How to Make an Hatchet From a Saw

How to Make an Hatchet From a Saw

From an old circular saw for circular, you can make a cool kitchen hatchet with your own hands. Over, the author in this case does not make the handle of wood, but of epoxy. It looks very original.

A homemade kitchen hatchet can be used both for cutting vegetables and for chopping bones. Only an angle grinder and grinder are required from the tool.

First of all, on the saw blade, the author draws the shape of the future kitchen hatchet along with a shank for the handle. Then it will be necessary to cut the workpiece using an angle grinder.

The main stages of work

After the workpiece is cut, it will need to be processed on a grinder or grinder. Then, if necessary, it will still be necessary to modify the file for metal.

The next step is to make the blades descent. The master does this on the grinder. The procedure is standard, so we will not focus on it.

Next, drill holes in the shank. Then the author tempers the cutting edge of the hatchet (heats the red in the furnace and cools in oil). Then the metal must be “released”. And after that, the author makes a bluing of steel.

Epoxy resin is poured into a pre-prepared form, and then the hatchet shaft is immersed in it. After the epoxy hardens, the author cuts off all the excess from the handle on the band saw.

The final touch is the finishing and sharpening of the blade. How to make a kitchen hatchet from an old circular saw can be seen in the on the website.

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How to Make an Hatchet From a Saw

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An article for those who want to make a hatchet with their own hands at home.

I took as a basis a found on the Internet, the idea is pretty good and the work will take only one day. You can also watch the.

In the, you can see the step-by-step manufacturing of an ax made by yourself at home. Starting with the marking of the circular saw, the craftsman angle grinder cuts the contour of the future ax. Then it is polished, a characteristic blade is made, hardening is performed.
Next, the shape of the blade is formed, handles are made, and holes for fastening the handles are drilled. Epoxy resin and pins provide a solid hold, the master makes them ideal. When sharpening the blade, he checks how sharp it is.As they say, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Running ahead, the result was wonderful, my wife still doesn’t praise the hatchet.

DIY hatchet:

Evgeniy Budilov:
Friends, this is about how to make a kitchen vegetable knife or kitchen hatchet from an old saw blade (circular saw) with your own hands. I tried to show the entire manufacturing process in as much detail as possible.
The idea to make this knife came after watching a on the channel “Simple stuff”.
I hope you enjoy watching it!

channels on youtube: Evgeniy Budilov (202,344 subscribers on December 1, 2018)

Description:Welcome to the channel about my interests and hobbies! I show what I find fascinating and unusual.