are attached to the trimmer in one of three ways:

The engine of the grass trimmer can work in any position and has a high specific power (power relative to weight), it is also compact and reliable, which allows using it with any attachment, as shown below. Let’s take a closer look at the grass trimmer attachments. Lawn trimmer attachments are the same.

Lawn trimmer attachment for grass Drill

the drill attachment is the attachment for a gasoline grass trimmer, t.е. you don’t need electricity to run this drill. In addition, such a gasoline drill is characterized by great power, reliability and durability (compared to the electric drill). The huge torque on the drill is provided by a reduction gear with a gear ratio of 17:1. Available in 3 chuck sizes. With Echo trimmer technical specifications:

Grass trimmer attachment for running wheels

Can be used with a blower or other attachments as needed. Especially convenient to use the walking wheels for grass trimmer together with a sweeping brush or roller. you can raise the working body and, accordingly, reduce friction on the surface (easier to work, less wear and tear, better results and pleasure of work). See. Also: Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Kremenchug.

Grass trimmer nozzle Lopper

Lopper attachment for cutting branches and twigs up to 4.5 m (33 ft.) high. Purpose is the same as that of the pole pruner, but if the pole pruner works on the principle of a chainsaw, then the lopper works on the principle of a hacksaw.

Grass trimmer nozzle Garden shears

Garden shears nozzle for cutting hedges and solitary shrubs (lawn trimmer attachment of the same design). two modifications with different shaft lengths for different situations.

Lawn aerator for grass trimmer nozzle

The aerator nozzle is designed to aerate, t.е. to saturate the top layer of soil with air by piercing it (especially important for lawns over 5 years old with a thickened root system), and to break up the crust on the surface of the lawn after rain, watering or trampling to restore the air permeability of the soil. Working width. 20 cm.

Grass trimmer attachment Cultivator

The cultivator attachment is designed for loosening the soil in flower beds, flower beds, greenhouses, small seedbeds, around trees and bushes.

  • Cutter diameter. 20 cm.
  • Cutter speed. 180 rpm.
  • Working width. 12-24 cm (depending on the engine power of the grass trimmer).
  • Weight. 5 kg.

The disadvantage of such a cultivator (as a lawnmower attachment) is its small weight. it treats the top layer well, especially in a freshly dug place, but on the hard ground it scratches on top, and in the soil does not climb.

Our grass trimmer hose does not allow you to press the tillers to the ground. the bar is springy, which causes heavy wear on the plastic bushing that guides the drive shaft and heavy pressure can cause bending the bar and breakage of grass cutters or brush head cultivator.

Grass trimmer tool for grass cutters

The Pole Pruner is designed for cutting branches and bushes up to 15 cm thick and thinning out tree crowns up to 4.5 m from the ground. It is a gearbox in a housing with an oil tank with a connection hole on the grass trimmer and the bar with a chain. Busbar length. 21 cm. When selecting a Pole Pruner accessory, it is necessary to check whether the size and shape of teeth on the spline part of the drive shaft are the same in the accessory and on the trimmer.

Grass trimmer accessory Gearbox

Gearbox attachment can be used as a motor for bicycle, moped, go-kart, ATV, snowmobile, etc.д. Gearbox with 5x speed reduction. Drive sprocket can be changed. any number of teeth can be fitted and desired gear ratio can be selected. Lawn mower attachments are identical.

What are the main features to keep in mind when buying a grass trimmer?

The main difference is the operation of the grass trimmer with water or dry.

Work with water, or “wet” trimmer requires in addition to the electrical outlet, connection to the water mains and, consequently, the presence of a drain line.

To understand which grass trimmer to choose, you need to determine what kind of gypsum you usually work with and what discs you use for it.

Carborundum discs are good for normal, soft gypsum. If the gypsum is very hard, you should choose discs with a spot or full coating of diamond.

Carborundum and all-diamond blades need to work with water, because of the possibility of clogging of the blade coating with gypsum. Discs with a partial or dot coating of diamond chips do not require water for work.

Important parameter for discs, especially for carborundum is balancing, which affects disc runout, noise characteristics of the grass trimmer and durability of the electric motor bearings.

Some manufacturers use quick-release carborundum discs such as “Klettfix” (Renfert). The replacement disc looks like a disc cut out of waterproof sandpaper. On one side there is a carborundum layer, and on the other side there is ordinary Velcro. Changing the disc takes seconds. These discs are available in different roughness, and a quick change is convenient when processing plaster of different grades.

Other variants

There are many other units, from which you can make a grass trimmer for grass. Use a vacuum cleaner, a drill or a chainsaw as the base.

From a vacuum cleaner

In the manufacture of homemade grass trimmer from a vacuum cleaner motor, the latter is mounted on a boom. The knives are installed on the motor shaft and covered with a protective cover. A metal disk with a fishing line can be used instead of blades. The engine is also covered with a hood to protect it from dust and dirt. To create additional cooling, you need to install a cooling device. It is made from a disk with curved blades (fan) and mount it under the washer, through which the line for the grass trimmer trimmer. Air enters from above through the hose and cools the engine.

From the drill

If you need to quickly make a trimmer for the grass, the drill will help in this. For this make a knife from a metal plate and sharpen it. Then a hole is made in the center, a bolt is inserted and secured with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill chuck and gently clamped.

Such a design is dangerous for the user, so the drill is attached a protective cover. It is made from a plastic tube and put on the tool body.

From a chainsaw

Since the chainsaw engine is heavy, you can not make a grass trimmer with a lower drive, but you can make a lawn mower on wheels. Manufacturing process:

  • First, from an angle of 25 × 25 mm make a cart. Its dimensions. 500×600 mm.
  • At the corners of the structure set the wheels.
  • The gas cable and the fuel hose are extended.
  • The tire and the hand wheel are unscrewed. From a water pipe make a handle on which to mount the hand wheel.
  • When installing the motor on the frame, the shaft must be located at the bottom of the structure. The gearbox is at a 90° angle.
  • Then the cutting assembly is mounted on the tool shaft.

The tool is ready. To make it easier to work with, you can buy a shoulder or backpack strap for the grass trimmer in a store.

Share your handiwork with us. What power tools were used and whose inventions were inspired by?

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Grass trimmer from angle grinder

Self-made trimmer for grass Using an angle grinder is not too difficult to produce. Its only disadvantage is the need for electricity, and a long extension cord. To make a trimmer for grass from the angle grinder with his own hands, will have to build a long and sturdy handle, with one edge of which, metal clips could be attached to the tool in question.

make, trimmer, grass, their, hands

However, it is best to reinsure and make a special metal mount with wheels, under the installation of angle grinder. At the top of the mount should be welded a piece of pipe to connect a long handle made of plastic or wood. An important feature of the grass trimmer from the angle grinder is that to mow the grass, it is best to use not a fishing line for the trimmer, but a thin cable.

How to make a trimmer for grass with his own hands

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass with their own hands, is always relevant among owners of private houses with a small plot of land. A neat and well-groomed lawn near the house, it is not only beautiful, but also safe in terms of absence of mites on it.

On how to get rid of mites on the dacha site told earlier, today we will consider the question. how to make a trimmer for grass with his hands out of the most improvised means.

Today you can find different variants of trimmers on sale, working both from electricity and from gasoline. However, it is not always possible to buy a trimmer for the grass, and in most cases, he is not so necessary.

The advantages of self-made trimmer for grass from a drill or angle grinder is that when you need to mow the lawn near the house, the grass trimmer is easily assembled. If it is not necessary, drill or angle grinder with grass trimmer is removed and used for its intended purpose.

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How to make a grass trimmer from a drill and angle grinder

To make a trimmer for grass from a drill a lot of materials and tools are not needed. There will also be no need to disassemble the drill, in order to make it a hand trimmer for grass with his own hands.

In addition, the replacement drill can serve as a cordless screwdriver, which can be connected to a car battery to increase the duration of the trimmer for grass.

Making a trimmer for grass out of the drill with his own hands

The main requirements for the home-made trimmer in the first place are its safety. The blade of the homemade grass trimmer is very sharp, so the presence of a protective cover on the trimmer is a prerequisite.

The same applies to the handle of the grass trimmer, which will be fixed to the drill. The handle should be made of durable materials, you can certainly use wood, but it’s better to use an aluminum tube for this purpose.

In addition, to work with a trimmer after it is assembled should be not only the most safe, but also the most convenient. It is therefore imperative to adjust the grass trimmer holder to your height, maybe install an additional handle on the side of the trimmer, etc. д.

First prepare the grass trimmer handle, on which to fix the drill. To fix the drill you will need long bolts and metal clamps. Be sure to wire power drill should be rewound to the handle trimmer for grass. Do not let the wire dangle around and pose a danger if it gets under the cutting element of the grass trimmer.

How to make a blade for a grass trimmer: materials

The blade of the grass trimmer is attached to the drill with a nut and bolt, which is clamped into the chuck. Be sure not to forget to install the grass trimmer protective cover to ensure your own safety while cutting the grass.

The blade for the grass trimmer can be made of tool steel or other very durable material. You should know that the smaller the thickness of the grass trimmer knife will be, the better it will cope with cutting the grass. The length of the grass trimmer blade depends primarily on the blade guard and the width of the grass to be mowed. Most often the length of the grass trimmer blade does not exceed 30 centimeters.

trimmer for grass from the angle grinder with his hands

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass out of the angle grinder with their own hands, solves approximately the same way as the above-described making a trimmer for the grass out of the drill. There is only a slight difference in fixing the angle grinder to the holder. As a handle for the grass trimmer can be selected metal tube, to which the end plate should be welded with a hole for fixing the angle grinder bolt.

The blade of the homemade grass trimmer has undergone slight changes as well. In the case of the angle grinder, the knife is not in the form of a long rectangle. The blade of homemade grass trimmer from the angle grinder is made of the disk on the concrete, with a pre-cut sharp edges, which are just designed to mow the grass.

The question of how to make a trimmer for the grass from a drill or angle grinder is quite solvable and independent way The main thing is not to forget about safety and carefully study this issue.

Only after this you can safely start making a trimmer for grass with your own hands.

Grass trimmer nozzle with their own hands

For many dacha owners, the grass trimmer has long become a familiar and nearly indispensable tool. But you can’t always get a model that meets all your needs. It happens that with fresh young vegetation trimmer for grass copes with easily, but there is a desire to clear a place behind the fence or along the driveway, and the high mature grass turns out to be a technique “beyond the teeth”.

We offer a variant of independent manufacturing nozzle for a grass trimmer from simple, almost improvised means. You will need a metal peorized plate (100mm x 240mm), two metal hacksaw blades, 4 screws and 4 nuts M5, 4 washers and 4 large washers. From a safety standpoint, the hacksaw blades should not be completely glazed.

All you need for making the attachment

The most difficult thing in the manufacture of the nozzle is to symmetrically mark and make holes for the blades and shaft of the grass trimmer. That’s why a ready-made peorized plate is chosen.

First you have to make the base of the trimmer. For this purpose from a metal plate by the angular grinder cut out a square with the side of 100 mm. Mark it so that exactly in the center (at the intersection of the diagonals) there is a hole. For this purpose from the center of the chosen aperture perpendicularly to the short side of a plate we measure off distance of 50 mm and we mark lines of trimming.

We cut off unnecessary things and get a square of 100 mm x 100 mm. Now you need to round the corners a bit and drill a center hole for the grass trimmer shaft.

To round corners and drill a central hole for the shaft of the grass trimmer

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The metal blade is cut, measuring from each end 8 cm. We obtain four blanks with completed holes.

These blanks are to be shaped into blades. To do this, we mark the line for the trimmer cut by eye (no special accuracy is required), fasten all four workpieces together and grind off the excess.

As a result, we get knives of equal weight and size, and they can be sharpened a little on one side. Now all parts of the homemade grass trimmer attachment are prepared, you can start assembling.

Homemade guard

If you make a homemade mower, you will definitely need a protective cover. It will save your eyes, body, and legs from injury by small stones and splinters of blades, if they break.

The cover for the grass trimmer can be made from a sheet of aluminum or thin tin.

  • First, in the corner of the square made of metal, you must drill a hole of the desired diameter (depending on the type of drive of your machine) with the drill bit.
  • Then you need to make a marking for the fasteners. As a base, which will be screwed home-made protection, you can use the standard cover from the angle grinder if you make a trimmer for the grass out of it.
  • Clamp the workpiece with a clamp and, using a tape measure and a pencil, draw the first circle with a radius of about 270 mm. The corner of the workpiece will serve as the center of the circle. It is impossible to give exact recommendations about the radius, because it will depend on the diameter of the cutting tool you will use with the machine. Therefore first decide what kind of blades you will use, and what kind of line reach will be optimal.
  • Next, draw a second arc (it will be a bend), a little back from the first. In this case by 5 centimeters. This is how you will measure the height of the future board. In general, it is recommended to make the height of the cover so that when you put it flat on the ground, the cutting tool will not reach it about 2 cm.
  • After marking the second line necessary to cut along it the workpiece, using a jigsaw for metal or jigsaw with a file on metal.
  • In addition, you need to make radial cuts (up to the first arc) and bend the resulting parts with pliers at an angle of 90 °.
  • Next, the shield is attached to the protective hood of the angle grinder, a cutting tool is installed, and the unit is ready to work.

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In this way, you can make and install a protective cover and on a trimmer bought in the store, if the shield for some reason cracked. Shields in the factory units are made of plastic and often break if you unsuccessfully bump the grass trimmer head on the ground to lengthen the fishing line.

Bike with motor from grass trimmer

Homemade bicycle with a motor from a trimmer for grass. a high-tech vehicle, which differs from simple counterparts with high speed, practicality and lower cost, thanks to the use of cheap equipment.

To assemble the motorcycle, the following attachments are needed:

  • bike in working condition;
  • motor from a grass trimmer;
  • chain;
  • tensioner;
  • sprocket;
  • clamp;
  • rope;
  • safety guard;
  • controller;
  • exhaust pipe;
  • sleeve, bolts, washers.
  • To the rear wheel is attached two pads of rubber: the first. between the spokes, the second. behind them.
  • The sprocket must fit the grass trimmer motor. It is inserted into the hub, which is on the outside of the wheel. Attach a half moon to the inside.
  • The engine is mounted on the trunk or behind the seat with a clamp, bought or made of steel plate with your own hands.
  • Install the chain on the sprocket and the power unit, adjust the tensioner. It is not recommended to use belts instead of a chain. They often fall apart under the force of friction, and their lifespan is minimal.
  • The throttle handle and the engine are connected by a rope.
  • Attach the fuel tank and carburetor.
  • The exhaust pipe is welded.

Some craftsmen create a braking system and replace the standard tires of the wheels with non-slip. After reassembling all the components, be sure to check the operation of the bike. This will determine the functionality of the mechanism and your own safety.

Grass trimmer from angle grinder. Instructions and diagram with explanations

Grass trimmer from an angle grinder. At any moment the angle grinder easily turns into a mower. and vice versa.For the mower you need to add an extension cord or a soft double wire with a cross section of 2.5, the socket. switch and plug. Cut the wire from the socket side of 30 cm and insert the switch (preferably from a drill. angle grinder of the same power) In my case, I will not use an angle grinder. That’s why I took away a part of the angle grinder body with a button. to reduce the size.

The main thing is to close all cooling holes. I glued them with duct tape and the body. part of a plastic bottle.

Since the ventilation is closed, it is necessary not to overload.

All parts of the mower are assembled from improvised means. Body and handle was taken from the heating tube 15. fixing with an angle grinder 2 to 3 mm steel plate. bent at an angle of 90 gr., and welded to the pipe at an angle of 45gr. Handle (angle tube) 90gr. It is fastened to the body with a bolt, M10 thread, and can be adjusted for height. the belt clings to it. All sizes are shown in the photo mounts for angle grinder with a disk 180. Therefore, the holes for bolts must be adjusted to the size of the body of the angle grinder. The switch is moved to the edge of the case, adding 1.5m. copper wire 2.5 mesh., and fastened with insulated tape (inserted into the tube from a bicycle)

The most important and the most difficult part in my case. This is a fishing line mount. It took me several months of testing different versions of mounts. to get the results I wanted. The mount is made of two old diamond discs for stone. cut out the disc core with the angle grinder as on the photo.

Grind more corners then put the core of the disk on a grinder. and do not put much pressure, grind against an emery stone to a circle f90mm. 2 pcs.Mark the diameter at 50mm. On one and bore holes as on a photo.Holes 4.5 and 3.5 are for line of 4 and 3 diameters. You can drill and 2.5 for a line of 2.5. Fixing the line for the trimmer as shown in the photo. trimmer line 18cm. insert into the holes and bend.

Long edge of line should be between the two blades. If the weed is small and the turnover is young, the line should be tightened.

make, trimmer, grass, their, hands

I added a speed regulator, the mowing is much better. If there is little grass and young grass, I turn down the speed so as not to strain the engine.

I also removed the line fastening that I described in the beginning. I fixed the discs to the standard factory settings, and used them to clamp the line to the trimmer

(only the line for the trimmer ti now must be thick, I have 4 mm), otherwise it will curl.