How to make an adapter on a single axle centaur tractor


Parameters of adapters for power tillers can be different, which depends on their design type. For example, the universal model can reach a length of 1.74 m, a width of 0.65 m, a height of 1.3 m. The track can be 0.32 m, ground clearance. 0.14 m, and the minimum turning radius. 1.1 m. Other models reach a length of 1.6 m and a width of 0.7 m.

Some products have a working track of 650 mm, length 1.73 m, width 74 cm. Variants of the front type can have other parameters: length. 1.9 m, width. 0.81 m, height. 1.4 m, ground clearance. 0.3 m.

The preparatory stage of making an adapter

Adapter has a simple design, but the procedure of its manufacture can not be called simple. Initially, you need to take into account the drawings and dimensions, which will help to create a device without defects.

It is necessary to get the following materials and tools:

  • Electric drill;
  • Welding;
  • Electric hacksaw;
  • File;
  • Angle;
  • A sheet of steel with a thickness of 5 millimeters;
  • Several square tubes with a diameter of one inch;
  • A set of fasteners.

The key elements of the structure are made as follows:

  • Coupling. It is installed on the frame and fixed with bolts. A hitch is two welded pieces of square tubing and part of a water pipe. The latter is inserted into the rod with a welded tee;
  • The assembly for securing the wheels. Two pieces of pipe 10 centimeters long are welded at right angles. The horizontal part is inserted into the fixing pipe and secured with a bolt. On a vertical billet is mounted axle and bearings with wheels.

When all the tools and main components have been prepared, the adapter can be assembled.

Adapter to MTZ power tiller

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It is an undeniable fact that power tiller designs make the work of farmers in the vast fields much more convenient and easier. They help to improve the tillage and ploughing of the field. Planting crops just got faster. But you have to walk behind the power tiller, which causes rapid fatigue of the operator, because the weight of the mechanism is considerable.

Adapters come to the rescue, allowing the operator to freely sit agricultural works, attach a trailed device and hang additional equipment. The use of adapters increases the productivity of the work by two or even three times.

With the help of an adapter you can increase the amount of work

How to make an adapter to the Neva motoblock with your own hands: with steering, drawings and dimensions

To save money and get a multifunctional equipment on the homestead, it is worth knowing how to make an adapter to the motor-block Neva. This option is ideal for those who are not technically able to. But with some skills, the four-wheel drive adapter for the Neva power tiller is assembled independently according to the drawings made in advance.

General information about the tractor

single-axle tractor can be operated separately, as well as to connect it to a variety of additional equipment, such as:

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Such devices allow to considerably increase the possible range of works that a singleaxle tractor can cope with. In addition, you can use the mini-tractor as a means of transportation, if you prepare in advance a special block-adapter for it.

This device gives the opportunity to sit comfortably enough on the seat, which it is equipped, and then perform exactly the same work, but with incomparably greater degree of comfort. For example, you can buy an additional unit with steering control for the Neva power tiller in specialized stores, or you can make it with your own hands. Fortunately, there are enough drawing materials on the Internet, which greatly facilitates the assembly process.

Передняя балка на МИНИТРАКТОР из мотоблока.Front axle for homemade tractor

Scheme and construction of the adapter to the tiller

The adapter to the power tiller is a trailer with a seat. Its purpose. to facilitate the work with a power tiller, which he transforms into a device for transportation of goods, similar to a mini-tractor.

The adaptor provides a significant reduction in labor intensity of agricultural work and increases the efficiency of power tillers operation many times over. It is worth noting that there are two kinds of heavy adapters: long and short. They can be mated to different power tillers. Also known is a light adapter for a tiller, which is attached to one wheel of the power tiller, unlike the heavy adapter.

Adapters, being the main link in connection of a power tiller and attached implements, are equipped with seat, lengthened or short frame (drawbar) and hitches. Structurally, the adapter has two couplings. One of them provides the connection between the adapter and the power tiller, and the other one is tasked with aggregating the attachments: harrows, ploughs, cultivators, tillers, mowers, etc.д. Attachments are usually connected to the adapter with a single hitch.The adapters are driven into the working position by a manual drive.

Today, many different types of adapters are produced, which according to the main features of their design can be classified into two main types: body (universal) adapters are suitable for both agricultural work and for trucking; bodyless. only for handling.

Adapters with long or short drawbars are attached to different power tillers. Adapters with short drawbars are used only on light motor blocks, and adapters with long drawbars. on heavy. As a rule, the adapter models are equipped with track width adjustment devices, drawbar sliding, and the drives for lowering and raising the attached implements.

How to make an adapter for a power tiller with your own hands

The gardener or farmer who wants to increase the amount of work, you can make an adapter for a power tiller with your own hands. Let’s see how to make a front adapter with a steering wheel by ourselves. To do this, a frame is made, a lever is welded to it, then a hitch is created, then the mechanism for turning the trailer is made, then the struts must be welded.

This way you can make a self-made four-wheel trailer for both small and heavy power tillers. detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make your own trailer below.

Scheme and elements of construction

To make an adapter with your own hands, the drawings and diagrams of this device should be performed first. If you have a ready-made diagram with all the details, components, structural elements and their dimensions, it will be easier to start making the aggregate yourself.

Necessary materials and tools

Let’s look at what you need to build the machine.

  • Two wheels with an axle. The radius of the wheels should be 15-18 inches. You can take the wheels from a car.
  • Bearings for wheel and steering system. Metal section: angle or channel, metal pipe.
  • Nuts, screws, washers.
  • Grease: Lubricant.
  • Welding machine, drill with a drill bit, wires, disks.
  • angle grinder.
  • Screwdriver, wrench, electric screwdriver.
  • A frame for turning the cultivator with the steering wheel.
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Drawings and dimensions

First you need to make a drawing. First calculate the kinetic scheme. Then make the basic diagram, which shows the dimensions of all the parts. All parts, components and fasteners of the design will be made according to this diagram. Before you start creating the unit, you need to clarify all the data available in the scheme, and check their compliance with the indicators of all blanks.

Steering on a single axle tractor with your own hands

Adapter for a power tiller with steering control facilitates maneuvering, makes the design more stable. It is easy enough to make a rudder for a power tiller with your own hands if you have basic welding skills.

You can create a construction from the steering mechanism from the car, it is better to use a steering column with bipod from trucks, tractors. The bipod can be used as a rear adapter hitch with a cultivator. Steering linkage is indispensable if the design of the trailer does not involve steering levers. When making an adapter with a steering wheel for a power tiller, you can make a ball bearing that allows the wheel to turn freely in the horizontal plane.

If the equipment is used for plowing or other difficult work, it is better to make the steering and coupling mechanism of the trailer and power tiller independent, because there will be a large load on the coupling unit.

Assembly of the adapter for the power tiller

First the frame is made. It is made of pieces of metal of the required length. Cut the metal with an angle grinder and connect the parts by welding or screwing.

Then make the running gear. When the cultivator motor is at the front, then the track width is determined by the base wheels. The rear ones are attached to the frame with an axle. It must be made from a pipe of the required diameter. On its ends are attached bushings with bearings.

Then the wheels are mounted on them. When the cultivator motor is at the back, the track width must be larger. Otherwise the construction can not hold its balance during the work. Then the base wheels of the cultivator must be removed and fixed to the wide axle.

To build your own steering wheel, you don’t have to remove the crank of the car. If you use a handle from a cultivator, you can control the entire construction with a motorcycle handlebar. But it will be difficult to reverse. That’s why it is best to mount a strong steering column.

Consider making a frame for the trailer of the motor cultivator. If you get a solid metal frame, the steering is on the front axle of the machine. You can build a frame with pivots so the steering head can pivot all the way to the front frame. To achieve this, a pinion should be mounted to the front frame.

The second pinion is mounted on the steering column. Then we make a seat for the tractor driver. You can get it from a car. The seat is welded to the frame. It can be adjusted. It is especially necessary for the front type of the device. Now mount the driver’s seat.

To attach a trailer to a power tiller with a plow, a bracket must be installed. To work with the mower, it’s necessary to make a hydraulic system. To work on the device, you need to weld a towbar from a car to the back, where the metal frame is located. The pump can be borrowed from a farming machine.

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The hitch for the mower is U-shaped. For this you need a channel profile. Fit the coupling under the steering column. Drill the holes marked in the drawing. Mount the bracket and the pin through them. The components are made of high quality steel. You can also make a tracked mechanism.

Thus, all the necessary parts and components of the adapter for a cultivator are made. Now it’s necessary to assemble the whole structure. After that it must be checked and tested in operation. If all components work properly, you can start using the machine.

Construction and working principle

Essentially, the adapter is in the form of a dolly that attaches to a power tiller. And then the construction turns into a mini-tractor. The main parts of such a unit:

  • the frame to which other constituent elements are attached;
  • Driver’s seat with lift lever;
  • 2 wheels;
  • clutch device;
  • wheel axle.

In this video, we will take apart the front adapter:

Is one of the most important elements of the unit, because other elements are connected to it. Therefore, it must be made of quality and durable materials.

Driver’s seat

One of the main advantages of the adapter is the comfortable seat for the operator.


There are 2 types of wheels. metal and rubber. The former are used for heavy field work. The latter is designed for driving on dirt roads.

coupling device

The hitch is responsible for connecting the attachment and the mechanical unit itself. This attachment is defined as one of the most important, so it is made of high-strength metals. steel or cast iron.

The length of such a device is about 2 meters, width. 80 centimeters.

Depending on the clutch, you can consider such design options:

  • With a movable clutch. This design is the lightest. The clutch here is located in the front, but management in this case is more difficult, because it is necessary to unfold the entire power unit;
  • With steering control. The clutch is rigid and the steering is by means of a mechanical steering unit. This steering is easier to use, but more difficult to produce.

For power tillers of different capacities different adapters are designed. For machines with little power. with a short attachment, for powerful ones. with a long one.

Homemade adapter for power tiller with steering control

The singleaxle tractor can be operated separately, as well as attached to a variety of additional equipment, such as:

Such devices allow you to significantly increase the possible range of work, which can cope with a single-axle tractor. In addition, it is possible to apply a mini-tractor as a means of transportation, if you prepare a special block adapter for it in advance.

This device gives the opportunity to sit comfortably enough on the seat, which it is equipped, and then perform exactly the same work, but with incomparably greater degree of comfort. For example, in specialized stores you can buy an additional unit with steering control for the motor-block Neva, or make it with your own hands. Fortunately, there are enough drawing materials on the Internet, which greatly facilitates the assembly process.