How to Make an Ice Saw

Recently, winters have been quite severe. Severe frosts bind ponds with a thick layer of ice. This is causing increased demand for ice saws.

Who gets these saws:

Saw for ice is actively used by fishermen for the possibility of installing nets under the ice.

Athletes (divers, scuba divers) and those who want to relax with ice saws cut through wormwood and lanes for diving and swimming.

What saws can be used to make holes in ice

  • Hand Finnish saw. It is a working saw blade that is mounted on a wooden handle. Its main advantage is lightness. Can cut ice up to one meter thick. The cutting speed of such a saw is higher than the work of a hand saw on wood or metal, but of course less than that of a chainsaw.
  • Also, a chainsaw for ice may be suitable for such work. I use it less often, since it has some disadvantages:
  • Since the length of the tire often in chainsaws does not exceed forty centimeters, ice cuts will be performed no thicker than thirty-five to thirty-seven centimeters.
  • When working with a chainsaw during ice sawing, strong spraying of water occurs, which subsequently leads to icing of the tool and termination of its operation. Then it becomes problematic to start the saw again.
  • Dimensions and weight of the chainsaw saw. She takes a decent place and is pretty heavy.

How to Make an Ice Saw

So, HUSQVARNA 272XP without chain and tire can be used as a chainsaw for ice. This is a professional tool that is designed for fairly laborious work in harsh conditions. The HUSQVARNA 272XP chainsaw has a remarkable combination of high power and low weight, which contributes to its versatility.

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Video: How to Make an Ice Saw

The main features of the saw:

  • Providing an air injection system for trouble-free operation and reduced wear.
  • Installation of a vibration absorption system.
  • Simple and quick adjustment of the chain tension, due to the adjustment device located on the side.
  • The presence of a three-section crankshaft for heavy loads.
  • Simplicity in work thanks to the convenient form of the tool.

Important: you can cut ice with almost any chainsaw. The main thing is not to use oil, as it, under ordinary conditions, reduces friction and prevents overheating, with ice this is not relevant. At the end of the work, be sure to wipe and grease the tool.

Sharpening a Finnish ice saw

First of all, we need to make a reservation that we will talk about the Finnish hand saw for ice. It was such a saw that gained popularity not only in our country, but also in other cold places of the planet. The advantages of this saw. ease. You can saw ice masses up to 100 cm thick.

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Among the minuses, which is natural for a hand tool, it is worth noting the low speed compared to a chainsaw. Often, large amounts of ice-cutting work combine these 2 types of saws: first they work with a chainsaw, and then they finish the Finnish hand. If you compare the speed of work on metal or wood, then this saw will cope with ice much faster.

Features of the Finnish saw handle

  • A Finnish saw with a wooden handle is an environmentally friendly accessory, lies well in the hand, it is easy to work with;
  • A saw with a metal handle is more durable compared to the above option.

You have to understand that ice. This is a special material for file. For example, wood, metal and foam concrete do not prick like ice. Wood fibers, ductile metal, foam concrete are closer, but also different.

Finnish ice saw cuts at an acute angle, like a peak, crushing ice. Cheap metal is more likely to affect blunting speed than cutting. The main thing. tooth angle and sharpening. By the way, different angles are desirable for ice at a temperature of 5 and 25 (as the angle is changed on ice drills), but this is unrealistic.

Stihl chainsaw nozzle for drilling ice

The only thing you should pay attention to when choosing is power, since it is recommended to have a more powerful chainsaw for working with an ice saw. Here we did not begin to describe in detail the essence and design of the nozzle for drilling ice on the Stihl chainsaw since All this can be seen in detail in the video below: