How to Make Motosledges From a Chainsaw

Snowmobiles are an alternative means of transporting people and goods on snowy terrain. The domestic market offers a wide selection of mechanisms necessary for tourism and scientific expeditions, hunting, outdoor activities, sports and travel in the winter.

How to Make Motosledges From a Chainsaw

The cost of units is high. Therefore, many craftsmen make them on their own from any stale equipment: tiller, mini tractor, boat. Chainsaw snowmobiles are the simplest constructive solutions.

How to make a snowmobile from a chainsaw

The snowmobile is made according to one of 2 schemes:

  • Single track (2 skis in front, 1 track in the back);
  • Two-track (1 ski in front, 2 tracks in the rear).

Any snowmobile device has the following design:

  1. Engine.
  2. Supply system.
  3. Oil injection system.
  4. Transmission.
  5. Chassis.
  6. Steering.
  7. Body.
  8. Electrical equipment.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of a homemade snowmobile from a chainsaw and its further assembly, it is necessary to design drawings of all work units and the general appearance of the vehicle. Each assembly unit is better to draw individually and make dimensions.

In the development process take into account the brand of gasoline tool.

Models such as Friendship, Ural and Stihl are well suited.

Sawmill Friendship is simple in design. The disadvantage is the low motor power (1 kW) with a large mass of the tool (12 kg).

The Urals has a weight of 11.7 kg and an engine power of 3.68 kW.

  • Ability to work at low temperatures;
  • High environmental friendliness.

The choice in the manufacture of a snowmobile from a chainsaw with your own hands can be stopped on the Stihl brand. It is characterized by noiselessness during operation, with a power of 1.5 kW, while it has a nominal weight of only 3.9 kg.


The initial stage is the manufacture of the frame structure base from welded spars. For the middle part, angles of 50×63 mm from hardened steel are used, the front and rear are made of S2 steel with a flange at an angle of 90 °. Holes of the same diameter should be provided in all elements for mounting with a crawler wheel and drive shaft. Brackets for track rollers are welded at the bottom of the frame.

Racks are made from corners of 30×30 mm and connected by metal cross members. The result should be a design in the form of a small portal. A platform is required for the mounting point of the chain saw gearbox and chain drive shaft. Select the steel sheet of the required size, often with a thickness of 2-3 mm, and weld it to the center of the right side of the module and the portal.

Behind the portal and at the same time in the middle of the module, a place is formed under the seat, which is subsequently made of boards and fabric or removed in finished form from old equipment, for example, a moped.

To the beam, which is taken as a standard water pipe with a radius of 0.75 mm, set the front spar and the yoke of the drive axle. Steering ski bushes are welded from both ends, and a strut for the motor subframe in the center. Mounting points for strength and structural stability are reinforced with metal 2 mm scarves.


The mechanism from the Buran aggregate is used as a caterpillar, the tape is shortened by 0.75-1 m. The gears of the gear drive are planted on the transverse shafts, then the web is laid. The caterpillar gear wheel is made of a nylon sheet measuring 15 mm.

Drive shaft

For the manufacture of the drive shaft, a metal pipe with a diameter of 14 mm is taken, flanges for fixing the teeth of the wheels are mounted on top. At the ends of the mechanism, lugs are pressed in and welded with a designated place for the bearings.


The snowmobile engine is the most important component that affects the operation of all self-propelled equipment. Therefore, experts recommend using a power plant from a Stihl chainsaw with an engine power of 1.5-3 kW. The motor is mounted on a stable support of the transverse beam. The gearbox is rotated through 180 °, fixed on the site, and the intermediate shaft of the 2-speed transmission is also mounted. Install a fuel tank on top.


The drive sprocket with an internal key of St20 is attached to the shaft with an M12 nut with a spring washer. For precise fixation on the tip, the thread of the desired parameter is cut. At the same time, it is taken into account that the 1st gear corresponds to a large sprocket with a maximum gear ratio (38 teeth on the engine from the Urals), and the 2nd gear to a small drive sprocket with 10 teeth.

Chains are of a standard type with a pitch of about 16 mm.

Brake system

If the snowmobile is designed to ride at a low speed of up to 30 km / h, then the braking system can be omitted. Transport stops by friction in the chassis and transmission systems.


Management. Steering on the steering-ski. The support levers are rigidly connected to the bipod of the steering shaft. The steering wheel is two-handed, a gas handle is mounted on the right side.

What other winter equipment can be made from a chainsaw

The line of equipment for driving on snowy roads based on chainsaws can complement such homemade products:


Aerosled is a home-made version of a mobile vehicle on snow and ice. Making them is easier than a snowmobile. Self-propelled sleds are equipped with a chainsaw engine with a pushing propeller, and have a chassis with 3 or 4 skis. They can reach high speeds. The only negative is the inability to drive in hard-to-reach areas, so they are operated on a flat surface.

Snow scooter

Snow scooters. Controlled sled for downhill from a steep snow-covered mountain. They are suitable for outdoor activities for both children and adults. Everyone can make a children’s snow scooter. The design is a frame with a chainsaw motor, built-in seat, controls and 3 metal or wooden skis.

Benefits of winter homemade:

  • Maneuverability;
  • High speed;
  • Ease of carrying;
  • Sustainability;
  • Development of the vestibular apparatus in a child.

The disadvantage of this model is the inability to drive on a flat road.

Motorized towing vehicle

A motorized towing vehicle is a widespread type of snowmobile equipment based on a chainsaw engine, designed for out-of-town travel, hunting, transportation of people and cargo to hard-to-reach places. It is popularly called the “motor dog”. It is characterized by light weight, reduced ground pressure and the ability to move on any type of snowy surface.