How To Make A Wrench From A Screwdriver

Wrench and screwdriver. What is their difference?
⚡️⚡️⚡️What is the main difference between a wrench and a screwdriver What tool to choose How to make a wrench from a screwdriver with your own hands? Read the answers in our article!

Wrench and screwdriver. What is their difference?


Many different tools are required for repair or workshop work. There are universal ones that can solve most problems, and there are those aimed at narrow application. A striking example is a screwdriver and a wrench. Despite the similar principle of operation, these tools have differences that make them useful in different situations. Further in the article, we will analyze what is the difference between a nutrunner and a screwdriver, as well as in what cases one or another tool is needed.

The main differences between a nutrunner and a screwdriver

A wrench is often called a tool for professional work, and a screwdriver is often called a household tool. There are several of their key differences:

  1. The dimensions of the wrench are often larger than those of the screwdriver. Their weight also differs. The wrench is heavier, but it has a good positive difference in power.
  2. The impact wrench has no chuck attached. Instead, it has a special holder that secures the nut head. An extension that allows you to work with nuts. To use bits or drills on the nutrunner, you will need to install an adapter.
  3. The wrench is able to apply more force to the fastener. This allows the nuts to be ripped off, even if they seem to be firmly rusted to the bolt.
  4. Wrenches and screwdrivers have additional functions. Some models may differ in the presence of a speed controller, multiple speeds, backlight, etc. A screwdriver also often has a keyless chuck and a 2- or 3-speed gearbox.
  5. The screwdriver mechanism is not suitable for tangential impact.

how to make a wrench from a screwdriver

These features allow the use of impact wrenches for work requiring more loosening power. Screwdrivers are used for simple work. By the way, if you use a wrench to screw in the screws, you can damage the fastening head with a tangential impact or twist the screw. But, if for any reason you need to tighten the fasteners very tightly, the wrench will make it much more efficient.

Advantages and disadvantages of impact wrenches

One of the key differences between the impact wrench is the tangential impact. When unscrewing, the tool first rips the nut off the bolt and then unscrews it. This approach allows you to work with rusted fasteners without a wrench, without fear that the nut will fly to the side due to the high unscrewing force. Impact wrenches are very useful when working with dimensional machinery.

One of the disadvantages of the impact wrench is the increased noise level, which is due to the high power of the tool. This is especially true for large powerful models. If you can use a screwdriver even at a later time, without fear of waking up the neighbors, then it is not always possible to hide the noise when working with a screwdriver.

Models of impact wrenches that do not have a well-thought-out system of tangential impact and the subsequent limitation of the unscrewing speed are not very convenient. They can damage the fasteners. However, in modern impact wrenches this drawback is eliminated.

Summing up, we can say that the impact wrench will most effectively prove itself in the hands of a skilled craftsman who knows exactly how and for what to use this tool. The screwdriver is suitable even for beginners, although it has not so much power.

The difference between a wrench and a screwdriver

The electric screwdriver covers a wide range of jobs. It is used both for tightening (screws, self-tapping screws, screws) and for drilling low-density materials. The tool has a speed regulator and can be equipped with different types of chucks (keyless or cam). Suitable for home and industrial work.

With a wrench, things are different. This tool is widely used in production for fast and high-quality fastening of parts, but more and more often it begins to appear in home kits of motorists. Can be hex chuck or square with friction ring. Impact wrenches are considered the most effective, although impulse-type models are very common.The main thing that distinguishes a wrench from a screwdriver is the increased power of the first. A wrench can tighten self-tapping screws, but it requires a fair amount of skill for this, since, with extra effort, it can tear off the caps or drive the fasteners deep into the board. The main household use of the nutrunner is to unscrew the wheels of the car and fasten the overall threaded structures. For this business, he is perfect.

The next difference. This is the cartridge. Unlike a screwdriver’s clamping mechanism, adapters are required to use the drills or bits on the wrench.

Pros and cons of a wrench

A significant advantage of the nutrunner lies in its ability to tighten fasteners with increased force and untwist rusted joints. This tool becomes an excellent assistant when working with large equipment. Unfortunately, the increased power of the instrument makes it more noisy. If you can work quietly with a screwdriver after rebound, then the wrench will quickly make itself felt.

To twist small elements with a wrench, you need to have a certain skill, otherwise there is a great risk of material damage. With a screwdriver in this regard, everything is much more convenient, albeit longer. The tuned ratchet mechanism will not allow you to twist the self-tapping screw, setting its head exactly on the surface of the material.

Summing up, we can say that the impact wrench is a powerful and noisy tool designed for tightening large fasteners. Suitable for domestic needs, but not everyone needs it. The screwdriver works at a lower speed. At the same time, it is very easy to use and does not require special skills and adapters.

Output: The wrench is needed for those who know exactly where they will use it. The screwdriver is suitable for most household jobs.

The difference between a screwdriver and a nutrunner

Nowadays there are many tools for tightening fasteners, and one of the most popular representatives of this class is the screwdriver. Almost any housework will be easier if you have this wonderful assistant in your arsenal. But despite all its versatility, the screwdriver has a very similar competitor. The impact wrench has a narrower focus, but is much better suited for certain jobs. Let’s see how these tools differ and how you can make a wrench from a screwdriver with your own hands.

Ac adapter for screwdriver in battery housing

If your tool is not too powerful, you can place the power supply in a handle or case from damaged batteries.

Making a homemade power supply

If you are familiar with the principles of building electrical circuits, you can make your own power supply. A diagram giving general concepts is shown in the illustration.

The transformer can be picked up from an old tube TV, or other household appliances. Power 220 volts 250-350W. The main thing is the power supply. The donor should not be pulsed.

The voltage on the secondary winding is 24-30 volts. The secondary winding is made from a wire of the corresponding section.

However, if the output winding current is at least 15 amperes (see transformer specification), there is nothing to worry about.

After the losses on the diode bridge (1-1.5 V on the diode), you will get the required output value.

If you have an electrical engineering education, make the calculation yourself. Or in a practical way: by connecting a 220 volt 100W incandescent lamp as a load, measure the output voltage. E

If it exceeds the needs of the screwdriver, reduce the number of turns of the secondary winding of the transformer.

There is a way out. Reworking the screwdriver in the network

Yes, it loses one of the benefits of a cordless tool. Mobility. But for work in rooms with access to a 220 volt network, this is an excellent way out. Over, you give new life to a broken instrument.

There are two concepts of how to make a network out of a cordless screwdriver:

Which is better wrench or screwdriver?

Given the many functions of a screwdriver, it performs a wider range of work, which is what wins over a nutrunner. In many cases, it replaces the nut device, performs the simple work of a wrench. The screwdriver works even more accurately: the tangential impact of a professional nutrunner, although it works quickly, but the screws do not withstand the stress and can fly out of the building material.

Tip: From the outside, the nut mechanism looks like a conventional drill, and its holder is equipped with an extension attachment.

The impact wrench becomes indispensable during large construction works, when working with cars, ships, airplanes and other units. A device for screwing in self-tapping screws and screws is often used at home for furniture repair. Since such a mechanism is free of mains power, the use of a wrench is often grown up.

What is the difference between a wrench and a screwdriver: 3 main criteria

In some everyday situations, it is quite difficult to get by with a wrench. Then devices come to the rescue that help to assemble and disassemble threaded devices. Some of these are a screwdriver and a wrench. They have one task. Help when working with fasteners. But also a lot of differences. We propose to consider the main differences between the devices, find out which one is more convenient to use, and how you can upgrade an old screwdriver to a nutrunner.

An impact wrench is a mechanical tool for screwing in and out nuts and bolts. You cannot do without it when you need to unscrew a rusted nut in hard-to-reach places, and a simple wrench is powerless. The impact wrench can be confused with a drill. But an experienced owner will see the difference: the attachment installed in the holder. It is this nozzle that squeezes the nut and holds it while the engine twists it in or unscrews it.

Tip: DeWalt DW292 is considered a convenient option. The model consumes 710 watts of power.

Screwdriver. A device for screwing in and out screws, screws, self-tapping screws and other fasteners. Its peculiarity. Work at different speeds. Expands the range of possibilities. The device drives screws, drills, has an impact function.

Tip: Bosch has also established itself as a market leader in this niche. Especially popular are the models Bosch GSR 6-45 TE, Bosch GSR 14.4-2-LI Plus.

A wrench, unlike a screwdriver, is considered a more professional tool. According to the method of application, the mechanism for nuts is: gasoline, pneumatic, hydraulic and work from the network. It is designed for screwing in or out bolts or nuts. Unlike a screwdriver, a chuck is not attached to the nutrunner. A rod with a nut head is installed in its place.

The second difference. In tightening power, here the impact wrench has an advantage. With it you can “master” any crafts.

Another difference lies in the volume and weight of the mechanisms, for example, not every person can lift some wrenches. Also, screwdrivers are able to regulate their work process, while another representative of mechanics does not have this opportunity. The nutrunner copes with complex tasks no faster than the screwdriver, which creates a lot of noise during operation. This fact is the key difference. In such a situation, equipped with a 3-speed gearbox, the DeWalt DCF895M2 screwdriver can replace any nut tightening device in light tasks.

In terms of operational capabilities, the nut mechanism has serious limitations. It is good to use drills when drilling. So, for soft wood, it is not necessary to use a professional mechanism, you can get by with a tool for screwing in Black screwsDecker EPC12CAB.

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How to convert a screwdriver to a wrench?

Consider how to convert an unusable screwdriver into a new wrench. For such a design you will need:

  • Set of adapters.
  • Device battery.
  • Control indicator.
  • Button for wrench.

Tip: Store the devices in a case, so the chance of breakage if dropped is minimized. It is important to remember that attachments for mechanisms are very fragile and require careful maintenance.

For the device, you need to set the horn for the brakes. Then you need to connect and solder all the connectors of the indicators. If you connect the components correctly, you get a screwdriver. Watch your voltage. The battery is difficult to tolerate. Assembly of parts will take no more than 20 minutes; you can also convert the device to its original state. Such a device will be able to screw in the screws, but for this you need to put a suitable nozzle.

In summary, it is not necessary to buy new home appliances. Practical expert advice will help you build your wrench. At home, it can be easily replaced with a screwdriver. For more serious construction, the impact wrench is irreplaceable. We hope our material has helped to understand the main differences between devices for screws and nuts.

See clearly in how to make a new wrench from an old screwdriver: Turning a screwdriver into a wrench

What is the difference between a wrench and a screwdriver

During work, difficult situations are often encountered when using a wrench alone becomes clearly insufficient. Then you have to pick up special tools: they help in working with parts that have a thread. Among them are the screwdriver and the wrench. These technical devices serve one purpose. To speed up work associated with a large number of nuts, bolts and screws. At the same time, despite the similarity of the tasks being solved, they also have a number of significant differences. You can find out about this and which of the tools is better to use from the review below.

What is a screwdriver

A screwdriver is an electric tool, the main purpose of which is to work on screwing in or out of various screws, bolts and screws. You can only imagine how long it will take to screw in a few hundred screws by hand when assembling, for example, a regular built-in cabinet for things or shelves for tools. With this device, all work will take a few minutes. In addition, this power tool has several other additional features:

  • Use as a cordless drill;
  • Replacement using special nozzles of conventional hex keys;
  • Backlight function in poor visibility conditions.

What is the difference between tools

The wrench is considered to be a tool for professionals, whereas a screwdriver is mainly used for smaller household jobs. The main differences between a nutrunner and a screwdriver are their following characteristics.

  1. The impact wrench is more bulky than the screwdriver and does not have a chuck. At his end is special rod, on which the nut head is attached.
  2. Impact wrench power, applied to the object is many times greater than the power of a screwdriver. With the help of the first one you can solve any “problems”.
  3. Substantial difference in weight and size these mechanisms. Wrenches are usually larger and heavier.
  4. Screwdrivers have several operating modes, which can be adjusted. Unlike them, no other special tools have this capability.

Thus, impact wrenches are used more often for heavy mechanical work, while its competitor is more often used for simpler domestic repairs. In addition, for simple tasks, you can try to make a wrench yourself using ordinary nozzles.

Which tool should you choose? The answer to this question will depend on the type of work where these tools are needed. Considering that the impact wrench has a tangential impact during operation, it cannot be used to tighten the screws, as it will simply tear off their caps. However, if you ensure that there is no stop, then he can make such a mount that even the most powerful screwdriver cannot create. If you have to small amount of work, including only screwing in screws, then an ordinary screwdriver is enough for this. Therefore, it is necessary to decide what to choose for work. A screwdriver or an impact wrench, based on specific circumstances.