How To Make Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Today the price tag on dog toys can be called unjustifiably high. After all, the life of such fun, provided that the pet likes it, can vary from several months to several days and even hours. Therefore, over time, it becomes very unfortunate to spend such amounts on an accessory that your dog “carries” in his teeth for less than a season.

This article will help you become a master of making toys, or at least not confound the title of apprentice. You can use almost any material: paper, fleece, tennis balls, old scarves and even plastic bottles. The main thing – do not forget to show imagination.

Key points and features

The first question that comes to mind is what kind of toy you can do with your own hands?

It is necessary to choose the appearance and the filler according to the temperament, age and size of the dog: a puppy with a dry delicacy, a small dog such as Chihuahua, is perfect for a soft big bone (however, the toy can be of any shape and size). Fight breeds, of course, will appeal to the competition of tug of war with the owner or their own kind.

We decided to look at it, now we come to the question how to make a toy with your own hands. It is not as difficult as it may seem. Next, you will be presented with several options for toys with tips on making.

Fun for four-legged babies

"Delicious" ball

  • Sharp, durable stationery knife / scissors.
  • Tennis ball.
  • How To Make Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

    Dry treat for the filler.

On the white line of the ball it is necessary to make an incision no longer than 2 cm. Next, fill the ball with a dry delicacy. Done!

Flapper "sorry ears"

This toy could be called a rattle, but this comparison poorly conveys all the noise that this simple design will bring in the paws / teeth of a beloved dog.

Therefore, before you please your dog with this fun, you should consider whether the owner is ready to endure the loud manifestation of his impetuous delight. If yes, then you can use the following step-by-step master class.

So, to create it, we need:

  • Two plastic jars from under the vitamins.
  • Thick durable laces or medium-thick cord.
  • 4 bottle caps (plastic).
  • Awl.
  • Scissors.

As wear and tear all components can be changed.

The procedure is as follows:

  • In the bank it is necessary to make two holes opposite each other – on the top and bottom. In diameter, they must match the thickness of the selected lace.
  • Next, you need to prepare a string: it should be cut into four equal parts.
  • In each of the covers you need to thread the cord and tie it at the end.
  • The other end of the rope should be threaded into the hole of the jar and tied, by analogy with a strap in the cap.
  • Then the second jar needs to be glued together with the first one, if the thread is suitable. An alternative variant of fastening the structure – you can insert the jar into one another or fasten them with a cord.

A simplified version of the same toy looks like this:

  • At the bottom of the jar you need to make several holes in which the laces are threaded.
  • At the end of each must be strong, massive knots.

Tassels after knots or pigtails of laces with the same knots at the ends can become the decoration of this toy. Every owner can make similar fun for a pet out of scrap materials, the main thing is attention, patience and quite a bit of free time.

How To Make Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Today the price tag on dog toys can be called unjustifiably high. After all, the life of such fun, provided that the pet likes it, can vary from several……

If desired, it is easy enough to weave a bone out of rubber bands for your pet, for example, York. Only rezinochka and a slingshot will be required, weaving happens due to winding and a perekidyvaniye of an elastic band from one part of a slingshot to another. Very interesting for dogs of small breeds will be homemade fleece bone, which was filled with sintepon as a filler. You can also fill the product with a batting or finely chopped pieces of old textiles.

Entertainment for large dogs

How To Make Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

For large dogs, special toys are needed that will be able to withstand the powerful onslaught of their strong jaws. Some giant dogs, of course, bring the ball perfectly and are ready to tear soft toys into pieces with equal zeal, but let’s not forget that entertainment should not only amuse the pet and its owner, but also develop certain qualities.

That is why for St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Great Dane, and other large dogs, you can use a more complex and interesting variation of the rope for games with pulling. A master class for its manufacture is offered below.

  • A scarf (it is better to choose an unnecessary, old, but preferably long. If there is none, just take two knitted items and tie them together with a strong knot).
  • Three tennis balls (it seems to be an indispensable thing for making toys).
  • A little time and effort.

The procedure is as follows:

  • On the one hand scarf tied knot.
  • In the folds of the product should mask the ball.
  • Secure the ball with an additional knot.
  • Similarly, the remaining pair of balls is placed.

Interesting toy for big dogs do it yourself!

Fun for active dogs

Next toy Most suitable for puppies and active large dogs. This fun design with a tennis ball will allow the owner to measure their strength with a pet, or at least teach the latter to bring the ball if the forces are not equal.

Wide field for activity it opens to those who have ever thought how to make a toy for a puppy with their own hands. For example, a long sock will get a second life, golf is best suited for having lost a pair, or the same “unhappy” gaiter, in general, the longer the better.

Before using it is very important to wash the hosiery to completely get rid of the smell of the owner. The process of manufacturing itself is extremely simple – a ball is put inside the sock and tied at both ends. The toy is ready, and you can start making the next crafts.

To do this, prepare a plastic bottle, wash it outside and inside, remove the label. The size directly depends on the breed of dog and its age: for example, small pockets with a capacity of 0.5 l will suit small poodles and spitz, but larger dogs can offer something more substantial (up to 1.5 l).

The bottle should be filled with dry food, the lid should not be too tightly wrapped so that the dog could smell the goodies, but could not reach.

The goal of the game is simple – the dog, inspired by the scent of seductive food, will by all means strive to unscrew the lid. For the owner, the fun is also quite interesting – you can even note the time and bet on how much it will take an average hungry dog ​​to empty the bottle and fill the stomach.

If the dog copes too quickly with the task, you can offer several modifications of the game:

  • Tie a rope to the bottle so that the owner can control the process.
  • Hide the bottle in the sock (preferably large, size 49).

These options will complicate the dog access to the desired food.

Games for the development of intelligence

How To Make Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

All the accessories presented above will perfectly serve as a boring winter evening and a hot summer day, but if the owner wants to develop not only the physical, but also the mental abilities of the animal, he can adopt a couple of ideas from among those presented below.

If suddenly you really want the best friend of a man to bring slippers in a friendly way, you can start small and teach you how to bring a stick. To do this, it is enough to tie to her in a chaotic manner dog biscuits. This is clearly a matter of interest for the dog. But whether it will turn out from the owner and then take it away is another question entirely. The answer to it depends largely on the discipline and obedience of the animal.

Another interactive game that takes only a couple of minutes of the owner’s precious time, but will distract the pet for a long time – this is a “box with a surprise”. Make it simple: put a little food on the plate and cover it with a cardboard box. Gradually, you can complicate the task – to cover the delicacy first with a smaller box and its larger box. The special charm of the game will get if the owner will mark the time and find out how quickly the pet learns to get a treat.

Making accessories for dogs with your own hands is a fascinating thing that allows you to show imagination, improve your skills in working with fabric, threads, scissors, and also create a really valuable thing for your pet that will once again remind him of the owner’s love.

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