How to Make out the Stihl 250 Video

Stihl company manufactures reliable chainsaws that are used in all fields of activity. Household, professional models, models for agriculture. One of the saws for agriculture will be discussed in this review. Saw Stihl MS 250.

About Stihl 250

The Stihl 250 saw is perfectly balanced and combines qualities such as high power and at the same time low weight and ease of use. Power allows you to install larger tires on this model, which means sawing thicker tree trunks, which increases productivity. Weight affects comfort when working with the tool for a long time. Small dimensions allow you to work with a saw in places limited in area or in dense thickets. With this saw, it is convenient to clean the fallen tree from branches or to cut small shoots.

If necessary, the Stihl 250 can cope with more complex tasks, but you should not work with maximum loads for a long time. The resource of this model is still not the same as that of professional saws.

The Stihl 250 saw is designed using the most advanced developments of German engineers, which we will talk about later.

How to Make out the Stihl 250

Of course, the power unit of the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw can not be compared in power with the engine of a professional model, but it is also capable of much. The difference with a household chainsaw is felt as soon as you start making the first cut. If desired, customers can purchase a richer complete set of Stihl 250, in which it is additionally equipped with devices that increase the comfort of use of the saw.


The Stihl 250 chainsaw comes standard on the Russian market with two different length tires: 4 and 16 inches. Depending on the task, you can choose any, and with luxury versions, such as Stihl MS 250

When choosing a chainsaw, do not get too stuck in the tire length, if necessary, the tire and chain can be replaced with a longer one or vice versa after purchase.

The main technical characteristics of the standard and improved models of the 250th saw are the same. Power 3.1 L sec., which is translated into kW 2.3. This is already 0.8 more than the Stihl 180 household model. The working volume is 45.4 cubes. Turnover 11. 13 thousand. The chain has a pitch of 0.325 inches and a width of the landing link 1.3.

The chainsaw weighs 4.6 kilograms. The volumes of oil and fuel tanks are 0.2 and 0.47 liters, respectively.

Of course, it’s difficult to determine by the characteristics of how the chainsaw will behave in business, for this you need to try in work and compare with something.

Features Stihl 250 and 250 C-BE

To improve the performance of the Stihl 250, the designers installed several modern developments on the chainsaw that best affect the comfort and quality of the chainsaw. The first thing that will be discussed is the compensator.


A special device installed in the carburetor cover and connected to the air filter housing with a separate small channel. The essence of the compensator is that it allows air to enter the carburetor in addition to the fuel filter. This is necessary at those times when the air filter is as dirty as possible and does not pass the amount of air required by the engine.

On chainsaws that are not equipped with a compensator, a dirty fuel filter can cause an increase in fuel consumption, over-enrichment of the fuel mixture. As a result, everything can end with soot under the piston rings and the scuff of the CPG. Accordingly, the saw will require expensive repairs, and the compensator is able to insure against all this.

Do not operate a chainsaw with a dirty filter for a long time, even if it has a compensator. We recommend that you clean the air filter after every working day.

Carburetor heater

This function is most useful in the winter, since it prevents the carburetor from icing up. The operator turns on and off the option as necessary. To change the mode, it is necessary to move the valve, which redirects warm air currents to the carburetor or vice versa.

In the summer, you need to ensure that the damper is open, because otherwise the engine will cool worse and it can be overheated.

Chain brake

One of the safety mechanisms when working with a chainsaw is a manual inertial chain brake. If for some reason the chainsaw tire makes a sharp rebound, the brake will turn on and the chain will stop spinning instantly, thereby reducing the risk of serious injury. For proper operation of the chain brake, the operator must observe several conditions:

  1. Hold hands as instructed, i.E. Left hand on the front handle, right hand on the back.
  2. Timely clean the mechanism, because it is in the side cover, where a huge amount of sawdust gets.

Vibration reduction system

The chainsaw engine vibrates during operation. Vibration can be uncomfortable and reduce operator time due to fatigue. To solve the problem, German engineers equipped the Stihl 250 with an anti-vibration system of effective shock absorbers. Thus, the Stihl 250 can be used for work even by those who have chronic diseases of the hands.

Combined management

Another system that adds convenience and is designed to facilitate the operation of the Stihl 250 is the combined control lever. Thanks to which, the ignition is turned on and off by the thumb of the left hand. The suction mode is also activated in the same way. The switch never needs to be looked for, it is always at hand, which is especially convenient when an emergency occurs.


How to Make out the Stihl 250

This is an officially patented system by Stihl, which is designed to reduce friction and increase the life of the saw headset. The system includes not only the part that is installed on the chainsaw, it is an oil pump and transportation lines, but also the tire and chain of the chainsaw.

Stihl MS 250 C – BE

For even greater customer comfort, Stihl launches models equipped with advanced upgrades. Their letter designation can be deciphered knowing what each specific letter means.

(E). A starter with a special spring is installed on the saw, which reduces the load when starting the Stihl 250 chainsaw, making the start smooth and comfortable. The system is called ElastoStart.

(B). A chain tensioning system is installed on the saw without the use of additional tools. Thanks to which, the operator does not need to carry tools. And this is quite convenient.

(C). Means that the saw with modified caps of gasoline and oil tanks. It’s not difficult to open such a lid, but they can unscrew on their own, as it happens with ordinary lids, they have no chance.

The choice between the 250th and 260th Stihl model

Many questions arise from readers about the choice between the Stihl 250 and 260 chainsaws.

You can answer unambiguously. The Stihl 260 saw is better for the reason that it is a saw for professional use and, in production, it had completely different requirements than the Stihl 250 intended for agriculture.

Accordingly, the cost of these models has a significant difference. Stihl 260 is sold almost 50% more expensive than Stihl 250. Of course, those who don’t want to pay for a professional tool and use it in private households, it’s definitely better to buy Stihl 260, but the 250th one lasts for many years and practically does not kill with timely maintenance and normal attitude.

Why the Stihl 250 chainsaw won’t start

Sometimes there are situations when the saw may not start. As a rule, more than 50% of saws that did not start and were delivered to a service center did not start due to a violation of the cold start algorithm.

The start-up algorithm and the reason that the Stihl 250 may not start

The operating instructions describe in detail the process of starting the saw, according to which, first you need to press the swap primer several times, then lower the control lever to the lowest position.

After that, pull the trigger several times until the saw grabs (for a split second it will start and die out, this phenomenon is also called a flash). Next, you need to move the control lever one position up and start the saw, then press once on the gas to set the idle speed.

In order for the saw to not start, it is enough to break only one point, namely, do not move the lever one position up after passing the flash. Thus, the saw will run out of air and fuel will flood the candle. To start the saw after the candle is flooded, it is necessary to purge the engine. How this is done is described in detail in the instruction manual.

Why does it stall when you press the gas

If the saw at idle works fine, and when it presses the gas, it stalls, then the reason is either an interruption in spark formation or air suction, or in the carburetor settings. To find out the exact reason, it is necessary to conduct a complete diagnosis of the Stihl 250 chainsaw engine. Information on how to diagnose the engine and carburetor can be found on our website. The same should be done in cases where the Stihl 250 starts and stalls.

Why the Stihl 250 Starts Badly

If the saw starts up poorly, but after it starts up, it works fine, then you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the filter elements. Check fuel and air filter. It is also worth inspecting the spark plug.

Important: the working spark plug on a correctly working engine should have a reddish deposit on the electrode, and its clearance should be 0.5 mm.

In some cases, the saw may be difficult to start due to too rich a mixture, which is easily eliminated by adjusting the carburetor.

Major malfunctions and DIY repair

Like all gasoline units, the Stihl 250 chainsaw has the main problems that most often occur with it. Let’s figure out what these malfunctions are and how to fix them yourself.

Starter cord and spring malfunctions

One of the frequent breakdowns on any chainsaw is a break in the starter cord or a burst return spring. Repairing these faults is quite simple. To do this, remove the starter from the chainsaw (unscrew the four mounting screws). Then, using nippers, remove the stopper from the central shaft of the starter (in some cases, the mechanism is fixed with a screw), and then remove the washer and trigger dog.

To replace the cord of the chainsaw, a coil is removed from the central shaft, on which the cord is wound and the dangling element is removed from the mount. A strong knot is made on the new cord, after which the cord is threaded from the end opposite from the knot into the landing hole on the coil and stretched through it.

Further, the reel, and after it the dog and stopper, are installed in their places, after which a cord is wound around the reel in a clockwise direction. The end of the lace is threaded through the starter housing and a handle is installed on it, after which it is slightly stretched and fixed with a knot. Thus, it turns out that the starter coil is in a slight tension all the time, due to which the handle does not hang out, but keeps in its seat.

If it is necessary to change a broken spring, then it is convenient to do this after the reel with the cord is removed. A new spring is installed with the housing up. Next, the starter is assembled according to the algorithm described above.

Before installing the spring, it must be lubricated. Regular motor oil is suitable for lubrication.

Below is a about repairing a starter on a Stihl chainsaw. The is in German, but the order of work is shown as detailed as possible and, if necessary, it can be repeated even to those who have never dealt with the repair of a chainsaw.

Oil seal replacement

Oil seals, this is a rubber element with a spring that is mounted on the motor shaft and protects against air ingress.

As soon as the oil seals become unusable (over time this happens on all engines of chainsaws, since oil seals are made of oil-resistant rubber and lose their elasticity over time) they must be replaced, since air leaks into the engine crankcase.

To replace the glands on the Stihl 250 yourself, you will need a special tool with which you can completely disassemble the chainsaw, as well as knowledge of all the nuances of disassembly and assembly.

Tip: if you do not have experience in repairing gasoline saws, it is better to contact professionals to carry it out.

Stihl 250 Job Reviews

Alexander 32 years old Smolensk

I have been using the Stihl 250 chainsaw for more than two years. I work almost daily, but not all day, but for 3-4 hours including rest breaks. Saw satisfied. There are no problems with it at all. He poured gasoline, oil and went to work. For the entire period of operation there was only one malfunction, the cord on the starter was torn. I fixed it myself, the system there is very simple, everything is done within half an hour.

I use only branded oil and consumables, I don’t pour it, so the tire is still dear, and it has been preserved quite well, although it has already been sawed a lot.


Stihl MS 250. A chainsaw that is distinguished by quality and simplicity. She has enough power to cut trunks with a diameter of more than 50 cm. To increase the service life of the tire, only original Stihl adhesive oils must be used to lubricate the chain.

This saw is not suitable for professional use, but compared with a household chainsaw, Stihl MC 250 is able to last much longer and its performance is much higher.