How to make an ice screw from an electric screwdriver with your own hands

Which is better electric screwdriver or impact wrench

an electric screwdriver most closely matches the rework requirement, but some anglers use a screwdriver. This is due to a number of advantages of the tool.

  • The impact wrench has a more massive body.
  • The impact wrench is a direct alternative to the screwdriver.
  • No difficulty in making an adapter.

In the absence of screwdrivers, anglers can also alter a drill or chainsaw. But they require work skills and are not always safe.

Capacious metal hydride batteries are better suited for making an ice screw.

How to convert an electric screwdriver for an ice screw at home

Ice screw. a device required to create a large number of holes in a thick layer of ice

Advantage of an ice screw for winter fishing

In winter, most water bodies freeze over. A thin crust can be cut, but an ice screw should be used for thick layers. If there is only one hole, then the device can be manual, but for successful fishing it is necessary to make at least 10 holes. The best solution to reduce labor costs is to use ice augers.

Features of choosing an electric screwdriver

Before making an ice screw from an electric screwdriver with your own hands, you need to choose a tool that matches the characteristics of the operating conditions.

  • resistance of the battery to frost;
  • voltage (18 volts);
  • torque. the more it is, the better;
  • battery capacity. the higher this parameter, the longer the ice screw works without recharging;
  • ergonomics. comfortable grip and well-thought-out body shapes provide a secure grip and ease of use.

The choice of an electric screwdriver is made according to the technical characteristics and type of battery

18V screwdrivers

There is a large selection of 18V screwdrivers on the market that meet the price-quality ratio.

  • Makita 8414 DWAE. The device weighs less than 3 kilograms. Torque 63 Nm. The set includes 2 batteries.
  • Makita 8434 DWFE. Differs in small size. The torque is 64 Nm.
  • Hitachi DS18DSFL. A quality electric screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery. Battery capacity of only 1.5 Amps.
  • Bosch GSR 18 VE-2-Li. The kit includes 3 Amp lithium-ion batteries. Weight no more than 3 kilograms.
  • Bosch GSR 18-2. It weighs 2 kilograms. Battery type. nickel-cadmium.

Before buying, you should study the information about the top models and take into account their characteristics.

Battery Requirements for Electric Screwdriver

The quality work of an ice screw is largely determined by the battery. It must have a high capacity and withstand low temperatures.

Important! It is recommended to have two batteries in preparation for fishing. Main and spare, in case of discharge of the first.

There are several types of batteries on the market.

  • Li-ion. They are characterized by high charging speed, light weight and large capacity. The main disadvantage is sensitivity to low temperatures and high price.
  • Nickel-cadmium. The main advantage is stable operation in cold weather. They are large in size, small in capacity.
  • Metal hydride. Capacious batteries, tolerate low temperatures well.

Metal hydride batteries should be purchased. They better meet the needs of the tool.

Choice of materials for knives

The auger is an important part of the tool. Most anglers use off-the-shelf knives taken from hand held ice augers. They meet the requirements for the strength of steel. These knives are easy to adapt to an electric screwdriver.

The best blades for a motorized auger are Expert Pro, Nova System, Ice Micro, Tonar, Tornado, Barnaul.

To create an auger with your own hands, you need a pipe and metal plates, steel knives. Hardened steel grade P18 or analogs with a hardness of 30 to 70 units are best suited.

Note! Making a screw with your own hands is a laborious process that requires special knowledge. Anglers recommend purchasing a ready-made auger.

The advantages of a homemade ice screw

Most fishermen prefer homemade ice screws. They attribute this to a number of undeniable benefits.

  • Simplicity of design. Manufacturing does not require special knowledge and skills.
  • Low cost. No expensive parts required for implementation.
  • High speed of hole drilling. Process automation reduces hole drilling time.
  • Reduced labor costs. With an ice screw, you do not need to make serious efforts when creating holes.
  • Silence. The automated device is quiet.
  • Multifunctionality. In the summer, the electric screwdriver can be used for its intended purpose.


“Amfibalt” is practically compatible with the model range of the Canadian company “Scotty”.

Well-known five models, which you can talk about in more detail. Here they are:

How to choose an electric screwdriver for making an ice screw with your own hands

In the arsenal of every winter fishing enthusiast, there is definitely an ice screw. Of course, ice up to 10 cm can be broken with an ice pick or an ice ax, but being on such thin ice is unreasonably dangerous. It is very difficult to break through thicker ice without an ice screw, and with it you can make a hole even in a meter layer. A familiar ice auger is a tool that consists of a large auger drill, an extension shaft and a handle or drive. The drive can be an electric or gasoline engine.

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For manufacturing you will need:

Disadvantages of circular ice augers:

  • hole drilling time is slightly longer than conventional auger ice augers;
  • difficulty at the beginning of drilling a hole;
  • for the frequent design of such ice screws are not collapsible and have large dimensions in comparison with folded classic ice screws.

the line of continuation of the cutting edge of the knife must pass through the center of the ring.

Knife material

  • P18 steel is mainly used, although there are analogues. Pay attention to the hardness of the material, the shape and quality of the sharpening.
  • Titanium nitride plated. Blades like these last for a very long time. A value of 75 indicates high wear resistance.

Fishermen use two options for making such a tool. The use of an electric screwdriver improves its performance at the expense of drilling speed.

Fishermen were able to improve the ice screw by attaching an electric screwdriver to it. They just realized what a waste of precious time is, especially in winter.

How to make an adapter and adapter for an electric screwdriver for an ice screw with your own hands?

The hexagonal part of the adapter is clamped in the chuck of the electric screwdriver. An L-shaped hex wrench can be used. This stops the auger from turning.

The cylindrical part of the adapter is connected to the auger during the process. To do this, using a drill, a hole is drilled in the cylinder. It is fixed to the auger pipe with a bolt.

It is also necessary to make a handle that will allow you to hold the adapter and protect the screw part of the drill from falling into the water.

The large size of the tape will allow you to drill wide holes, but will be quite heavy. The diameter of 10-13 cm makes it possible to quickly make a hole and fish medium-sized fish. The most common version of an ice screw with such parameters.

The hexagonal part of the adapter is clamped in the chuck of the electric screwdriver. An L-shaped hex wrench can be used. This stops the auger from turning.

Cases of bygone days: how to make a ring ice drill with your own hands

A homemade ice screw for fishing has a curious look, which is made on a two-frame structure and has a ring-shaped knife at the end. Similar mechanisms were common in the eighties of the last century. Today, they are rarely remembered, and after all, at one time they had both ardent admirers and opponents who believed that it was impossible to drill a hole for them. For example, if he did not bite into the ice, then he began to spin around the knife. Local self-made people sharpened knives from bearing races and even diesel pistons were used.

There are also blades coated with titanium nitride. Such blades are used for a very long time. Their size of 75 indicates that they are very wear-resistant.

How To Make Rechargeable Screwdriver From DC Motor at Home

Methods for making a manual drill for fishing

  • A metal pipe of the required diameter;
  • Metal plates to make auger;
  • Good steel knives;
  • Finished tool processing paint.

Seats for PVC boats. types, recommendations for selection

Most often, rigid types are used as seats for PVC boats. benches or special swivel and reclining chairs with backs.

Rigid boat seats PVC. The regular ones included in the standard equipment are most often rigid ones made of moisture-resistant plywood or plastic. Seat fasteners are stationary and movable. Stationary. when the fasteners are glued to a specific place, and there is no way to move the bench. Movable. the so-called likpaz-lyktros. Thanks to this fastening, the benches can be moved along the cylinders without difficulty.

This gives the seats the ability to move inside the cockpit of the boat, passengers will be able to comfortably accommodate, and the load can be properly distributed, with the outboard motor installed.

Tuning seats for PVC boats.

Agree that it is not too comfortable for a long time to sit on the hard seat, which is standard on almost all boats. Discomfort is most often felt during the ride, when the boat is on the wave, and the hard seat gives every impact of the water against the side. In order to avoid discomfort, you can use one of two options for improving your seat.

Firstly, special seat pads are used to increase comfort. They can be either simple soft or with special compartments for additional tackle. It is very convenient, you can put a thermos with tea and a bottle of water with you in the boat, and be sure that all this will not roll on the bottom of the boat.

In addition to the version with a pad, you can use special swivel chairs. They are installed quite simply. To do this, we take a special bracket, which, thanks to metal guides, can be easily pulled together on the seat.

Interestingly, there is a bearing inside such a bracket that allows the structure to rotate freely around the axis.

And the chair itself is already mounted on top of it.

The seat chosen for the demonstration has a folding plastic backrest with soft high-quality vinyl inserts. The main advantage is that it can be installed on most models of PVC boats.

Firstly, special seat pads are used to increase comfort. They can be either simple soft or with special compartments for additional tackle. It is very convenient, you can put a thermos with tea and a bottle of water with you in the boat, and be sure that all this will not roll on the bottom of the boat.

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Assembling the MORA automated ice screw

electric screwdriver

Choosing an electric screwdriver for an automated ice screw is a responsible step.

Perhaps the main requirement for a screwdriver or drill. high power. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the range of maximum operating temperatures of the tool. Usually use, according to the recommendations of the adapter manufacturer, a power tool with the following parameters: rechargeable battery. voltage 18 V, capacity 3 Ah; maximum torque, tightening (soft / hard). 40/80 Nm.

It is possible to use an electric screwdriver or drill with other technical characteristics, but the power should not be less than 2.5 Ah. Voltage allowed from 18 to 36 V.

Batteries for screwdrivers are different. Anglers have natural questions: “What should be the battery for an electric screwdriver?” and “Which one is better to choose?”.

They are lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium. Lithium-ion batteries, as practice shows, are more sensitive to low temperatures, so their use is limited to low temperatures. Nickel-cadmium are more resistant to harsh winter conditions, but they have a shorter service life.

Be sure to have a spare battery with you, which is better to keep in your bosom when fishing.

A natural question may arise: “How many holes will the battery charge last?” Average 30 to 50 holes. It all depends on the thickness of the ice, its structure and the technical characteristics of the drill (electric screwdriver).

Ice screw from an electric screwdriver.

It is difficult to imagine a winter fisherman without a quality ice screw. The best minds of the fishing community have long been trying to facilitate the drilling of holes. Today the market offers many all kinds of automated ice augers, but not everyone can afford them. Using a cordless drill or electric screwdriver. a real way out of the situation, especially since many already have this power tool, and there is no need to spend money on its purchase.

Ice screw

Almost all Mora models can be adapted for use with a drill or electric screwdriver. For the MORA NOVA SYSTEM model, only the auger with replaceable cutting head can be purchased separately.

Auger part of the MORA NOVA SYSTEM ice screw

You may also need an extension cord. But it depends on the thickness of the ice and the height of the angler. You will also need an extension cord if you have a folding ice auger (with one axial lock), for example, the previously produced MORA EXPERT.

Extension for ice screw MORA NOVA SYSTEM

Extension for other MORA ice screws

Advantages of using an adapter (adapter) with a drill or electric screwdriver:

ease of assembly, you do not need to be a particularly advanced master to assemble this simple structure

improving an ice screw using an adapter is cheaper than buying a ready-made automated

pleasure from working with a functional tool made by hand

Adapters ice screw-electric screwdriver with handle

Adapter HIGASHI has a diameter of 18 mm, suitable for all MORA models (except for MORA NOVA SYSTEM, where the diameter is 22 mm), NERO and many other ice augers with a handle diameter of 18 mm.

The design of the adapter has a special stop to protect it from accidental falling out and a hexagonal working surface for clamping it in the chuck of an electric screwdriver, which prevents the auger from spinning in it. An adapter with a handle is more convenient than a conventional one, because one hand holds the electric screwdriver and the other. handle adapter.

A similar adapter for an ice screw for an electric screwdriver Heinola easyrun also has a handle. Galvanized. Compatible with all models Heinola EasyRun, MORA (except for MORA NOVA SYSTEM, where the diameter is 22 mm), Barnaul and others, which have an internal screw diameter of 18 mm.

Required adapter adapter

For a homemade adapter, a thick-walled tube or even a metal rod is suitable, which will fit into the shank of the auger part in diameter. The second end, for an electric screwdriver chuck, is made from a regular bit. Both parts are welded together in compliance with the alignment. For fastening in the shank of the auger, a through hole is drilled through which the fastening bolt passes.

Ice auger, a yamobur, a gearbox for an ice auger. we do everything with our own hands

A gearbox for an ice screw with your own hands is a necessary thing in an angler’s arsenal, if the automation of a conventional auger mechanism is at hand. By the way, when the first ice screws were born, they had a variety of drilling devices. However, as a result of natural selection, only augers withstood the competition.

Such mechanisms do an excellent job with two tasks. they make holes in the ice well and bring the ice crumbs out. The cutting element consists of a pair of blades, the edges of which point in opposite directions. They are installed at a certain angle.

Selection of an electric screwdriver

When choosing any tool, first of all, they are guided by the amount of work that this tool will perform. This will allow you to more accurately navigate the selection of the required device. First of all, the choice is made according to two parameters. what power does the electric screwdriver have and its torque, which we wrote about in the article “We select an electric screwdriver for an ice screw“.

The minimum power of the device should be at least 18 V, however, when drilling deep holes, you will need a more powerful device, for example, 36 V. However, its cost will increase significantly. The second required indicator is torque, the value of which should be in the range of 50-70 Nm. This number determines how fast the auger will rotate.

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How to make a DIY grass trimmer ice screw

Another device that can be adapted for an automatic drill is a grass trimmer. It is a fairly easy-to-use device. Its complete set includes an extended stick, an engine, a specialized head for the scaffold, to which the torque is applied.

When creating an ice screw from a grass trimmer with your own hands, you need to prepare the following elements:

  • grass trimmer motor;
  • screw part of the ice screw;
  • a set of tools required for rework.

The main problem to be solved. how to fix the shank of the ice drill on the head for the scaffold. As soon as it is possible to find a solution to dock the two mechanisms, the angler will receive an excellent device for drilling holes. By the way, another option is to turn a hole auger from an ice screw with your own hands. Structurally, there are no fundamental differences between these devices.

make, screw, electric, screwdriver, your

Is it possible to make an ice screw from the calm

A gasoline powered drill is a rather complex and strong unit. It is a screw part connected to the motor drive. As a rule, such devices are equipped with two-stroke engines, however, modifications are possible that differ in the speed of revolutions.

One- or two-speed drills nimbly drill holes not only in the ice, but also in the ground. However, along with professional motor-drills, anglers create their own models that perfectly cope with their tasks. First you need to calculate the compatibility of the engine and the gear system.

The gearbox is needed to reduce the rotational speed. After preparing the calculations, you can assemble the structure, which we wrote about in the article “How to make an ice screw from improvised means“. First, a frame of two pipes is welded, in which the gearbox will be placed. The gas engine is mounted both tightly and in a removable version, which is more preferable.

Battery specifications

In winter, all the main fishing time takes place at subzero temperatures, and this fundamentally determines the survivability of the electrical device. They are divided into three types:

  • Ni-Cd. nickel-cadmium have proven themselves well at low temperatures, however, they differ in increased weight;
  • Li-Ion. lithium-ion batteries have low weight and recharge time, but only in frost they become of little use;
  • Ni-Mh. nickel-metal hydride are rarely found, they are similar in characteristics to the first.

The most widespread are lithium-ion ones for good resistance to subzero temperatures. They work well in the range from 40 degrees to 50. The pluses include such a property as storage in a discharged state. Making an ice screw with your own hands at home, you should pay close attention to it.

Unfortunately, they have a memory effect, that is, if you use them correctly and do recharging, everything will be fine, but up to a certain point. Even if the battery is not used, it will still lose its energy capacity by 20-25 percent within a couple of years.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries have a lower mass, increased capacity, a small memory effect, however, even with a slight minus temperature in the reservoir, the survivability of such batteries quickly ends. By the way, it is recommended to pay attention to the capacity of the batteries, which should be in the range of 2.5-3.0 A / hour.

How to make Powerful Electric Screwdriver

We put an electric screwdriver on an ice screw with our own hands at home

With the advent of powerful models of screwdrivers on the domestic market, fishermen quickly got their bearings and adapted this device for an ice screw. As a result of this ingenious solution, an excellent automated drill was born, with the help of which it became possible to drill ice without effort.

Manufacturers also began to keep pace with the times, releasing adapters for joining these two different mechanisms. The Swedish Mora, along with ice screws, which have a docking device, also produces adapters directly. Domestic drills are not designed for this, so craftsmen have to approach this issue radically.

Manual automation has several advantages:

  • it will not be difficult to modernize the ice screw;
  • alteration will cost much less than buying a motor-drill;
  • to make design changes, you need a minimum of conventional tools.

By the way, it is much more difficult to adapt Russian ice augers, since they rotate in one direction with the unwinding of the electric screwdriver cartridge, which is why it will have to be tightened all the time. There is only one way out in this case. the installation of a reduction gear, however, not everyone is capable of making it.

What are the gearboxes

There are both V-belt and worm gearboxes, which, having significant design differences, are designed to perform the same role. For an ice screw, a worm gear is best suited. True, their efficiency is somewhat less, and they heat up much faster, but they can be put directly on the shaft of the original mechanism.

make, screw, electric, screwdriver, your

Thus, you can assemble an ice screw from the calm with your own hands. During operation, it is important to observe safety rules. Do not put too much pressure on the device during the drilling process, it is sometimes difficult to cope with it, especially if the knives hit an obstacle.

Craftsmen even manage to put the drive on a ring ice drill with their own hands, a diagram of which is posted on the Internet. Proponents of such mechanisms believe that less effort is expended when drilling. They are silent. and this is an important advantage when catching shy fish. In addition, ice structure is clearly visible on the resulting ice cylinders.