How to Make Trimming From a Circular

How to Make Trimming From a Circular

Hello dear readers and subscribers of the blog of Andrew Noack. In this article I will tell you how to use a manual circular tool to make a trimming device for your home purposes, while spending a minimum amount of money on manufacturing. Trimming from a manual circular. A good helper in your household with which you can do “very big things”!

I consider it unreasonable to focus on the term “circular”, since everyone already knows firsthand what this device is, and there are enough thematic materials in my blog. I’ll try to tell you what a miter saw is and to convey as much useful information as possible for a visual presentation.

Trimming is divided into the following types:

  • Pendulum;
  • Combined
  • With a broach.

Pendulum trimming is the following design. The basis of any machine is the bed. A table is fixed on it, which, in turn, is made on a rotary mechanism with a ruler. This device solves the problem of setting the cut angle with its adjustment.

The angle of cut can be adjusted by moving the desktop relative to the plane of the bed. The saw element is secured by a lever and spring-loaded by a hinge. Using the pendulum, the saw moves in the vertical direction.

As for the variant of the combined model, the angle of cut can be changed, if necessary, in two directions. The device is the same as the pendulum saw, only an additional hinge is added to the design. As for the change in the cutting angle in the horizontal plane, it can be changed in the horizontal direction, which in turn is the opposite of the mounted drive.

A saw with a broach makes it possible to move the cutting element both around the axis of the hinge mechanism, and in the forward direction along the cut. This is achieved thanks to the installed guides (in the photo below).

For convenience on the trimming machine, operators use a special device for trimming on the circular, which is called the miter box. Uncomplicated design, which consists of a tray for boards, a pressure sheet of plywood or other material, with clamping fixing elements (clamps, etc.). How does this device work? I will try to answer this simple question simply and clearly.

The board is placed in the tray and pressed against a sheet of chipboard. It is fixed with a clamp and a hand saw, a circular, an angle grinder cuts the workpieces through special side slots. Often, the miter box is used to cut material at an angle of 45-90 degrees in home workshops on circulars. Using this device, you can quickly cut the board into a pallet or board.

After all the information, you have an idea of ​​what trimming is and why it is needed. Next, I will tell you how to make a trimming from hand-made circular materials from improvised materials.

The basis of the design was a box made of chipboard. Has a “P” shaped. It gets off and fastened with confirmants. To prevent displacement of this shelf, the clamp is attached to the desktop (workbench).

The base for the saw is screwed onto the shelf from above. Fasteners are also carried out by confirmants. We observe the perpendicularity of the planes, as the sole of the saw will be aligned along the edge.

We align the saw sole along the edge. This will prevent displacement and fidgeting. On the sides we fasten the strips of chipboard with screws. Thus, the positioning of the sole is achieved.

The saw is fixed with clamps and clamps. You can make wing clips. Here is such a device for trimming on a circular in this embodiment, it turned out. They call such a device in the people “Foreman.”

Near the base to the table we fix the base “table”. The only drawback is that the depth of cut is reduced by 15 mm. Therefore, you have to place the profile as close as possible to the saw sole.

After performing a trial cut, we get a cut line based on the stop. Thus, it was possible to construct with their own hands a trimming from a circular. This design of the device copes with the task one hundred percent. If you still can’t construct this type of equipment or you simply don’t have time to do this, you can use the rental services of circular cuts at affordable in specialized workshops.

Another good tool for working with wood can be attributed thicknesser. What is it? You can divide it into two types. Manual and in the form of a full thicknessing machine. As a rule, a manual embodiment is needed only for transferring data from the drawing to real material and workpieces.

As for the thicknessing machine, it is, in turn, more functional. In addition to the transfer of information, you can carry out full-fledged processing of blanks. Such equipment is purchased by furniture factories, and can be found in everyday life in the construction of private facilities. It looks like a surface gage with a circular and trimming, I attach the photo below:

As for the conventional thicknesser device, it consists of three parts. Supporting stand with a dimensional ruler, clamping device and a device for applying markings on a part. They are usually made from hardwood.

Professional equipment

Now let’s talk about professional equipment. Consider circular miter bison ZTPTP-255-1800. The tool is used to cut wooden parts and thin-walled metal. Why combined? All because on it you can both cut the workpiece and work as a circular machine.

The main advantages of the model:

  1. Mobility;
  2. Compactness;
  3. Functionality;
  4. Safety system.

This machine combines trimming and circular at the same time. Exposing the adjustable head allows for high quality cuts. The machine allows you to cut lengthwise at any given angle. The equipment is equipped with a locking mechanism for turning on the drive and raising the protective cover. This model has the ability to connect an industrial vacuum cleaner to maintain cleanliness in the workplace.

You can buy a trimming circular machine in the region of 15. 20 thousand rubles.

Another good option out of all the gray mass of equipment is the Makita MLT100 bench miter saw.

It is used both in everyday life and in professional production in workshops and workshops. The design of the machine allows you to move it on a special trolley and can easily be mounted in a designated place on a workbench. A sliding table allows you to work with dimensional workpieces. The table is turned both to the side and forward. The long life of this equipment has been increased due to the high quality of parts and materials used in the assembly.

Allows you to cut both vertically and at a given slope. High precision cutting of parts is due to the presence of clamps, guides, scales with degrees and a ruler. The equipment combines trimming and circular at the same time.

A separate plus is the presence of a system for stabilizing the engine speed, which in turn plays an important role in the start-up of equipment.

The kit includes an electric brake. There is a connector for connecting a dust extraction device, relevant for large volumes of work.


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