How to make a wanderer segment mowing. How to make a mower for a walk -behind tractor with your own hands?

DIY Bespalz mowel step by step

Instead of wheels, it is possible to use an old baby stroller with metal wheels. It fixes a chainsaw, which will rotate the so.called rotor.

Temporary gear from the Tins will help to replace the tire. A metal sheet is installed on the lower part of the stroller, which must be cut out by corner grinding, in accordance with the size of the stroller. In addition, it is necessary to cut the bottom in the form of a disk from a metal barrel. From another barrel or improvised means, cut off the casing that will have a diameter of a slightly larger disk. It is possible to make an aluminum visor that will help to lay down mowed grass. A handle is used to control the mowing, if you have from the stroller, use it, otherwise, build the handle yourself. Attach knives to the disk, monitor the strength of the compounds. Further, all parts are collected by welding. First, the metal sheet is attached to the stroller, then the casing is fixed on its surface and a disk is inserted into it. During the launch of the chainsaw, the rotation of this mechanic and the mowing of the grass occurs.

Features of rotary braids

In general, there are several types of mowers for mini.tractors or walk.behind tractors, which can be built independently. Since in this way it will be possible to achieve the greatest savings in cash, and at the same time get a quality tool.

Mowers that are made at home are:

As the basis for the rotary type mowel is a metal welded design in the form of a frame. For its manufacture, the presence of metal corners with a standard size of 40×40 mm is required. Cabiners are installed on the design to fix the wheels. After that, you should independently choose the type of working part, which depends on the place of work of this tool.

The scope of the use of a home.made rotary mowing applies to the mowing of grass or lawn areas. But, keep in mind that with the help of such a mower it is recommended to mow only high grass, since it will grind low. To make such a mower yourself you need:

For the manufacture of knives, use exclusively hardened steel. There should be four knives on each disk.

On each of the disks you need to drill holes under the knives, their diameter should not exceed six millimeters. Knives fixation occurs using shinka. In this case, it is necessary to leave a small gap between the knife and the mount, its thickness should exceed the thickness of the blade two millimeters. In addition, you should take care of installing a protective case.

The principle of operation of the rotary type mowel

In the modern market of agricultural tools, there are a large number of various braids. The most popular are the rotary devices. Due to their design, they have high performance and are convenient to work both on a large tractor and a walk.behind tractor.

The principle of operation of the rotary mowing is in the production of rotational movements in a rotor that has a round shape.

The rotary braid has the appearance of a rectangular beam to which rotors with knives are attached. It is they who are responsible for the correctness of the cutting of plants.

Rotor mowers gained great popularity due to their efficiency. The fact is that these devices use direct energy that comes from the tractor. Therefore, for their work, it is not required to produce a certain type of energy. At the same time, performance increases several times. These mowers are used in the process of mowing grass, weeds, lightweight plants, they are called not only rotary, but also rotational.

If you compare the rotary mower with alternative options, then the first. Efficiency is more than 70%, while others have up to 40%.

The rotary mower is attached to the transport device, which is a tractor, mini.tractor or uno.based tractor.

There are three types of such mowers, these are devices:

The first.type rotary mowers are attached to transport using a three.point scheme, so there is an opportunity to adjust the angle of inclination of the device.

Hinged braids are ideal for work in small areas of the Earth. The use of semi.western devices is recommended in the areas huge in area, and trailed rotor braids are used to work on uneven soil.

The rotary mower is characterized by a fairly wide area of ​​application. She perfectly mowns herb for further laid in the rollers. In addition, they distinguish rotary braids that not only mow the grass, but also crushed and collect it. The principle of operation of such a device is to cut the plants, they are supplied to special knives, which are grinding, transporting in a container.


Unfortunately, most owners of motoblocks and ministers do not always use them in full, and in order to mow the lawn or the field they hire another equipment. Although, it is quite possible to do this with a rotary mower. The cost of such a tool is prohibitively high, therefore it is much more profitable to build it yourself. About how to make a rotary mower from improvised means we will consider further.

DIY rotary mower

The design of a homemade rotary mower for a mini.tractor includes knives that provide herbal mowing. Knives are fixed on a special disk device. To ensure movement, power shaft is used. Sliding mowing on the surface of the earth is carried out using the lower disks.

For the manufacture of a welded frame, use corners, it is possible to use old scrap metal. To save time on the manufacture of knives, use the old rotor from the tractor. But, in this case, in order to improve the craving and make the mower more productive, you should shorten the tractor rotor a few centimeters from 2 to 4, depending on the power of the mini.tractor. Such a model of mowing has a height of a beam of not more than 350 mm.

A non.spell cutting apparatus.

For an independent construction of the rotor, take a metal sheet and cut out two circles in the form of disks from it, each diameter is 390 mm. To save on buying a metal sheet, it is possible to use the bottom from the old barrel. In the center, legs are welded to the disks that provide their rotation. Thanks to the influence of centrifugal force, the process of mowing grass will be carried out.

Carefully monitor the strength of the mounting, in the process of welding the legs, since the connections should be as reliable as possible.

As the lower support, a disk taken from the lush device is suitable, its diameter should not exceed forty.five centimeters. An old metal pipe is suitable as an axial shaft, with a cross section of not more than three centimeters. To make a design, it is also required to have bearings 80 106. On the pipe section, a hole should be provided for installing the lower bearing, a second bearing is installed on the surface of the pulley. In this case, the presence of welded pulley is required.

On a pre.prepared shaft, put on a disk on which there are already knives. Then, using a welding machine, weld the pulley to the pipe. Two bearings will be carried out.

Such a model of a rotary mower is characterized by a capture of 1.10-1.15 cm, while the number of revolutions of the shaft reaches 1,500 pcs. The mower should be installed, and then welded to the welded frame made of metal corners. To ensure the safety of work, you need to take care of installing a casing. At the junction of the tractor and mowing, it is recommended to install an additional bearing directly on the section of the belt with the eight, which will make this connection more durable and ensure the softness in the mowing operation, in addition to this, the belt friction will be reduced.

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To simplify this model of the rotary mower, the lower disk should be welcomed directly to the metal structure from the corner.

Tip: In the absence of skills in working with a welding machine, it is better to entrust this procedure to an experienced welder to avoid a breakdown of the device and make it more durable to use.

This model of a rotary mower allows a mowing at a speed of 8-12 km per hour. With a fast mowing process, the grass will turn out chopped, with a more slow. holistic. Such a mower can cut vegetation by 6-8 cm. It is used to mow grass or harvesting personal plots from weed.

  • number of rotors;
  • the quality of the material used in the process of its manufacture;
  • manufacturing firm;
  • purpose;
  • the presence of additional functions;
  • type of mowing;
  • rotational speed;
  • the height of the grass that it mows;
  • weight, etc.D.

The average cost of a rotary mower for a walk.behind tractor is from 100 at the same time it is equipped with two rotors, has a performance from 3,500 revolutions per minute. The width of the capture of such a mower is 80 cm.

The rotary mower for the tractor is much more expensive, its average price is 1,500 while the capture width doubles and even three times. This equipment is designed to work in large plots of land.

Constructive differences

The rotary mower is a supporting frame on which several cutting discs are installed. On the sides are sliding for sliding the device on the ground. The cutting of grass is carried out with discs with knives that spin while moving. They rotate in different directions so that the vegetation is cut evenly. In the mower you can change the angle of inclination.

For reference. Rotary cultivators are convenient for processing swampy, clogged and uneven areas.

At the MTZ, the devices are attached to the front, from the side or behind the frame. The unit also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive, hydraulic system. The cutting system is based on the use of several rotors, depending on what equipment the mower is installed on. The hinged structure, which is located behind, does not have its own chassis, but it can have one or more wheels. A trailer device located in front of a walk.behind tractor or tractor has its own frame, to which cutting parts and control elements are attached.

How to Use a Walk Behind Brush Mower. The Cyclone Flail Mower

The segment mower, like the rotary, is suitable for a mini-tractor and a more powerful option of it. The design resembles many scissors that cut the grass. The uniform tractor with the equipment performs the tasks of the beard of vegetation along the roadboard and close places on the site.

For reference. The segmented mower is equipped with a protective casing and can be used in any weather conditions and climatic zones. The use of hinged or trailer equipment several times accelerates hay harvesting.

The main nodes of the segment cultivator include the frame base on the wheeled base, the cutting device consisting of many knives, a drive and a bar. Height tuning occurs using lateral slopes. The executive body has two types of equipment: segment-fan and two-legged non-wanderer.

Homemade rotary mowing on a single tractor

A homemade rotary mower is used on a single.based mowing tractor for hay grass and to cut the lawn. If the grass is small, then the mower will simply grind it, and the high grass will mow it.

Consider the model made for the Neva motornote and similar models. We use two discs from the grain seeder, and the chain and gearbox from the chainsaw. Four knives are needed for one disk. They are made of hardened metal. To install them, holes are drilled on each disk with a carbide drill, six millimeters diameter. Using the chink, we fasten the knives on the discs. We also keep the gap between the knife and the tire, which is more than the thickness of the knife itself by 1-2 mm.

Thanks to this, the centrifugal force, during rotation, will straighten the knives from the disk, and they will mow grass. At the same time, the possibility of rotation of knives by 360 degrees should be preserved, which is done for greater preservation of the knives when they face something solid. For the manufacture of the axis on which the knives will be attached, strong carbon steel is used. The axis should be at least eight millimeters with the diameter. So that the knives have free movement, you need to tighten the axis with the disk.

make, wanderer, segment, mowing

These two discs are mounted on a welded frame and establish a connection with the drive from VOM. The rotation of the discs should take place towards each other, which will allow you to put mowed grass into the ranks.

The device of the braid

According to the principle of operation, the mowing mechanism resembles ordinary scissors. Cutting tools in it are triangles with sharp edges of rather large sizes (the so.called segments or fingers). By the name of the knives, the segment mower itself was called the name.

The device of the segment mowing

On one of the two metal bars, which consists of cutting canvas are stationary segments. The second, mobile bar, connecting with the motionless, presses and cuts the grass that has fallen between them.

In the cutting canvas are the heads of a knife, shoes, friction plate and clipping.

The canvas moves above the ground, capturing the plants at the same time by the width of more than two meters. The grass lies in a dump. The performance of the segment mowing is very high.

The cutting mechanism by means of a traction rod is associated with a frame, which is attached to the canal of the tractor. By the method of fastening to the tractor, devices are distinguished:


KSF-2 brand mower.1 consists of the following main structural nodes and parts:

  • The frames on which the rest of the working tools take the base and which has a mount for installation to a tractor hitch.
  • Traction rod designed for the connection of the working cutting tool with the device frame.
  • Cutting canvas with sharp segments (fingers).

In the work of a mowing, a canvas with knives is brought into the progressive-dressing movement parallel to the surface of the earth. At the same time, the stems found in his path fall on the fixed segments of the canvas and immediately tightly pressed against them with mobile blades. The cut of herbs occurs like the work of ordinary scissors, leaving a strip of ready.made mowing.

knife head; 2. guide heads of the knife; 3. knife head cover; 4. internal shoe; 5. a lifting bar; 6. external shoe; 7. field board; 8. finger; 9. finger liner; 10. a segment of a knife; 11. clamping of a knife; 12. the back of the knife; 13. friction plate.

The principle of operation and scope

Rotor braids grind plants, mowing and laid in even shafts or evenly across the field, which significantly facilitates the transportation of hay. In many models there is a fuse that removes knives in a collision with any obstacle. Also, in some versions of mowers, knives can deviate to 45 °, which will provide better cleanliness of the cut.

Modifications of this device differ among themselves by the number of cutting parts, the method of fastening and the processing area. Many models can be used to harvest feed, as weeds are equipped with a chopper. The work of the device occurs using the chipping shaft using conical, cardan or other transmission.

Rotor.type mowing devices are great for:

The unit has sufficient maneuverability and ease of operation. Its width must be selected taking into account the volume of work and the size of the processed area.

Cutting canvas in a segment-paltate mowing consists of two metal parts: moving and motionless. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles scissors. The cutting details have the appearance of triangles with sharp edges, which are called segments or fingers. The grass is cut off, getting between the edges of the knives, laid in rows and is easy to collect it. The two.legged Bespaltsevo mower is distinguished by two mobile parts that move mutually opposite. Such a device cuts it cleaner, does not clog with garbage.

For reference. During operation, protection measures must be observed. The segment mower easily copes with plants 10 mm thick and 3 mm wire.

Installation of a mower on a single tractor

The installation process itself is quite simple and does not require special efforts or knowledge. To do this, it is necessary to remove the drive belt (one) from the extreme pulley of the unit and mount the drive belt of the selected mower on the pulley, which is placed on the front of the walk.behind tractor.

To increase the length of working time, experts recommend lubricating the gears of corner fasteners once every 10-13 hours. In order to adjust the basic working organs, it is necessary to use special sledges and determine the height of the mowing of vegetation.

Mandatory check the strength of knives or disks. They should not walk charm. It is advisable to twist the bolts and the indicated cutting elements before each operation, then it will be possible to carry out a bevel of vegetation with a calm soul.

A competent installation will show all the features of the attachment equipment and to maximize its potential. Immediately after the completion of the process, it is necessary to try out the part in a small section and only then, making sure of the correctness of the procedures, can you start serious work.

To see the installation with your own eyes, you can see the following video materials:

How to do it with your own hands

Collecting a haymaking on a one.axis tractor without experience in metalworking is difficult. Do not do this work when there is no desired tool and components at hand. But if you well understand the design, prepare the necessary drawings and work strictly on them, you can save and make equipment that will not be inferior to the factory.

Rotor mower

A complex option, since you need to find a drive due to which the design will work. It can be bought in the same place where finished products are sold, they usually trade in spare parts. It is necessary to collect in the following sequence:

  • Find ready or make a new drawing. Think through the dimensions, features of attachment to the walk.behind tractor, a power transmission system from technology to a mower.
  • Buy a drive for disks. He must ensure the movement of the axes towards each other.
  • Choose metal disks in size. Any options are suitable, the main thing is that they are made of steel and have the same diameter.
  • Boil the frame. Think about how to fix the mechanism on it. Attach the discs, for this you can make an axis from a thick.walled pipe or a metal bar.
  • On the edges of the disks, fix 3-4 knives at an equal distance. They are placed on small axes so that during rotation they are advanced.
  • Fix the pulley for the drive and the tension video. Here it is necessary to take into account the length of the belt, it is necessary to pull it well.

To fix the frame from the pipe or corner in front of the discs, if a stone comes across in the grass, it does not allow damage to the working parts.

Fix all parts firmly. Use high.quality fasteners, tighten the compounds with self.ending nuts, during vibration they do not unscrew. Color so that the metal does not rust due to high humidity and plant residues.

Segment mowing

Collecting it by an order of magnitude easier. But at the same time, you need to find an eccentric mechanism that will ensure the movement of the working part, it is difficult to make it with your own hands. You will need a welding machine, several rectangular pipes and bolts with a thickness of at least 8 mm. Do this:

  • Find a drawing or make it from a finished sample. Accurately apply sizes.
  • Boil the bearing frame. It will be attached to both the working part and the node with which the mitch will be fixed on the walk.behind tractor.
  • Make guides on the frame in which the strip with knives will move. The easiest way is to make their P-shaped.
  • Collect an element with knives, fix them on the bar. Check how it moves in the guides.
  • Put two rods that will ensure the movement of the working part. Attach them to an eccentric mechanism. Put a drive through which power will be transmitted.

Features of service

One of the main advantages of rotary models is that they practically do not require technical knowledge for operation and maintenance. Such equipment is chosen by farmers due to simplicity of design and the lack of the need for frequent repair. The condition of the device will be used to monitor, because spare parts for trailed mowers wear out over time and require replacement or maintenance. Repair is simple, one person can cope with actions.

For efficient operation, lubrication, parts for a malfunction or damage are checked, the assembly and circuit are adjusted.

The need for frequent maintenance of a segmented mower depends on its model. Hanging devices for large equipment may need this every month and at the end of the season of work. The mower for any tractor is cleaned of dirt, herbs and other things, the reliability of the attachment of the knives of the cutting plate is checked. Periodically, the sharpening of the elements or their replacement is required, the lubrication is also necessary. The segment mower is more difficult to maintain, since it has a more complex structure and a time.consuming process of hanging.

Photo of a homemade mowing

Homemade mini.tractor: development, design and construction. instructions and selection of optimal parameters (100 photos)

Vesti chopper. the best models, choice of choice, manufacturers and quality assessment (video and 95 photos)

Homemade plow. views, drawings, projects, diagrams, sizes. 110 photos and videos Instructions for design and construction

We recommend reading! Potato.resident: types, configuration, connection features, care and unit (75 photos)

Competent installation of a mower on a single tractor

The newly acquired product must be correctly installed on the equipment to provide the desired performance and quality of execution. Consider the approximate procedure for assembly and installation on the example of the rotary version:

  • We check the supply package (from the model to the model, the set may differ, but, as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, fitting, fasteners, rotor cover, hydraulic shuttle, supporting slopes, hydraulic cylinder, a drive belt tension system, rotors with knives, SIPs);

We mount the frame to the mounts of the walk.behind tractor so that it makes up with a vertical plane of 45 degrees and so that the slotted details look up;

We install the rotors on the frame so that their knives are located below. It is important that they are completely planted on a slot;

We attach the rotary cover to the same slot;

We fixed with the attached shplints and nuts;

We mount the tension system, pulling out the shoplint and unscrewing the counter.hack on the pulley. The next step, carefully knock out the pulley so that the key does not get lost. With a properly installed system, its handle will be directed up and fixed with bolts from SIPs;

Next, on the frame, we fix the slide with bolts from SIP so that their concave part looks inside;

We draw the rifs of the frame. they should be located outside the frame of the walk.behind. After that, we finally connect to the second mower;

We throw a drive belt on the pulley in the direction of movement. It is important that the one.axle tractor and mowing remain aligned;

We mount the hydraulic cylinder system. hydraulic shows (if the connection is provided on the walk.behind tractor).

At the end of the assembly, the product must be prepared for work:

  • Activate a reverse on motor vehicles;
  • remove cargo from the wheels (if there were);
  • put the motor for small speeds;
  • make a test launch on an even area without interference, checking the quality of the result and, if necessary, adjusting the knives and speed.

Mower. types and types, technical parameters

When harvesting pets, cleaning the crop, cereal and legumes, from ancient times, a remedy was used that facilitates manual labor. equestrian mower.

In modern conditions, units for nobility are also used to maintain lawn plantings in the order of lawsuit, cutting herbs in adjacent and roadside sections.

Classification of mowing machines

For better drying of the prepared green mass, when cutting it is cut, the units are additionally plucked by plant stems.

Such mechanisms indicate as mowls-pits.

  • By aggregation with a driving tool:
  • tractor trailer, hinged, semi.trailer. With frontal, lateral and rear standing;
  • self.propelled;
  • on horse rod;
  • manual, with a gas.resistant or electric drive of the cutting apparatus.
  • By the design of the executive body:
  • with segment-paltsery execution;
  • with a two.noshevno nobpalse cutting system;
  • with disk rotation knives.
  • According to the width of the processed strip. from 1 beam to 5 (standard beam 2.1 m).

Segmental finger

Executive body of the segment-paltz type

internal shoe; 3. external shoe; 2. finger; 4. a position of the support; 5. board for the dump; 6. end stick; 7. fingers; 8. plate; 9. cutting segment; 10. press press; 11. head; 12. liner; 13- striped strip.

When spent, the stems pass between neighboring fingers, deviate by segments and cut off by a pair of segment-lodges. Green mass is laid on the stubble behind the braid, moving towards the board of the dump.

Two.legged Bespaltsevo

Executive body of the front.line Bespaltseve two.legged mowing

lower knife; 2. upper knife; 3. barbello; 4. supporting runner; 5. clip of a knife; 6. drive mechanism; 8. divisor of mowed grass.

The cut of the stems is carried out when they hit between the fixed lower and transversely moving upper knives.

Disk rotational

Discount Roting Executive Body of a mowing

frame base; 2. a canopy node; 3. rotor; 4. rotor knives; 5-Deliever board.

The mowing is carried out by knives of rotating discs.

Self-propelled mowel KSU-1 1

Self-propelled universal KSU-1 mowel is offered in the agricultural machinery market by the group “Machine operatively works in grain, legumes, cereal crops, on perennial herbs and annuals.

Used on farms using a separate method of harvesting and engaged in livestock farming. Equipped with a diesel power plant with a capacity of 150 liters. With., adapter node with a capture width of 7 m, working equipment is controlled by a pneumatic system.

Among other advantages. intended for high grass and uneven areas.

KRN-2 1 Pitch 1

Several agricultural engineering plants at once offer the KRN 2 rotary mower 2. Reliability and strength are the products of the Tver Plant “Bezhetskselmash”.

The drive of the executive body, of four rotors with knives, from the tractor, control of lifting and transferring to the transport position by a hydraulic cylinder.

  • Flat cutting of the stem with plate knives.
  • The mowed mass is placed on stubble evenly, which simplifies subsequent agricultural operations.
  • The fuse when meeting with an obstacle rejects the knives, which saves their blades.
  • Sealant body case and durable gear casing.
  • Suitable for high grass and uneven areas.
  • The reasonable price of the product corresponding to the quality of manufacture and operational capabilities.

Bobruiskagromash OJSC produces the KDN-210 rotary mower. The product is used for a bevel of natural and seeded crops.

KSD-210 mower

  • cuneiform drive of the executive body;
  • adjusting the height of spy rod;
  • The uniformity of the cut, does not grind the beveled mass and does not pollute with the earth;
  • Slevered key on the rotors protects the knives from damage.

Technical and operational parameters of mowers

Parameter Units. Izm. The parameter value for models
KSU-1 KDN-210 KRN 2 1 Dawn
The width of the processing strip m 2.7-9 2.1 2.1 0.8
Development Ha/h 5.8-10.5 2.6 2.6 0.2
Pace in working mode km/h 15-20 Up to 14 Up to 12 Until 3
Executive agency Segment 4 rotary disks 4 rotors 2 rotors
The height of the cut of the stem mm 60 40 40-80 30-100
Weight ready for work kg 2020 535 530 35

Selected mower for the tractor: Features of work

Rural life has its own special way, which not everyone can get used to. It implies constant work, which does not stop for a day. There is no weekend, like urban residents, because you actually feed yourself yourself, holding cattle or doing work in the garden.

Such a monotonous life at first glance allows you to feel confident, because for your life and your success you answer only you, without looking back at the bosses, exchange reports and other things that are insignificant in rural life. His survival in these conditions depends on how a rural person takes care of his garden, home, home, which only a truly strong and whole person can endure.

Some twenty years ago, for a person living in rural areas, there were no special tools (for example, the gas mowing makita gasoline self-propelled) and technology (such as the Honda lawn mower), facilitating its everyday life. Everything he could count on was his own callous hands and a simple list of auxiliary tools, known since ancient times.

Plow, manual braid for grass, hand.bore champion. this is the simple arsenal that the villain used. But progress does not stand still. And over time, year after year, some technological discoveries were made, new inventions of engineering thought that greatly simplified all work in the fields and adjoining territories.

One of these innovations became a variety of mowers for tractors designed for beating grass.

They had their own varieties and types of structures that were due to different tasks. Two main types of mowers for tractors are distinguished. rotary and segment.

Today we will look at segmented mowers in more detail, and you can read about home.made rotor mowers to the tractor here.

Principle and arrangement of work

The segmented mower for the tractor is designed to mow grass in large and small processed areas. This invention is indispensable for rural enterprises, and ordinary villagers too.

After all, cattle need to be fed with something, and the food, in fact, lies under the very legs and it remains only to be properly mowed.

Of course, you can resort to a good old manual spit, but it is very long, dreary and does not fit, for example, for agricultural enterprises.

Therefore, many make a choice in the direction of a segmented mowing, which is imprisoned to the tractor. Unfortunately, they have not yet come up with any alternative transport or invention that would replace tractor equipment.

Although it may regret and in vain, because the tractor has always been considered the main driving force in the rural economy, with which almost all work on plowing, cultivation or cleaning of hay was carried out. A segmented mower, which is completely meaningless without a tractor as a motor force, was no exception.

If you are confused by this fact, then you can purchase a simpler model such as a manual electric mower at a very affordable price.

If we stop more about the principle and process of the work of a segment mowing, then you can notice its significant difference, for example, from the rotary. It is preliminarily installed on the back of the tractor, then, when all clutches and bolts are checked, whether they are reliably twisted, they start a tractor.

In the process of movement, the grass will fall between the segments of the mowing, thereby crossing the cutting knives, and, in fact, cut off. The grass mowed in this way is laid in an even layer back to the ground, which is extremely convenient for its subsequent cleaning.

The design of a segmented mower for a tractor does not look very complicated, which does not mean at all about the inefficiency of working with it. On the contrary, as practice shows, this method of mowing grass is one of the most profitable, especially for large processed areas.

  • bearing beam;
  • cardan gear;
  • transport traction;
  • cutting mechanism;
  • external engine;
  • Rise of the device.

The segment mower for the tractor, often becomes an unacceptable luxury for an ordinary rural resident.

Features of the work of a segmented mower on the video.

Therefore, more and more often people ask the question. is it possible to make a mitch with your own hands? And, as the experience of other people shows, this idea does not seem so unrealizable.

How to do it with your own hands

Taking a difficult business, you need to have experience not only with iron or similar material, but also have the skills of welding, work with an autogen and many others. Therefore, you need to think several times before taking up such a job, because you will not return the forces and nerves spent by.

If you still decide to do this, you feel confidence in the final success, then you can safely start the matter.

Material for your future segment mowing can be found on numerous landfills, of which there are plenty of our country.

Any scrap metal that can be subsequently put on the design of the mower is suitable. When all the material is found, you can start work.

There are the main stages of constructing a home.made segment mower:

  • Metal bars are taken, the dimensions of which will be the following parameters. 15/15/120 mm. Next, you need to drill 12 holes in each bar so that M8 bolts are suitable for them.
  • Next, a metal rail is made with cutting elements, the length of which will be no more than 90 cm. It is important to know that the teeth should be on both sides.
  • Next, you need to combine and fasten the entire structure with each other with bolts and scrains so that the cutting element is in the middle of the bars.
  • At the bottom of the structure it is necessary to install the wheels, which makes it possible to set the height of the future bevel of grass. segmented mowel, made according to these rules, will be able to serve you for more than one year. However, this scheme is not unshakable, it is just one of the options for execution. A competent and understanding in the principles of such work, a person will immediately delve into the essence of such a design and will be able to embody it in reality.

Technical characteristics of a segmented mowing

The main indicators are presented in the table:

Name Units. Izm. CS:
Basic B4 AT
Weight kg 190 230 180
Dimensions, d/w/in meter 0.5/1.8/2.555 0.5/1.8/2.555 0.5/1.8/2.555
Drive power, minimum kW 7.5 7.5 eighteen
The speed of promotion Km/hour 9 12 9
The width of the mowing strip meter
The height of the cut cm 4-6 4-6 6
Max performance. Ha/hour one.7 2.3 one.7
Tractor traction 0.6–1.four 0.6–1.four 0.6–1.four
  • heavy unproductive manual labor is excluded;
  • The cost of a unit of manufactured products is reduced by several times;
  • The losses of products in the field are reduced due to laying mowing in rows.

Among them is the most in demand by the KSF-2.1B4, which in comparison with the base model is equipped with a more reliable frame and a reliable beam of the cutting tool. In addition, it gives a more simple adjustment of the inclination of the canvas with segments and the higher capabilities of the safety device.

Her “sister” KSF-2.1B requires a greater power of the tractor, but at the same time has a lightweight mass and a mechanized rise by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

Technical characteristics of mowing modifications:

Characteristics Units. Measurements KSF-2.1 B4 KSF-2.1 century
The total mass of the device kg 230 180
Dimensional values ​​during transportation, DHSHHV mm 500/1800/2555 500/1800/2555
Drive capacity, min. kW 7.5 eighteen
The speed of promotion in work, to km/h 12 9
The capture of the rounded strip mm 2100 2100
The height of the cut mm 40-60 60
Performance, max. ha/h 2.3 1.7
Tractor 0.6-1.4 0.6-1.4
The required frequency of VOM rpm 540 1000
make, wanderer, segment, mowing

Features of the manufacture of rotary haymaking

The rotary device is used to harvest grass and cut lawns. Small vegetation equipment will be able to grind, and high mowing under the root. Homemade hayfields of this type join the walk-behind tractor, for the tractor due to small sizes, they simply do not fit.

Having decided to perform a haymaking with your own hands, as a basis you can use the Neva one.based tractor or a similar model of such equipment. For work, two disks borrowed from grain seeders should be prepared. You will need a chain and a gearbox from a saw. For each disc, it is necessary to prepare four metal knives from a hardened alloy. To install them in each disk, 6-mm holes are drilled. The tire will fix the knives on the disks so that there is a gap between them, exceeding each of the 2 mm knives in thickness.

Methodology of work

For attaching knives, the axis is made of carbon strong steel. Its diameter should be 8 mm. In order to ensure the free stroke of the knives when performing a haymaking with your own hands, the axis must be tightened with the disk all the way. Discs join the frame, and after the connection is provided with the drive. Disks should rotate towards each other, this will allow you to get grass that forms in the ranks.

Before starting the manufacture of equipment described in the article, you need to ask what the cost of spare parts, because some of them will have to purchase. For example, a supporting sleeve, which approaches the Virax mower, will cost the consumer 50 but you can buy a drum casing for 1200

The back of the hinge is worth a penny. 40 apiece. This is the price and remote protection. Considering spare parts for a haymaking, you should also pay attention to the drive shaft. Its cost is 500 knife holder will cost you 250 a drum sleeve costs 2400 belt pulleys, equipped with a latch, will cost 4000