How to make trestle blades for a power tiller. The simplest hooks

How to make grottozateli for a power tiller with your own hands, photo description and dimensions

When buying attachments you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Gripper dimensions. the appropriate dimensions of the product depend directly on the class of the agricultural machine. For heavy power tillers choose products with a diameter of about 70 cm. Medium and lightweight units can be equipped with gruntozatsepami, with a diameter of about 25-40 cm;
  • Type of soil to be processed. the most universal are considered to be the grottozatels, to which the arrow-shaped spikes are welded. Their grip part is shaped like corners, thanks to which they show an excellent grip even in very loose soil;
  • The possibility of mounting weights. for operation on loose soil some manufacturers provide the possibility of mounting additional weights that make the use of products more effective, especially when working with light motor tractors. As a rule, weights are in the form of strong metal containers, which can be filled with stones, sand or any other improvised material, and then installed on the track shoes.

Always consider each of these factors when buying trailing shoes. That will make it much easier for you to choose the most effective tools for mounting on a single axle tractor.

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What do you need diamond blades for your power tiller with your hands?

Of course, most of the time the quality of your work depends on the weight of the machine. All of the most functional hitches you can hang only on heavy-duty and medium-duty power tillers. But the heaviness and professionalism of a power tiller is not all. If you have a kind of a cool machine, but do not have proper results, you must buy wheels with nerf hooks for your power tiller. You can buy, or you can make trestle hooks for your power tiller with your own hands. It all depends on the size of the wallet, desire and straightness of arms.

Standard grousers for a power tiller are metal wheels with spikes that dig into the ground and grip the single-axle tractor with the soil. In order to make a hitch for a power tiller with your own hands, you will need knowledge of the device of the hitch (the drawing and scheme seriously facilitates you with this task), to determine the diameter of the canopy, to select the material for redesign in the hitch for power tiller and, of course, tools to work with the source material. It’s basically an angle grinder and a welder.

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Before you make trailing wheels, decide on their size. The height and width of the shoes depends on the application for which you put them on the single axle tractor. Later on we will discuss what sizes you can buy in the store.

And more about the weight requirements for the grousers. You put on the wheels with cleats to improve the traction of the tractor with the ground, and this requires a good weight of the wheels, which may not be enough for the tractor itself. Minimum wheel weight 20 kg. You can also put weights on the grousers if you want a better result or if you don’t feel up to the weight of the wheels.

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Design solution when you have wheels

The easiest and cheapest way is to make and put the design on the factory rubber wheel, as usual anti-slip chains.

First you need to take a metal sheet and cut out a strip a little wider than the profile of rubber. The wheel can be tensioned by attaching a strip to the wheel with two bolts and nuts. The edges around the circle should be bent to prevent slipping under lateral loads.

Then you need to take a thicker sheet of steel (3-5 millimeters) and cut cross bars, which will hook into the ground. They are bent in the middle at an angle of 120 degrees. The cross bars are then welded to the main part at the same distance. On average, 10 to 15 of these should be welded, depending on the diameter of the wheel. In this regard, before starting work, you need to prepare a drawing yourself or download it from the Internet.

Such loopholes for a rotary cultivator can be made in a few days. If the existing power tiller has plain metal and smooth wheels, such a device will turn it into a real off-road vehicle.


Ideally use the stamped rims from any old VAZ car. Their mounting holes are usually the same as the holes on the cutter shaft plate on most Chinese power tillers. This will allow you to use the half axle from the tiller as a hub, securing the grousers to the gearbox.The rims are cut from the discs with an angle grinder.

The result is fairly narrow lightweight wheels. If they are not trimmed, they will be too high, so the machine will lose stability if it is not wide enough, because its center of gravity will be shifted upward.

The clearance between the corners should be 3 cm. The presence of a bevel on the hooks will allow them to self-clean if the soil is wet.

On the second wheel, when welding the angle should also be shifted by 1 cm, but at an opposite angle. If not, the single axle tractor will go to one side and be difficult to hold straight.To install them directly on a single-axle tractor, you must disassemble the first section of the standard tractor tiller that comes with the tractor. The blades are removed and the shaft is bolted to the wheels with a mounting plate. The bolts that were used to attach the blades are used for this. As a result, the wheels get hubs and can be installed on the gearbox of the motoblock.

If the holes on the tiller half and the wheels do not match, the wheels will have to be slightly reworked. To do this, you need to weld a thick steel plate into them and drill it under the hub from the cutter.

In the future, if cutters are needed, it will be necessary to remove the half axles from the wheels. These are good on sandy and soft soils. They work on good chernozem only in dry weather. If moisture appears, the spikes in spite of the bevel will still get bogged down.

How to make ground covers with existing factory wheels

The easiest way to put a design on the tire, like snow chains.

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Enough to take a sheet of iron thickness of 2-3 mm, and cut a strip that will be a little wider than the profile of the tire. The tension is ensured by a simple bolt rod tie. The edges of the tines must be folded in to prevent them from slipping under lateral loads.

The bootstraps themselves are cut from thicker sheet steel (4-5 mm). They must be bent in the middle at an angle of 120°. The blanks are then welded at regular intervals to the bar.

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Important! The distance between the cleats must be the same on both wheels. Otherwise the machine will run to the side during operation.

Therefore, before starting work, you should use ready-made drawings, or develop a layout yourself.

Such a cleats, your own hands can be made in a couple of evenings. If you use a regular smooth tread on a homemade power tiller. the device will turn the equipment into a real off-road vehicle.

We introduce lovers of small mechanization to different types of designs, and varying degrees of complexity.

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Optimal size

It’s no secret that the heavy equipment treats the land better than the light one. This is evidenced by the fact that people began to be interested in the question of how to make the tractors for the car with their own hands. Even hard terrain can be worked with such kind of equipment, which can’t be dealt with efficiently by a light tractor. For such machines and requires large grousers. To summarize, the parameters of the design will depend on the size of the MotoBlock.

Thus, it is possible to distinguish the following popular motor blocks:

“Neva”. The most common are power tillers that can adapt to any conditions. But in the case where the farm already has a tractor “Neva”, which by its characteristics is not considered versatile, you can make a grenadier yourself. It should be taken into account that the diameter of the attachment should not be more than 36 centimeters, and the width not more than 11. MTZ. Even though such units are Belarusian, and more. The point is that the wheels of these models of power tillers are quite large. To make good-quality grousers, you need a lot of labor

It is important that the dimensions have been chosen correctly, and the triangular plates, which hook into the ground, have been carefully welded to the main wheel of the grouser. “Salute”. Such a device is assembled according to the scheme of “Neva”. “Centaur”

The wheels in such an apparatus are somewhat similar to the “Neva”. But the first machine has 11 centimeters longer wheels. If the “Centaur” is to be equipped with a hitch, its length should be 450 millimeters, and its width. 110. It can fit other models of power tillers, including other manufacturers.

It will also be useful to make an extension cord for the tines. They are designed to increase the angle of rotation of the design and the width of the bob and counterweight. To do this, you need to attach a hub with a slot. In such a sleeve is inserted an additional axle, which is fixed with a bolt. Finally, you need to mount the wheel of the groomer on the axle.

Thus, there are many options to make gruntorezami own hands without much work and emptying the for expensive factory models.

Homemade PLOTCUTTERS for the power tiller./ Homemade ploskorezy for motoblocks.

With the acquisition of a power tiller the user has a desire to use it in all domestic works for dacha, vegetable garden, etc. Some people strive to buy the maximum possible set of attachments for the motoblock at once, others buy only the minimum range, dopupaying gradually the rest. The third category of owners take on their own handmade attachments and additional devices. Sometimes they are in many ways superior to what the industry has to offer.

How to choose

Selection of a hook is complicated by the wide range in stores, but do not get lost, everything is quite simple if you follow the recommendations. The main parameters of the wheels are width, height and skids.

All manufacturers specify the diameter, which is counted from the edges of the cleats. And their length can be 3 cm in height.

If you have never bought a cultivator before, you should trust the consultant, naming the parameters and the name of the block, so you can buy a quality and suitable model.

Hoes for the Neva power tiller

The metal wheels are designed to perform two tasks. plowing (plow work) and cutting ridges with dipping. Therefore, you need to understand the wheels based on the above functions:

  • Plow. The wider the wheel, the steadier the machine moves with the installed plow. It should be taken into account that the height of the wheel greatly affects the speed. It is not advisable to buy specimens larger than 500 mm for the plow. A diameter of 420 mm or less is suitable for plowing. For good traction, you need three striped tines. Light soil will seep through the skids until the hitch moves to solid ground. At that point it will push off and be able to move forward. The single-strip or rubber wheels are inconvenient to work on, they slip and the soil flies into the tines. it gets stuck and brakes the machine.
  • The single tip plow cuts the ridges and at the same time plows. Requires single wheels that fit under the fender of the power tiller. Optimal size. 425 mm with a width of 130 mm. The wheel is secured without adapters to the shaft so that the minimum track is occupied. If the soil is difficult to work, it is desirable to weight in front of special canopies or ordinary weights. any load that is on the plot will do.
  • The double rocker arm is needed to work on high wheels. 500-600 mm. One track has a single okra installed. Two machines are rigidly coupled and create parallel ridges. It is reasonable to work with such an extender, if the garden is more than 10 hectares. This is a vegetable garden, it is not necessary to consider the entire plot.

The provided information is enough to understand how to choose the right grousers for a power tiller. Even without sufficient skill, you can buy accessories that will last a very long time.

In the video below an experienced power tiller owner tells how to choose the right tractor extensions.

Grotezap extensions for your power tiller with your own hands

With the help of extensions you can make a single-axle tractor more functional: they help to increase the track width, allow you to turn the wheel freely in relation to the axle.

To make such a construction, you need to follow the description:

  • A sleeve with a slot is screwed on the axle;
  • an additional axle is inserted into the hub;
  • A wheel with a clevisvis pin is mounted on the axle and fastened securely.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it, but you can save money on purchasing a finished piece. It lasts just as long, but you can be sure of the quality and reliability of the construction.

Following the instructions, with the aid of drawings, diagrams and expert advice, you can easily assemble the pruner yourself. In addition, the necessary materials and tools are usually close at hand.